best ddr4 ram KITS for Intel 12th gen alder lake CPU

best ddr4 ram KITS for Intel 12th gen alder lake CPU

5 best ddr4 ram kits for Intel 12th gen alder lake CPU will make your PC run faster and effectively

With the Alder Lake-S processors, Intel is expected to introduce both DDR4 and DDR5 memory support later this year.  Although, we would not recommend pairing the Alder Lake-S processors with the DDR5 memory. Earlier this week, a benchmark of a 16-core/24-thread Alder Lake-S CPU surfaced. While normally, this wouldn’t warrant further investigation, the particular model was tested with DDR4-3200 memory rather than DDR5. The newer memory standard provides us with a way to measure the impact on CPU performance of the new standard. As an engineering model, each chip has a significantly different performance, so the final result may vary greatly.

In order to support its 12th generation Alder Lake processors (CPUs), Intel has released a new LGA 1700 socket for Z690 chipset motherboards. The majority of these boards support DDR5 RAM, but some are still compatible with the older DDR4 memory. We’ve rounded up some of the best DDR4 and DDR5 RAM right here to pair with your new 12th Gen Intel CPU while you’re shopping for a new motherboard.

A new generation of Intel processors, the Alder Lake series, came out with a unique design. Consumers are excited because it opens up new possibilities. Alder Lake’s 12th generation microarchitecture demonstrates some performance improvement over its predecessor, but the latest design brings a new approach Intel calls Big-Bigger approach.

A new approach to SoCs offers the opportunity to combine large, more powerful cores with smaller, more efficient ones. The purpose of this is to get the most performance from a microprocessor.

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What is Intel Alder Lake?

In terms of core processors, Intel uses this code name for its 12th generation. CPUs are known as microprocessors in simple terms. There are 8 or 6 Performance cores in an Alder Lake, as well as 4 or 8 Efficiency cores.

This product is based on Golden Cove’s high performance hybrid architecture. PCs with Alder Lake processors support DDR-5 RAM with a clock speed of 4,800MHz. This platform might also be able to run DDR4, but its speed would only reach 3,200MHz. Even if both RAM are compatible with Alder Lake PCs, either DDR4 or DDR5 will be installed on motherboards. Also related Best DDR5 RAM for Next-Generation PC Performance

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The best ddr4 ram KITS for intel 12th gen alder lake CPU You Can Buy Today

Here are the 5 best ddr4 ram KITS for intel`s 12th gen alder lake CPU. For an upgraded CPU, it is only fair to have the best DDR4 RAM kit possible.  For the best ddr4 ram KITS for Intel 12th gen alder lake CPU, we’ve rounded up some of the best DDR4 and DDR5 RAM right here to pair with.

Here is a table table with the summarize characteristics of the best DDR4 RAM kits for intel 12th gen alder lake CPU

Brand NamecapacitySpeedtimingtypewarrantyVoltagebuy
Crucial Ballistix MAX 2 x 8 GB5100 MHz19-26-26-48Dual channel5 years1.5Buy on Amazon
Corsair Vengeance LPX 2 x 8 GB3200 MHz18-18-18-36Dual channel5 years1.35Buy on Amazon
G.Skill Trident Z Royal 2 x 8 GB4800 MHz18-22-22-42Dual channel5 years1.5Buy on Amazon
Kingston HyperX 2 x 8 GB3200 MHz16-18-18-36Dual channel5 years1.35Buy on Amazon
Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 2 x 8 GB3200 MHz16-18-18-36Dual channel5 years1.35Buy on Amazon
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2 x 8 GB3200 MHz16-18-18-36Dual channel5 years1.35Buy on Amazon
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 2 x 8 GB3000 MHz16-18-18-38Dual channel5 years1.35Buy on Amazon
Corsair Vengeance RGB 2 x 8 GB4600 MHz15-15-15-36Dual channel5 years1.35Buy on Amazon

Crucial Ballistix MAX~Best RAM for Intel 12th Gen



Model: BLM2K8G51C19U4B

Capacity: 2 x 8GB
Data Rate: DDR4-5100 MHz
Timings: 19-26-26-48
Voltage: 1.5V
Warranty: 5 Years


+ A faster kit
+ A heatsink with a low profile
+ An RGB control software called M.O.D.

What we did not like

– Costs more than comparable RAM
-It is not possible to use buffered DIMMs

You have probably heard of the name ‘Crucial’ before. We’re talking about the high-end Ballistix MAX RAM on our list. A global brand that is well-recognized and trusted by people all around the globe.

