Best long throw laser projector

Best long throw laser projector

Laser projectors have taken the market by storm. Though their primary use has not changed, lasers have led to smaller and compact projectors. Why? Laser projectors are energy efficient, light (hence portable). They have more features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, android OS among others. You shall find these features and more in the projectors that have been featured on the best long throw projectors below.

Best long throw laser projector

Long through projectors are useful in places such classrooms, and old theaters.  Their ability to project high quality images from a distance is thrilling. Though poeple today short throw projectors, long throw ones will never run out of use. not in this age; perhaps the next age.  Their prices will always value. For instance, there projectors under 3000, laser projectors under 2000 and projectors under 500.

Best Long Throw Projector Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best long throw laser projector on the market? We’ve got you covered. Check out our top 5 picks for the best long throw laser projector for your needs.

The Most Important Features to Consider

Picture Quality

In choosing a new long-distance projector, it is important to consider how well it displays images when watching movies or playing video games, as with most display technologies. The resolution, color accuracy, and contrast ratio are what determine the picture quality of most long-range projectors.

    • Ultra-high definition, or UHD, is the best resolution for long-throw projectors and long-throw laser projectors. There are some laser projectors with long throw that cannot reproduce true 4K. In some cases, only HD resolution is improved with techniques which display as 4K.
    • Long-throw distance 1080p projectors can also be found, which is good as well.
    • A projector’s color accuracy measures how well it can reproduce colors with the exact tones and shades they would appear in real life.
    • In conclusion, the contrast ratio is one of the most important factors in determining whether a projection device is able to balance whites and blacks within a given image. Contrast ratios that are higher are better than those that are lower.


Depending on the lighting conditions, the brightness of a projector will determine how well it performs. Dark home theater rooms don’t require too much brightness, so brightness isn’t as important. The only thing you need to keep in mind is this spec if you ever plan to use it in ambient light. Lumens are used to measure the light output of a projector. We recommend something brighter than 3,500 lumens for bright rooms. Most people can get by with 2,000-3,000 lumens. Due to the current technology, it is possible to find good projectors under 2000 in the market.

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The longer the throw of your projector, the more adjustability you will need, since it will be installed further from your screen. It is therefore important to find a projector that works well at a distance of 20 feet. Keystone, optical zoom, and lens shift are all adjustable on the best long throw projectors. You should find as many of these settings as possible since not all projectors provide them. It is possible to adjust these settings from any distance in order to get a more accurate and clear picture.

You can find this feature in any good projector under 500

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Design Quality

The building of a projector is just as important as that of any other electronic device if you want it to last for a long time. The longevity of the bulb, the cost of replacement bulbs, and the ease of installation of the product should all be considered in this realm. The quality of a projector you choose will contribute to its longevity and you’ll be able to enjoy many movies for years to come. Some of today’s quality modern projectors are almost as good as the perfect projector, but there is no perfect one.

In the case of a portable projector, you need to be sure the design is durable enough to be moved around regularly.

7 best long throw laser projector

BenQ TK850 Long Throw Projector

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Crystal lens arrays make this projector extremely clear, bright, and colorful. A truly immersive movie-watching experience is enhanced with native 4K resolution and HDR10 support.


The lens array uses crystals for higher picture quality. The native resolution is 4K. The color quality is improved by Dynamic Iris technology.


Input lag is too high for gaming with no native streaming apps

With its stylish, efficient design and low profile design, the BenQ TK850 projector is a sleek long throw projector that is designed to complement home theater rooms and setups of all types. In addition to the stunning colors and crisp details created by this projector, the projector also provides an amazing picture quality. There are several advantages to this product, the first of which is that it offers native 4K resolution for maximum detail and sharpness. As far as color accuracy is concerned, the BenQ system really shines when compared to its competitors. There are ten crystal lenses in the projector, each of which enhances the color and brightness of the image. The BenQ also features HDR10 support and proprietary Dynamic Iris technology to increase the display’s vividness even further.

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A slim design makes the BenQ suitable for pretty much anywhere, as mentioned previously. The long-throw projectors will benefit most from this, since they will need a little more space for installation. Besides its easy installation features, the BenQ offers plenty of other functions. With its vertical shift of the lens, this is an easy device to install either on the tabletop or on the ceiling because it has a vertical lens shift. It comes with keystone correction as well as 1.3 times optical zoom, so you will have even more ways to adjust the camera to your needs.

In addition to having onboard speakers, the TK850 also comes with proprietary CinemaMaster Audio+2 technology that enhances the immersive audio experience even further. There is also a high-quality bulb included in the projector, which is capable of providing a brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens, which gives solid performance both in light and in dark environments. A great 4K projector is also one which features an impressive contrast ratio of 1000000:1 which ensures that bright screens are clear and dark screens are perfectly detailed.

