Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands

Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands

Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands

If you spend long hours at a computer each day or merely check your email occasionally, you are more likely to suffer joint discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other wrist-related issues. It will help to alleviate these issues if you find the best computer mouse for arthritis hands, which will help to reduce the tension in the tendons and nerve routes of the hands and wrist, as well as the causes of these issues.

People who work in office environments are at high risk of long-term problems such as tendonitis and arthritis since repetitive movements of the hands and incorrect hand positions can inflame the sensitive parts of the fingers.

Stretching, massage, muscle rest, and other prevention measures can help mitigate this problem, but ergonomic workplace accessories are crucial to getting to the bottom of the problems. The Ergonomic Mouse is an ideal place to start for users who are suffering from these symptoms, or who want to avoid them.

Here are the best computer mouse for arthritis Hands

Lekvey Rechargeable Ergonomic Vertical Mice 2023~Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands

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Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
Lekvey Rechargeable Ergonomic Vertical Mice
Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
Lekvey Rechargeable Ergonomic Vertical Mice

Designed for a comfortable performance and with a rechargeable feature, the LEKVEY ergonomic mouse is the ultimate design wireless mouse. With this ergonomic and sleek design wireless mouse, the ergonomics of the handshake and position of wrist and arm have been made in a scientific way so that you will experience a smoother, no-pressure experience while using the mouse.

Check out its high-capacity and rechargeable battery power, which lets you use it for long periods of time without having to worry about running out.  There is no need to worry about wires or plugs in this case. Simply charge the mouse and use it before using it.

There are several compatible options that come with this wireless mouse. Although the mouse can be used with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux. This ergonomic wireless mouse will provide you with the best working experience with its quality design and the most comfortable options.

The ergonomic mouse design makes it possible to plug and play without any wiring and no attachments, so you can maximize your working experience and prevent aches and pains in your wrists and arms.

Check Amazon for current prices.

In a way, this mouse is perfect for those with arthritis in their index fingers, as it is multifunctional and convenient to use. This is a browser designed with advanced features of “Page Back” and “Page Forward”, which can be very convenient when browsing web pages. The mouse has a DPI range of 800 /1200/1600, which allows you to adjust the overall sensitivity.

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VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mobile Mouse

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Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mobile Mouse
Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mobile Mouse

Benefits and features

A thumb rest and streamlined arc are part of the mouse’s ergonomic design. It is great to help reduce the stress caused by a long period of work with a computer mouse, since it will reduce the stress caused by the usage of the computer mouse. In addition, the side pits offer a better grip and a reduction in slippage, boosting its comfort level. This vertical mouse is liked by users.

Silent mechanism

There is very little noise generated by this optical mouse, and its clicks and scroll wheel are both very soft. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your roommates when you press buttons on the mouse when you are sharing it with them since this is a silent mouse.

Multifunctional mouse:

The cursor’s sensitivity can be changed according to the activity you are performing. As a result of the buttons on the side, you will be able to navigate the page back and forth more effectively. As a result, you can move your mouse more easily around the screen!

In order to save energy, your computer mouse will automatically turn to power-saving mode if you have not touched it for more than 8 minutes.

Wide Compatibility:

Suitable for Windows 7/8/10/XP Vista7/8 and Linux, this ergonomic mouse is compatible. It is also compatible with desktop computers, laptops, and Macbooks. An all-purpose portable mouse for use at home, in the office, on the go, or at business meetings.

Easy to Use:

There is no need to install a driver for this mouse. Simply plug the wireless mouse into your computer and use it. Wireless connections of up to 33 feet enable the mouse to do away with the need for a power cord. The ease of use is important for people with Parkinson`s who require best mouse possible to mark up for trembling and muscle stiffness.

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What are the advantages of buying it?

You should definitely consider this top-rated computer mouse if you suffer from arthritis and are suffering from inflammation, numbness, and pain in your fingers after using a keyboard and an ordinary mouse for an extended period of time.

Customers love the ergonomic mouse because it is so user-friendly and inexpensive. The reviews on Amazon are raving.