RAMs produced by this brand are among the best in the market as they deliver a powerful performance that their rivals cannot match. Overclocking perfection and good XMP performance are guaranteed with RAM from the this manufacturer.

It is while making this RAM that the brand went all the way up to the heights of the latest technologies and features. For this reason, this RAM is one of the best. Additionally, it includes RGB components. Nevertheless, it’s not too flashy. For Intel 12th Gen, the best RAM is compact and equipped with a heat-spreader with a low profile. Elegant and unobtrusive, its design makes it appealing, and its light weight makes it an excellent choice. You can use it with most builds’ color schemes because of its classy black color.

You can’t get faster RAM than this! It is the fastest RAM you could ever have! When others are focused on buying the most visually appealing products, make a wise decision and buy the fastest performing one. With its signature M.O.D. Software, you can customize the RGB effects of this product. However, you can also do so by using the motherboard. The product alone is enough to make a massive improvement to any gamer who is sincere about upgrading his system.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX~Best 3000MHz RAM for Intel 12th Gen



Model: CMK16GX4M2B3200C16

Capacity: 2 x 8GB
Data Rate: DDR4-3200 MHz
Timings: 16-18-18-36
Voltage: 1.35 Volts
Warranty: 5 Years

What we liked about this RAM kits

+ 8-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
+ a latency of 10ns
+ Increases overclocking potential

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What we did not like about this best RAM

– Not suitable for elaborate builds
– Heat spreader has no fins


Moving on to the next item on our list, the Corsair Vengeance LPX. Do you have any experience with Corsair? Perhaps you haven’t, because you are new to the world of technology.  As the world’s leading manufacturer of computer hardware components, Corsair is definitely the king of the hardware industry. They never lose ground to their competitors. These RAMs are a sign of their dedication and hard work.

The product we have here is not what most users would expect from a brand with a world-class reputation, not because of the performance, but because of its encouraging price tag. The price might make it the most wallet-friendly addition to your rig. Take a look at what this reasonably priced RAM has to offer. The first thing you need to think about when choosing RAM is its latency. The company provided many features to enhance the performance, so let’s take note of the high price to performance ratio.

As nothing can be perfect, we cannot deny that this item has certain cons. It was very difficult to get an adequate amount of OC headroom due to the lack of fins on the heat spreader. Although it is still the best RAM for Intel 12th generation processors, it runs at 3000MHz. It makes sure that even with its modest design, you will get full compatibility and performance from your latest processor. In addition, the package includes two fans that circulate hot air, which lowers the temperature. These fans are a welcome addition.

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G.Skill Trident Z Royal~Best Flagship RAM for Intel 12th Gen



Model: F4-4800C18D-16GRS

Capacity: 2 x 8 GB
Data Rate: DDR4-4800 MHz
Timings: 18-22-22-42
Voltage: 1.5V
Warranty: 5 Years

What we liked about this RAM kits

+ Ten-layer printed circuit board
+ Excellent software included
+ Exceptional performance in XMP

What we did not  liked about this RAM kits

– Too much flash
– Memory does not contain ECC

Your old RAM must be giving you problems and errors now, right? PC users and gamers require top-performing RAM. We are proud to present to you the G.Skill Trident Z Royal, a top-of-the-line product. It was made with great care and has been designed to give you the best performance. With a hand-screened 10-layer PCB, the company has demonstrated that its memory ICs are reliable. The product looks great, and we are curious to know more about it.

It satisfies the aesthetic sense of most users completely, making it a work of art. It’s impossible to think of anything that could beautify a gaming setup like this. It’s a premium product for Intel 12th Gen items because of its sturdy build quality and unique silver finish. Adding to the appeal are the vibrant RGB lights. A system’s appearance is enhanced greatly by these lights. This uniform finishing gives a ‘royal’ feel to the system, even if it doesn’t match any build’s color scheme.

A gamer could choose this because of the exceedingly high overclocking headroom. These RAM chips are suitable for those who must adjust the frequency to make a piece of equipment suitable. Such serious overclockers would not be let down by this B-die kit. Now that you’ve thought no more, why not give this stunning memory portfolio a try and up your game?

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Kingston HyperX~Best DDR4 RAM for Intel 12th Gen



Model: HX432C16PB3A/8

Capacity: 2 x 8 GB
Data Rate: DDR4 3200 MHz
Timings: 16-18-18-36
Voltage: 1.35V
Warranty: 5 Years

What we liked about this RAM kits

+ You can use RGB synchronized with IR
+ Heat spreaders made of aluminum
+ 100% factory test

What we did  not liked about this RAM kits

– Limited stock available
– Thermostat missing

Did you want to upgrade your rig? So this is the perfect moment to update your top-of-the-line Intel-based system with a new RAM upgrade. Despite rough usage or how much you overclock your computer, Kingston HyperX will give you complete satisfaction every time. If you are building a PC, this RAM will make your build the perfect companion, and it will ensure lag-free performance.

