best keyboard for mac

best keyboard for mac

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best keyboard for mac

Even if it’s the best choice in terms of features and compatibility, you don’t need to use a Magic Keyboard just because you have a Mac computer. Choosing a keyboard that works with macOS systems is essential when leaving the Apple ecosystem. With the exception of a few keys, almost all keyboard buttons are “partially” compatible with macOS. As Mac devices don’t usually have USB-A ports, you should also keep wireless connectivity in mind. Bluetooth keyboards eliminate the need for USB receivers, so they are likely to be your best option. The best Bluetooth keyboards for Mac devices can be found below, in an effort to help you make a decision about which one is right for you.

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best keyboard for mac


Apple Magic Keyboard

The best keyboard for most Mac users

Ultimately, Apple’s Magic Keyboard provides smooth operation and occupies minimal space on your Mac. Additionally, it is available in two sizes: compact and full.

For Mac users who are not interested in the tactile feeling of a mechanical keyboard, the Apple Magic Keyboard is a great choice. Since the Magic Keyboard is from Apple, it is perfect for any Mac, including Mac minis, iMacs, and MacBooks.

You’ll enjoy the low-profile, lightweight, slim design of the Magic Keyboard, which means it occupies a minimal amount of desk space. In addition, it is quiet because of its low profile design. As a non-backlit device, it has more than a month of battery life and can be charged via Lightning and paired via Bluetooth.

Additionally, the Magic Keyboard comes in two sizes: Compact and Full, so you can choose what’s right for you. Compact is $30 less than the Deluxe, so even those without a number pad can save. It is an option, though a little more expensive, to have a number pad if you do a lot of data entry or calculations. Touch ID is included in both colors on the full size and is slightly more expensive in Space Gray.

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Logitech MX Keyboard

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A power user’s best friend

As a result, users can remap the F-row keys according to their preferences, which is similar to the Magic Keyboard. Similarly, the keys are angled slightly for comfort, and there is a smart backlight.

The Logitech MX Keys are a great alternative to the Magic Keyboard. If the Magic Keyboard were pumped up, this would be it.

Number pads are only available in one size for MX Keys. The Magic Keyboard with Number Pad is Apple’s pricier alternative for data entry, but it’s still at least $59 cheaper than this keyboard. You can type more comfortably and ergonomically with the MX Keys due to their nice curvature. Additionally, the MX Keys feature backlighting, which separates it from the Magic Keyboard. Additionally, the backlight adjusts automatically based on the amount of light that is present in the room. The battery life can be extended from 10 days to about five months by turning off the backlighting.

As mentioned earlier, the real magic lies in the customization of the MX Keys. In addition to remapping the F-row keys to something more useful, Logi Options allows users to remap the calculator/screenshot/lock/lookup keys as well. In order to remap keys, you must download the Logi Options software.

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Keychron K2 V2 Extra Keycaps

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The best Mac-centric mechanical keyboard


A mechanical keyboard from Keychron is Mac-centric and very affordable compared to other options. There are three different switch types and two different backlighting options. With a 75% layout, the K2 has a compact design, whereas the K4 with a 96% layout and a number pad has a robust design. This is a list of the most commonly used models and layouts.

Mechanical keyboards are generally quite expensive, which is why Keychron is so popular. You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing Keychron mechanical boards when you’re just starting out in the hobby.

 compact board

I would like to mention that the Keychron K2 has a 75% layout, so as a result of the layout it is quite compact, allowing you to install other items on the desk such as your mouse and so on. It comes with full F-row functionality since Keychron is a Mac-centric keyboard.  If needed, some toggles provide shortcut keycaps (Alt and Win) for switching to Windows/Android mode. There is still a Home/End, Page Up/Down, and Arrow keys in the bottom right of the 75% layout, but the keys are positioned next to each other to make the overall size smaller because they are next to each other.