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Anker 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse

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Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
Anker 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse
Anker 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse

It comes with a smaller profile, so it is perfect for laptops with smaller screens. With its vertical design it keeps most of the benefits of the vertical mouse, including numbness, wrist pain, hand cramps, and carpal tunnel syndrome relief.

Features and Benefits

Ergonomic design:  A more neutral position for your wrist and arm is achieved through the scientific design. This makes it easier to move and greatly reduces the overall strain on people with repetitive strain injuries or inflammatory arthritis.

A mode that conserves energy: When inactive for eight minutes, the Anker vertical mouse automatically switches to power-saving mode. When you want to use it again, you simply press one of the buttons.

Easy to use and smooth operation:

When compared to optical mice, 1600/1200/800 DPI Resolution Technology will provide more sensitivity for precise and smooth tracking over a wider variety of surfaces.

Lightweight and compact design: With only 3.3 ounces of weight and portability, the Anker computer mouse is ideal. A small handbag or backpack can easily accommodate it as it is very slim.

Using wireless technology: 2.4GHz frequency allows your mouse to connect wirelessly to your computer. You can connect the nano USB receiver to the computer via its USB port.

What are the benefits of buying it?

Anker ergonomic computer mice are excellent choices for people experiencing wrist pain and arthritis pain in fingers, particularly those who work on a laptop for extended periods of time. Due to the main buttons being positioned at a 60 degree angle relative to the surface of the desk, the wrist rotation is reduced significantly when using the mouse.

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Evoluent VM4R VerticalMouse 4

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Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
Evoluent VM4R VerticalMouse 4
Evoluent VM4R VerticalMouse 4

Keeping your hand in the neutral “handshake” position when using this mouse will reduce wrist pronation and make it more comfortable. A few of the design characteristics of the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 improve comfort and convenience.

As a result, Evoluent uses an open-hand contour instead of 3M’s joystick-style form, which requires that the mouse is held closed. By doing this, you can easily access buttons without bending your fingers and grip the device more comfortably.

The second thing I would say is that the five customizable buttons will allow you to choose from which finger to click. Each of the first three fingers has one button and the thumb has two buttons. There is a little lip around your pinky to prevent it from scraping the tabletop. An index and middle finger is traditionally the position of a scroll wheel.

Programmability is a great feature for people who have difficulty controlling their dominant fingers. Your middle finger can be configured to perform a click while your ring finger conducts a right-click, or vice versa.

Additionally, the user has the option to control the tracking speed (the rate at which the pointer moves around the screen) directly from the mouse. In order for the system to work for you, you don’t have to tinker with its settings.

The base is used to move about the desk or mouse pad like an ordinary mouse, so it won’t relieve elbow and shoulder pain like an ergonomic mouse.


Pronation of the wrist is decreased

Feels comfortable


Simple left-clicks are hard to perform.

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Kensington Orbit Trackball

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Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
Kensington Orbit Trackball
Kensington Orbit Trackball

DPI: – | Interface: Wired / USB | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous



Scroll ring with a unique design

The tracking of objects using optical technology

Hand rest that can be removed

Optional customizations


Bluetooth is absent

A true optical tracking system powers the Kensington Orbit Trackball, which contributes to highly accurate cursor movement. Consequently, user hands will move less while using the screen, leading to faster and more efficient navigation.

Simply spin the dial up and down to quickly scroll up and down the pages. A hard surface like that of the 40mm space gray ball can provide users with accurate control and tracking. This arthritis mouse provides utmost ergonomic comfort and ease of use for the wrist and hand, so pain during long computer work is minimized.

You can customize various options by downloading free software, such as assigning a wide range of program functions to both buttons, and changing the speed of scrolling and cursor movement.


Best ergonomic mouse for arthritis

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Wired / USB | Buttons: 5 | Ergonomic: Right-handed



A wonderful ergonomic design

Controls of exceptional quality

Hand rest detachable

Lights with blue LEDs


The right hand is the only one that can use this

This mouse is designed ergonomically to minimize the painful sensations in hands, wrists, and forearms caused by arthritis in the hands, wrists, and forearms. In order for the wrist rest and the vertical mouse to function as a unit, it is shaped to fit the human body. In this way, the wrist lifts from the pad and rests comfortably on it while protecting the wrist from friction caused by mouse movements.

