best electric scooter for hill climbing

best electric scooter for hill climbing

Whether you call it a slope, gradient, incline, etc a hill can leave you panting and trembling. Fortunately, you can travel to the top effortlessly on the best electric scooter for hill climbing, without sweating or feeling stressed. They have power, good suspension, large wheels just to mention a few qualities.

Every scooter has a different hill-climbing ability and this mostly depends on its power and torque. Some are perfectly designed to glide up slight slopes, whilst others eat up the sheerest of inclines.

Before we get into the good stuff, it’s worth spending a minute on the terminology you’ll come across when investigating the hill-climbing ability of various scooters. When talking about hills, we measure them in two ways: angle (degree) and grade (%).

best electric scooter for hill climbing

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1. NANROBOT D4 Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

The award-winning, ultra-tough build holds a lot of weight, has a double-braking system for added safety on steep terrain, and offers plenty of performance.


Heavy-duty, 330 lb weight capacity Easy to operate and learn for all ages Double braking system Safety features

The downside

At 70lbs, this product is quite heavy. It is more expensive than many others

An electric scooter with twin 1000 watt engines that can handle nearly any riding situation, the Nanrobot D4 is an expensive, heavy-duty electric scooter. The machine is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery that can be used for up to a year before recharging, durable steel springs to support the front and rear suspension, tough pneumatic hybrid tires, and can carry up to 330 lbs.


Its high-horsepower, dual engines enable it to reach speeds of up to 40 mph, and its safety-enhancing double braking system makes it suitable for steep inclines as well. Nevertheless, it might not be suitable for casual riders due to its heavy 70lb weight and high price. However, it’s still a powerful, high-quality scooter that can handle long distances and various terrains without difficulty. It has tough pneumatic hybrid tires, so compare it to the best off-road electric scooter.

  1. Apollo Pro 60V Powerful Scooter for Hills

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Motor Power~2400W

Top Speed~ 42 MPH

Travel Range~56 miles

Max Weight Capacity~ 330 pounds

Wheel Size~ 10 inch

Warranty~ 2 year

Apollo Pro is available in four variants that vary slightly in terms of performance. A 60V version provides higher speeds and a longer range of travel than other models. A spring suspension system keeps you comfortable and allows you to handle road bumps easily. You can enjoy the ride to the fullest on any terrain with this bike.

Each of the motors on the Apollo Pro has a base power of 1000 Watts. Combined, they have a maximum output of 2400W, allowing a top speed of 42 mph. We tested the scooter in real life, and it was able to reach a staggering speed of 38 mph with an average rider.

It is not easy to be a hill climber electric scooter, a job that requires a sturdy body and a high-performance brake system. Two disc brakes and a regenerative electric brake are part of the braking system on Apollo Pro 60V. The average braking distance you can achieve with all these brakes is 5 meters.

Apollo Pro’s battery power was astonishing. With just one battery charge, it covered 56 miles. It takes the battery 10-12 hours to restore its power, but you can reduce this time in half if you connect two chargers. It is also possible to reduce the time it takes to charge to 5 hours by using a fast charger.

Apollo Pro 60V cannot be discussed without mentioning its exceptional hill-climbing capabilities. We reached average top speeds of 18 mph on our 10% grade hill climb tests. Among the electric scooters we have tested recently, this has the highest climbing power.

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Electric scooters with a reputation for performance

Safe rides are ensured by premium build quality

We are satisfied with the ride quality

Adapts well to rough patches and bumpy roads

Acceleration and top speed are excellent


  1. Qiewa Q1 Hummer ~ Electric scooter for climbing hills


It is one of the Best Electric Scooters for Adults

Motor~ 800w brushless hub motor

Tires ~ 10″x 2 pneumatic tires


Battery ~ Lithium-ion 25Ah

Suspension ~Front & Rear Spring

Range~ 60 Miles Brakes: Front & rear Disc

Weight~ 55 lbs

Top Speed ~ 35 Mph

Lights ~ Front and rear LED

Drive~ Rear Wheel Drive

Weight Limit ~500 lbs

Display: Speedometer

Battery Position: Under Board

In addition to the Q1 Hummer, which is also 800 watts, you may want to consider the B1 Hummer. Furthermore it is being well built and it has an attractive range of specs. In comparison to the Whidewheel, perhaps the biggest difference is the 10-inch pneumatic tires, which will make the ride smoother when surfaces start to feel less pool table-like.

