best keyboard for programming

best keyboard for programming

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best keyboard for programming

The best keyboard for programming are flexible and are ergonomically designed to ensure they can be used for extended period of time. programmers often find that using a good keyboard improves their productivity. For those who spend endless hours coding, they require a keyboard that is not only comfortable to type on but also has switches that feel light and responsive, as well as macroprogrammable keys that facilitate coding. It’s easier to transport or set up a compact keyboard in tight spaces as our best keyboard recommendations for coding are compact in size. In order to offer a wider range of options, we’ve included several that aren’t mechanical.

Our top programming keyboard recommendations are listed below. We will also recommend our recommendations for the best keyboards, such as the best wireless keyboards, as well as some keyboards for typing, which are great if you find yourself typing more than programming. Read more on best mechanical keyboard under  75

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best keyboard for programming


Logitech MX

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People can code from any position, so it’s ideal for coding.

This new generation of Logitech products focus on enhancing the user’s day-to-day work and coding sessions by providing them with an exceptionally superior experience. With the Logitech wireless keyboard, you can enjoy the ease and comfort of working on neatly recessed keys within the Bluetooth range of the keyboard thanks to the fact that the keys are neatly recessed.

Users will find this product to be very useful since it has an extended battery life. A week of programming can be done on a charge, according to Logitech, which makes it the best programming keyboard.

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Slim and easy to use, this keyboard is extremely slim.

Battery life is particularly impressive with this keyboard, which makes it suitable for long coding sessions.

Despite the dark, users are able to work easily thanks to the automatic backlighting sensors.

Also included is a wireless USB dongle to ensure that there will be no connection problems.

Various minimalistic changes have been implemented to ensure the coder’s comfort, including a new keyboard design. I would recommend this keyboard to those looking for a good keyboard at a reasonable price.


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Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

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Gaming is best suited to its design due to its easy access to controls. This is one of few mechanical keyboards going for under $ 100.

Users will find it easier to work with the Corsair K55 keyboard due to its ergonomic design and many features. Its responsiveness and working characteristics further enhance its status as the best keyboard. By providing silent typing, this keyboard makes it easier for users to work without disturbing others.

Coders will find it to be the best keyboard for coding because of its minimal latency time.


The keyboard supports silent typing, which reduces keypress noise.

Fast and efficient response time makes this keyboard an excellent choice for sending commands quickly.

It features programmable keys that can be personalized to meet the needs of the user.

It is designed to provide comfort to those who work long hours and type a lot.

Despite a few enhanced features, the keys on this keyboard are extremely hard to press, and are therefore frustrating.

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Best for super-fast typing and comfortable working. This keyboard is a perfect choice as the best keyboard for coding.


In addition to RGB lights, the Kinesis keyboard offers advanced responsiveness and advanced ergonomics. In addition to its design, the keyboard offers enhanced comfort that coders can use for a variety of purposes. Quick commands can be executed via programmable keys.




Due to its RGB lighting, this keyboard is ideal for programming and lighting classic backgrounds.

With these keyboards, users can instantly command the computer using programmable keys.

Professionals will appreciate the advanced responsiveness of this keyboard.

Despite its unusual design, it is a comfortable and easy-to-use keyboard that stands out among the others in its class.


Pricing: $199


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Microsoft Sculpt (5KV-00001)

Programmers find this keyboard to be the best because of its relaxing and smooth operation. Read more on keyboards under $ 50.

Because Microsoft never stops creating and innovating software, it sometimes creates amazing hardware products as well. The design of this keyboard makes it different from other keyboards because it allows proper arm placement, as opposed to other keyboards.




This keyboard features an ergonomic layout and a unique design that makes it comfortable to use.

Along with the keyboard, there is a separate number pad.

Designed to provide natural tilt angles for longer typing sessions.

The keys are equipped with a palm resting section, which provides great comfort and convenience.

This keyboard, just like every other product from Microsoft, is very useful and easy to use. As a result of its nontraditional design, this keyboard might take some getting used to.


Pricing: $54.99

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Razer BlackWidow Elite Keyboard for Programming


Multimedia keys and durability membrane switches make this wired Razer keyboard a great choice.


With RGB backlighting and up to 16.8 millions of colors, it’s easy to set the settings. With arrow keys and a number pad, it’s also convenient.


Keyboard is larger than compact keyboards and does not have a wireless option

Suitable for gamers and those who want the ability to easily configure their hardware for various functions, this keyboard makes a great programming keyboard as well. A full-sized number pad and arrow keys are included, along with programmable media keys and a volume knob. The palm rest is padded with leatherette leatherette for enhanced comfort.

