best laser projector for outdoor

best laser projector for outdoor

best laser projector for outdoor

In the midst of one of the hottest summers in a long time and with a summer movie in the backyard, back patio or rooftop only a few months away, what could possibly be more exciting? As a matter of fact, the answer to this question is nothing. There is no better time than now to get together with friends, to grill, to grab some food, to set up some beach chairs and to turn on the outdoor projector so that you can watch a movie outside.

In the past, we have trained our attention on projectors, and you can find our guide to the best portable and 4K models here. The projectors on this list, however, are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. It’s important to note that most of these speakers are less than 12 pounds (some are less than half that weight), so it’s very easy to get them from one room to another.

Despite some light pollution outside (a factor you cannot control), their bulbs are bright enough to produce a clear image.  In addition, they have built-in speakers, so you do not have to worry about lugging your own speakers outside, since the projector is already connected to your device and all you have to do is plug it in and play. Please refer to the following list of our full criteria for selecting projectors for this guide if you would like a more detailed breakdown of everything we took into consideration.

What Are the Best Outdoor Projectors?

As we researched this list, we took into consideration the most important factors when selecting the best outdoor projector.

Native Resolution

Almost no projector can actually project HD content, but many can accept HD content. Downsampling is the process of scrunching down a high-quality image to one of lower quality by taking a high-quality image.

Using an old tube TV would work well for playing Blu-rays. To ensure you get the best possible picture, we made sure all of our projectors have at least 720p native resolution.

Throw Distance

Based on the distance between a projector and the screen or wall it’s projected onto, this equation calculates how large the image will be. A smaller projector will produce a larger image when it is farther away from the wall. In some models,  Such as Samsung, the distance from which the image is cast is shorter, which makes them categorized as “short throw” models.


In addition to light pollution, projectors throw videos that are vulnerable to being dimmed before they reach your screen or wall. A projector’s brightness determines how well it can overcome light pollution. Each of our picks has a luminosity of 2,000 or 3,000 Lumins, at least 600 lumens, but most are between 2,000 and 3,000 lumins.


A projector supports connections for computers, game consoles, phones, and tablets, so having more ports is a good idea. HDMI, VGA, and USB ports are included on the projectors we selected. Wirelessly connecting your phone or other accessories is even possible with some devices via WiFi or Bluetooth.

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Because projectors are primarily used to display video, they don’t always come with built-in speakers, so you might have to connect your own. You’ll probably need some good audio equipment if you’re looking for a full movie theater experience. We mostly chose projectors with integrated speakers.


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BenQ TK850

There is no better outdoor projector than the BenQ TK850


Outdoor viewing is made easy with this 4K projector, which features a compact design and excellent integrated speakers. As an added bonus, the 3,000 ANSI lumen light output of the unit makes it possible for you to use it during late afternoons and early evenings without having a problem with the picture fading.


There is an array of crystal lenses that provide a sharp image in 4K resolution and dynamic iris technology provides improved color reproduction


The streaming function is not available

It isn’t good for gaming to have a slow response time. If you want a gaming projector, here is our list.

BenQ TK850  Review

Here are a number of reasons why the BenQ TK850 is our top pick for outdoor projectors.The 4K native resolution of this UHD projector creates an amazing picture quality.It means this projector will deliver sharpest, most detailed images.Additionally, HDR10 support and Dynamic Iris technology allow the TK850 to produce stunning colors and automatic brightness level adjustments depending on the scene.


A unique crystal lens array on the TK850 enhances color, brightness, sharpness, and color rendering with ten individual elements. Furthermore, you can use this in most ambient light situations because it has 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. The best projector for artists guide has all the information you need to choose the right projector for your classroom.

A compact, lightweight design makes this BenQ outdoor projector easy to carry into and out of your house. It is important to note that you get a bunch of adjustable features here, making the installation process even easier, which is important when watching movies outside. This projector features a horizontal lens shift functionality, keystone correction, and a 1.3x optical zoom, which allows for the projection to be set at an angle and still produce a square image, regardless of where the projector is positioned.

