best Bluetooth mouse for laptop

best Bluetooth mouse for laptop

Find out which Bluetooth mice are the best with this feature!

E-commerce has become increasingly popular among professionals, regardless of whether they’re creative or not.

Cable-free mice have grown in popularity in the last few years due to the trend away from wires and cables in technological advancements. With such an efficient tool, why wouldn’t you use it?

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Bluetooth Mouse Reviews – An In-Depth Look

Now onto a more detailed look at some wireless mouse options below.

Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse

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best Bluetooth mouse for laptop

Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse – For Small to Medium Sized


A 24-month battery life is superb.

Hands of small-to-medium size should use this product

Windows, Mac, and Android compatible

Size is compact

With SilentTouch technology, there is 90% less click noise


In the event of a low battery, lag increases

Large hands may not be able to use this product

After long use, textured grips can become uncomfortable


Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity across multiple platforms

Battery Life: 24 Months

Design: Small to medium-sized hands and right-hand use

Size: Compact size


In case you’re looking for a compact wireless mouse for your laptop, this Logitech Bluetooth mouse is a good choice. The contoured shape of the mouse and the soft thumb area were appealing to us. It felt uncomfortable to hold the rubber side grips after heavy-duty work, despite the fact that they were meant to keep your hand snug.

Considering its small size, we think it’s the perfect Bluetooth mouse for traveling. The fact that it doesn’t require a Bluetooth cable means that it won’t become a paperweight in the event of loss. Additionally, we liked the quiet operation of this mouse, which allows you to work while everyone else is sleeping.

Using Logitech mice, you’ll be able to control a variety of high-quality electronic devices, including this wireless mouse. This model provides quite a bit of improvement over the previous Logitech M535.

The Logitech M535 has no built-in battery, which means this model comes with an AA battery, which gives it a battery life that is more than twice as long as its predecessor.

With the Logitech Logi Bolt USB receiver, you can connect to devices immediately. With the previous model, you’d have to wait for the USB Bluetooth to “wake up” before connecting it.

Its compact size, long battery life, and cross-platform compatibility definitely make the M650 Bluetooth Logitech mouse one of the best Bluetooth travel mice.

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Microsoft Arc Mouse  

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best Bluetooth mouse for laptop

Wireless Arc Mouse Rechargeable Silent for Travel Cordless


Lightweight and slim

Battery life of 6 months

A pocket or bag can easily accommodate it because it snaps flat

Range of wireless transmissions is extensive

Interactions based on intuition

USB connectors are not required


Compatibility with Windows 10/8.1/8 only

Devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 are required

Back button not available

Design with just one button

Gestures without touch

Two AA batteries are required


Connectivity: Requires Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

Battery Life: 6 Months

Design: Ultra slim and lightweight

Size: Snaps flat and slides into a pocket easily

Compatibility: Windows 10/8.⅛


As part of this list, you will see some of the largest brands on the market, and here is the Microsoft Arc mouse. The best portable wireless mouse packs a host of features. As a party trick, it folds flat and fits in your pocket like a phone or wallet.

In designing an ergonomic wireless mouse, we aimed to make it bend into a shape that was comfortable and natural to use. However, we found that it had some flaws, the biggest of which is the single button design. Consequently, we couldn’t click and scroll, a task designers and photographers perform frequently.

Even so, we tested the Bluetooth 4.0 connection and found it to provide extremely low latency and incredible response times. We found that to be even more impressive, given that there was no USB connection required. Although this mouse does have intuitive interactions, we didn’t like the fact that it doesn’t have gesture control, which means there are no special movements you can use to streamline your workflow. However, we liked the minimalist design overall since it looks stunning on most desktops, and performs well in most areas as well.

Those with Windows computers that support Bluetooth 4.0 will find this wireless mouse ideal for their needs. It’s ultra-compact design will appeal to those on the go, but photographers and designers might not enjoy its lone button.

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best Bluetooth mouse for laptop

KLIM Blaze Pro Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse with Charging Dock RGB


Connectivity: Wireless, USB

Battery Life: Built-in battery

Design: Matte finish with bright RGB rim

Size: Comfortable with excellent grip

Compatibility: PC, Mac and PlayStation


 Fully rechargable

The DPI can be customized to 6000

A total of 7 buttons that can be customized

Compatible with PCs, Macs, and PlayStations

As long as the charging cable is in use, it can be used for wired charging


It is possible for keyboard signals to be interfered with by signals

Battery drains faster with RGB


This KLIM Blaze mouse will add some color to your life. Even though it’s not exactly the same as the other Bluetooth mice on this list since it’s more in line with wireless mice, it’s still a great choice. As well as fitting comfortably in our hands, it is a good wireless mouse for laptops as well as a good gaming mouse as well.