The stupendous DDR4 memory portfolios are begging for your attention, as we mentioned earlier. Out of these products, this is the best DDR4 RAM you need to purchased for your Intel 12th Generation processor. What makes it a good choice? This RAM is fully compatible with Intel. It sets a high standard for luxury and sophistication with its XMP-certified profiles, the elegant PCB, and the RGB illumination.

The plus points of this RAM are more significant than the negative points after considering all the pros and cons. Its speed and stability outmatches the slower and more stubborn products. It still holds the upper hand in some aspects over its rivals, but it is the jewel in the crown. It is not easy to find this piece of art, so if you want to have it, you need to grab it before stocks run out.

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          Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB~Best 3200MHz RAM for Intel 12th Gen



Model: CMT32GX4M4C3200C16W

Capacity: 2 x 8GB
Data Rate: DDR4-3200 MHz
Timings: 16-18-18-36
Voltage: 1.35V
Warranty: 5 Years

What we liked about this RAM kits

+ Heat spreaders
+ Memory ICs that are hand-sorted
+ Excellent XMP performance

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What we did not liked about this RAM kits

– XMP 3.0 is not supported
– Compact case compatibility not available

Corsair brings us another product! What do you need in a memory portfolio that is ultrafast and ultrasmooth? Well, you already have it right here! You can build a PC that is both stunning and performance-driven with the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB. Because of its neat white appearance, it is an elegant product that suits many different themes. Here’s what makes it unique.

It is the best 3200MHz RAM for Intel 12th Gen CPUs that stays true to its promises, even if most products do not live up to their taglines. The RAM is quicker and consumes less power than its competitors. Therefore, this RAM is power-efficient due to the lessened heat strain in the system. Tuning your kit to your needs can be done by monitoring timings and frequencies. It is even possible to monitor the temperatures, as the heatsink helps to maintain them.

This RAM stands out from the competition with its exclusive RGB lights. You can be sure that your system will gleam like a pro gamer’s thanks to those bright Capellix LEDs. By using the outstanding ICUE software, you can customize the 12 individually-addressable lights to your liking. Some people do not like the bright lights, and some users are not fond of such flashy things. There is no way to lower the brightness to a reasonable level even in the software.

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Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro~Best Overall RAM for Intel 12th Gen



Model: CMW16GX4M2C3200C16
Capacity: 2 x 8GB
Data Rate: DDR4-3200 MHz
Timings: 16-18-18-36
Voltage: 1.35V
Warranty: 5 Years

What we liked about this RAM kits

+ ICs meticulously screened
+ Improved 16CAS Latency
+ Easy to configure via iCUE

What we did not  liked about this RAM kits

– It may produce pastel hues
– Does not support mini-ITX motherboards

A brand like Corsair is always the best, as we have already mentioned. We have never been disappointed with those classy components, and it has been satisfying customers for many years. At present, the company is the most successful hardware vendor in the world, and the reason for its enormous success is its performance and quality. Another impressive product by this company that has turned the tide of the market is the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro, an out-of-this-world memory kit that has defeated those old low-performing kits.

You can find this best-all-around RAM for Intel 12th Gen here if you’re in dire need of a high-quality memory module that will make your game more powerful. This memory module performs well when overclocked. A mesmerizing RGB lighting system, which is easy to control, comes with this RAM. Therefore, it is considered the best RGB RAM for Intel 12th Generation CPUs. The robust ICUE software from Corsair enables you to configure your system to your exact needs. Heat is drained from the inside and the temperature is lowered with the aluminum heat spreader.

Due to the item’s tall profile, it cannot be installed  in a compact case. When selecting a mini-ITX case, you should be very careful. You would not have an issue with the size if you were building a PC from scratch or if you already had a larger case. Your rig deserves this piece of memory. With low latency and high frequency, it is everything you are looking for.

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G.Skill Trident Z RGB


G.Skill’s Best RAM for Intel 12th Gen


Model: F4-3000C16D-16GTZR

Capacity: 2 x 8GB
Data Rate: DDR4-3000 MHz
Timings: 16-18-18-38
Voltage: ‎1.35 Volts
Warranty: 5 Years

What we liked about this RAM kits

+ Compliant with the JEDEC standard
+ Metal heat sinks brushed to a high shine
+ CAS 16 was delivered on time

What we did  not liked about this RAM kits

– Compatibility issues with ICUE software
– Consumes more power than the competition

Using the G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM is an excellent choice for those who want dazzling effects on their newly built PC. The Trident Z series of this brand sets itself apart from other RAMs. They’re top-notch performers and give the user flexibility with the timing. The design is elegant, and the finish and fit are perfect for any builder to use. This product is made with a sterling dual-channel design and a 10-layer PCB.