A BenQ CinemaMaster Audio+2 speaker system is also built into the projector itself, which is impressive. Your outdoor viewing party will be more enjoyable if you use the built-in speaker system rather than an external audio solution such as an extra external speaker. Streaming is not possible with this projector, so you can’t watch hours of movies using a streaming app or streaming stick.

Epson EH-TW7100

The best 4K projector you can buy at an affordable price


Pixel shift in 4K HDR resolution

The type of display is a 3LCD

The speakers are 2 x 5W

It has a brightness of 3000 lumens

USB 2.0 (x2) and HDMI 2.0 (x2) inputs

There are two audio outputs: Bluetooth and 3.5mm

A smart platform is not available

There is no battery

There is no storage


Check Amazon

Reasons To Buy

Handling of contrast is excellent

The colour palette is balanced and nuanced

Connections that are good

Reasons To Avoid

4K does not support motion processing

Epson EH-TW7100 review

There is no denying that this is the king among affordable 4K projectors, although it is a bit pricey for an entry-level model. The setup and installation are simple, and the picture is reminiscent of a movie theater.

With this camera, you don’t need to tinker with settings to get a great image right out of the box. In terms of black depth and dark detail, all the preset modes are excellent for a projector at this price. Motion is naturally smooth and the colors are balanced.

As a result, this machine is as much appreciated for its convenience as for its features. Wireless speakers and soundbars can be connected directly via Bluetooth, and the high luminance makes it suitable for moderately well-lit environments. Therefore, a home cinema room is not entirely necessary alongside an AVR and speaker package. What a great projector for the family!

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2  BenQ HT2050A Outdoor Projector

The following award was given: HONORABLE MENTION


A 300-inch screen size, blazing-fast response time, and good color accuracy make this the best outdoor projector for gaming. Additionally, you can set it up quickly and enjoy a complete gaming experience with the integrated speakers.


It can project images up to 300 inches with only 16ms of response time and its CinemaMaster Audio is loud and clear with 2 speakers


The only good use for this bulb is at night. The replacement bulbs can be expensive

BenQ HT2050A review

As an affordable and high-performing device, the BenQ HT2050A provides both casual movie watchers as well as hardcore gamers with a lot of features and functionalities. Gaming performance on the BenQ is excellent. The 16ms response time on a projector may seem high if you’ve been playing on a gaming monitor, but it’s actually quite low.

Furthermore, you will be able to project your video games onto screens up to 300 inches, corner to corner, with the HT2050A. Suitable for local play between family and friends. For a classroom setting, it can be more effective than a TV or a projector with this level of detail.

Besides its great picture quality and performance, this BenQ projector also has great build quality. Its full HD resolution and CinematicColor technology ensure a truly vibrant display, even with larger screens. A 10W CinemaMaster Audio+2 speaker system is also integrated into the HT2050A to provide BenQ’s proprietary audio technology. This outdoor projector provides crystal clear sound without requiring an external sound system. It’s hard to find anything easier than this when it comes to installation. The vertical lens shift, 2D keystone correction, and 1.3x optical zoom all contribute to a more precise positioning for your picture. You may also want to consider the best cheap projectors if you are searching for something a bit more affordable.

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3  GooDee YG600 Outdoor Projector


You can enjoy your movie in peace with this sturdy outdoor projector, which has a quiet fan and a stable base. The projector offers 6,000 lumens of brightness, making it ideal for daytime viewing.


The display area is up to 230 inches with a robust, durable design and 6,000 lumens of light output


There is only a resolution of 1280×768 and there could be better integrated speakers

GooDee YG600 Outdoor Projector review

With the GooDee outdoor movie projector, you’ll enjoy great outdoor cinema experiences that are bright, sturdy, and versatile. In addition to its overall design, it has a number of other winning characteristics. Despite its size, this projector is remarkably stable and durable. There is no need to worry about it moving; it will stay put pretty much anywhere you place it. Furthermore, its lamp array is extremely bright. In terms of brightness, the GooDee YG600 delivers 6,000 lumens during the day and 6,000 lumens at night. 230-inch displays are even possible. Though the projector does not come with speakers onboard, there are plenty of audio connections that allow you to connect external speakers.

