Best backlit computer keyboard

best backlit computer keyboard

There are several advantages of backlit keyboards. They are keyboards containing light underneath to make it easier to see all the keys in low light or dark rooms. The keyboards offer more than just aesthetics.

When buying a backlit keyboard, there are a number of feature options available, which makes it difficult to choose the correct one. We’ve provided a list of some features that will help you decide which backlit keyboard is best for you.

    LED Backlit Types:  Generally, backlit keyboards come in three varieties. The top models have individual RGB lighting settings for each key. The middle-range models have only a few colour options that can be customized. In some cases, backlit keyboards with the lowest price range have just a few colours or one colour.

    Lighting Options:  Backlit keyboards have many different lighting options, such as single lights, multiple colors, patterns, modes, and frequencies.

    Size of the Keyboard:  If you are able to work without the numeric keypad or if it takes up too much space on your desk, then you can give up on it. The size of the keyboard should be such that it fits in the given space. The Buying Guide gives more details about what to consider when buying a backlit keyboard. We have also listed the 10 best backlit keyboards with their pros and cons.

Best Backlit Keyboard Reviews

 Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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best backlit computer keyboard

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

In the gaming market, there is no better combination than the Redragon S101 membrane keyboards and gaming mice. The keyboard has 7 RGB backlighting moods and effects that give uniform illumination, 4 brightness levels, and customizable breathing speed, which makes it the ultimate keyboard for gamers.

A wrist rest is built into the keyboard to help keep your hands on your keyboard during long gaming sessions. This keyboard features 25 key rollovers, 10 multimedia keys and 12 additional Fn keys for faster response times. It offers tactile feedback that you seek and is quiet, unlike most gaming keys.

Additionally, this combo pack comes with a mouse with pinpoint accuracy and high-precision sensors. Gaming-grade micro switches and nine pieces of weight tuning ensure faster performance and better responsiveness. In addition to the numeric keypad, it has a gold-plated USB connector that provides faster transmission and superior performance. It is compatible with most gaming laptops, consoles, Windows, and Mac OS.

Best Features:

    4 brightness levels and 7 RGB lighting effects
    The 25 most important rollovers
    There are 10 multimedia keys and 12 function keys
    Mouse with high-precision sensor
    Tactile feedback keys provide precise feedback
    Windows and Mac compatible

    A mouse is included.
    Multimedia keys are built-in.
    An affordable option.

    There isn’t much support for the wrist rest

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 Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

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best backlit computer keyboard
Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards specifically designed for professional gaming, Razer is a brand that resonates with brilliance. While Razer keyboards are on the higher end of the pay scale because of their brand value, the Cynosa Chroma features impeccable RGB lighting and individual lighting for each key.

With 16.8 million colors and hues available, each backlit key can be customized to match your gaming needs. Razer Cynosa Chroma provides advanced gaming features, including controls that can be rebinded, macros can be assigned, and all settings can be saved to the cloud.

You can execute up to ten commands at a time with Razor Hypershift. Razor Hypershift comes with NKRO and anti-ghosting, and it has a Philips Hue integrated backlight that synchronizes backlighting with gaming movements. The keyboard features a textured surface that prevents smudges and fingerprints, as well as spill resistance. It is also compatible with most popular games and gaming gear from 30 different brands. As a result, it requires the use of function keys since it lacks certain media keys.

Best Features:

    16 million hues and colors in individual RGB lighting
    A maximum of 80 million clicks can be supported
    Razor Synapse powered
    Keyboard with 104 keys
    Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover
    Macros that can be fully programmed

    Designed to resist spills, it is spill-proof.
    Compared to most membrane keyboards in this price range, it feels better.
    Fingerprints and smudges are prevented by the textured surface.

    The wrist rest is not included.

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 Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

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Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

A wireless keyboard with automatic backlighting, the Logitech MX keys keyboard is a great office keyboard. When your hands touch the board, the keys illuminate automatically, and the brightness automatically adjusts to the surroundings. This monochromatic backlight keyboard turns off after five seconds if you don’t use it. You get to adjust the brightness levels based on your preferences. Each of the spherically shaped keys provides excellent feedback when pressed.

The entire keyboard is built on a single metal board ensuring a solid build. Designed to work at a desk for long hours, the keys are extremely responsive, stable, and quiet. Scissor switches, short travel distances of fingers, low operating force, and indented keys make it easier to spell without making mistakes.

With the USB port C charger, you can pair three devices at the same time without having to repeat the pairing process. It is compatible with all kinds of Operating Systems. A full charge lasts up to 10 days.