G.Skill’s high-ranking products have been consistently produced for over a decade, and they guarantee durability and reliability. The quality of the RAM delivers a long-term experience, as it too comes with a lifetime warranty. You can add RGB lighting to your entire rig to make it look more powerful and vibrant. Although this product is user-friendly and highly configurable, it does not offer a lot of overclocking headroom. Its massive size, paired with its best-on-earth performance, makes it G.Skill’s most reliable RAM for Intel 12th Gen items.

We still recommend this memory profile to all users regardless of the fact that it is not the best overclocker available. DDR4 RAM at this price is truly exceptional! Take advantage of this offer and step up your game. RAM of this caliber is not widely available, which could be an issue, but we pointed you to the original thing and the right place to solve this problem. Try it today and let us know what you think.

Corsair Vengeance RGB~Best RGB RAM for Intel 12th Gen



Model: CMR16GX4M2K4600C19

Capacity: 2 x 8GB
Data Rate: DDR4-4600 MHz
Timings: 15-15-15-36
Voltage: 1.35 V
Warranty: 5 Years

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What we liked about this RAM kits

+ Energy-saving
+ RGB control using intelligent algorithms
+ ICS hand-selected and custom printed PCBs

What we did not  liked about this RAM kits

– Problems with the heat
– Does not include a fan

Corsair Vengeance RGB was a product we believed in from the very beginning. In addition to this RAM’s RGB feature, the manufacturers also state that it has a fast speed. The RAM offered by this one is the best choice for PC users who’re tired of looking for the best RAM for their machines, since it provides a bit of everything. …this kit will boost your overall performance, as tech experts say.

It’s the most efficient DDR4 RAM for 12th generation Intel processors. This RAM provides superb performance, along with a stylish appearance. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of the system, the RGB lighting the system provides comes in handy. Vengeance lineup products from Corsair have a reputation for excellent performance, and this one of the family is no exception. Installation is simple and straightforward thanks to the simple, wire-free design. Thermal performance is terrific even without fans, thanks to the simple, wire-free design.

There are many RAMs available on the market, but this one stands out the most. Though it doesn’t offer the highest speeds of any of the products it competes with, it’s still better than those saying it is the best. These RAM modules have one of the best SPECS and looks available for Intel 12th Gen CPUs. Additionally, this RAM comes equipped with robust XMP performance. As you can see, this powerful little beast is a winning combination.

Does Alder Lake support DDR4?

DDR5 RAM that operates at speeds up to 4,800 MHz is officially supported by Alder Lake. In addition to DDR4, the platform supports DDR4 at a maximum effective clock speed of 3,200MHz, as well. Specifically, motherboards will come equipped with either DDR4 or DDR5, but not both.

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Will Alder Lake support DDR5?

Intel’s latest Alder Lake desktop processors support both DDR5 and DDR4 memory. This was one of the most agonizing features of Intel’s new product launch.

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How much faster is Alder Lake?

It’s like comparing apples and oranges when comparing the M1 Pro and Max to Intel’s Alder Lake. In terms of multi-core performance, Alder Lake is almost 1.5 times as fast as Apple’s latest laptop chips.

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Is DDR5 worth it over DDR4?

Compared with DDR4-2133 C15 and DDR4-3200 C22, DDR5-4800 C40 was 19% and 14% faster overall. Its difference from DDR4 decreased, however. There was only a 9% performance difference between DDR4-3200 C15 and DDR5-4800 C40

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Does DDR4 work with 12th Gen Intel?

There’s good news: Intel’s new 12th generation “Alder Lake” processors are compatible with both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. … For 12th Gen regardless, you’re going to need a new motherboard, and if you’re going with DDR4, you’ll need to make sure it’s compatible with it.

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 Final thoughts on the best DDR4 RAM kits for intel  12th gen lake alder CPU

Would you be interested in trying out the new DDR5? If so, you’ll need to update your motherboard. It’s most common to want more memory and speed when you get more memory. As the year draws to a close, we’ll be waiting to see what 2022 holds for laptops and other devices, such as smartphones. Some of the top non-RGB RAMs in the market can also work well with the Alder Lake CPU.

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