You will have no difficulty switching between applications and various web pages due to the easy access to the buttons. The DPI levels can be changed between 600/1000/1600 in Flexispot to customize the mouse response according to the user’s preferences. A tracking technology called optical tracking enhances the user’s sensitivity. The mouse is highlighted in a beautiful blue light.

On the bottom of the model, you will find the on/off switch. Compatible with Windows-based PCs and laptops (XP, Win 7/8), as well as different motherboards, the arthritis computer mouse is ideal for people living with arthritis.

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Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse~Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands

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Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands
Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse
Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

An ergonomic mouse with intelligently placed buttons, a unique tilt function, sculpted design, and very comfortable horizontal design, allowing you to enjoy a new experience with it.

Study results showed that Logitech’s MX Ergo Wireless Mouse reduced muscular strain and effort by 20% in comparison to competing products.

Advantages and features

Trackball on the thumb: This is one of the most highly praised features of the Logitech MX ERGO Trackball mouse. The trackball makes it possible to move the cursor of the mouse instead of pushing the mouse with the fingers.

The shorter distance traveled reduces wrist movements and limits wrist pain caused by arthritis and wrist pain caused by long-term wrist use. Our only warning would be that getting used to a trackball controlled by a thumb will take some time. Games players might also complain about the design being limited.

Hinge with adjustability: Using the adjustable hinge that comes with this mouse, you can adjust the trackball angle from 0 to 20 degrees, allowing you to use it in a more natural, comfortable position. Its design is gaining top marks from reviewers and users because it truly eliminates muscle tension.

Connections: Utilizing the included Bluetooth smart wireless technology or unifying receiver, you can connect up to 3 Mac computers or Windows computers simultaneously.

A rechargeable battery: Upon fully charging a rechargeable battery an individual will have a life expectancy of 70 days.

It weighs: 5.7 ounces is the weight of the mouse

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What makes it worth buying?

A trackball mouse such as the Logitech MX Ergo is the best option for those who prefer tailored functionality. Those who are looking for a more comfortable mouse can adjust the hinge on the mouse.

The angle of this mouse can be selected between 0 and 20 degrees according to your preference. The precision button provides instant switching between speed tracking and precision tracking.

J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic USB Mouse

It is the best vertical mouse for people suffering from wrist and hand pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or those looking for a radical departure from traditional ergonomic mice. It is an affordable option for people suffering from wrist and hand discomfort.

Features and Benefits

The design of the handshake: With this vertical, wireless mouse you won’t be twisted while using it which is the primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. You won’t have to twist your wrists while using it, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Switch for adjusting the sensitivity: Depending on your preference or need, you can adjust the mouse’s responsiveness between 1600, 1200, and 800 DPI levels.

A removable palm rest and blue LED trim:

With this mouse, you can remove the palm rest depending on how convenient and comfortable it is for you. The mouse is also equipped with a blue LED that illuminates the outline.

Placement of the buttons is convenient: In addition to the forward and back buttons, you can see that there are thumb buttons nearby. By using a driver or software that is compatible with the buttons, you can enable or disable them as you wish.


People with smaller hands and fingers may find this vertical mouse inconvenient. In comparison to larger hands, users with smaller hands complain that this mouse is less comfortable as they have to adopt an unnatural position to use it. Because of the mouse’s deep profile, it’s difficult to stay in a comfortable position while aligning the fingers with the buttons

What are the advantages of buying it?

This ergonomic mouse would be a great choice for people who have pain or numbness in their fingers due to inflammatory arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or rheumatoid arthritis. Its price is also very reasonable.

What Are The Different Types of Ergonomic Mouse

On the market, ergonomic mice are generally available in four types. It is important to realize that there is no one form factor that works for every person when it comes to choosing an ergonomic mouse.

As a solution to your particular problem, choose a comfortable mouse after looking at various choices. Choosing a new tool to ease your pain points isn’t about picking one that is the hottest on the market.