Best Features:

    Wireless keyboard
    Smart illumination and automatic backlighting
    Spherically dished-shaped keys
    Quiet key with tactile response
    Compatible with all kinds of OS
    1 year warranty

    Backlit automatically
    Increased productivity through tactile design
    Bluetooth and wireless capabilities
    Up to three devices can be paired simultaneously

    It takes 5 seconds for the backlight to turn off

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 Perixx PERIBOARD-317 Wired Backlit USB Keyboard

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Perixx PERIBOARD-317 Wired Backlit USB Keyboard

Featuring low-profile chiclet keys with led-backlit keys that offer incredible visibility even in dark environments, Perixx makes a great budget option.

It has quiet, responsive keys, which make it ideal for continuous typing for long periods of time. With a chicklet keyboard, you are less likely to strike the wrong key because the keys are larger and have larger letters and more space between them.

In addition to the large printed keys, the backlit is also adjustable to your preference. The durable key switch can be used for 5 million key presses. There is even an ABS print on the keycap to prevent colour abrasion. It has a wired USB interface that is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 as well as Windows 98/2000/ME/XP and Vista. A 12-month warranty is provided.

Best Features:
    Keys are separated by a chiclet design
    A sleek, large, and slim design
    LED backlighting that is even and bright
    Silent, softer feedback from the Eembra keyboard
    Cable with a length of 6 meters

    The design is sleek and slim
    Types accurately and responds quickly
    Continuous typing is possible with this keyboard

    IOS devices are not supported

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LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

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LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

You can get a backlit keyboard within a budget that features seven rainbow LED-colored backlit keys and is completely resistant to accidental spills with the Langtu Membrane keyboard. The brightness intensity of the screen and breathing speed can be customized to fit your preferences as well.

There are 25 keys on the keyboard that are designed to assist you when you are dealing with complex commands, and 12 multimedia keys to make your work easier. Despite not being as good as a mechanical keyboard, the membrane keyboard keyboard feedback is very precise and soft.

The two-colour double-shot keycaps provide clarity and uniform brightness. Each key has a lifespan of 5 million clicks. It is constructed from aluminum alloy to be both lightweight and durable.

Best Features:

    Rainbow backlighting with 7 colours
    A list of 25 anti-ghosting keys
    There are 12 keys for multimedia
    Breathing speed and brightness can be adjusted
    Cool brushed metal keys on an aluminium alloy panel
    A total of 5 million clicks

    Resistant to water
    A long lifespan
    Backlight that can be adjusted

    Space bar is noisy

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 NPET K510 Gaming Keyboard

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NPET K10 Wired Gaming Keyboard

In addition to being the best budget backlit keyboard for gamers, the NPET K510 series gaming keyboard is also an excellent office keyboard. This high-quality keyboard is made of liquid silicone conductive film, which offers good resilience. It has a rainbow LED backlight with three modes, brightness controls, and breathing speeds. The stair step key layout design gives you an edge over typing speed and angle. It is strong, sturdy, and comes with an integrated wrist rest.

Besides 19 key anti-ghosting, it is capable of pressing many keys simultaneously, maximizing efficiency and gaming responsiveness. Additionally, 13 multimedia keys and 4 interchangeable W, A, S, D keys are included for better work efficiency. UV-coated keycaps and injection ABS grade keycaps ensure letters will never fade away. Cleaning is easy. In addition, the key caps are water-resistant, so accidental spills won’t ruin them. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. After ten minutes of inactivity, it will automatically go to sleep mode.

Best Features:

    Backlit LED with 7 colors
    There are three modes, as well as brightness and breathing frequency adjustments
    Anti ghosting
    A total of 13 multimedia buttons
    W, A, S, and D keys that can be interchanged
    Stepped key layout and wrist rest

    3 modes of LED backlighting
    Keys that are quiet
    The price is reasonable for the quality

    Feedback is not tactile

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 Rii Three Colors Backlit Business Keyboard

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best backlit computer keyboard
Rii RK400 RGB

It’s a simple LED backlit membrane keyboard with an adjustable brightness level and breathing frequency. It’s another option for people looking for an LED-backlit keyboard-mouse combo.

The membrane keyboard keys are quieter, which makes them ideal for office work. They can be selected from cyan, blue, or green color choices. It’s not built for hardcore gaming, but it’s strong enough for gaming. Additionally, you can change the mouse resolution from 1200/1600/2400 3DPI to 1200/1600/2400 3DPI. You can adjust the breathing frequency and cursor sensitivity. There are multiple Fn keys for different tasks. There is also a 12-month warranty.