It is important to note that the GooDee YG600 also produces good picture quality as a whole. Firstly, I would like to say that the projector does not deliver a full HD picture. The only HD resolution it creates is 1280 x 768 pixels, which is simply not good enough for most users. Most cases, especially if you plan on using the device outdoors, the quality is not noticeable at a wide range of screen sizes. In addition to improving picture quality and color accuracy, the GooDee’s high brightness output also contributes to its high performance. Furthermore, the display offers a dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000:1 and excellent performance in dark scenes and with black levels. It is also recommended that you consider the best 4k projector which features an astounding 1000000:1 contrast ratio to ensure that bright screens remain clear and dark screens remain detailed.

  Jinhoo Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Projector


Wireless connectivity makes this mini outdoor projector perfect for those who want portability and versatility. For movie night with friends, you can connect your Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or smartphone and seamlessly connect to your mobile device and play downloaded movies.


Portability is enhanced by compact size

Bulb with a lumen output of 5,500

The screen for the projector measures 100 inches


The contrast performance is disappointing. The resolution is only 720p

Jinhoo Wi-Fi Mini projector review

Incredibly versatile and ultra-compact, the Jinhoo Wi-Fi Mini projector is the ideal choice for watching movies outdoors. This is one of the more compact options available today, measuring 7.8 x 5.9 x 3.1 inches. Additionally, it’s sturdy enough to handle outdoor use, and even features a tripod attachment point so you can make it even more portable. Its low level of brightness makes it unsuitable projector for sports.


It is, however, its wireless connectivity that really makes the Jinhoo stand out. You can connect and display movies or slideshows from your mobile device to your projector via Wi-Fi when those devices are connected to the same network. Please note that streaming via Netflix or Hulu might not work due to copyright issues, so we recommend you download digital movies and watch them that way.


In terms of picture quality and brightness, the Jinhoo also performs fairly well. For such a small projector, it boasts a staggering 5,500 lumens of brightness. The resolution is limited to 720p, however. However, its sharpness won’t be as good as it was intended to be. It still supports 1080p content. In terms of overall color accuracy and reproduction, the Jinhoo mini projector performs well as well. A projector screen included in the package displays bright, vibrant colors. The Jinhoo can project large images up to 173 inches despite the projector screen being 100 inches diagonal. A long throw projector offers more versatility than that.

BenQ GS50 1080p Outdoor Projector

Integrated into one portable outdoor projector, the complete package is available.  All the features you could want are included in the BenQ GS50 Wireless Outdoor Projector:

The image quality is fantastic,

Apps for Android TV that are built-in,

Connectivity options ranging from wireless to wired, as well as high-quality audio

This is a truly portable device due to its size and durability.


There is also a sturdy zip-case that comes with the GS50 and all of its accessories for the 5-pound, cube-shaped projector, built with IPX2 splash and drop protection. With the projector, you can set it up and operate it using a handy remote control. It has an autofocus function that automatically centers the picture after positioning it and powering it on, and the remote features easy-to-use corner correction with the flexibility to place the projector away from walls and screens. It is possible to angle the GS50 by up to 15 degrees using the adjustable stand.


GS50 is easily connected to Wi-Fi networks and comes with an HDMI Android TV stick that provides access to over 7,000 apps to watch movies, TV shows, listen to music, play games, read news, etc. While Netflix isn’t available for the GS50, it can be connected to Netflix via another device through the HDMI input. The USB-C and USB-A connections enable offline entertainment even without Wi-Fi when other devices cannot connect.

DLP technology

There is no doubt that the GS50’s DLP technology does not provide the brightest output, but it does produce a very sharp and colorful image that stands out quite well, especially for a portable outdoor projector that is lightweight and portable.It is recommended that the GS50 be used in dimly lit areas of the day or in low light conditions.Certainly, it is still possible on daytime, but to get the best daylight results, it would be best if you moved the projector forward in order to make the picture more compact.Otherwise, the GS50 looks fantastic even when viewed from a distance of about 9 feet with a maximum size recommendation of 110 inches.The picture size could also be set closer to 150 inches, and we still found the picture to be acceptable at that size.


