best electric scooter for 10 a year old

What are the best electric scooter for 10 a year old?

What are best electric scooter for a 10 year is a question every parent asks. With the many choices available in the market, it can be difficult to choose what is best for your Kid. There is where we come in Best electric scooter for a 10-year-old should include safety, low speed, strong motor, and a considerable range. Light are not necessary because you do not expect your 10-year-old to ride in the dark

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter (Best Value)

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Recommended age:               8 years and up

Motor:  85-Watt

Battery: 12-Volt

Charging Time:  12 Hours

Maximum Speed:                    10 MPH

Maximum Distance:                13 Miles

Weight Limit:   120 lbs.

Scooter Weight:                      22 lbs.

The Razor Power Core E90 is an electric scooter that is perfect for kids. This hand-operated scooter features Power Core technology that enables it to reach speeds of up to 10 mph with just a push of the throttle. Children eight years and older will find this a great scooter. This Razor scooter can support a maximum weight of 120 pounds. It brother, E-300 is one of the best off-road e-scooters for kids.

Motor Power Core Technology

Kids will enjoy using this scooter thanks to its maintenance-free, high-torque hub motor that runs at 85 watts. The technology used here allows your child to accelerate smoothly and reach a top speed of up to 10 mph for all the fun they’re after.

SLA Rechargeable Battery

A sealed lead-acid battery is also included with this model. The battery will last your children up to 80 minutes on a single charge after it takes about 12 hours to charge. No expert here, but I think that’s a lot of riding time for one 12-volt battery. There is no need to worry about the battery dying halfway through while your child is riding down the street.

Rear-Wheel Drive

On this electric scooter, the rear wheels provide better control and traction, meaning you can ride more safely and stabilized. Additionally, your kids will enjoy a more stable ride with a flat-free, airless rear tire.

Lightweight Frame

Considering the frame and fork are made entirely of steel, this product is lightweight, durable, and sturdy.

Retractable Kickstand

Electric scooters have retractable kickstands to prevent them from falling over. Additionally, your child will not have to worry about laying it on the ground.

Product Review

There is nothing more appealing to parents than this device’s long-lasting battery. Their children will be able to cruise around the neighborhood relatively easily and with little difficulty. It would definitely be a good purchase.

The Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

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This is the second GXL e-scooter on our list, and it’s another good choice for your child. The E300 and the GXL both offer a lot of the same features.

Positive aspects

Like any e-scooter designed for teenagers, its first advantage is its affordability. It can be purchased for just 271$ on Amazon, so your child can buy it even with his/her allowance. It’s worth every penny.

There is a reason it is among our top 5 when it comes to the motor and batteries. Scooters like this one come with 250W motors and 36V batteries. In this configuration, the scooter will make it possible for its rider to accomplish many feats. It has a top speed of 16 miles per hour or 26 kilometers per hour. A second advantage is that it has a range of about 12 miles or 19 kilometers at that power. What a bargain! However, unlike the E300, it only requires 3-4 hours to charge, even with such a range of motion. If your child uses it to go to school, and if possible, you could leave it to charge until they get back to the house. Its long range makes it  one the best rated e-scooters for kids.

Furthermore, it weighs only 27 pounds or 13 kilograms and is able to hold up to 220 pounds or 100 kilograms. It will, however, get even harder to reach these speeds as it gets heavier.

There are two brake systems on board, one with regenerative brakes up front, and the other with disk brakes at the rear. Disk brakes are easily operated with a handle, which allows for great control when going downhill. Moreover, a regenerative brake allows some energy to be recovered for later use or immediate use.

Negative aspects

Although some may argue that it is better than the E300 because of sheer numbers, it has its shortcomings.

You cannot expect master-crafted results from this basic scooter because it is meant for strolling and commuting. Furthermore, do not let it soak in water or rain due to its basic nature. You can wash it with a semi-dry sponge or rag just as you would for the E300.

