A DIMM memory ad displays 5-5-5-15. what is the CAS latency value of this DIMM?

A DIMM memory ad displays 5-5-5-15. what is the CAS latency value of this DIMM?

A DIMM memory ad displays 5-5-5-15. what is the CAS latency value of this DIMM? By CAS latency we mean how many clock cycles it takes to access a row of data.a DIMM memory ad displays 5-5-5-15 has a CAS latency of 5. The CAS latency of a memory DIMM is represented by the first number display. The value 5-5-5-15, which describe the CL, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS, respectively. CL gets a lot of attention and advertising since it is the one most dependent on the rest. It’s probably better if they’re lower, but because they’re dependent on CAS latency, they don’t have as much of an impact.

How do you read CAS latency?

CAS latency is therefore simply a measure of the time it takes your RAM to serve data after a request is sent. Once the clock cycle duration has been multiplied by this number, we get the delay in seconds. RAM runs faster when the CAS Latency Ratio (CL) Ratio is low.

How many pins are in a DDR3 DIMM?

Several different memory module types are supported by SO DIMM sockets, including latest DDR4 and previous versions of DDR3, DDR2, and DDR. A DDR1 and DDR2 SO DIMM socket has 200 pins. A DDR3 socket has 204 pins, and a DDR4 socket has 260 pins. It is important to note that the SO-DIMM  differs from the https://thertech.comDIMM.

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What is CL14 and CL16?

There is a difference of 1.14285714 between CL16 and 14. 3657.14285 is the result of multiplying your clock speed by that factor. Consequently, 3200 CL14 should perform similarly to 3600 CL16. The performance of every module will vary based on the CPU+RAM combination, so this is just a ballpark estimate. The DDR4 has higher CAS latency than DRR3 yet the former outshines the later is a big way. When we compared the DDR4 and DDR5 performance, it was found that DDR5 performed a little better than DDR4.

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CAS Latency, tRCD, tRP, & tRAS

A few of the important signals are RAS (Row Access Strobe), CAS (Column Access Strobe), and WE (Write Enable) from the top row. RAS and CAS are not really strobes, so they are simply column and row addresses. In our DDR4 buying guide for laptops and desktops, we discussed that the CAS latency is among the factors to put into consideration.

The terminology is from the early days of strobe technology. Active Low signals are either high or low, so they can either be one or zero, since they are “high” or “low,” respectively. Combined, they specify the command to be executed in a four-bit code. There have been some changes in the signals over time, but DDR4 generally has the same commands as SDRAM and has thus much of the same timing. Our  article on what RAM actually is and how it works is a good introduction to banks, rows, and columns.

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