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   ViewSonic PX747-4K Long Throw Projector


This long-throw projector offers a premium experience for a wide range of consumers, with its 4K resolution and 3,500 lumens of light output. In addition, this option is extremely versatile, as it is available in a wide range of screen sizes and has plenty of connectivity options.


High brightness with 3,500 ANSI lumens for sharp images with UHD resolution and HDR support


There is a lot of fan noise when the brightness is at its highest


Movies, television shows, and video games are all available with the ViewSonic PX747-4K projector. 4K native resolution offers an amazing amount of detail and sharpness with a total of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The ViewSonic, however, goes a step further by supporting HDR content and providing better color accuracy through the Super Color technology. For good performance in large rooms with ambient light, this bulb also gives off an impressive 3,500 ANSI lumens.

It is also worth applauding ViewSonic’s design for the PX747-4K. There’s a slight bulk to it, but it’s durable and sturdy. You won’t have to purchase expensive replacement bulbs as often with its long-lasting bulb, which can last for up to 15,000 hours. PX747-4K makes installation easy, whether it’s on a tabletop or ceiling.

Optical zoom

Among the features that can be adjusted are 1.3x optical zoom and vertical keystone correction. The overall operating noise of the ViewSonic could be improved if there was one area we could improve. It is possible for the fan to become louder on the highest brightness setting. This can easily be overlooked, however, due to the integrated speaker’s power and an external speaker system’s ability to provide additional sound. ViewSonic’s projectors offer excellent audio performance for an immersive viewing experience.

   ViewSonic LS700-4K Long Throw Projector


If you’re in the market for a long throw projector that offers stellar 4K resolution, this is the one for you. With its laser lighting technology and 3D compatibility, as well as decent support for HDR, this display provides a super-detailed and crisp display.



The laser technology creates a brighter image. It has a 20,000-hour lamp life.


The HDR performance was disappointing and the contrast performance was mediocre


As one of the best long throw 4K projectors currently available on the market, there are plenty of good reasons why the ViewSonic LS700-4K should be considered. For starters, this is a laser-based projector, which means it is different from the common bulb-based projector setup in terms of illumination. As a result of laser technology, laser projectors have a brighter, sharper, and more vivid image compared to those that use bulbs as light sources.

The LS700-4K has a lot of improvements in terms of performance that are readily apparent. As a result of the camera’s native 4K resolution, the image is sharper and more detailed. You will also be able to watch video content with vivid and brighter colors thanks to HDR support. While this projector may have great HDR performance, it is important to keep in mind that when compared to similar projectors, it does perform a bit poorly when it comes to HDR. Nevertheless, you should still be able to achieve a good picture quality with a few tweaks.


This projector has an ANSI lumen brightness of 3,300, which is higher than the average for its type. In dark and light rooms, the projector performs well, which is highly beneficial. There are plenty of high-quality black levels to satisfy most cinephiles in dark rooms, even though the contrast ratio could be improved. This ViewSonic laser projector can be installed in a matter of minutes. Unlike other traditional projectors that are mounted on ceilings or placed on the ground, this projector offers 360-degree installation options.

As a bonus, the projector has a lamp life of 20,000 hours, so you will never have to worry about the projector failing at any point in the future. When you find out that you’ll need to replace the lamp in the projector, you’ll need to know how to dispose of that lamp properly after you’ve done so. You may also want to consider the best cheap projector if you are on a budget and you are looking for something affordable.


   GooDee YG600 Long Throw Projector


This projector is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable long throw projector without sacrificing brightness. Featuring a powerful 6,000 lumen light output, a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, and large display sizes, this projector will provide a wide variety of entertainment options for you.


The display can be made up to 230 inches in size while reducing noise with comprehensive cooling technology


1280×768 resolution is not full HDInternal speakers aren’t the best


With the recent update of the GooDee YG600, this lamp is brighter and has a higher contrast ratio than its previous iteration. According to the manufacturer, this lamp now produces 6,000 lumens of light output that is 80% brighter than other competing lamps in this same price range and category and has been tested to be rated at 6,000 lumens of light output.

In a long throw projector, 6,000 lumens is one of the brightest possible light outputs, which makes it an excellent choice for use in bright environments or in dark rooms. InFocus and Acer projectors perform similarly, as do other brands like this.

HD resolution

The GooDee YG600 creates a high-definition resolution image, but it’s not Full HD, so the picture quality and performance of the GooDee YG600 are not as high as their competitors. With a native resolution of only 1280 x 768, GooDee projectors only provide standard HD resolution, but that is still much better than its sister projector, the GooDee Mini projector, which only provides standard HD resolution. There is little difference in terms of display size, however, at most display sizes.

There is a 3,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio in this picture and the color accuracy is quite reliable, which makes the picture really look excellent. Despite the GooDee’s small size, it can produce screen sizes as large as 230 inches on all sides, with just a bit of throw distance between corners. With this, you will have greater options when it comes to watching movies and playing video games in the way you choose.