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 full-size board

You may want to consider the Keychron K4 if you need a number pad. In spite of the fact that it is indeed a full-size board, the layout is 96%, so despite having the same features as a full-size board, it is still slightly smaller than a full-size board. In order to save space, everything is placed next to each other – from the Home/End keys, the Insert/Del keys, page up/down keys, arrow keys, to the number pad – and so there is no space between them.

During the purchase process, you choose between the Gateron Red, Blue, and Brown switches for the Keychron K2 and K4. In the case that you get a non-hot swap version, in order to try something else, you will have to unsolder and resolder the switches if you wish to change them. The Gateron Red is a linear, silent actuation device that requires the least amount of force and is linear by default.

In the middle is Gateron Brown, which delivers a nice bump without being too loud; while Gateron Blue is a loud, extremely clicky switch. Beginners are most likely to choose the Browns.

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RGB backlighting

It is possible to choose the Keychron K2 or K4 from a variety of colors in terms of their backlighting. Both options include an aluminum frame, with both offering white or RGB backlighting. Sadly, the aluminum frame can only be found on the RGB versions of the game. Not only that, it is technically not an aluminum body, but rather a frame that is attached around a standard, plastic chassis, so there is no aluminum on the body itself. Many Keychron boards, such as the K2 and K4, have USB-C ports on the left side, and they come with removable USB-C cables that have an “L” shape at one end that you can use with the K2 and K4. However, if you wish to use a custom-coiled aviator cable or something that suits the aesthetics of your desk, you may need an “L” adapter for handling that.

Last but not least, Keychron does not yet have software allowing you to remap keys to suit your preferences.  Apple/iOS and Windows/Android programs will only run according to the default settings. You can choose from the 60% K6 to the full-size wired C2, as well as the K8’s tenkeyless (TKL) layout, if the 75% or 96% layouts on the K2 or K4 don’t work for you. You may have a difficult time finding keycap sets that will cover Keychron’s non-standard 1.75u right shift.

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customizable with VIA/QMK

The Keychron Q1 (75% customization) and Keychron Q2 (65% customization) are two of the premium Keychron keyboards that support VIA/QMK. The rotary knobs on these versions can also be customized and called your own. The K-series and even the C-series boards are, however, much more expensive.

Logitech K380

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Budget-friendly keyboards that are versatile


It’s slim, lightweight, and affordable all at the same time with the Logitech K380 wireless keyboard. There is a slight curvature on the keys for ergonomic comfort, and it can pair with up to three Bluetooth devices.

You should not sleep on the Logitech K380 if you desire one of the best keyboards for Mac, iPhone, or iPad on a budget. The lightweight, compact keyboard can be used with macOS and iOS, as well as on PCs and Android devices. It is fully compatible with both operating systems.

Despite not being rechargeable and requiring two AAA batteries, the K380 boasts an impressive battery life of two years! You will be able to run the K380 for around two years on just two AAA batteries once you insert two good ones. There is no trouble switching between the three devices, and it can connect to up to three at once. With the power button, you can also turn the keyboard off completely if it detects it’s not being used.

A slight groove runs along the top of the keys, which differs from most low-profile, laptop-style keys. As a result, typing on this keyboard is extremely comfortable, and it’s relatively ergonomic for your fingers. Besides that, there are a variety of colors and designs to choose from, so you can find one that fits your setup perfectly. Read more on Best Keyboards For Productivity


Glorious Gmmk Tkl Aura


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Mechanical components that can be customized or prebuilt

I have written everything you need to know about the GMMK to help you decide whether it is right for you, and whether to construct it yourself or to purchase a prebuilt option that comes with Gateron Brown switches. Regardless of which switch you choose, all of them can be hot-swapped so that you can customize them at any time as you see fit.

Among other mechanical boards, the Glorious GMMK is a good introduction board. It comes in three sizes, Compact 60%, Tenkeyless (TKL), and Full Size. There is also the option of choosing between a Bare Bones Edition and a Prebuilt Edition – the latter is cheaper, but you have to supply your own switches and keycaps for the former. It is a little bit more expensive to get a prebuilt keyboard, but if you choose the black or white color of the keyboard, you’ll still receive Gateron Brown’s and Glorious’ basic ABS keycaps.

