best led Christmas projectors

Best led Christmas projectors

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best led Christmas projectors

Lighting up your house during the holidays is a favorite holiday activity for many people. Most people set up Christmas lights as a display. LED Christmas projector lights are popular for making displays. Christmas effects can be achieved by projecting LED lights on the side of your apartment, house, or building. The majority of them are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, a lot of these LED projector lights in this list can also be used for other holidays in addition to Christmas (such as Halloween, Easter, birthdays, etc.).

Here are the best LED Christmas projectors

Gemmy Lightshow



The body of the decorative ornament blends into the rest of the decoration
Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
There is no remote control

Also relared: BenQ TH671ST

Gemmy Lightshow review

Rather than sparkling lights, this projector may appeal to those interested in Christmas-related images and expressions. Six different scenes are projected by its powerful LEDs, all of which can be programmed to perform either swirling or stationary effects.

This projector may be less convenient than you would like due to its lack of remote control, but its low price and hassle-free setup might make up for it. A festive casing, made of green and red, ensures that this lawn ornament blends in nicely with your other lawn decorations. It is not clear whether DLP or LCD are used, but nonetheless it produces quality images.

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LedMAll Motion



The range of the remote device is 30 to 50 feet

A wide area of coverage

A durable housing system

An expensive purchase

LEDMAll Motion review

This Ledmall option covers a large area of 3,000-4,000 square feet, making it a convenient choice for homes with larger spaces.In addition, the lights offer eight moving patterns, and when combined with the red, blue, and green lasers, exterior light shows should be quite varied.

The 25-foot power cable, as well as the IP67 waterproof rating, should be able to enable you to place it effectively.  The included security lock will keep thieves out of your investment even though this model is more expensive than similar models.

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Qxmcov Christmas Projector LED Lights

Choose this incredibly versatile light projector if you need a projector that can be used all year long. With the remote control provided, you can speed up or slow down a whopping 16 interchangeable color images. Additionally, the lights can be set to automatically turn off after two, four, or six hours with the timer function.

Choose your preferred reflective surface and place it between three and 20 meters away. Enjoy the colorful images that you can change at any time. There is no need to worry about the projector getting damaged by rain, snow, or direct sunlight. There is a ground stake and a base to this product, and it is powered by a mains socket.

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UNIFUN Christmas Lights

Whether you want to project snow images from afar or you wish to see them crystal clear, this is the device you need. Using this device, you can decorate your entire home with a glittery Christmas scene, as it can cover an area of 330 square feet with a range of 33 feet. There will always be a feeling of coziness in this winter wonderland, no matter if there is snow or not.

This projector is waterproof both on the light and plug so you can use it indoors or outdoors. It features a 5-meter wire length, a remote control, and a lawn stake to deal with British weather.

Amazon £36.99 | Amazon

Deluxe Christmas Outdoor Laser Light

Using this projector, you can easily add a classic Christmas forest scene to your home, which you can reflect onto your walls. With this laser light show, you don’t need to have any experience, all you have to do is plug it in and you will be able to alter the patterns with the remote control. A total of six scenes are included in the set, so you can switch it up over the festive period, or you can choose to use a different scene every year.

As well as being able to be used indoors or outdoors, the corded projector has a timer you can set to work between two and eight hours and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Most of laser projectors uses DLP working principles.


£69.99 | Studio

Throughout the holiday season, Wilko offers Christmas projector lights

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a white Christmas? Your seasonal prayers shouldn’t be answered by the weather. Use a projector to create a winter wonderland at home or in the living room or dining room for a cozy effect.

You may perceive that it is snowing as the falling snowflakes move across your house. A five-meter lead allows you to use it outdoors as well as inside your home. It is weatherproof. It’s a great option for those looking to avoid breaking the bank this holiday season with a price under £20.

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£17 | Wilko

The light projector is made of white and warm white LEDs and will project snowflakes outside. With this light projecting display, you can bring Christmas magic to your home this year. Winter evenings are made so inviting with the snowfall look created by the projector. A mix of white and warm LEDs makes up the LEDs and there are multiple speeds to choose from. Moreover, the machine is made from material that is highly waterproof and corrosion-resistant, making it able to withstand very high winds, rain, and snow for an extended time.

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Falling Snowflake Outdoor LED Christmas Projector

Your family, friends, and loved ones will be blown away by the elegant snowfall pattern of this projector during the holiday season when you’re on hosting duties. To achieve the best projection, you should place the LED bulbs five meters from the surface in question – the lead is also five meters away – and watch in awe as snow appears on the surface.

