Are Electric Scooters Waterproof

Are Electric Scooters Waterproof

Are Electric Scooters Waterproof

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Are Electric Scooters Waterproof
Are Electric Scooters Waterproof


Are Electric Scooters Waterproof? Yes and no. Being water proof varies from one scooter to another and from one circumstance to another.

It is only fair for you to wonder “are electric scooters waterproof?” spending significantly to buy yourself one. Electric scooters are sometimes price and you would wish to know if you enjoy your ride even in watery places without destroying it. So, can you use your electric scooter in the rain?

The answer is yes at certain conditions, but allow me to explain. There are some models that you can comfortably ride in the rain, light showers and there are those you cannot.  If your model is rated IP54, you can ride it with light showers.

What is IP rating?

IPXX stands for ingress protection while the two xx stands for two numbers, the rating.  It is a standard used internationally to measure how a piece of equipment can easily resist damage to the internal parts due to moisture and dust. The first number shows how well the equipment, in this case, the electric scooter, is resistant to dust and other foreign bodies. The second number explains how well your scooter can resist water or moisture. All scooter manufacturers ought to include this rating either on the manual or the electric scooter itself.

The first number can be 4, 5, or 6 only. When rated 4, your piece of equipment or scooter is protected from objects that are bigger than 1 mm. If rated 5, your electric scooter has some sort of protection from the dust and small foreign bodies.  When you see 6, you have a reason to be glad since your electric scooter is completely protected from dust.

The second number can be 4, 5, 6,7, or 8. When you see 4, know your electric scooter is well protected from splashes from every possible direction.  5 means low-pressure jets from every direction cannot harm your electric scooter. 6 means high-pressure jets will not harm your scooter at any time. The two remaining numbers are 7 and 8. They mean that the scooter can not be destroyed when immersed in water for short period and a long period respectively. If yours is rate IPx3 or IPx2 (x is any number between 4 and 6), you should at all costs avoid water lest you damage your scooter total.

A good example of such a rating is IP68. This implies that your scooter is completely protects from dust and can be immersed in water for a very long time without damage.

Examples of scooters with a rating

Unagi model one is rated IP54. This implies that you can ride it you can enjoy riding it in light rains without damaging it.

Boosted rev is rated IP67. So, it is completely protected from dust and you can have it immersed in water for a short time without any damage. The rain, high-pressure jects, and plashes will not affect this scooter.

How to waterproof electric scooter

There are ways you can make your electric scooter water. It has something to do with preventing moisture and humidity from reaching circuit boards and other water-sensitive parts such as the connectors. The whole point of this reduces the chances of oxidation.  the first way is to use dielectric grease. The grease protects the connectors from any moisture and humidity.

The second way is to use liquid tape to isolate all electric components.  However, remember not to cover the LED lights, headlight, and taillight as well. Since some of the batteries might be very large, there are battery bags available in the market. You can cover your battery with such a bag after you spray with waterproofing spray.  Other components cab be potted and then the waterproofing spray is painted all over.  You can you hot glue gun for small components.

If you do not know your way through an electric scooter, you can look for a professional who would do all this for you at a fee.

Can you get a shock from riding your scooter in the rain?

You cannot get an electric shock in case you decide to ride your scooter in the rain. Without going into specifics,  the highest voltage you will get in an electric scooter`s battery is less than 50 V.  This is hardly enough to shock you.  Furthermore, the electric scooters are made such that most of the sensitive components are protected from water such as the battery.  Even the parts that are exposed such as the switches and brake levers do not carry enough current to shock you.

If the worst was to happen and you get an electric shock, it would be hardly enough to cause damage or injury. However, there is the likelihood of destroying some of the electric components inside your scooter. So, be careful.

Therefore, if your scooter has an IP rating that allows you to ride in light rain, heavy rains, or when submerged, do not be afraid just do ride it no harm will come to you.

Can you submerge the electric scooter?

The IP rating in most electric scooters does not allow them to be submerged in water. In fact, some of them can hardly withstand dust leave the water. Therefore, before you submerge your scooter in water, first check for the IP rating. If your rating is something like IPx7 or IPx8 ( where x is a number between 2- 6), then it is alright to submerge it in water. However, IPx7 cannot withstand the submersion for a prolonged period.

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What about washing it using high pressure?

Not all electric scooters can withstand high pressure. A rating like IP66 allows you to use high pressure when washing your scooter. But scooters rated lower than that have to wash with low pressure or just splash water over them.

Any electric scooter rated lower than IP54 has to be wiped clean. Low pressure will destroy them.