Also, it will be able to support a maximum weight of 550 lb (249 kg). In case you are a pizza enthusiast…or even a wrestler, then maybe that seals the deal for you. Dual shocks, two caliper brakes, foldable; however, it weighs 59 lbs (27 kg) more than the Widewheel, so you need to consider that when adding your own weight. It reaches top speeds of 37 mph (59 kph) and has an impressive range of 68 miles (109 km).


An excellent range

Weight is light

Designs of the Modern Era


It is not possible to fold the handlebars

Mechanism for folding is clunky


  1. Apollo Explore


A big step up from an entry-level city commuter, the Apollo Explore can handle inclines as steep as 11.3 degrees (20% grade) while delivering a fast, long-distance ride. This scooter is ideal for riders who are looking for a reliable, comfortable and easy-to-ride hill climber.

The Turboant X7 Pro can handle steeper hills than those in your city, but if you’re looking for an urban hill climber, I might be able to help. Apollo’s self-branded scooter lineup includes the Explore, a fast, long-range, hill-ready city cruiser that deserves its reputation.

In comparison to the X7 Pro, the Explore has a 1000W motor, which means you have the power you need to tackle hill climbs. This allows you to tackle inclines of 11.3 degrees, or a 20% grade. There isn’t a lot of steepness to this hill, and it wouldn’t cause much sweating if you walked briskly. The ride, however, would be more intense if you hopped on a bike or a scooter to reach the top. Taking the Explore will make the ride effortless.

With its larger motor, the Explore can accelerate faster and reach 31 mph faster than the X7 Pro. Besides providing you with more momentum when approaching a hill climb, this allows you to ride alongside faster-moving vehicles when you want to, as well as venture out of the bike lane. Therefore, you will have access to every part of your city.


It is powered by a 52V 18Ah Dynavolt battery, which in turn runs by a single motor. Apollo batteries aren’t very common on scooters outside of the Apollo range since they are typically used on motorcycles. However, they’ve proven to provide similar performance and power as the best scooter batteries available today, including those from LG. Consequently, the Explore is capable of going 34 miles on a single charge. It is possible to expect about half of this (i.e. 17-20 miles) if you ride the Explore over hilly terrain.

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Thanks to the electric regenerative brake, the battery will also be charged whenever you brake. Your scooter tops up your battery by transferring extra energy to the wheels every time you brake. Moreover, the Explore comes equipped with dual disc brakes, so you can quickly stop whenever you need to. You will stop in 2.5 meters if you use all three brakes simultaneously.

Through the Explorer’s trigger display, you can keep track of your battery level and speed. The power mode, regenerative brake strength, as well as the cruise control can all be changed from here. In addition, your LED lights are controlled from here as well. There is no lack of lighting on the Explore. It comes equipped with bright headlights, dual tail lights, an LED stem light, and under-deck lighting so riding at night won’t be a problem.

Its comfortable ride quality is another reason why the Explore stands out among its hill-climbing competitors. Dual spring suspension and 10″ pneumatic tires contribute to this. Tires give you excellent traction on hill climbs, while they absorb shocks from the road. And they perform well when it’s raining. As for the weather, the Explore is water-resistant according to IP54 standards, so you won’t need to abandon your plans if you’re unexpectedly hosed off. It is a good scooter to ride in the rain. Rain may not be the best weather for riding, however.

Weight limit

With a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs and pretty sturdy construction, the Explore is an excellent option for heavier adults. It does however weigh 52 lbs, making it quite heavy for city commuters. You would not want to lift this for a long time. The downside of this is you may not have to carry the bag for too long if you’re using it as an alternative to public transportation and you’ll ride it back and forth from your doorstep to the end destination. Additionally, you can easily store it at your destination thanks to its foldable frame.