This keyboard is one of the most versatile multi-purpose keyboards available thanks to Razer Synapse, which allows you to change settings and assign macros. The full-size keyboard like this one might boost productivity for some while others might prefer a more compact Tenkeyless design. We recommend the best quiet keyboard if you want a keyboard that is ergonomic and comfortable to type on.

  Das Keyboard 4 Pro Keyboard for Programming



In addition to an aluminum top plate and Cherry MX brown switches, this high-quality keyboard comes with dedicated media controls and an oversized volume knob for volume adjustment. Furthermore, this laptop is enhanced for productivity thanks to its dual USB 3.0 ports, full number pad, function keys, and media buttons with Windows default settings.


The Cherry MX brown switches are fast and tactile with laser-etched keycaps


Compact keyboards take up less space but lack full Mac functionality

There is something inherently solid and mechanical about this keyboard, thanks to its high-quality construction. Programmers using PCs, Linux, or Chrome machines will also find it highly functional and convenient. It also includes a full-sized number pad, arrow keys, and a number pad that can be mapped by the user.

The keyboard can be adjusted with a detachable footplate, and the footplate also serves as a ruler. Obtaining the right set-up for your desk is a breeze with this keyboard’s extra-long USB cable of 6.5 feet. The full-size keyboard found here may boost productivity, even if some prefer a compact Tenkeyless design. Check out the best chiclet keyboard if you’re looking for a more compact option that still allows for accurate and fast typing.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Keyboard for Programming



Featuring Razer Orange switches that minimize noise while maintaining a tactile feel, this tenkeyless mechanical keyboard provides full macro support with Razer Hypershift software.


Keys are individually illuminated for a minimalist design. A USB cable is detachable to make the device portable.


The keyboard does not feature a wrist rest and lacks the RGB lighting and media keys found on other Razer keyboards

It’s worth considering this Razer Tenkeyless keyboard if you want a gaming keyboard with fast performance but with a quieter and more portable design. As it uses a Razer Orange mechanical switch that is equipped with a sound-dampening O-ring, you can expect your keyboard to be inherently quiet and predictable while typing. There is no doubt that it’s going to be among the top-ranked keyboards for CS:GO in the future.

Aside from enhancing gaming experience with Razer Hypershift full macro support and anti-ghosting features, the keyboard also offers gaming-oriented features such as arrow keys and anti-ghosting. Even though the white LED backlighting might not be the color of choice for everyone, there is an option to dim the light or even turn it off. A wireless keyboard with intelligent backlighting and proximity sensor may be more suitable if you prefer the feature of intelligent backlighting with proximity sensor.

How We Decided

For choosing the best keyboard for programming, we have tried to select models that offer excellent performance, great ergonomics, and durable components, as well as plenty of features that can be customized by the user. For consistency and precision in key response and faster typing, we preferred those keyboards with mechanical switches (candle MX red or brown switches) or linear switches (blue or black switches). In addition, we preferred keyboards that could be paired with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS machines, so they had a rating of at least 10 million key presses, as well as the ability to handle multiple operating systems.

Aesthetics and functionality were the most important factors to us, so we preferred keyboards that were clean, pleasing to the eye, and classic in design. The ergonomics of the keys were important to us, as well as the adjustable tilt. In our opinion, wrist rests were not essential, but they were considered a bonus. There are full-sized keyboards and compact Tenkeyless models that are 60% and 75% smaller than full-size keyboards.

In order to provide the best keyboards for programmers, we had to look for the ones that could be connected to their devices through either a high-speed USB cable, USB-C cable, or Bluetooth to give them the best user experience. The keyboards we preferred are those that are capable of remapping the keys for users based on their preferences and can support both the QWERTY and English Dvorak layouts.

Best Keyboards for Programming Buyer’s Guide

Check out these features to make sure you don’t miss anything

Switch Type

The best keyboard for work is the one that is most comfortable to type on, especially if you want to type for long periods of time. Different types of switches provide a very different typing experience, and while some people have strong preferences, in general, the best keyboard for work is the one that you are most comfortable using. In addition to providing predictable actuation force, mechanical switches provide tactile feedback. An excellent choice would also be a hybrid mechanical and capacitive switch, made from high-quality Topre components.

Keyboard Layout

Consider using an ergonomic keyboard with a split design for ultimate fatigue resistance and comfort over the long haul. The position of the hands is supposedly more natural and restful with the use of models with reverse tilt and concave layouts. It may take some getting used to these keyboards since they reduce wrist strain compared with standard keyboards.

Programmable Keys

You might consider investing in a keyboard that allows you to assign shortcuts and multi-key macros to your programming workstation at home or at the office. You can even set a keyboard’s functions manually without using software via a dip switch feature.