The second is that it is a single battery pack. The rider may end up stranded if the 36 V battery dies for some reason. However, this is not a significant issue with this scooter because it can easily be pushed by foot. Making sure you charge it before you leave is equally important. As for its startup, you have to kick-push it if it is not traveling at 1.2 miles/hour or 2 kilometers/hour.

Another disadvantage is that the lights are only front-mounted, so you’ll need to buy those separately.

Razor E300


For older children, this electric scooter is a solid choice


Age range: 13 and up

Size: 42.5 x 40 x 16.5 inches

Weight: 43 pounds

Max speed: 15 mph

Range: 10 miles

Max rider weight: 220 pounds

Why you should buy

Motor with a 250-watt capacity
Kids aged 10 and up


It uses a chain drive, which is noisier
You will not find reflectors or lights
No suspension

A good step-up electric scooter for teens is the Razor E300 if your child outgrows the Razor E100. With a 250-Watt motor and a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, it is designed for kids age 13 and older.

With a solid steel frame and curved deck that covers the rear wheel, Razor’s E-series scooters have a similar look to other Razor electric scooters. Also, it has 9-inch pneumatic tires for a smoother ride, although no suspension is installed. As an alternative, Razor provides a seated version with the E300s, which costs about $50 more. It lacks a bell, lights, or reflectors, just like other E-series electric scooters.

The Glion Dolly Foldable Kids Electric Scooter

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The Glion Dolly e-scooter is our third choice for this list. An e-scooter that is kid-friendly and still powerful, this is one of the most popular out there.


For many reasons, the Glion Dolly is considered to be the most suitable e-scooter for kids. It should be noted that the motor is much wilder than any of the others on this list. In addition to a single 36V battery, it boasts a power rating of 250W and a peak power of 600W. The scooter can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour or 24 kilometers per hour. The range per charge is 15 miles and charging time is 3.4-4.5 hours.

At 27 pounds or 12 kilograms, it is incredibly light for a “kid” scooter, and can hold 250 pounds/113 kilograms.

Negative aspects

First and foremost, its price is a disadvantage. Amazon currently sells it for about $$$  dollars as of the time of writing this.

The price of this e-scooter is quite steep for a kids’ model, especially when compared with the other models on the list.

There is also a problem with its ability to produce 600W of peak motor power, since many will try to achieve this on a constant basis. If you regularly use your motor, this will ultimately shorten it’s lifespan. The “pay-per-point” ratio also makes its range a big disadvantage. With %$, you get a scooter that has the same range and speed as the $ scooter. The scooter must be capable of handling an incline of less than 15 degrees for this rule to apply. Other scooters are less expensive, but perform the same way.

Finally, various people claim the range of the device is even less than what it says on the box, at just about 7-10 miles or 11-16 km.

Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre

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The Ripsar kids electric scooter is similar to the Razor E90.  This course is also meant for ages 8 and above, but there are a few differences. The cost is also a bit higher.


You can adjust the handlebar’s height in 3 different ways: 85cm, 90cm and 95cm. In addition, you can fold it.

Motor and start

E90 scooters feature hub motors, while Ripsars have chain run motors. They’re quieter and less maintenance-intensive.

In the Ripsar, there is only a single continuous speed and twist grip acceleration.


Its top speed is 16 km/h (10 mph), which is comparable to the Razor E90. An electric scooter’s maximum speed varies with the rider’s weight, the terrain and gradient.

Run Time

According to the manufacturer, the Ripsar Electric Scooter has an approximately one-hour battery life. A scooter’s battery life depends on several factors, including its weight and the terrain on which it is used. A scooter that is used uphill will deplete its battery much faster.

Charge Time

The first charge of the battery requires 14 hours. Afterwards, it takes around 8 hours to recharge the battery.


The front wheel is pneumatic, and the rear wheel is made of urethane. With the pneumatic tyres, the scooter rides over bumps and cracks in the road more comfortably and smoothly.