A projector of this size may be able to sound quite loud with a 2.1-channel speaker system. Bluetooth speakers can also be connected to the GS50 to stream music from other devices. This outdoor video projector is our most well-rounded pick. In terms of value for money, it is slightly more expensive than comparable compact projectors.

Product Specs

There is a 500 ANSI lumen brightness and a 100k:1 contrast ratio.

Full HD 1920×1080 image with 16:9 aspect ratio in 1080p

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast, USB-A for thumb drives, USB-C for displayport, built-in Android TV (including “Hey Google” voice control), Apple AirPlay, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, USB-C for displayport, and Bluetooth built-in.


The picture is beautifully detailed, vibrantly colored, and contrasted

Bluetooth speaker with high-quality audio

Designed to be portable in a comprehensive manner

A remote control button allows you to access super-accurate autofocus


Under restricted conditions, battery life is limited to 2.5 hours

Playback of Netflix is only available through HDMI or Chromecast on desktop browsers

For use during the day, moderate brightness is recommended

5  Jifar Outdoor Projector

What makes it so appealing to us

Outdoor projectors like this powerful, compact model offer great picture quality and functionality at a great price. Additionally, it emits a total of 7,500 lumens, making it one of the brightest options on the market today.


Accurate color reproduction

Life expectancy of 100,000 hours for bulbs

The carrying case includes a protective layer


There are only 5 watts of power in the built-in speakers, and the fan can get loud on the brightest setting.

Jifar Outdoor Projector review

A mini projector with great performance in outdoor settings is the Jifar outdoor projector. This mini projector offers the highest brightness out of all the mini projectors in this buying guide, at 7,500 lumens, which is nearly 90 percent brighter than the closest competitor. Compared to other outdoor projectors we researched, this is the best for daytime use. Ambient lighting does not affect the display’s brightness or clarity. In addition, the bulb is guaranteed to last you 100,000 hours in the brightest setting, so you can feel confident using it for a long time.




There is no holding back with the Jifar projector when it comes to picture quality. This device supports movies from 4K sources, as well as full HD, 1080p resolution. In addition, the Jifar produces accurate and vivid colors. Even the best projectors cannot project images as large as 400 inches, so be aware that even the Jifar may not be adequate for viewing in daylight. Although the Jifar can project images up to 400 inches, be aware that screen sizes this large can result in a decrease in overall picture quality. It is also possible that you will love 1 of the best 3D projectors for 3D viewing with a 4K ultra HD resolution as well as a 1080p resolution when it comes to 3D viewing.

 6  Optoma CinemaX P1 Outdoor Project

We like it for the following reasons:

The quality and design of this outdoor projector are second to none, from its innovative laser light source to the premium onboard audio system. It also provides the highest picture quality with its 4K resolution and amazing contrast performance.



High-quality onboard audioCompatibility with voice assistantsExcellent picture quality at 4K


Slow response time on remote control due to clunky user interface


Optoma CinemaX P1 Outdoor Project review

A completely immersive cinematic experience can be enjoyed in your own backyard with the Optoma CinemaX P1. A 15-inch distance is required between the projector and screen when using this short-throw projector. Installation and portability are simplified as a result. As an added bonus, Optoma’s SmartFIT app is included with the CinemaX P1, allowing you to calibrate the projector and adjust the overall picture while on the go.

Various different features of this outdoor laser projector also contribute to its excellent picture quality.In addition, this 4K UHD projector works with video sources in 4K resolution, so you’ll always get amazing detail and sharpness.With a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,500,000:1, and HDR10 support, it offers excellent contrast performance and beautiful color accuracy.

In terms of onboard audio, the Optoma CinemaX P1 is truly outstanding. You will enjoy theater-like sound quality with the NuForce soundbar, which is perfect for outdoor use. With this model, colors will stand out like never before thanks to the vinyl screen material which makes your projector screen shine like never before.

 7  TMY Outdoor Projector


When it comes to outdoor projectors, you can’t go wrong with this option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. While it isn’t bright enough for outdoor use, it still comes with a 5,500 lumens brightness and a big screen.


