Best air mouse for Samsung smart tv

Best air mouse for Samsung smart tv

Best air mouse for Samsung smart tv

Smart TVs and TV boxes can be controlled by an air mouse. In addition, it is easier to navigate and use the cursor when using smart TV set-top boxes, desktop computers, Kodi boxes, laptops, media centers, HTPCs, etc.

An Air Mouse distance is similar to a Wii Remote so that you can use points and gestures to navigate menus and programs. The keyboards often include a mini QWERTY keyboard for internet searching. As another option, you might consider a slightly different design which provides you with a keyboard that comes with a touch screen, rather than a focused touchpad.

There are still many alternative remote control options available since these are still relatively new. Other remotes are barely better than the ones that come with your Android TV box when you initially purchase it.

In this guide, we will go over a few of Top 7 Best air mouse for Samsung smart tv. The pros and cons of every one will be outlined, as well as their specifications. We will also cover which devices are the best air mice, so you will be able to get a better understanding of what makes a good air mouse.Here are the best air mouse for Samsung smart tv

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Tech Specs

Dimensions~ 6″ x 2″

Connectivity~ USB connection

Keyboard~ QWERTY keyboard

Weight~ 3 Oz

Compatibility~ Compatible with most pc, telephone, and TV operating systems

This mouse features a minimalist design with a full QWERTY keyboard. It has one of the greatest degrees of precision of any air mouse, requiring a minimum amount of mouse float on the monitor.

This remote comes with a keyboard attached to the rear. It’s big enough to allow people to comfortably thumb-type, which should be possible since it measures 6×2 inches. It is comparable to what you would have needed if you had a whole keyboard on your phone before smartphones became popular. Maybe even a bit larger.

Setting up the distance is easy with a USB processor. No more complicated IR connections or codes are required. The connection isn’t as flexible as a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. As a result, requiring a USB interface limits your ability to connect other devices, since the distance limits the USB connection.

The only thing that can compare, however, is opening a box, putting in the remotes, and immediately being able to use your distance. These remotes come equipped with rechargeable batteries. Fortunately, the batteries last a long time. With a single recharge, users can access the website for about a week. This model’s long life is as impressive as that of logitech G305. In fact more impressive than those of other rechargeable versions.

Make charging the batteries a routine part of your weekly routine, plugging it in before going to bed each Friday, so you don’t end up without the remote mid-movie.

To use programs, games, and console emulators, another controller will be needed. Although this remote has a minimalist design, it won’t function as a game controller, as it’s designed to stream and run most websites.


On the trunk, there is a keyboard

The IR-based system can take over additional remote functions using IR mapping

Batteries that are rechargeable

Installation is easy

Autosleeps after 15 seconds if not used

It comes from the same mill as its predecessor – consistent results


A USB connection occupies the USB port on your television, HTPC, or set-top box

A controller layout that is not effective

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aren’t supported

Harmony 650/665 from Logitech – Best Overall

Slideshow controls are intuitive with touch keys, a class 2 laser pointer, and the presenter mode.  Batteries are needed (Polaroid AAs work best)

The laser pointer is red and bright. Easily recognizable no matter what the background.

You can move freely around the room with a range of up to 50 feet

The receiver is stored in a docking bay which is equipped with 2.4 GHz wireless technology

Installing software is not necessary.  All you need to do is plug in the receiver.  The receiver can also be stored in the presenter once the show has ended. The Logitech Harmony remote control device is a world leader in global remote control devices. They are the easiest clickers I can recommend for smart home use.

This is considered the most significant advantage of the Harmony remote controller when compared to a less expensive, non-Harmony remote controller or one that comes with a set-top box. Logitech Harmony turns on all relevant devices—such as your smart TV, Blu-ray player, and AV receiver—as soon as you press the “Watch TV” or “Listen to Music” buttons, and assigns specific key presses to the desired activities.

This may be implemented in the form of sending the volume to the receiver and the channel to the box. As mentioned, you only need the Harmony software to program the Harmony remote, which is less expensive than the more expensive Logitech Harmony remotes which use a universal remote control app for your phone for device setup and programming, in this case (it goes without saying, the remote app is more convenient).