Most electric scooters come with either solid urethane wheels or air filled tyres. Rubber wheels are more puncture-resistant. Although air filled tyres are less expensive, they may provide more comfort and smoother riding over bumps and cracks in the pavement.  When a child grows up and becomes heavier, he or she needs air-filled tires. Electric scooters for adults won’t have solid tyres as they will wear out quickly and won’t provide much comfort because of the additional weight.

Segway Kids Zing E8

Segway Kids Zing E8 is specifically designed for 5 to 10 year olds and is built with safety as a core feature. There is a recommended rider height between 115 and 145 cm, and a maximum rider weight of 50 kg. The age range of this bike makes it appropriate for use on level surfaces, paved roads and when it comes to those beautifully tempting surfaces, it has tubeless tires to prevent skidding…

With three beautiful colors, red, pink, and blue, the E8 is perfect for young kids.

Upon startup, riders can switch between power modes with a push of a button. Depending on your kids’ skill level, you can choose between cruising, cruise control, or turbo control for an exciting, stress-free ride!

With a weight of only 7.9 kg, the Zing E8 is incredibly lightweight and portable. With just one step, you can fold your slim and durable frame and pack it into your car to get to your favorite park. Depending on the confidence and skill level of your child, the top speed of this vehicle can reach an exciting 14 kph.

It offers more safety features than other bikes, like slip-resistant footpads and handlebar grips, because it is designed for kids of a younger age. Additionally, it has a high center of gravity, multiple braking systems, front shock absorbers, and reduced response times on the thumb throttle (no accidents!).

Plus, kids are able to control their Zing like a traditional kick scooter, so the E8 promotes a more active lifestyle. Don’t tell them, but they’ll be working out without realizing it!

Its basic waterproofing is rated at IPX4 (so riders can ride on dry surfaces but avoid puddles if possible), so do not zoom through puddles to splash siblings.

Kids Scooter Summary

Value – excellent

Battery Charge Time – approx 4 hours

Speed – 14-16kph, limited to 10kph in safety mode

Range – 10km

Maintenance – low

Safety – excellent

Longevity/ adjustability – derived from different models

Weight and portability – 8-8.5kg, foldable

Kaabo Skywalker 8

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Kids Scooter Summary

Value – great

Battery Charge Time – 4-6 hours

Speed – max 38kph

Range – up to 45km

Maintenance – medium

Safety – good

Longevity/ adjustability – sized for an adult

Weight and portability – 20kg foldable

Among the most durable electric scooters available on the market, the Kaabo Skywalker 8 is one of the best electric scooters for adults and kids alike due to its size and portability. Skywalker 8 has a front suspension to provide comfortable riding while carrying up to 120 lbs. Pneumatic tires also provide better ride cushioning, so you won’t worry about potholes or uneven surfaces (whew!).

On private property, this model has a maximum speed of 38kph, and a range of 45km, so it is better suited for bigger children weighing up to 120kg. Drum brakes at the rear allow kids to stop when needed, and the scooter weighs just under 20kg, so it is still portable even for your very small children.

With LED head, tail and brake lights your child will be highly visible as they scoot safely to school, or their sports team training, then home again to recharge their battery in under 6 hours.

The Kaabo Skywalker 8 is on show in our store – come on down and check it out for yourself.

Segway Ninebot E8

Buy from Amazon

Best Overall – Kids 6 to 8

Best Age/Weight: 6 years old to 10 .

Maximum Speed: 8.6 mph

Max Ride Time: 6.2 miles

Wheels: rubberized airless 6.75″

Throttle: Kick-start with a dial push

Brake Style: Both foot and hand brakes

The product is also equipped with a cruise control mode, safety mode, front wheel spring damping system, foldable, and kick stand

Segway Ninebot comes in a variety of models designed for kids of various ages. Different models feature different maximum speed limits, maximum weight limits, and handlebar heights.

