Apollo explore e-scooter

Apollo explore e-scooter review

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Apollo explore e-scooter review
Apollo explore e-scooter review

The Apollo explore e-scooter is one of the most powerful electric scooters on the market. It has a top speed of 50 mph and a range of up to 100 miles. It’s perfect for commuting or just getting around town. Read our review of the Apollo explore e-scooter to see if it’s the right scooter for you.

With a price under $1500, the Apollo Explore quickly became one of the most popular and respected electric scooters. The Apollo Explore is one of the top scooters in its price range and is without a shadow of a doubt among the best.

The ideal scooter for anyone seeking a high-quality, high-performance model at a great price. This isn’t a budget model by any means, but it’s not one of those racing scooters or off-road scooters that are crazy powerful. A major strength of the device is its balance of features and specifications, as well as its emphasis on durability, especially in the case of its battery, as well as its overall build quality.


Considering that Apollo offers 24 months of warranty on this scooter, and Apollo customers praise the people behind this scooter (which, sadly, isn’t available through Apollo anymore), it’s no wonder why the team behind this scooter offers 24-month warranties. There’s nothing complicated about this scooter. Maintaining it is simple, and you’ll instantly fall in love with it.


A summary of the specs

This first section of the Apollo explore e-scooter review contains a table of summarized features of the Apollo explore e-scooter.   Here is an e-scooter buyers guide you can read to help you get everything into perception.

Top Speed (15.5mph)
Max Range (18.6 miles)
Scooter weight17 kg ( 37.4  lbs.)
Maximum Load264 lbs. (120 kg)
Tires typePneumatic
Motor500 W
number of motors1
Battery typeLithium-ion
Battery capacity36 v 7.8 Ah 280.8
SuspensionNo suspension
Brakesrear fender, rear disc brake
regenerative brakingno
Charging time5.5   hours
Hill climb15 degree
LightsLED~ Headlights (3W), rare braking
FrameAluminum alloy
water resistanceIPx4


Performance overview

Astonishing performance and excellent ride quality combine to make the Apollo Explore a pleasure to ride. You will attract all attention at night while cruising past traffic and climbing hills without any problem thanks to blue and red LED lights.

This electric scooter is worth the price since you do not have to worry about restrictions regarding where you can travel. While the Apollo Explore is priced higher, it is a great value buy that will save you tons of money in the long run on travel costs thanks to the amount of power and speed it offers.

All you need to glide over bumps, potholes, and all types of terrain in comfort is the 52V Dynavolt battery, dual spring suspension, and 10″ pneumatic tires.

Apollo Explore’s only downside is its weight. At 23kg, you won’t want to carry around such a heavy scooter for long, even though it folds down well. However, you didn’t purchase it so you don’t need to carry it around!

Apollo Explore folds up completely for easy storage, and it has a powerful 4-hour charger and long 34-mile range so you don’t need to worry about charging it.

This water-resistant electric scooter is very fun, well made, and water-waterproof. Here are the key attributes of Apollo Explore.


On a single charge, the 18.2Ah Dynavolt battery is capable of keeping the wheels rolling for up to 34 miles. Generally, however, it would be no more than 23 miles.

When it comes to mileage, speed isn’t always king. You should think about what you’ll get for your buck. Does it have enough power to take you to your destination without running out? And are you going to have to recharge it before going home? Using this information, you can see which model offers the best combination of price and mileage.

Explore’s $1,399 price tag, lands square in the middle of 21 comparable models. Its mid-ground placement sees it joint with the Dualtron Mini



It is estimated that the 52V 18.2Ah (946.4Wh) li-ion battery on the Explore can provide up to 37 miles of riding under ideal conditions. Apollo improved the batteries over the Zero 10 in several areas. As opposed to using unbranded batteries, they tested out several leading battery brands in a 7-year simulation and found that Dynavolt’s (leading manufacturer of high-performance motorcycle batteries) performed equally as well as LG’s even though they were 20% cheaper. Dynabolt cells have been selected for the Explore and these savings will be passed on to end-users. Read our guide on how to prolong your scooter`s battery life.


Charging time

Charging the battery with the standard charger takes nine hours. The fast charger, which costs $129 extra, reduces this time to five hours.


The Apollo Explore has an impressive range of 34 miles, powered by its 52v 18.2AH Dynavolt battery. This means that you can ride it for a few days without needing to worry about charging.

This electric scooter can reach a top speed of 55km/h, making it a real head-turner and a fun way to pass all the traffic.