The Homebase £20 is available at the Homebase

Christmas LED Projector Lights Outdoor

Bring festive joy and beautiful snowflakes into your home this season. Seeing this design dance across surfaces is magical, which is why it has become so popular.

The display will remain steady no matter what the elements throw at it since the projector is made from sturdy material. The 180-degree head can be adjusted as needed between two and 15 meters away. For additional stability, there’s a spike should be inserted into the ground.

Amazon  £26.99 | Amazon

Outdoor Snowflake Projectors, 3 Pack

With these 3 stake lights, you’ll be able to illuminate the pathway leading up to your house with a charming snowflake design that’s aptly seasonal. Each row of lights is connected by a five-meter cable that can be buried directly in any soft ground. Invest now and get into the Christmas spirit every year with these lights that will last.

ECOWHO Christmas Snowflake Projector

ECOWHO’s Snowflake LED Projectors may not be perfect for you, but they’re a great choice if you’re looking for a projector with a snowfall-like effect. There are a few new upgrades made to this projector, including two projection heads that will provide a wider range of projections. With an angle of projection of up to 160 degrees and a range of 60-600 feet, it can cover a large area.

As a bonus, you can use a Christmas snowfall decoration to adorn the entire house during the holidays. To create a clear and bright image of a snowfall, ECOWHO uses high-quality LED chips. An RF controller and plug-and-play design also make it easy to set up this projector. As well as different flash modes, there are rotation modes as well.

You can also set up a timer for 2 hours, 4 hours, and 6 hours for it to shut off automatically at night. The projector can be mounted on either a wall or outside on the ground. A water-resistant IP65 rating makes it weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about adverse weather conditions.

Best Price

acetek Christmas Projector Lights

A new projector has just been updated for 2020 – the Acetek Christmas Projector Lights! The light patterns are unique and there are over 11 variations. Several holidays can be celebrated with this projector!

Many slides are available, which show Halloween, birthday parties, Christmas, snowfall, the Fourth of July, and other special events and parties displayed during the video. In addition to being able to control the slide you are on and where you are on with the remote control, you can also control timing and rotation with the remote control from up to 40 feet away.

ACETEK’s Christmas Projector Lights come with a stake to mount them on the ground, so you can be confident that you can mount them outside, and they are waterproof, so you can be confident that you can mount them outside. Furthermore, you can mount it indoors as well if you require an indoor application.

The timers can be set to turn it off every two, four, or six hours, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off overnight. This device will shut off automatically when it is no longer in use. Last but not least, you won’t have to buy any more slides (pictures) since they are projector ready!

Best Price

YUEGANG Christmas Laser Lights

We have tested a lot of LED projectors, but the YUEGANG Christmas Laser Lights have the coolest design! In addition to the 5 patterns available in this laser light projector, there are also red and green LED lights, snowflakes, jingle bells, Christmas trees, Santa, and stars.

As a result of YueGang’s use of an advanced class2 laser, we can maintain a beam that is both bright and long-distance. It has a stable design and is capable of being adjusted up to 300 degrees. At a distance of 33 feet, you could cover as much as 5000 square feet, which is a huge amount of area to cover. Moreover, the Christmas Laser Lights are tested for IP65 water resistance and UL588 certification, so you can take advantage of their usage pretty much anywhere in the world. A YUEGANG product is supposed to last up to 60,000 hours according to the company’s claims.

Using the included remote control, the lighting pattern, movement speed, and twinkle frequency can all be changed at a distance up to 60 feet away.

Best Price

ALOVECO Christmas Snowflake Projector Lights

During our search for the best Christmas snowflake projector lights, we came across the ALOVECO brand. LED Christmas projector lights using snowflakes and snowfall can be used to create an awesome effect for Christmas decorations if you use these lights. To make an effect of snowfall on the outside of your house, you should use them outdoors outside your house.

The snowflakes are easily visible in the dark thanks to ALOVECO’s two large projectors that feature LED lights. Remote control is included with the projector so that you can control it from 30 feet away.

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It would also be a good idea to use this indoors rather than only as an outdoor Christmas projector.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Christmas Light Projectors

Indoor or Outdoor Projector Lights?

It’s important to decide if you want to display your projector indoors or outdoors, regardless of whether you’re replacing your traditional Christmas lights with a light projector or adding a touch of wonder to your already amazing lighting system.