It is extra portable due to its compact size

The brightness of the lamp is 5,500 lumens

The projector screen measures 100 inches


Onboard speakers are tinny and have 720p resolution

TMY V08 720p native projector review

Like the TMY V08 native 720p projector, this TMY projector offers affordability, high performance, and long-lasting performance for a budget-friendly outdoor projector. Depending on your budget, this projector may not have as many premium features as some of the other projects we reviewed. TMY’s outdoor projector offers 720p resolution, which is the biggest drawback. On the included 100-inch projector screen, this will still be technically high definition. In outdoor settings, it’s a little harder to notice the difference in resolution, so you shouldn’t have much trouble noticing it.

As well as offering a total brightness of 5,500 lumens, the TMY outdoor projector is also a great choice in terms of its use during the day or at night. The dynamic contrast ratio is 4,000:1, which contributes to a good black level performance. An outdoor projector that is extremely portable. In spite of the small size, it offers a lot of durability, so you won’t have to worry about bumps ruining it. If you don’t have anything else available, the onboard 5W speakers will work in a pinch. The best business projectors offer a long-lasting performance that can be relied on for any business scenario, so if you’re looking for a good model for your workplace, consider it.


8  Anker Nebula Mars II Outdoor Projector

Our #8 Pick is the Anker Nebula Mars II Outdoor Projector

Our #8 Pick is the Anker Nebula Mars II Outdoor Projector



What makes it so appealing to us

You won’t find a better portable outdoor speaker in its price range than this outdoor projector with its ultra compact design, integrated carrying handle, and stereo speakers built right in. As well as providing good picture quality, it allows for the creation of screens up to 150 inches in size.


The device can be powered by batteries or be wired

A carrying handle is built into the product

Speakers that deliver 10W of power


The resolution is only 720p

500 ANSI lumens of low brightness

Anker Nebula Mars II Outdoor Projector review

With the Nebula Mars II from Anker, you will experience the perfect outdoor projector for portability and transportation. Approximately 7 x 5.24 x 4.8 inches in size, this projector is small and lightweight. Most bags can accommodate this compact device. For added convenience and portability, the Mars II projector comes with a built-in handle if you don’t store it in a bag. In addition, Anker’s tripod mount is located on the bottom, so you can use it outside for even greater versatility. You might want to consider projector stands if a wall isn’t an option. They offer better positioning and more security.



Although the Anker Nebula Mars II’s size makes it compact, the picture quality is pretty good.Despite only offering 720p resolution, it will be plenty for midsized viewing parties.Despite the decrease in resolution, your viewing experience shouldn’t be adversely affected too much by the maximum screen size of 150 inches.


A 500-ANSI lumen brightness is also featured in the Mars II projector.The lens provides excellent image clarity in dark environments, but it is only recommended for use in the dark.If you are connected to the internet, you can also stream content directly from YouTube and Netflix using the Anker Nebula Mars II.


Speaking of entertainment, gamers will appreciate a projector with a dynamic contrast ratio of 500,000:1, which offers better differentiation between light and dark areas. Nonetheless, leading Samsung projectors offer similar contrast ratios.

   DRJ Professional HI-04 Outdoor Projector


What makes it so appealing to us

It’s perfect for small spaces and viewing parties in small spaces. The projector creates a cozy outdoor theater experience for you and your closest friends with its 100-inch display size and wide range of connectivity options.



A precise picture can be achieved with installation adjustability

Downloaded movies can be accessed through USB connectivity

Compatibility with smartphones


A loud fan is heard when the brightness is set to the brightest

Dr. J Professional HI-04 Outdoor Projector review

An excellent outdoor projector for tight spaces and small gatherings, the Dr. J Professional HI-04 is the perfect choice for watching movies.Images can be projected onto your projector screen up to 100 inches in size, but larger images will lose some quality.


Additionally, Dr. J projectors only produce 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. Movies can be watched at night at this brightness, but Dr. J can’t handle moderate lighting. In addition to HDMI cable inputs and VGA ports, this mini projector also features audio-video ports. Furthermore, the HI-04 is equipped with a USB port, so you can watch movies directly from a flash drive using a USB drive when you have downloaded them.