Compared with most electric scooters, the 1000W brushless motor delivers far greater power.

The 1400W peak power means you will be able to leave your friends far behind, regardless of whether it’s off-road or in more urban areas. Though it isn’t an off-roader, the Apollo Explore can handle grass, dirt paths, and hills without issue.


Apollo Explore provides impressive performance within its price range. An electric scooter powered by a 1000W rear motor can reach a top speed of 31 miles per hour, or 50 kilometers per hour, with a peak output of 1400W.

Although it accelerates from 0 to 15 mph in 3.5 seconds, the Apollo Explore is a sturdy smooth ride you can whiz along at 30 mph with no problem.

According to Apollo Scooters, the scooter has a 0-15 MPH (25 km/h) top speed in just 3.5 seconds. Most riders report achieving the same speed in between 3.7 and 3.8 seconds, so that’s very close. It should be possible for lighter riders to make that 3.5 second time or even better.



There is ample space on the deck with 20 in / 51 cm in length and 9 in / 23 cm in width. Due to its 5.5 in / 14 cm ground clearance, the scooter deck can be ridden over curbs with ease. For safety, the deck has a gripping surface on top.

Leaning on the kickstand makes the scooter very stable.


In particular, the stem is very strong, because, unlike the budget scooter models, it’s not just a simple cylindrical pipe but has a stronger triangle shape with reinforced aluminum and other metals to make it even stronger.

Control panel/ cockpit

I had difficulty reading the Explorer’s color display outside, even at its maximum brightness. It’s pretty big (about 1.5 inches in diameter). You can navigate and change settings by pressing Power and Mode. You can switch between the three speeds of the Explore by pressing and holding the Mode button for three seconds. One can also turn the scooter’s lights on and off by pressing and holding this button for three seconds.

The printed manual that came with the scooter does not cover several advanced functions. By holding down the power and mode buttons for two seconds, advanced functions are accessible. When you tap the power button, you’re prompted to view the “P” settings. With this option, you can adjust the display brightness, metric and imperial units, cruise control, the shutdown time, as well as whether you want to use kick-to-start or simply press the accelerator to start the engine.


When the Apollo Explore is lit up with colored LEDs at night, your experience is elevated to a whole new level. There are lights along the deck, the back, and the stem, giving the winery an attractive look guaranteed to attract attention.

In addition to the front and taillights, the deck and stem are also illuminated with blue lights for a stylish while functional appearance.

As the view from up top in the dark isn’t as good as it could be in the dark, it may be beneficial to install a light on the handlebars to boost your line of vision as well.

Whatever you choose, the Apollo Explore is a very enjoyable way to travel at night, and it’s nice to know that you can jump on the scooter whenever you’re ready to go.


A front spring and two rear springs equip the Explore to absorb the effects of uneven roads without jostling you or bouncing you from one side to the other.

The spring suspension in different models can vary in stiffness, and in some cases, they can creak as they are compressed (as with the VSETT 9+R). It is good to know that the Explorer is preloaded with springs that give it the perfect balance between softness and hardness.

The suspension of this scooter is not enough to travel to make for a smooth ride off-road, so the scooter performs best in an urban setting.


In terms of deck size, the Apollo Explore’s comes in at 53 by 20 cm, which is larger than many electric scooters. The deck is also properly finished, with a blue and silver geometric design that’s on-trend.

There is a maximum loading capacity of 120kg on the Apollo Explore, and the spacious deck allows for comfortable travel.


A 24 km/h stop distance of just 3.3 meters was measured with the Explore.

There are mechanical disc brakes both at the front and rear of the Explore, along with a regenerative motor brake at the rear.

Despite being relatively smooth on both brakes, it was more difficult to adjust the rear one due to its tightness.

Once you put the brake pedal down, the regen brake kicks in. You can adjust the strength of the brake using the P-Settings on the Apollo Explore.

The triple-redundancy of the braking system is fantastic from a safety standpoint. This makes Explore a top choice.

Water resistance

The Explore can withstand light rain thanks to an IP54 water resistance rating.

It is not covered by the warranty if you deliberately ride through puddles or leave it in the rain.

Hill climb

As is true of its acceleration, the Explore has a strong hill-climbing capability. It completed our hill-climbing test (60 meters at 10% grade and 74 pounds rider) at an average speed of 18.2 km/h in 12.0 seconds.

Comparatively, a typical rental scooter or M365 will complete this test in 20.8 seconds at an average speed of 10.6 km/h.


