Best Electric Scooters for College Students

Best Electric Scooters for College Students

Should I Buy an Electric Scooter for College

The convenience and portability of electric scooters is often lauded. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, and they do not require any special training or license. The best Electric scooters  for college students could be a huge time-saver on campuses that have steep hills or are particularly large.

The obvious benefits of electric scooters are that they’re affordable and easy to operate. Maintaining a car on campus can be expensive because of the costs of gas, maintenance, and parking passes. Besides the initial purchase, an E-scooter costs nothing but electricity for its battery to be recharged.

Electric scooters have one major drawback, and that is the increase in scooter-related accidents since they came to campus. The safety of E-scooters is extremely important, so if you decide to buy one, be sure to follow all safety precautions for proper use.

Best Electric Scooters for College Students & Campus Life 


Students can use electric scooters to get around campus quickly, affordably, and with a great deal of fun. We have selected a set of scooters that will be affordable, safe, and reliable enough for everyday use, whether you’re heading to college yourself or helping your child prepare for school.

The following are a few important points to consider when buying electric scooters for students. It is very important to look at the range of the scooter, as this can vary greatly depending on the battery size and weight. Assuming you’re riding an e-scooter around campus, you may not be able to recharge it until you get home at night, so you should check to make sure the scooter is not running out of battery before your final exam. No student wants to be towed back to their dorm with a dead scooter.

consider cost

One consideration is cost. However, we have found that the very cheapest scooters on the market are often quite poor value over time. A poor build quality, no warranty or servicing, and a poor spec all contribute to a poor experience.


Consider brakes, for instance. When it comes to stopping your scooter in an emergency, disc brakes will let you stop quickly and safely (especially if you are going downhill). Cheap scooters, on the other hand, may only have a foot brake, requiring the rider to stamp on the rear mudguard to stop. It’s ineffective, inconvenient, and potentially dangerous.



1.           Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter


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Build Quality & Design

Gotrax XR Elite features a one-step folding system and an aluminum construction. The scooter is heavy compared to others in the same price range, despite its compact design. It can carry up to 220 pounds.

Nighttime visibility of the XR Elite is good. It has six reflective high-grade reflectors, a headlight, and a taillight. A waterproof rating of IP54 is provided. You can ride in rain or mud without a problem. The durable rubber tires won’t slip.

A smart LED display is featured on the Gotrax XR Elite. It functions as a speedometer and a battery indicator. Cruise control is also available. There is no need to press the throttle to start the device. Furthermore, it has shock-absorbing pneumatic tires for a smooth, bump-free ride.


As a result of the XR Elite’s convenient and straight-forward functions, the user has an easier time riding.


Battery & Performance

For its price tag, the XR Elite delivers impressive performance. During a full charge, you will be able to travel 18.6 miles. This is less than what megawheel S10 offers. A fast charge takes only three to four hours.


It can reach speeds of 15.5 mph with 300w of power. Additionally, the scooter is capable of climbing steep slopes. A 15-degree incline is possible. Dual brakes are available on the XR Elite. The rear wheel has a disc brake, and the front wheel has an anti-lock electrical brake system.


Suitable for adults as well as kids

A great electric scooter at an affordable price

Brake systems with dual discs

Pneumatic tires with an 8.5-inch diameter

Cruise control

Go to the official website of Gotrax to purchase parts



Only a rear reflector, no rear light


2.            Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Build Quality & Design

The Xiaomi brand has become synonymous with quality gadgets. This is also true for its e-scooters. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooters have a sleek and clean design. Their front and rear lights are bright and ensure that you can see clearly.

Aerospace-grade aluminum is used for the scooter’s frame. The material is known for its low density and strong structural properties. Besides being temperature-resistant, it can carry 220 pounds of weight.

Its convenient features make the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter a great choice. With the app, you can track your ride’s data in real time. This app allows you to gather relevant data and track the performance of the scooter.

It is also easy and seamless to use the cruise control. There are speed sensors on the Xiaomi Mi Scooter. This facilitates a smooth ride by automatically stabilizing your cruise control.

The kinetic energy of the device also provides regenerative charging.


Performance and Battery

With its 250w motors, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is capable of speeds of up to 15.5 mph and a range of up to 18.6 miles. The battery inside is also of high quality.