Best Features:

    Keyboard with membrane that is wired
    Backlit with LEDs
    Combination of keyboard and mouse
    There are three different colors to choose from: cyan, blue, and green


    Money well spent
    Response time is quick and quiet
    Typing and office work are made easier with this keyboard.

    Squeaks from the space bar

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 Mafiti Computer Office Keyboard Wired USB

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best backlit computer keyboard
Mafiti Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse

With its LED backlit keyboard, you will be able to type in the dark with ease. This keyboard uses a simple white LED light that illuminates the keys when needed, but the brightness can be adjusted to meet your needs.

In addition to the low-profile keyboard, this keyboard has a tilt stand, non-slip pads, and a 1.6-meter cable. The ergonomic design and non-slip pads provide an effortless typing experience.

Installing the keyboard requires no software. There are 104 keys on this keyboard, 12 of which are multimedia keys. There is no anti-ghosting, so it isn’t recommended for gaming. The keyboard has 5 million clicks. This keyboard is compatible with almost all operating systems, including Mac laptops and notebooks.

Best Features:

    Backlit keyboard with one colour
    Keyboard with USB cable
    12 multimedia keys on 104 full-size keyboards
    This product comes with non-slip pads and tilt stands

    All devices are compatible.
    A keyboard with a life expectancy of five million clicks
    Affordably priced

    While typing, a loud sound comes from the keyboard

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EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard

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EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit LED

This EVGA keyboard has a five zone RBG backlit with five lighting effects that are breathing, wave, pulse, trigger and static for those who were looking for RBG backlit keyboards. You get 5 programmable macro keys, dedicated media keys Cherry MX compatible stems. Plus, it’s water-resistant up to PI32 levels, so it’s very much capable of withstanding accidental spills.

The keyboard can be customized according to your taste with Cherry MX compatible keycaps. The RGB lighting is dimmable, and the keys are semi-quiet. They are louder than membrane keyboards and quieter than mechanical keyboards, but they are responsive. For typing and gaming, it’s a great choice.

Best Features:

    Backlit RGB customisable
    Dedicated media keys for 5 macro keys
    Resistant to spills
    Compatible with Cherry MX

    Price-to-value ratio is good
    Typing and gaming are both good with this device
    Water-resistant and durable

    The keys are smaller

 KopJippom Large Print Backlit Keyboard

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best backlit computer keyboard
KopJippom Large Print Backlit

In addition to its large keys and big letters, this backlit keyboard from KopJippom has 4 times the size of other keyboards, allowing for maximum visibility.

We like the large, bright and evenly distributed backlit keys, and that it’s LED backlighted. You can set breathing frequency, as well as increase or decrease brightness. It is a complete QWERTY keyboard with 104 keys. The ergonomic tilt stand reduces hand fatigue, and the anti-slip back ensures stability. It can be used on Windows as well as Mac OS.

Best Features:
    To avoid misspellings, the keys are four times larger
    QWERTY keyboard with 104 keys
    Backlight brightness can be adjusted
    Keys are slightly spaced

    LEDs with RGB colors
    All devices are compatible
    Back with anti-slip properties

    There is a possibility that the letters will wear off sooner than expected.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Backlit Keyboard

There are a number of backlit keyboards available, but the lighting options should not be the only criterion for choosing a keyboard. As we all know, backlit keyboards are not just aesthetic devices. Before buying a backlit keyboard, be sure to check out these important features.

1. LED Backlit

A backlit keyboard can feature several types of backlighting. Let’s take a closer look at them:
    Individual RGB lighting is available on top-model keyboards.
    Lights can be customized in only a few areas of middle-range keyboards.
    Unlike the other two keyboards, the lowest range features fixed lighting.

Each kind of lighting makes a huge difference to the keyboards. On top of that, some keyboards feature special lighting for various gaming functions, such as low HP, gaming lights for reloads and energy changes(in-game) etc.

Gaming modes with WASD keys lit and ripple effects are also common on backlit keyboards.

2. Switches

Keyboard switches are the basic components of the keyboard. They are located underneath the keys and are responsible for the keyboard’s performance.

    They are not as responsive as mechanical switches, but they are water-resistant and can withstand accidental spills.

    Gamer and professional typers love mechanical switches for their speed, feel, and texture. Users can also customize their keycaps with mechanical switches.

As well as rubber-dome switches, there is also a third type called scissor switches, which are more comfortable than rubber-dome switches, but less reliable than mechanical switches.

