Best Lightweight Mouse

The Best Lightweight Mouse – Winter 2023 Mice Reviews

In the gaming mouse market, there is a new type of mouse: the ultra-light. With honeycomb designs and other methods for reducing mass, lightweight mice are easier to aim and more manoeuvrable. Since the first ultra-light mice were released by specialists like Finalmouse and Glorious, almost every major brand now offers them with new features, sizes, and shapes. Our recommendations are based on extensive testing of ultra-light mice in FPS games like Warzone 2.0, Valorant and CSGO. Some of these mice forgo the holey look, with internal modifications to bring weight down and an intact outer shell.

Throughout this article, we will refer to mice that are 80 grams or less as ultra-light mice – although the lightest mice are often much lighter. There are two types of gaming mice: honeycomb and traditional body. For comparison sake, most standard mice are at least 100 grams in weight; the popular Logitech G502 Hero weighs more than 120 grams.

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Lightest Mouse

It is easier to make movements with a lighter mouse, and even an extra millisecond can make a big difference in a fast-paced, competitive game. You should consider not only the overall weight of a mouse when you’re looking for it, but also other factors like comfort, build quality, click latency, and connection type when choosing the lightest mouse.

We have tested and recommended over 280 mice, including the best lightweight options. If you are looking for other picks, check out our picks for the best mouse, the best gaming mouse, and the best ergonomic mouse.

Razer Viper V2 Pro~Best Lightweight Mouse

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Razer Viper V2 Pro Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

In terms of lightweight mice, Razer’s Viper V2 Pro is the best. With its symmetrical shape, this latest model of Razer’s Viper lineup is just as comfortable and comfortable as the older models, but lighter. Razer Viper Ultimate is 16 grams lighter than this mouse, making it much easier to make quick, precise movements in-game. Also notable is the new Focus Pro 30K sensor package, one of the most accurate and consistent sensors we’ve tested, making this an excellent choice for fast-paced competitive games. As with other Razer mice, it has exceptionally low click latency, and optical switches are used, so they don’t cause double clicks that can occur with mechanical switches over time.

It has a similar weight to the Viper and is a ‘safer’ shape for a wider range of hand sizes and grip types. If you aren’t a fan of the Viper’s low-profile shape, you might prefer the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT. Although its sensor is not as advanced as the Viper’s, its button switches are less durable, and its charging cable is outdated, it still uses a micro-USB cable.

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LAMZU Atlantis ~Best Upper Mid-Range Lightweight Mouse

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Lamzu Atlantis 55g Wireless Superlight Gaming Mouse

Among lightweight gaming mice at an upper midrange price point, the LAMZU Atlantis is the best. LAMZU has been quick about restocking this mouse since its release in December of last year, so if you don’t find it in stock now, keep an eye out as it’s been popular since then. With its symmetrical shape that widens at the back, it makes an excellent choice for claw grip users due to its wide range of expressive colorways. With its PAW 3395 sensor, which is closely related to the one found in our top pick, the Razer Viper V2 Pro, it delivers excellent click latency.

In addition to keeping the overall weight to a low level, this design adds a nice visual touch to the bottom plate of this mouse, which is made of transparent plastic struts. Nevertheless, the bottom plate is not quite as sturdy as conventional solid plates on other gaming mice, and it leaves the inside more exposed to dust and debris. 

Additionally, you can find the Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless, which features a pronounced right-handed shape and offers similar gaming performance at a lower price. In addition to its similar weight-saving baseplate, the palm section has weight-saving cutouts rather than a solid plastic shell, so it is also slightly heavier.

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GLORIOUS Model I~Best Mid-Range Lightweight Mouse

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Glorious Model I Ergonomic Matte Black Gaming Mouse

 Among the midrange mice we’ve tested, the Glorious Model I is the best. A variety of ergonomic models are emerging which are well suited to a variety of games, but most lightweight mice are designed for fast-paced FPS gaming. Like popular multi-genre gaming mice like the Logitech G502 HERO or Razer Basilisk V3, this mouse is comfortable and right-handed. There is a major difference between this model and these others because it is much lighter, weighing just shy of 70g, which is about 30g lighter than these other models.

There are four side buttons on it, two of which are magnetic, meaning you can swap them out or take them off entirely to make the device more flexible. As far as performance goes, it has excellent sensor performance and extremely low click latency. Although its scroll wheel can scroll left and right, it doesn’t offer free-scrolling or left and right tilt inputs.

If you prefer a more ergonomic mouse that is ultra-light and has plenty of programmable inputs, this mouse would be a great option. Designed for MMO/MOBA games, the SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless mouse offers even more programmable buttons. The shell is cut out with honeycomb-shaped cutouts to reduce weight, but it’s a higher-priced model without a wired-only version available.