A durable coating protects the mouse from even the most intense gaming session, with buttons rated for over 20 million clicks. One of the best things about this Bluetooth mouse for gaming is that it comes with a 5-year warranty, which makes it one of the best in the market.

Although there are occasional lags, we have noticed less disconnection and lag when using it wired. If you intend to use it completely wirelessly, this is something to consider. Additionally, it can be tedious to find the mouse driver by hand.

With the RGB, the logo color changes with the DPI setting, so you know what sensitivity you are using at all times. For creative industry workers who work on projects during the day but switch to gaming at night, this is the mouse to get. Ambidextrous people benefit from the shape and ergonomic design. It was nice to find a letter attached to the instructions to add a little laughter and fun to the unboxing experience. Custom macros should make things a lot easier and should enhance productivity.

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Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball Mouse


Connectivity: Wireless, USB, Bluetooth,

Battery Life: Requires 1x A battery to work.

Design: Finger controlled trackball design that is handicap-friendly.

Size: 2 inches

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS


Design of ambidextrous trackball

Software for KensingtonWorks is free

Technical support for a period of three years


Software customization is not available to ChromeOS users

There can be difficulties using trackballs

To operate, you will need one A battery


You have motion at your fingertip with the Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse, which is the perfect choice for designers, audio engineers, or video editors. The 55mm ball has a scrolling ring around it. The four additional buttons we liked are the traditional right and left clicks, forward and backward, as well as the scroll ring around the 55mm ball.

Wireless mice powered by batteries are designed to boost creative industry workers’ productivity and accuracy. The trackball can be challenging to get used to if you haven’t used one before and has a shorter lifespan than laser mice, but we found that it is flexible because of its ability to connect to software and customize the cursor and scrolling speed. To ensure longevity, the ball can be easily removed for cleaning.

With a simple to use design, multiple buttons, and extra wrist support, this mouse is an excellent option if you’re in the creative industry.

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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Charging Dock:


Connectivity: Dual-mode connectivity – Bluetooth and 2.4ghz wireless

Battery Life: 450 Hour battery life in Bluetooth mode

Design: For right-hand use. Mechanical switches with 6 programmable buttons

Size: Ideal for larger hands


The mechanical switch

2.4GHz and Bluetooth dual-mode connectivity

6 buttons that can be programmed

Latency is low

Track movement accurately with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor


Use only with the right hand

With Bluetooth, battery life lasts 450 hours, with hyperspeed wireless, it lasts 285 hours.

Programmable buttons can only be configured by registering with Razer

One AA battery is required

Some platforms don’t support it


In terms of Bluetooth and wireless mice, the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is at the top of your list if you are a gamer. Featuring six programmable buttons as well as mechanical switches, this gaming mouse offers excellent clicks with minimal noise. It has the option of connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth or 2.5Ghz, which gives it a high-speed, low-latency connection.

The low-latency performance comes at a price, with only 450 hours of battery life on Bluetooth connections. With a hyperspeed wireless connection, this battery life drops to 285 hours. The scroll wheel feedback cannot be adjusted, even though it is fully customizable.

It’s an excellent wireless gaming mouse option if you’re looking to take your PC gaming to the next level. In terms of gaming technology and accessories, Razor is one of the best in the business, and this mouse is no exception. To take your gaming to the next level, this mouse is worth buying. With its dual connection and low latency times, it is an excellent mouse.

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Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse


Backlighting with nine zones of dynamic RGB

There are 8 buttons built-in

The optical sensor has a resolution of 18000 DPI for precision and accuracy

The device has an extremely fast response time and is versatile – it supports both wireless and Bluetooth technology

Designed to work with Xbox One

Switches from Omron that perform at high levels


Windows Platform use only

Small size won’t suit those with larger hands

50 Hours battery life


Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth and wired connection

Battery Life: Up to 50 hours

Design: Comfortable contoured shape with RGB backlighting

Size: small, not suitable for large hands

Compatibility: Windows 10 and Xbox One Compatible


As well as being able to work with Xbox One and Windows PCs, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro gaming mouse comes with the additional benefit of being a gaming mouse. With this RGB mouse, you can stay connected wirelessly, by Bluetooth, or by using the provided cable to charge while you’re using it.

Our testing indicates that this mouse is less comfortable for those with larger hands due to its small size. In addition, the optical sensor has been increased to 18,000 DPI from 10,000 DPI in the previous model, which results in faster response times. Note that the battery life is 10 hours shorter than the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse.