Ergonomic Horizontal Mouse

Most users are already familiar with this design, because it is the most popular. Moreover, the dome is shaped for comfort. To track the movement, a laser or an optical system may be used. You should use a horizontal mouse if you wish to be productive.

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

The primary buttons on vertical mice are on the side, so the user must grasp it in a “handshake” position. A small amount of wrist twisting may reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You read more in the best mouse for carpal tunnel syndrome here.

The use of a virtual mouse can be challenging at first. Despite the fact that modern mice are designed to be easier to use than traditional mice, people seldom attain the same level of comfort.

Trackball Mouse

There are several approaches to control the cursor, but one of them is to move the ball around, so the mouse base will remain stationary . An advantage of this is that it does not take up much space. Operating this mouse will not require arm or wrist movements, minimizing the risk of injuries associated with repetitive stress injuries.

Pen Mouse

Mouse that fits inside a pen is called a pen mouse. A pen mouse can be of great assistance to people with CTS or wrist problems who are no longer able to handle a regular mouse. In order to control this mouse, you must move the wrist very little, as it can be held like a pen or pencil.

Joystick Mouse

As you use the technique, make sure your hand is perpendicular to the desk while in the handshake position of the textbook. Precision is a common issue. Popular joystick mice are 3M Optical Mouse.

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What are the Solutions for Pain While Using a Mouse

For people who suffer from arthritic hands, there are many suggestions out there. Some of them, however, erroneously believe reducing RSI (repetitive stress injury) pain will also solve arthritis problems.

As a provider of power wheelchairs, I work every day with seniors. Their wheelchair controls must be adapted to account for their arthritis. This can mean different grips for the joysticks. My hands are often full of buttons that I need to push alternately. For this reason, I tend to be more relaxed.

Online, one of the most common solutions is simply getting an ergonomic mouse. That is not the case for me. The ergonomic mice that some companies sell do NOT alleviate finger and joint pain. Pain relief from repetitive stress injuries is the primary purpose of these devices.

As a result, arthritis sufferers are encouraged to reduce the number of small joint movements that must be performed. In addition, the hand should be positioned so that the thumb and finger joints are not excessively stressed.

We can’t solve our problems with ergonomic mice with thumb trackballs. It is difficult to keep rolling the ball with an arthritic thumb due to the small, repetitive movements required. Although the Logitech MX Vertical model above reduces joint movements that hurt arthritic hands, it also places the hand in the proper position.

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What To Consider When Buying  the Best Computer Mouse For Arthritis Hands

Arthritis in Index Finger or Wrist

A handshake device can provide relief if your hand is positioned in a handshake position.

The use of a mouse can cause or aggravate conditions such as arthritis, repetitive strain injury, and carpal tunnel syndrome. When using devices such as a mouse that require a strong grip, refrain from turning your hand.

Will My New Mouse Work With Any Computer?

In computers running Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS, the mice technology is the same across nearly all manufacturers. Be sure that your device is compatible with special buttons before assuming they will work.

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What if I’m Left-handed?

Lefties have trouble finding an appropriate mouse. While reprogramming a regular mouse to switch right and left buttons can be done, ergonomic mice are designed for use with right-handed computer users. A good option for users with arthritis who are left-handed is the Skyshadow Optical Pen Mouse.

Essential Features in a Computer Mouse for Arthritis

Our selection criteria included models with these key features in addition to an ergonomic shape:

To minimize interference and freezing, 2.4 GHz transmitters maximize distance and responsiveness

Adjustable sensitivity

Integrating storage for USB receivers to prevent them from being lost

Easy-to-use back/forward buttons for browsing. In flipping digital libraries, this feature makes it possible for you to navigate back and forth.

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Final thoughts on the best computer mouse for Arthritis hands

In order to reduce tension in your joints and ligaments of your hand, wrist, and forearm, the best ergonomic mouse for your desk is critical to your long-term health. A vertical mouse without a trackball would be a better option for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Trackball mice are the best choice for desks with limited space and users with limited arm mobility, while horizontal mice are the best choice for gaming and overall flexibility.


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