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ROCCAT Kone Pro ~The best lightweight mouse in the lower midrange

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ROCCAT Kone Pro PC Gaming Mouse,

We recommend checking out the ROCCAT Kone Pro if you’re looking for a lightweight option at a lower mid-range price. Often times, this wired model bounces around between $40 and $50, so it’s a great choice when it comes to price. In similar fashion to our mid-range pick, the GLORIOUS Model I, this mouse is ergonomically designed for right-handed users. When you play long hours, this shape will keep your hands comfortable and keep them from becoming sore or tired, so they won’t get tired or sore. It’s a perfect fit for either palm grips or relaxed claw grips, and can fit a wide range of hand sizes.

This mouse delivers fast, responsive gameplay regardless of whether you are playing competitively or casually because of the outstanding sensor performance and click latency. In addition, this mouse has LED lighting under the left- and right-click buttons that glows brightly through semitransparent plastic. In terms of lightweight mice, this is a rare feature, which makes this one stand out if you’re looking for the lightest that is visually appealing.

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Cooler Master MM720~Best Budget Lightweight Mouse

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Cooler Master MM720 Black Matte Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master’s MM720 is the best gaming mouse for budget-conscious users. It weighs only 52g, making it one of the lightest gaming mice on this list. It has a pretty unusual design compared to most mice on the market today, so not everyone will be a fan of it. Cooler Master MM720 is still surprisingly comfortable to use, and has a groove on the right side for storing your ring finger—a feature rare for lightweight mice that is geared toward comfort.

The claw grip is extremely well suited to most hand sizes because of its shape. In terms of click latency, it performs well. Unfortunately, its build quality is a major weakness. When pressed hard enough, the honeycomb body squeaks and feels like it may crack, and its side buttons have a mushy texture. The sensitivity of the mouse won’t cause any issues during everyday use, but if you’re a rough user, it could cause problems over time.

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Razer Viper Mini Style~Best Cheap Lightweight Mouse

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Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

If you want a lightweight, cheaper option, we recommend Razer Viper Mini. Despite its fluctuating price, it’s a good value when it’s closer to $20, but it may not be the cheapest option on this list when you’re reading this. With 58g weight, it’s lighter than the Razer Viper but the same weight as Razer Viper V2, a significantly more expensive and newer model. The scaled-down size and shape make it ideal for people of all sizes to use with fingertip grips, although larger hands cannot comfortably use palm or claw grips. The click latency is exceptionally low, and the feet and cable are high-quality, so you won’t experience unwanted drag on desks or mousepads with this mouse.

If you are playing with a low sensitivity or have a smaller mousepad, and frequently lift and reposition your mouse, the minimum lift-off distance is higher than other premium gaming options, which can be a problem. If you’re a left-handed user who relies heavily on side buttons, it’s not as well-suited since it doesn’t have the two additional side buttons on the right side as other models.

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Frequently asked questions

How to measure hand size for a gaming mouse

If you have large or small hands, then opting for a matching mouse may offer the best results. Your hand size will be determined by the size of your hand. If you have large or small hands, ultra-light mice will be perfectly usable. When measuring your hand, keep your fingers together and measure from the tip of your longest finger to your wrist.

Small hands: Less than 170mm (6.7″)

Medium hands: Between 170 and 195mm (6.7″ – 7.7″)

Large hands: More than 195mm (7.7″)

A mouse that is about 60 percent long and 60 percent wide can be used to compare your hand measurements, length and width, with the mouse that you are considering. Measure your hand’s width from the bottom, across your knuckles, and past your thumb. Your hand size should be approximately 60 percent in both dimensions.

A mouse that measures 120mm x 60mm is the perfect size for me, since my hand is 200mm x 100mm. You should also consider the grip style of your mouse; claw- and fingertip-grip mice will feel more comfortable if they are closer to 60 percent of your hand size, while palm grip mice are flatter, so they should be closer to 70 percent.

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Won’t dirt get in the holes?

My ultra-light mice have been tested since May 2019 and I haven’t noticed any dust or dirt on them. I won’t update this article if I observe any improvements in performance.

There are also no moving elements like button switches covered up under the holes, so dirt would not affect the PCB or RGB lighting. It is not recommended to eat messy foods or spill drinks onto an ultra-light mouse, but I wouldn’t advise doing the same with any other type of computer peripheral. You might want to consider more traditional full-body mice, like the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra, Endgame Gear XM1 or Logitech G Pro Wireless, if this is something you’re concerned about.

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Are ultra-light mice worth it?

Yes, I’d say so. In fast-paced games like FPS and battle royale, where aiming accurately and quickly is critical, you’ll see the greatest benefits from a lighter mouse. As well as being perfectly comfortable for general computer use, all the medium to large ultra-light mice I’ve tested have been perfectly comfortable for use outside of these games.

There are also plenty of affordable ultra-light mice around the £45/$50 mark, even though there are expensive ones – such as the rare Finalmouse Ultralight 2 and premium Logitech G Pro Wireless. If your mouse is in a saleable condition, most retailers will accept returns within a certain period, so it’s well worth trying one of these ultra-light mice just to see how you like it.

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