In order to communicate, both the 650 and 665 use IR codes, which are broadcast from the front of the device. Choosing a system that includes a hub is the best way to get convenient point-to-point access.

Harmony’s website is currently the only place to purchase the 665 smart remote.

It is almost identical to the 650 (apart from the color and additional devices it can control), but it is occasionally available for a lot less money, especially when refurbished.


 Linkstyle Updated Air Mouse Wireless Android/Kodi Remote (Best Budget)

check in Amazon

Editors Rating: 4.4/5

Lastly, we’ve got the Linkstyle for the best air remote that still offers an ergonomic design and a good performance. You can easily hold this remote because the sides are curved. When we first saw this remote, we were worried about the curvy design getting in our way when using the backlit keyboard. But it doesn’t appear to cause any problems when using the keyboard.

There are a few minor differences between it and most keyboards. Linkstyle has compensated by providing a little more spacing between the keys, so typing is easier. It’s interesting to note that several of the buttons are colored. Because the remote features a backlight, it’s easy to use anytime of the day or night.

This device supports a wide range of devices thanks to its wireless connectivity and USB port. It is also compatible with iPads, Xboxes, and PlayStations, in addition to standard computer OS and Android connections.

A microphone is also included. The remote allows you to use voice control if your system is equipped with that capability.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 8” x 2”

*USB and wireless connectivity

Keyboard~Up to five keys can be programmed to perform IR functions

Batteries* Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).


The Pros

Compatible with most devices

Voice control is provided by the microphone

Air Mouse with Accurate Control

The ability to connect wirelessly and via USB

Designed ergonomically

The Cons

It takes longer to set up the air mouse remote than most others

Fast-draining batteries

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Harmony Hub from Logitech –

You can control your entertainment devices using the Harmony Remote or the Harmony Smartphone app.

Wi-Fi connection for Internet access

Provides support for 802.11g/n, WPA Personal, WPA2-AES and 64/256-bit WEP.  You can control your entertainment system with Swipe and Tap using your smartphone. Up to 50 favorite channels are included for one-touch control, as are media playback controls and volume controls (Works with iOS 6.0 or later and Android 4.0)….
Using Harmony Hub, you can access devices behind cabinets and walls, such as PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 game consoles.
Control up to 8 devices.

Compatible with over 270,000 devices including cable TV boxes, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos, Amazon Fire TV, Phillips Hue, PS3, Xbox One, and PC or Mac connected to a TV.

It has a removable battery

check price in Amazon.
Unlike the rest of the remote controls on this list, the Hub does not include a physical remote control or physical buttons.
You can control your Harmony system remotely using the Harmony app on your smartphone (Android or iOS), or you can use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker.

Infrared, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi network signals are transmitted through the smart hub even though it is hidden deep inside your AV cabinet. If you enjoy using the Harmony app, this smart control system is great; however, for most people, an actual smart device (perhaps one that includes an app for your smartphone) is better value.

Caavo Control Center

Here’s the link for their website:

The second-most affordable smart remote on our list at $59, it is also one of only two that is not a Harmony product, but there is a big catch: it isn’t a Harmony product at all.

In order to use Caavo’s advanced features, you will need to pay a fee.

Payment is available in three methods: $4 a month, $40 a year, or $160 for the duration of the remote’s existence. While Harmony comes with a smart remote control, the Caavo Control Center comes with an HDMI switch in addition.

During the setup process, the switch can automatically identify your equipment by simply inserting it into the switch. Caavo developed its own intelligent voice control system and onscreen display in order to help you navigate the content on your streaming device.

As well as the remote finder, the universal remote control device itself is also available in gold, and it is simple and elegant in design. Similar to Harmony’s hub-based system below, Caavo does not require line of sight (the switch is the hub) and the remote can also be controlled by voice via Alexa and Google Assistant in houses with many devices.