Lithium batteries in the regenerating mode are fully protected from overcharging and short-circuiting. Furthermore, the app can inform users if the batteries are in good condition. E-scooters come with dual brake systems.


An aluminum frame of aerospace-grade

Braking system with dual discs

Batteries that can be charged through regenerative front braking

A weight of just 26.9lbs makes it easy to carry

Simple and easy to use

Max speed is 15.5mph, range is 18.6 miles

Mobile app for Mi Home



Occasionally, the folding mechanism can become loose

The process of changing a flat tire is difficult. Read here how to fill the air in a scooter wheel


3.            Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter


Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter



In addition to being lightweight and durable, the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter comes with some high-end components, making it a great option for students who commute in college.


The scooter has a solid aluminum deck, steel V bars, and PU wheels with a diameter of 100mm, so it’s solid and reliable, yet comfortable and smooth to ride.


The scooter is easy to use for people with little or no scooter experience, but it is also great for those with some experience. Because the ride is effortless, it may be used by all types of users, and the adjustable handlebars may be adapted for different heights as well.

With its black and purple accents, this scooter is quite stylish and fits into the look of any college student!


4.            Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter



Build Quality & Design

Aluminum is used in the frame of the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter. The design of this e-scooter is practical and simplistic. The scooter can be folded and weighs 28 pounds. One of the unique features of this scooter is that it stands on its own. This allows you to fold it vertically and leave it standing.  Max weight carrying capacity is 255 pounds.


In addition to its ease of use, the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter offers a number of noteworthy features. It is a very simple device to operate, e-scooters are simple to use. These scooters come with 8-inch tires and powerful DC motors. There’s little maintenance needed.


Battery & Performance

A fully charged Glion Dolly can cover 15 miles on a single charge. A Lithium-ion battery pack with fast charging capabilities and long battery life powers the device. Moreover, it features 250w DC hub motors that allow it to reach top speeds of 15 mph.

Added safety and efficiency are provided by the device’s dual braking system.


The battery is 36V, 7.8AH

Frames made of aluminum for aircraft

Braking system with dual discs

The dolly version is designed to be pulled like a suitcase

Features a self-standing design

A suspension in the front

Charge time: 3 hours

Lightweight at 26 pounds, easy to carry



No speedometer is present


5.           Unagi Model One (Single Motor)


This is the model one (single motor) from Unagi


Students with more of a style sense will appreciate this. With its easy design and stylish wheels, the E250 stands out from the competition. Its low maintenance and lightweight properties will be appealing to college students who want a stylish way to travel to and from classes. Considering it’s not the fastest of scooters, it might be on the pricey end, but its high quality and durability make it a worthy investment over time.


You don’t have to settle for an ordinary electric scooter just because you’re considering buying one for school. There isn’t anything ordinary about Unagi’s Model One E250. In the scooter world, the E250 is often referred to as the “iPhone of scooters.” It makes sure you get where you need to go in style.


This scooter benefits from years of testing and a host of prototypes. It boasts a beautiful design. It’s also extremely lightweight, weighing only 23 lbs. This makes it extremely durable as well as ultra-durable. Due to the materials used in its construction, the body is not bulky due to their purposeful selection. As a result, the E250 is easy to lift and carry, and its seamless one-step folding mechanism lets it be collapsed into a very compact package, measuring 32.8 x 16.5 x 149 inches, easily stored under a desk or in a locker.


Its portability does not adversely affect its build quality, as I’ve mentioned. This scooter has one of the most robust frames. TORAY carbon fiber is one of the materials utilized during construction to achieve this. The materials used to build Space-X rockets and rockets used by Elon Musk are the same. They are highly resilient to high pressure. It may not be necessary to cruise across campus at this level of durability, but it’s comforting to know the E250 can sustain a beating.


The Turboant E250 is powered by a 250W motor mounted on the front wheel and has a maximum speed of 20 mph. As it has limited hill-climbing capabilities, it’s best used on flat urban terrain, as steeper hills than six degrees will be too much for it.