Apollo scores well in the size department – it folds into a package measuring 117-centimeters by 25-centimeters by 43-centimeters. Despite this, its significant weight of 24 kilograms makes it unsuitable for frequent lifting.

The handlebars and stem of the scooter can collapse so that they can be transported in a compact package.

In addition to the folding mechanism, the stem has a mechanism that locks into place, which allows it to be carried by one hand. There is a second mechanism that enables it to be telescoped.

The lever arm of the stem is quite long and, as a result, the stem is quite stable when locked into place. Folding is a simple process, and a clicking sound indicates the mechanism has been locked into place.

Screw-type mechanisms fold the handlebars. As opposed to spring-loaded ones, these tend to be safer – you won’t need to worry about forgetting to lock the handlebars.

In addition, they tend to loosen up after a long ride, even after they’ve been tightened. This is a common occurrence with these types of mechanisms – it isn’t a big deal, but we would prefer they remain locked in.

Build quality

Apollo Explore is a serious scooter. That much is clear from the get-go. There are big, beefy tires, complete suspension, and it’s finished in black and metallic blue.

A wide, 21-inch deck and grippy material adorn this electric scooter, and it measures 9 inches wide and 9 inches long. There is an adjustable steering column on the Explorer, making it a great scooter for short and tall riders alike.

Although the Explore is foldable, its 52-pound weight – twice that of the Unagi Model One – makes it difficult to carry long distances or up steps.

With this scooter’s power, both sides of the handlebar have brake levers (one for the front, one for the rear).  There is a small throttle lever on the right side of the handlebar, and a circular display on the left side that shows your speed, distance traveled, and battery life, among other information. I preferred the larger twist-bell on the Segway Ninebot Max to the small bicycle bell on the Segway Ninebot.

In the daytime, the Apollo Explore is distinctive enough to draw attention, but in the evening, turn on its headlights and you’ll get some serious reactions.

There is a third row of blue LEDs running up the steering tube in addition to the Explore’s headlight and taillight. As I passed by, many kids said “whoa”.

Ironically, for all the lights it has, I found the Apollo Explorer’s headlight to be pretty dim. It illuminated a few feet in front of the scooter, but given how fast this thing goes, I’d like to be able to see further ahead.

Where to buy ( Apollo explore price)

Apollo offers Explore on its website for $1,249, and it is available from their website. Currently, there are four models to choose from. Apollo Pro ($1,849) is the highest-end model, which features dual motors (1000 or 1200W) and can travel 56 miles depending on the configuration.

Post-purchase support

You get a 24-month warranty. There is also customer service support you can access at any time on their website, social media platform, and many more.

Alternative scooters you can buy

You can consider checking our review on the Dualtron thunder scooter. It is also an excellent scooter that can offer a riding experience like the Apollo Explore. It is also an upper-tier scooter.

Is the Apollo explore worth it?


In general, the Explore has excellent ride quality. Both the front and rear suspensions are spring-loaded. It has large pneumatic tires. Neither too stiff nor too soft – the spring suspension has a good balance. You can ride it over rough roads and potholes with no problem at all.

Is Apollo a good scooter brand?

The rider has a responsibility to adhere to speed limits. People would be overwhelmed by this amount of power. The $1,499 price tag is also out of the price range for most people. Nonetheless, I’ve never ridden a scooter as well-built as the Apollo Ghost, and it glides effortlessly on all but the worst roads.

How fast does the Apollo explore go?

31 MPH is the Apollo Explore speed. With a peak output of 1400W, the Apollo Explore has a high-efficiency brushless 1000W motor. It can achieve speeds of up to 31 MPH (50 KM/H) and climb hills 20 degrees with an 86% energy conversion rate.

Where are Apollo electric scooters made?

Montreal, Canada

We design, develop, and test our scooters in Montreal, Canada. Every new scooter undergoes a 5,000KM roll test, which is one way to ensure that the best quality is built into the vehicle.

Final thoughts on Apollo explore e-scooter review

The Apollo Explore is an electric scooter that will reach the market in 2020, and it is one of the best available. There’s no denying that the support and value are excellent, and the 24-month warranty makes this an amazing deal.

Its team went above and beyond to ensure it has excellent performance and high build quality, and it is incredibly durable.

It has a very smooth suspension system and plenty of lighting to see at night.

Taking into account all factors, we give the Apollo Explore 8.5 points out of 10, making it one of the highest scores we’ve given a device. In future batches, the team may want to address a few very minor things, but otherwise, Explore was a great experience.




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