A lower speed limit of 8.6 mph and a narrower handlebar make the E8 ideal for young riders. Children at least 8 years old and 4’3 tall should use the E10, which has a top speed of 10 mph and a higher handlebar. Different colors are also available, but they operate similarly.

This Segway Ninebots electric scooter is one of the smoothest riding kids scooters we tested because it has larger wheels and front wheel spring dampers.

Additional features

In addition to the cruise control mode and the safe mode, the Ninebot is the only electric scooter for kids with a cruise control mode.

Almost every other scooter requires a child to maintain throttle engagement all throughout their ride, which is tiring very quickly. The maximum speed will be maintained until the child engages the handbrake when the cruise control is set to Cruise Control. A child must kick off the ground to re-activate the motor when the hand brake is engaged.

The Safety Mode enables parents to slow down the scooter’s maximum speed for younger or less coordinated children, so they can ride more safely and at a slower speed. The Cruise Control feature cannot be used simultaneously with the Safety Mode feature.

Whether you’re in cruise mode or the hill mode, if you go faster than the maximum recommended speed, the scooter will beep at you. You’ll be reminded to slow down by braking. The motor on the scooter actually shuts off to slow it down even if you ignore the warning.

The motor will automatically kick back on once a safe speed is reached. Is there a way to get a scooter to go faster than its maximum speed? On any kid’s electric scooter, going faster than the maximum speed is possible when going downhill.


The maximum speed of each model varies

Featuring a suspension system with larger wheels for a smooth ride

A cruise control mode is available

The maximum speed can be lowered in the safety mode

Unlike other electric scooters for kids, this one is easy to fold

Among the scooters on this list, it climbs hills the best

Cool, colored LEDs are mounted on the scooter’s bottom

You can see how much battery power you have left by looking at the LED light indicator

With the EBS recovery brake, you can regenerate power when you use it


There is no way to adjust the handlebar height

What Should I Look for in an Electric Scooter for Kids?

Before purchasing an electric scooter for your child, consider the following. In the long run, you will benefit from knowing the answers to these questions. Having confidence in your buying decision will ensure that your kids are happy.

Criteria #1: Will your children be able to operate the electric scooter?

Choosing the right electric scooter for your child requires taking into account their age, size, and weight. Manufacturers often specify a maximum weight limit for scooters as well as an age recommendation. Additionally, this will ensure that the electric scooter functions properly and will improve the skill level of your child. While a toddler may not necessarily need a scooter that is fast, an older child might prefer one that travels at least 10 miles per hour.

Criteria #2: What power source is it using?

Electric scooters typically have a motor that is powered by electricity. This is where size matters. As the motor gets larger, it will accelerate faster and go faster. Larger motors will also help with climbing hills. If your kids don’t plan to use the scooter as a kick scooter, they shouldn’t have to use their legs.

Criteria #3: How long does the battery last?

Great batteries should last for a long time. For an average battery to provide 40 to 60 minutes of riding time, it needs 12 hours to charge. You don’t want to buy your kids something with a long charge time or one that needs to be recharged frequently. A rider wants to be able to use his electric scooter without worrying that he will run out of power soon.

Criteria #4: Are the materials used in the product of high quality?

The excitement of buying an electric scooter for their kids often leads them to forget to check the quality. Materials used to construct the scooter are important. High quality scooters will be made of steel tubing. By doing this, your child will last a long time. Forks and frames of lower quality wear out more quickly, so they won’t last as long.

Criteria #5: How do the brakes on the scooter work?

There is no doubt your kids will have to learn how to use the braking system on their scooter. There are two types of brakes found on front and rear wheels, disc brakes or V brakes. Kids should steer clear of bikes with front wheel band brakes as they can increase the risk of losing their balance or being thrown over the handlebars, which seldom ends well.

Criteria #6: What is the range of available reviews?

I always recommend reading product reviews. Here is another way to get an idea of what other grandparents and parents think of the product. When people leave reviews, especially if they’re negative, they tend to be blunt and honest, so this is a great place to start when choosing the best electric scooters for your kids.

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