Solid aluminum body

A lightweight, solid aluminum body is present in the Glorious GMMK, and it sits lower than the Keychron, so you may not require a wrist rest when using this keyboard. As there are no frames around the keys, you have an easier time cleaning them when they need to be cleaned. You will be able to change out the switches on all GMMK versions at any time because they are always hot-swappable. There are a lot of switches out there, but this one’s compatible with almost everyone, mainly Cherry MX switches with standard size keys, so all keycap sets will fit this one.

You can customize the board with Glorious’ software, but it is only available on PCs. There is a removable USB cable on the Compact and TKL sizes, but you will not find it on the Full Size.


Logitech G915

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Gamer’s keyboard of choice

It’s a great gaming keyboard, and we think it’s among the best. Logitech’s G Hub software allows you to customize the mechanical keys, media controls, RGB, macros, and profiles to match your needs.


A gaming keyboard such as the Logitech G915 Lightspeed is the best choice if you want to play some games on your Mac (but let’s be honest, that’s best left to PCs). There is also a G815 if that is more your style, which is wired, though it is slightly more expensive. The switches are proprietary to Logitech, including GL Clicky, Linear, and Tactile, but they cannot be swapped on the fly. A TKL or full-size option is also available. In addition, it features a thin, rigid, and durable aluminum alloy body that makes it one of the thinnest mechanical keyboards on the market.

low-profile mechanical switches

For typing and gaming, these mechanical switches have a low profile and are fast to travel. As well as tactile feedback, there is also sound feedback. Using the G Hub software, you can also program macro keys to make your life easier. The G915 also has dedicated media controls. While Razer’s software is compatible with Mac, Logitech’s is compatible with PC as well. Additionally, the G Hub has onboard memory that allows you to set up three profiles at once. The RGB lights on the G915 can support millions of colors, and the software lets you customize the backlight animation or personalize every key.

 Bluetooth or USB receiver

Bluetooth or USB receivers are available for the G915 Lightspeed wireless receiver. It takes about three hours for the keyboard to fully charge once the battery has been depleted, and it can be charged with an included Micro-B cable. You would need to look at the G815 if you prefer a wired keyboard, and it is $50 cheaper than the G915.

How to pick the best keyboards for Mac

Mac users will find the Apple Magic Keyboard to be the best keyboard. Because this is an Apple product, it works seamlessly with any Mac, whether it is an iMac, Mac mini, or a MacBook, as it is designed by Apple. There’s nothing else you need to do to get it to work as you want it to, so you’ll be able to get started with being productive right away without needing to do anything at all.

In addition to these features, the Magic Keyboard is also very slim and lightweight, making it ideal for taking anywhere you go since it’s wireless, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. You will also not be disturbing any people around you by using this product as it is very quiet. You can choose from a compact layout like the one you find on MacBooks, or if you need to enter a lot of data or calculate a lot of amounts, you can opt for a full-size version with a number pad.

However, some people may want options for customizing the Magic Keyboard, regardless of how great Apple touts it. The reason mechanical keyboards remain popular is that they give tactile and audible feedback as well as feel better to type on. It is important to keep in mind that Keychron is one of the few brands that work seamlessly with Macs regardless of extra setup or workarounds that may need to be done if you prefer to go with the mechanical route. My personal favorite mechanical keyboard is the Keychron K2, and it was the one that inspired me to get into the hobby in the first place, and is one of my personal favorites.

Final thoughts on best keyboard for mac

I say this as a longtime fan of Apple’s products, and I would recommend a superior keyboard for your Mac. There are only two things I like about the Apple Magic keyboard: its sleek design and its nice-looking feel. As with the keyboard on the 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop, the keys on the stock Apple keyboard are shallow and uncomfortable to type on.