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When should I avoid riding my electric scooter in rain?:Are Electric Scooters Waterproof

Electric scooters are becoming more and more advance. Some of them are becoming like electric cars themselves. However, you ought to know there are times when riding your scooter could be more dangerous than you think. So, to avoid injuries, accidents, or damage to your electric scooter, here are times you should not ever ride.

1.      Low visibility

Your electric scooter may have both powerful headlights and taillights. However, when the visibility is low avoiding riding your electric scooter at costs on public roads. Firstly, the scooters have no way of protecting you in case of a collision with any other object.

Low visibility more often than not occurs when there is a heavy torrential downpour. When it is foggy, people cannot see beyond 10 meters. Accidents occur when people cannot see long distances.

2.      Heavy rain

Heavy rain causes not only poor visibility but also flash floods. Rivers, trenches, and ditches overflow. So, too much water on the roads would mean that the scooter would be submerged. So, unless your scooter is rated IP67 or IP68, it will be destroyed. This is something you ought to avoid.  Repairing electric scooters may not be costly but it will inconvenient you. Also, floods may have you stuck some distance away from your home. Some scooters can be used in the rain.

3.      Freezing rain

When freezing starts, it is prudent for you not to use your electric scooter. Though there are electric scooters for winter, some of the electric scooters would not work very well in such weather. There are many reasons for this. First,  lithium batteries freeze and fail to work well. Secondly, the motor is forced to overwork and hence affect the longevity of some components. When the water freezing, the traction of your tires is reduced significantly. So, falling can occur more frequently than when the temperatures are high.

What should you do if your electric scooters get wet?

If your electric scooter is waterproof, you do not have to worry about anything. However, if that is not the case, moisture and water should be avoided at all costs.  An what should you do if your electric scooter gets wet? Here are some steps you can take.

1.      Cover your electric scooter

The cover will help water in the scooter evaporate very fast if you have been in rain or after washing it. There are many Electric scooters waterproof covers you can find in the market. They are water-resistant. Always find a good place to keep your electric scooter that s dry.  A dry place is important because it keeps your scooter away from dampness and humidity.  You can use covers that are made of high-quality material such as polyester. Keep water from the electric scooter keeps it safe from damage in the long term.

2.      Ensure regular performance: Are Electric Scooters Waterproof

Regular maintenance ensures your scooter is safe from corrosion. Corrosion prevents current from moving efficiently.  Insufficient power means the electric scooter will offer lower than normal performance. Furthermore, research shows corrosion drains battery power shortening its lifespan considerably. The increased power drain means your scooter will spend more time charging than it would be in normal circumstances.

The range of your scooter would be most affected by corrosion. Eventually, power will stop flowing and your scooter would stop working.

By now you could be wondering what are the best electric scooters for the rain or wet conditions.  There is one REINE ONE electric scooter. It is rated IP55.  This scooter is well protected from dust particles and you can use them while in an area that has low-pressure jets from every direction.

I would not recommend riding it in conditions where it is submerged, it will get damaged.

What if my electric scooter dies while riding?

A word of caution! If your electric scooter does not have an IP rating and you cannot find on the manufacturer’s website, treat it like it is not waterproof at all. It is safer that way.

Your electric scooter can possibly die while riding if water gets inside and damages important components. However, if this happens, you do have to worry a bit.  In our last article on, can electric scooters be used manually, we saw there are scooters that can be used even when your electric scooter fails to work.

What if the front tire slips?

There are scooters with big wheels that work very well because they offer a good grip. For those with small wheels and have no threads, a slip could occur very often when the road is wet. If you’re your scooter has no threads, there are places to avoid such as where there are tiles, metallic manhole cover, or cemented pavement when they are wet.

When it is wet, avoid riding your scooter very fast.

Final thoughts:Are Electric Scooters Waterproof

If you can avoid riding your electric scooter in the rain, you should even if it is IP56 rated. There are more dangers when it comes to riding your scooter in the rain such as slipping and falling.  It could be very devastating to fall if you are a heavy adult. You can break your arm, leg or even destroy your scooter.

If you cannot avoid riding in the rain, ensure you use a slow speed. Also, ensure your wheels have threads and have proper pressure. Also, ensure the scooter is well water protected. When there is low visibility, it is advisable to avoid riding at high speed.

When buying an electric scooter, ensure you study the type of environment you will be riding in and as well as your weight. While there are the best electric scooters for winter, a good number of them do have headlights. You can take a look at electric scooters with headlights here.

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