Outdoor Projector Lights

A Christmas light projector is usually designed and built to be used outdoors. However, it’s extremely important to choose one with an IP rating of at least 75 to ensure your projector is protected against all sorts of weather conditions, including rain, snow, ice, high winds, and frost. There are many types of Christmas light projectors on the market, but the best ones are those which can be installed virtually anywhere without being damaged by the unpredictable winter climate and are capable of providing years of beautiful lighting. Outdoor light are known to affect the quality of images for the church projectors when used in open air.

Indoor Projector Lights

This holiday season, why not make your indoor space a wonderland? A high IP rating is not necessary to achieve protection against an icy climate if this is the case. In addition to being able to prevent overheating and aesthetic damage to your light projector, it’s important to ensure that your projector has a good IP rating.

What to Consider when buying the best LED Christmas projector

Christmas Scene

Choosing a projector should be based on what you intend to project. Choosing a laser-powered model will give your Christmas lights a more traditional look, resembling traditional Christmas lights. You can also select a projector that creates images such as Christmas trees and Santa Claus if you want something more fun and festive.

Temperature Rating

It is also important to ensure that your projector can withstand humidity and extreme temperatures, depending on the climate. Some models are designed to withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees below Fahrenheit, and others aren’t as robust, so it’s important to check before buying so you can be sure it’s up to your standards.

How We Selected

In putting this list together, I drew from my own experience decorating several homes in upstate New York with Christmas light projectors. I recognized the importance of having options that would stand up to the heavy snowfall in that area as well as the low temperatures. So, to make the list more comprehensive, I have included a variety of weather-resistant options, as well as some that might be more suited to warmer climates. In addition, I included models in a range of price ranges, so no matter what your budget is, you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

Best LED Christmas Projectors: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Christmas light projectors, most people are not very familiar with them. Although they operate differently, they are even easier to use.

Here are some of the most common questions and our answers to them so that you can make an informed decision. Understanding what makes a great light projector is one of the best ways to select the right one for your needs. However,  if you still need more help, here are some of the most common questions and their answers.

The distance at which Christmas light projectors should be installed?

The most recommended distance for outdoor use is somewhere between 5 and 7 meters. The recommended distance for indoor use is approximately 3 to 5 meters. While every projector is different, one answer can’t help everyone. However, the most recommended distance for outdoor use is somewhere between 5 and 7 meters.

You should check the user manual of your device to find out how far the manufacturer recommends.

What surfaces can Christmas lights project images on?

In contrast to regular projectors, Christmas light projectors do not require solid backgrounds for success. Because most Christmas light projectors can be used outdoors, you can project the image straight into the air, or even on unobstructed surfaces like walls, ceilings, or simply into the darkness. When discussing buyers guide for church projectors, the type of screen matters a lot.

What is the difference between Christmas lights and Christmas light projectors?

Many people do not find Christmas light projectors to be as effective as traditional Christmas lights, but they can be decided based on personal preferences. It is best to pair the Christmas light projector with other Christmas decorations to maximize its potential, even though it can provide a very similar effect as the Christmas lights.

What are the best ways to secure Christmas light projectors?

Projectors for Christmas lights are usually made in two or three pieces and include the mounting rack. It is very handy for easy installation and helps keep the projector stable in all weather conditions.

Different models require different methods for securing Christmas light projectors.  Despite this, manufacturers pay careful attention to safety and installation. So you will be able to secure the projector in a variety of ways, no matter where you place it.

Are Christmas light projectors able to be mounted on roofs?

Christmas light projectors may be difficult to install on roofs. However, they can usually be installed on walls. Therefore, your projection will be very similar to that of a roof.

What is the best Christmas light projector for projecting custom patterns?

You cannot project your custom images or patterns using any input device with these projectors. Why? Bbecause they are not made like standard projectors.

It might be possible to make a DIY filter that works with Christmas light projectors such as Oittm. However,  you will have to stick with the filters and patterns a projector comes with.

Final Thoughts on Best LED Christmas projector

Nothing says Christmas decor like stunning, bright lights twinkling away on the Christmas tree. The LED Christmas laser light projectors at Open for Christmas will enhance the beauty of your indoor. They also  add a warm, magical touch as well.

When you’re looking for the perfect LED light projector, there are many options, features, and styles to choose from. Our guide to LED Christmas light projectors will help you choose the best one for your home inside or outside.

To ensure you get the right Christmas lights projector for you and your home, read the pros and cons.  Yu cab also  compare the reviews before you buy. In conclusion, a good outdoor Christmas LED projector doesn’t have to be expensive. The market has a lot of wonderful options that are reasonably priced and can accommodate most budgets. Get LED projector lights for the holidays if you wish to decorate your house!