The tactile feedback is impressive, and the RGB colors indicate the DPI sensitivity modes. We like the fact that it’s a more understated gaming mouse, with its minimalist style and small size, which makes it easier to carry around. A rechargeable wireless mouse that is attractive with RGB lighting and has a great response time would be perfect for gaming. It would fit in well at the office or in your gaming setup.

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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

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best Bluetooth mouse for laptop
Apple Magic Mouse 2,


Fully rechargable

Surface with multiple touch points

Across all Apple products, Lightning ports make charging easier

iPad compatible

A charge of 2 hours lasts for weeks


Compatible only with Apple products

The charger plug is not included

Charging cannot be done while using


Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB-C to Lightning Cable

Battery Life: Built-in Lithium-ion battery

Design: Gesture control with a multi-touch surface.

Size: Wireless, portable, and lightweight

Compatibility: Mac OS X v 10.11


The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is by far the best Bluetooth mouse for Mac. The slim minimalist design adds a beautiful aesthetic to any desktop computer, and it is an essential item for any Mac user.

In our opinion, what differentiates this mouse from others for Mac users is the gesture control, which allows you to use your trackpad gestures with this mouse. By using the trackpad and mouse simultaneously, you will be able to perform specific gestures and movements without having to switch between them.

This mouse is still one of the best Mac mice we’ve seen, even though it is relatively expensive. In addition to Apple being an industry standard, we believe that this mouse is the ideal mouse for working at home or at work. Getting this mouse is a good idea for creative industry workers using Macs. You will get more control and be more productive with the ability to use your Macbook’s trackpad gesture control with the magic mouse.

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Technet 308 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Review

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TECKNET Bluetooth Mouse, 3 Modes Bluetooth 5.0 & 3.0 & 2.4G Portable Optical Wireless Mouse with USB Nano Receiver


A budget-friendly option

DPI settings for 6 buttons

Battery life of 2 years

Compatible with all platforms


Two AA batteries are required, which are not included

There are a few bugs, but it works with Mac

Some people may have trouble with the small size


Connectivity: Bluetooth, Cross-platform functional

Battery Life: 24 Months

Design: ergonomic design and soft rubber grip

Size: Compact and comfortable

Compatibility: Windows, PC, MacBook, Chromebook and other devices.


We found that the Technet 308 Bluetooth mouse has the most impressive features of all the wireless mice on this list at an affordable price.

There are many products available at Technet that use wireless technology. But you would still want to choose the best mouse for your needs. And one of their newest additions might be your best choice. Aside from the 6 DPI settings, this mouse also has six buttons that can be connected directly to your computer.

Additionally, we liked the fact that a USB receiver is not needed, so your computer has a free USB connection. Its TrueWave precision feature lets it work on almost any surface. We also consider it one of the best mice for day-to-day usage due to its intelligent power-saving features, which allows it to last 24 months.

A comparison to another model, the Technet Wireless Mouse-002, revealed that it has a 12-month battery life but that it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Also, Technet Pro 2.4G has a 24-month battery life but has a lower DPI level and is not as sleek.

In addition to being compatible with multiple Bluetooth devices, elegant, and comfortable to hold, each of the ergonomic mice mentioned above is also compatible with multiple Bluetooth devices. However, if you had to choose one, it would be the newer Technet 308, which provides a higher level of quality, wireless connectivity, and customizable buttons.

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How to Choose the   best Bluetooth mouse for laptop

how to choose bluetooth mouse

A Bluetooth mouse can be found for every user! But what you choose for yourself depends on your workflow. Here are a few things to think about as you choose a Bluetooth mouse for yourself:

Wired or not?

It is possible to connect a wireless mouse to a computer via Bluetooth with some of the top mice. In other words, many of the best Bluetooth mice double as traditional computer mice as well. While some are completely wireless, others allow you to keep a mouse cabled. If you only have a few USB ports on your computer, this can be a make or break issue for you.

If you use your computer mostly for work, then a wired mouse isn’t a bad choice. In fact, we recommend it! Bluetooth mice, however, require you to charge them from time to time. As such, you need to pay attention to the charging time factor.

Bluetooth mice offer the advantage of being able to be connected and switched between several computing devices, while also providing the aesthetic advantage of maintaining a neat and tidy workspace.


A USB-connected wireless mouse is generally faster and lasts longer, especially if it’s a USB-C model. A battery-powered mouse, on the other hand, is generally more affordable, but may not last as long.

Final thoughts on the best Bluetooth mouse for laptop 2023

It is clear that the best Bluetooth mice in 2022 are all stellar picks, crafted to make modern creatives and professionals more efficient. Whatever your workflow is like, we hope you found our list of the best wireless mice helpful. Which mouse is your favorite?