The Unagi Model One E500 offers significantly more torque and hill-climbing power than the E250, but features a second motor that gives it almost twice the torque. This version costs $990, but the torque is significantly greater. If you want best scooters for climbing hills click here


In spite of having a slower acceleration than its dual-motor sibling, the E250 still has three gears – eco, standard, and pro – giving riders the option of going at their own pace or stepping it up. When you want to conserve battery life, but also need to weave between classes on crowded campus paths, this can come in handy.

Braking power

In the event that you need to stop suddenly, the E250 will be able to handle it. Whenever you need braking power, it has dual electronic anti-lock brakes to control the vehicle smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, the rear footbrake is redundant. Specifically, electronic brakes are tied to the scooter’s battery, so they won’t work if the scooter’s batteries run out, leaving the E250 operating as a manual scooter.

Using the thumb paddle to engage the brakes is the only drawback to this braking system. After putting the Unagi to the test, I found its braking system to be efficient, though it is difficult to use at first. When comparing the thumb paddle with a traditional hand-operated brake that you pull (which you can also find on the Turboant X7 Pro), I prefer the latter – I think one has a greater sense of control when you can pull on the brake.


Buyer’s Guide: Best Electric Scooters For College Students

A college student’s electric scooter should have various features and aspects to consider, as highlighted in the following buying guide.



You can easily travel between the college campus and the city center with an electric scooter. With power ratings ranging from 250 watts to 1,000 watts, most electric scooters built for college students have powerful motors.


It follows that the scooter can easily reach speeds up to 40 mph (however, scooters that are street legal have speed controllers so they cannot go faster than 25 mph). Providing your scooter is equipped with a powerful battery, you can even ride up steep hills without any problem.


Weight Capacity

The weight that an electric scooter can carry is another important factor to consider when choosing the right electric scooter for college students. There’s a danger of the scooter tipping over if it doesn’t have enough weight. Thus, it is important to know how much weight the electric scooter can support before buying. A college student’s electric scooter should be able to carry a weight of roughly 250 pounds. Here is our list of e-scooters for very heavy adults.



The parking lot at college may not be large enough for you. It may also be necessary for you to move between buildings quickly. You will benefit greatly from having a portable, lightweight scooter. The convenience of folding scooters makes them easy to transport between lecture halls and libraries.



Different terrains will impact how the electric scooter rides. Electric scooters use two types of tires. The first type are airless tires, and the second type are airfilled tires. It is easy to maintain airless tires, and there is a much lower risk of puncture. Unfortunately, they are not as effective when traveling on bumpy roads. However, air-filled tires are prone to punctures even though they offer good shock absorption.



An electric scooter’s range is another very important feature to consider before making a purchase. When an electric scooter is charged, it can travel a set distance before recharging. A typical scooter can travel up to 20 miles before requiring recharging. A high-performance model  such as dualtron thunder can travel about 40 miles on a single charge, however. Additionally, it is important to factor in the time needed to charge the scooter.


Safety Features

College students should have safety features like headlights, taillights, dual brakes, and knobby tires on their scooters to avoid accidents.


The scooter is an excellent form of transportation for students whose travel distance is not too great. There are no additional costs associated with scooter ownership, and scooter maintenance is relatively easy.

A scooter may be the best student vehicle because most can be folded up easily and stored away, taking up significantly less space than a bicycle.

In addition, scooters can be adjusted to fit different heights, so they can be used by almost anyone. Scooters can be incredibly economical and easy to use and pack away for college students to commute between lectures because they are easy to transport, easy to pack away, and easy to commute with.


Are electric scooters good for college?

That’s right, they are. Choosing a good electric scooter for students is a great way to get around campus in a quick, affordable and fun manner. … You can quickly and safely stop your scooter (particularly on downhill slopes) with disc brakes.


Which electric scooter is best for students?

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter. One of the best electric scooters for students. …

Pure Air Go.

Segway Ninebot ES2. …

Pure Air Pro.

Final thoughts on the best electric scooter for college students and campus life


Why should I buy an electric scooter over an e-bike?

You can store scooters more easily and take them on a bus or train. With the collapsible handle, last-mile scooters are easier to transport around because they tend to weigh 26 to 40 pounds. The majority of establishments here in NYC do not let bicycles inside, but scooters are allowed.



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