5. kugoo G-Booster

Currently, this climbing scooter costs surprisingly little, making it a top climber in the world.

Regardless of the price, you will get a well-made, high-quality scooter with 1600 Watts of power packed into it for $$$, which is dirt cheap as compared to the other top climbers.

Kugoo obviously wanted this scooter to be particularly good at climbing. They usually have 15-degree angles on other models.

On the other hand, the Kugoo G-Booster has a different story to tell. See the full review of the Kugoo G-Booster to understand exactly why.

The majority of electric scooters are not rigorously tested for hill climbing. At around 4 minutes 45 seconds, in the video below, we see the Kugoo G-Booster handling a steep slope with ease.

Where to buy the Kugoo G-Booster from? Amazon

For customers in the UK and most European countries, GeekBuying is the most convenient place to buy a Kugoo G-Booster. You probably won’t pay any additional taxes or fees and will probably get free shipping.

How To Choose The Best Electric Scooters For Hills?


E-scooters for the hills are similar to mountain bikes in that the tires are one of the most important factors in making your decision. When it comes to uphill climbs, the wheels of your electric scooter matter from the size and material to the grip. In order to have a good e-scooter, you need a tire with grip, friction, and traction. It is also easier to climb slopes with larger tires. Uphill tasks, for example, benefit from chiseled tires.

The same can be said for bald tires, which increase the difficulty of a hill climb. You should opt for scooters with grooved or treated tires for increased traction. Secondly, choose scooters that have tires no smaller than 8.5 inches. The motor is not over-stressed thanks to the balance between power and ease of use.

Climbing Angle

Only a few scooters can climb hills. The angle of climb on your scooter is the most important factor when it comes to climbing hills. A general rule of physics is that you will have trouble traveling uphill if the slope is steep; the same goes for your scooter. Many scooters can climb an angle of 20 degrees or even more, even though some only have an angle spec of 10 degrees. Also, keep in mind that scooters designed for climbing higher angles are generally more expensive.


Because of gravity, the slower an electric scooter becomes when it is riding by a heavier person. This is why you should go for e-scooters for heavy adults if you weigh more than normal. If you’re riding up a slope, the scooter will become all the slower. You will need an electric scooter with a load weight heavier than yours because it will carry your weight. Additionally, you should check the maximum weight capacity of the electric scooter and choose one with a higher weight capacity than your own.


Generally, the larger the battery, the greater the power – which means that your electric scooter will perform better on hills. Although the scooter gets heavier as it climbs, it is still able to navigate off-road and incline terrain with a powerful 36V battery and 350 W motor. Battery and motor power determine the performance of the scooter, so the stronger they are, the better. You don’t need a 750 watt motor if you’re going to tackle terrains with more than a 15-degree incline, but you need a 250 watt motor if you’re going to ride on hilly terrains.


A final consideration for buying an electric scooter for an uphill climb is its suspension, which is yet another important factor. Due to this shift of weight, the suspension works when you’re going uphill. Your weight is absorbed instead of being transferred to the rear wheels. On the other hand, a weak suspension allows this to happen, which causes your scooter to wear out more rapidly. A good suspension technology also makes uneven terrains less of a burden for your scooter and its wheels. Check the list of our e-scooters with suspension here.

Final thoughts on the best electric scooter for hill climbing

The electronic scooters on this list have performed well on hilly terrain. There are several differences between them, and each of them has delivered on the claims they make.

Our top pick for an e-scooter is the Qiewa Hummer, which stands out in a few of the most crucial aspects. In hilly regions, the NANROBOT X6 and Dualtron II S deliver nearly identical levels of efficiency.

You should, however, consider your priorities when choosing an e-scooter, be it engine, mileage, or battery; the best purchase is the one that fits your needs. Check out this article for more information about electric scooters.


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