Best for Android Smart Tv Box HTPC IPTV PC Pad Xbox Raspberry pi 3

Buy on Amazon


Dimensions: 6.8×2.1×0.5 inches

WiFi / USB / 2.4GHz wireless connectivity

Two AAA batteries are needed

It weighs 2.9 ounces

Firstly, this air mouse has a high number of buttons for navigation and an excellent backlight for lighting up your screen at night. With both a full keyboard and a mini keypad, the model has an elegant and ergonomic design.

In addition to its practicality, the plastic case provides a pleasant touch as well. For better convenience while using the keyboard, the case is slightly curved around the edges. Rubberized buttons with backlighting are provided. Its color is soft and nonirritating. Control buttons are plentiful, and their descriptions would take more than half an article.

This air mouse is designed with beautiful rounded shapes, buttons that are positioned in a unique way, and gripping notches on its case.


A comprehensive set of controls is in place

Backlight with LEDs

Five buttons are available for IR learning

Features that plug and play


The Amazon Fire TV stick is incompatible with this device

Minix Neo A2 Lite


buy in Amazon

Rating by editors: 4.1/5

Android TV boxes work especially well with the NEO A2, which is specifically designed for Android. Due to the fact that the Android system is supported by both Amazon Fire and NVIDIA Shield, it’s compatible with a number of TV smart boxes.

It has a keyboard on the back, just like many other remotes on our list. This remote is slimmer than most but has the same functionality. If you don’t mind typing on a cramped thumb keyboard, this would be a good remote option for those with smaller hands.

With a length of just a little over five inches, it would not be as easy to lose. However, it is not so large that it becomes uncomfortable.

In order for the air mouse function to be easy to use, it uses gyros. The position and location of the device are transmitted to the receiving device with great accuracy.

Although this remote does not have universal compatibility, its playback controls are only compatible with a finite number of devices. In a compatible system, it works perfectly, but in a non-compliant one, you may be frustrated by the limitations. Please ensure that it is compatible with the model and make of your system before purchasing.

Buy  on Amazon

Technical Specifications

Measurements: 4.7″ x 2″

Connection: IR Power button

Back panel QWERTY keyboard

The Pros

The air mouse remote is one of the most accurate on the market

Hard surfaces are not necessary

With minimalist design, the front isn’t overly cluttered

Despite being smaller, this QWERTY keyboard is still functional

Smaller hands will find this remote useful

The Minix boxes are compatible with this product

The Cons

Compatible only with certain devices

Battery drains quickly

Upgraded Rii i8+ Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

buy on Amazon

$24.95 @Amazon

A rating of 4.6/5 was given by the editors

Users seem to be extremely loyal to the Rii line of keyboards and touchpads. In general, the Upgraded i8+ is comparable to the other keyboard and touchpad combinations on our list, but users who dislike the other options are often pleased with this one. Anewish’s user base also tends to be more loyal to users who dislike Rii.

Furthermore, this keyboard is available in several bright colors. The aesthetics of a vehicle aren’t normally considered a significant consideration, but in this case, it is a useful feature.

The bright color will make it easier for you to find the keyboard if you lose your remotes and gaming controllers.

Additionally, the home button is positioned to the left of the directional pad. Because the keyboard is easily reachable by your thumb, this placement makes more sense if you prefer to use it primarily with your thumbs.

Another benefit of this option is that it is more widely compatible. With this keyboard, you can use it on most gaming consoles, computers, and Android, as well as IPTV and Android devices.

The device has Bluetooth capabilities!

Technical Specifications

Size: 7″ x 4″

Bluetooth connectivity is available

Streaming rate: 1 Mbps

The Pros

A wide range of compatibility

It is easier to use the keyboard with a slightly different design

Colorful and hard to lose, available in several bright colors

Lithium batteries that can be recharged

Functionality of Bluetooth

Guaranteed for 45 days, warranty for 12 months

Comparable models are more expensive

Auto-sleep mode starts after 3 minutes of idle

The Cons

Setting it up can be challenging

Models have a smaller range than others

PonyBro Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse (Best Value)

Buy on Amazon

Editors’ Rating: 4.7 out of 5

A more advanced alternative to the PonyBro mini wireless is the PonyBro mini wireless. This keyboard might be a good choice for you if you’re looking for a keyboard that interfaces well with your HTPC, Android, and other smart devices.