3. Lighting Controls

When it comes to keyboard lighting options, you need to take into account several factors. There are different types of lighting, different colours, different intensities of light, and even different features that can be controlled. In case of backlit keyboards, we already know that there are even multicolor lighting options.

The budget-friendly keyboards come with less choice of colours. However, there are also a variety of keyboards with greater options. In addition, backlit keyboards allow you to enjoy a variety of effects, depending on their design. There are several types of lighting, including those that change the colour based on your preferences.

 Size of the Keyboard

According to the USA standard, the keyboard can be of three sizes depending on the number and arrangement of keys on the keyboard.

    The QWERTY model has two optional extended keyboards and one tenkeyless (TKL) model. The first has 105 keys, whereas the second has 88 keys.

    This model eliminates all the non-essential keys, such as the media control keys and the function keys, leaving only 62 keys.

5. Wireless vs Wired

Despite the fact that wireless keyboards allow you to use them from as far away as 30 feet from your computer setup, you will need to change the battery or recharge them frequently due to the power usage of their lighting options.

In case you are primarily looking for a backlit keyboard to play video games, choose a wired model. There are some keyboards that can be operated both wirelessly and wired. The response time for these keyboards is relatively quick. You can choose the best option based on the type of work you are doing.

6. Mechanical vs Membrane keyboards

There are many reasons why mechanical keyboards are the best keyboards. They have amazing sensitivity, ergonomics, a long lifespan, and a quick response time. Despite being more expensive, mechanical keyboards are the professional choice of keyboards. Professional gamers and those primarily using their keyboard for typing should consider purchasing a mechanical keyboard as it will greatly increase their productivity. The membrane keyboard, however, is quieter, more economical, and smaller.

7. Ergonomics

The ergonomic design of the keyboard means that the key placement aligns with the user’s hand position. If you are an extensive user of the keyboard, choose the one with an ergonomic design.

8. Usage

The keyboard must be used properly before you decide which keyboard you will settle for. Most people believe that backlit keyboards are only suitable for gaming purposes, but that isn’t true at all. It is easier to choose the right keyboard if you know how you will use it and how you will keep it or plug it in. Backlit keyboards can be used for programming, office tasks, business, or browsing the internet.

In addition to mechanical keyboards, which provide a quick response and a high degree of sensitivity, gamers should choose keyboards designed specifically for gaming. You are investing in a keyboard with fewer lighting options and a simpler design if you do not use the keyboard extensively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are backlit keyboards worth it?

There are several reasons to consider backlit keyboards, including the fact that they are ideal for low-light settings, the fact that they offer customization options, and the fact that the keys are not likely to fade easily.

  1. What colours are the lights on the backlit keyboard?

There are many colour options and a wide range of colour options available with the expensive backlit keyboards, while the low-budget ones have only one or two colour choices.

  1. Can the lights be customized for each key of a backlit keyboard?

Lower-end backlit keyboards don’t have this feature, but high-end backlit keyboards allow you to customize the colours of the keys.

  1. Who are backlit keyboards suited for?

It is crucial for professional gamers to have backlit keyboards because they must be able to find the right key at the right time. In addition to gamers, it is suitable for people working in low-light conditions or at night. Cyber cafes and nightlife centers also benefit from it.

  1. Why backlit keyboards are good for gaming?

Backlit keyboards respond quickly when playing games, meaning that the difference of seconds can mean the difference between winning or losing crucial points. Additionally, the backlit keyboards help the user press the right keys in low light or in the dark. As a result, the gamer has no chance of giving the wrong command.

Final Word

In case you are a gamer or work at night, a backlit keyboard is a must. When you are working late and don’t want to wake your partner up, they are great for you. It is just a good investment and once you have one, you’ll never need to buy one without lighting. You can rest assured that the keys will not fade easily whether you buy an RGB keyboard or a regular keyboard with LED backlighting.  A keyboard with aesthetic appeal is a good choice, too, so why not buy one?

Here are our three best suggestions if you are confused:

Those who are obsessed with RGB lighting should go for the Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo if they have no budget constraints. There are seven RGB backlit modes and effects, 25 key rollover, anti-ghosting, 12 multimedia keys, tactile feedback of high precision, and a 3200 DPI gaming mouse included.

Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is a good choice if you only need it to work late at night. There are smart LED illuminated keyboards with spherical disk-shaped keys that resound with your fingers, enabling fast, smooth typing. It’s wireless and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard is a great choice for a hardcore gamer on a budget. Each key is individually illuminated and can produce 16.8 million colors. Razor Synapse’s power has anti-ghosting features and multimedia keys. Above all, it will last for up to 80 million clicks.