Plus, your gaming consoles and Blu-ray players can be easily connected via HDMI, USB, and audio inputs. It’s not just about the projector itself, it’s also about the tripod, that which is included in the package, which allows you to set up the projector virtually anywhere you want with ease, just in case you own an iPhone.

   Epson VS250 Long Throw Projector


It is ideal for use in business conference rooms and conference rooms with good lighting as it delivers 3,200 ANSI lumens of color and white brightness. The product is also well-made and quiet, which makes it durable.


An easy-to-adjust and easy-to-install product with a bright light output of 3,200 lumens and a quiet fan operation of 28 decibels


Mobile phones aren’t compatible with the SVGA resolution


In addition to its powerful performance, the Epson VS250 is long-lasting and reliable. We should first clarify that this projector offers only SVGA resolution before diving into its specifications. This means you won’t even get standard high definition; only 800 x 600 pixels will be displayed. This could also indicate it’s a DLP model, and you should be able to distinguish that from LED. Even so, it does well with most movies and home entertainment, making it ideal for business presentations. As a result, the Epson projector is an excellent choice for business use.

Noise level

There is also an exceptional quality to the projector’s construction. Featuring a low, sturdy design and an easy-to-use cooling system, it is noiseless and quiet. Many other projectors produce much more noise than this fan, which generates only about 28 decibels. Aside from being easy to set up, the Epson VS250 is also plug-and-play. In addition to those features, Epson projectors also feature optical zoom and keystone correction. When in 3D mode, this projector offers 1080p resolution when in 4K ultra HD mode and 4K ultra HD resolution when in 3D mode.

  Pick is the BenQ MW535A Long Throw Projector



Long-throw projectors offer incredibly versatile viewing experiences due to their 3D compatibility, their bright lamp, and their ease of installation. On this projector, you can view both 3D and 2D content with HD resolution and accurate colors.


With adjustable feet and keystones, the screen adjusts automatically to different wall colors, with a brightness of 3,600 lumens, making it ideal for daylight viewing


It would be better if the contrast was better, and the speakers were louder


If you want a little more flexibility when choosing the type of content you can watch in a home theater setup, the BenQ MW535A long throw projector would be a good choice. In addition to watching 3D movies and playing 3D video games, you will be able to play 3D video games with the BenQ. There are many different features and functionalities that contribute to its excellent picture quality. A 1920 x 1000 resolution projector produces detailed images. The resolution isn’t quite full HD, but most applications will be able to take advantage of it. A bright picture can be enjoyed in both daylight and dark settings thanks to the extra-bright bulb’s 3,600 ANSI lumens.

Ease of installation

Aside from being easy to install, the BenQ MW535A also has plenty of adjustable features to let you make a precise picture. The optical zoom is 1.2 x and there is a vertical keystone adjustment to adjust at an angle.

Furthermore, the BenQ projector automatically adjusts colors when displaying images on walls of different colors. In cases where you are unable to project onto a white wall, this feature comes in very handy. With this model, your colors will shine in ways you never thought possible thanks to vinyl screen material.

   Sony VPL-HW45ES Long Throw Projector


No detail has been missed in the construction of this premium long throw projector. There are features that enhance brightness, smoothness, and immersion, as well as 3D compatibility and excellent picture quality.


The lamp is designed to produce more light with its enhanced output. It has a whisper-quiet fan that is compatible with 3D sources


A brighter remote control would be appreciated if MHL support was available for smartphones


A quality design is evident in every aspect of the Sony VPL-HW45ES long throw projector. From lens to housing, this projector shows Sony’s commitment to quality. With its dynamic lamp control mechanism, the projector will automatically adjust its brightness for any movie you are watching, no matter what it is.

Furthermore, you will also gain access to such premium features as an innovative, front-facing fan design, which allows you to mount your projector almost flush against the wall without obstructing any of the exhaust ports on the projector.


As a full HD projector with 1920 x 1080 pixels, the Sony VPL-HW45ES delivers excellent picture quality and should not be overlooked because it lacks 4K UHD resolution. There is also the Reality Creation technology, which is fully compatible with 3D, built into this product. A high-resolution picture, combined with smoother action scenes, makes this a great choice for sports fans as well as gamers interested in fast-paced action scenes. The color accuracy of Sony’s displays was also a point of interest for us.

It has full-motion lens shift, an optical zoom range of up to 30x, and Sony’s easy installation method.  this long throw projector from Sony makes installation easy as well. The best business projector can be a good choice for you if you’re looking for a high-quality projector that you can rely on in any business environment you may find yourself in. It offers a long-lasting performance that can be counted on in any situation you may run into at work.

Final thoughts on best long thrown laser projectors

Is there a best projector to buy?

We have selected a few best projectors on the market based on the most common uses. Also check out our top picks for 4K projectors and our favorite portable models for full projector reviews.