In contrast to blue or white backlights, rainbow backlights are not as harsh. The backlight can also be switched between each of seven different color settings, or turned off completely if you’re not a fan of the rainbow color.

You can use it for several hours at a time since the battery is rechargeable. Furthermore, it can work wirelessly via 2.4 GHz as well as through a USB connection. You can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. This keyboard is capable of accommodating up to 10 meters, or roughly 33 feet, of operating space, so it can be used in even the largest home theater setups.

PonyBro keyboard controls are fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux, meaning that you can connect them to most TV boxes, HTPC systems, and other media devices.

View on Amazon

Tech Specs

Size: 6.3″ x 4.3″

Wireless connectivity via 2.4 GHz and USB

Chargeable lithium-ion battery

The product weighs 4.5 ounces

Warranty: One year

The Pros

A wide range of compatibility

Configuration options are available

Battery with a long lifespan

A variety of control options and styles are available

The USB setup is easy

An increase in range thanks to wireless connectivity

Comfortable backlighting in multiple colors

Satisfaction guaranteed within 60 days

The Cons

It is not ideal to map the buttons to Samsung devices

Adjusting the sensitivity of the buttons is difficult

Factors to consider when buying the  best air mouse for Samsung smart tv 


There are many things to consider when evaluating range, but more isn’t always better. You should consider the size of the main room in which you plan to use the air mouse. Provided you have a sufficient range within that space, you’ll be fine.

Your devices can compete with each other and cause interference, which is why longer range isn’t always the best. There is more chance of interference across your home if you choose a long range.


Battery rechargeables are great. In fact, they are the norm when it comes to air mice. You should, however, expect a good rechargeable battery to last for days and weeks, not just hours.

The manufacturer advertised battery life may not always be accurate since battery testing takes place in more controlled environments than your home. Rather than relying only on the specs of the remote, read customer reviews. The reviews of a remote that eats up battery will discuss it, believe us.

Additional Features

Wireless mice often feature Bluetooth, voice control mics, and game controller functionality in addition to their air mouse functionality. There are not many air remotes with QWERTY keyboards, although they are becoming more common.

It does not necessarily have to have these features, except when they do. Consider what you are using your smart TV, Android TV box, or HTPC for and what you need. For users who already own a voice remote, a microphone is probably more important than any other feature.

It might also be necessary to cut back on the traditional remote design in favor of a more complete keyboard, especially if you need a larger keyboard. Regardless of what you need, make sure your requirements are in line with how you wish to use your devices and how you currently control your TV.

Now that you know what features are important to you in a TV remote, and which ones are the best, you should have a better sense of the best remotes on the market. All of these remotes are excellent, but the right device is one that meets your specific needs as a user and is built with quality construction. These remotes are among the best, but none is perfect for everyone.

How to Set Up a Universal Remote Control

Obviously, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of a universal remote is the easiest and quickest way to program the device. Although we’re all humans, sometimes items are discarded before they’re read.

It is not the end of the world if you cannot access the instructions; you still have options. If you wish to operate a device, you most likely have to pair your remote with the codes.

Inputing the smart device codes is necessary for this. There is a handy section on this site that lists the codes. This manual method for programming a universal remote control can be used when all else fails:

Step One:

The first thing you should do is hold the button on the universal remote that corresponds to the device you wish to connect (for instance, hold down the AV button for the receiver).

Step two:

Release the power button after you have pressed and held the device button for a few seconds. You should see the power button become active and remain so.

Step three:

Press and hold the power button while pointing your remote towards the device you want to control. In this case, the remote has found the correct pairing code once its power has been turned off.

Final thoughts on the best air mouse for Samsung smart tv

Interacting with your streaming apparatus is determined by how you use the remote control. You will not have trouble finding a controller that suits your needs.

If you use the remote control that came with your TV set or the computer mouse, it makes no difference. It depends on which control system you prefer. Choose whichever is most comfortable for you.


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