Additionally, we were impressed with the overall quality and performance of Dr. J Professional’s pictures.There is no HD support on this device, but its native 720p resolution is still ideal for watching movies in compact places, even though it does not provide full HD.Our team was pleasantly surprised by how accurate and bright the color was on the HI-04.Your movie will come alive with vivid colors, thanks to the projector, so that it creates vivid contrast.There is no need to worry about installation either.

Keystone collection

A wide range of manual adjustments are available for Dr. J projectors, including keystone correction and lens focus. In spite of that, it is likely to be less powerful than other models like the APEMAN NM4 mini portable projector, so it is still more than satisfactory. The best budget projectors under $1000 are also available for those who are looking for cheaper, more affordable models.

  Anker Nebula Capsule Outdoor Projector

What makes it so appealing to us

With native streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu built right into the user interface, this outdoor projector circumvents copyright restrictions on streaming content. Moreover, it features 360-degree speakers and is battery-operated for up to four hours.


With IntelliBright technology, the screen has increased brightness and provides omnidirectional audio. The battery life of the device is four hours.


At times, the colors look offDoesn’t come with a lens cap

Anker Nebula Capsule Review

It measures the same size as a soda can, making it perfect for outdoor projects.Its portability and versatility make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.The Capsule is small and requires some sacrifice to picture quality, but this shouldn’t be a big issue if you use it for personal purposes.


A 300 mAh battery powers the Anker Nebula Capsule, which has 480p native resolution and a light output of 100 lumens. There is no way to watch large groups outside with this, but it is ideal for one or two people watching. The IntelliBright technology in the projector allows it to enhance overall brightness by using software. There is enough power to power a few TV shows and movies on a charge with the rechargeable battery.


Besides offering lots of connectivity options, the Anker Capsule is also great for watching movies and TV shows from many different sources. A Bluetooth connection or a HDMI and USB connection are the first options for connecting to the projector. Additionally, you can access streaming apps directly through the user interface of the Nebula Capsule, if you are connected to a wireless network, as long as you use Android TV. Many smartphones block streaming from being cast through projectors, making this incredibly convenient for streaming lovers. For example, if you have an iPhone, you’ll definitely love the best iPhone projector that comes with a tripod that can be used to easily place the projector anywhere you want, and you can use it as a tripod to set up the projector anywhere you want.

Can you tell me what I need to make an outdoor movie?

There is nothing wrong with watching movies, sports, or live streams outside when it comes to enjoying something as simple as watching movies, sports, or a live stream. From this page, you can find the best contender for the most perfect outdoor projector for your needs. You will also need to pick up an outdoor projector screen from one of the best manufacturers on this page, and you’re basically set!

In order to make the most out of your outdoor space, make sure you have enough room for your images, a power source, and a place where you can view them.

How do I choose a good outdoor projector?

We believe that each of the models on our outdoor projector guide is highly worthy of consideration, and they will all be able to guide you in making your choice. They all have a slight advantage or weakness that helps you narrow down your decision when you are looking for outdoor projectors.

It is possible, however, to be laser focused on the most crucial decisions by identifying certain key characteristics. It’s also worth considering brightness to ensure the picture is clear outside; throw ratio to determine where to place and how to use the projector; resolution to ensure HD matches most TVs and films; and contrast ratio to get bright colors when using film. Additionally, you should always pay attention to price, as some outdoor projectors can deliver great value while others offer better specs at a higher price.


How many lumens do I need for a projector outside?

If you are looking for an outdoor projector, you should find one that provides enough power and juice to clearly project outdoors. Strong ambient lighting and the general nature of being outdoors make this a crucial consideration when selecting a mega picture giver.

Final thoughts on the best laser projectors for outdoor

For outdoor projectors to be considered clear in daylight, they should have at least 2,500 lumens.  We have a number of models that can serve you well with that amount or more on our list of the best outdoor projectors. In the evening, the brightness requirement will be lower, as it is darker and nighttime. This is why a flashlight like the XGIMI Halo+ that has a pretty good 900 lumen output can make an awesome nightlight.