Best computer mouse for large hands

best computer mouse for large hands

The majority of mouse options in the market are great for people with small to medium-sized hands, but what about the mouse for big hands? Computer mice will also vary in size, just as shoes come in a variety of sizes. Taking a closer look at your options would be a good idea if you have hands that are a bit too large for the average mouse.

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8 Best Mouse for Big Hands

Computer mice are available in a wide variety of styles, specifications, and price ranges, making the market thriving. There are products available on the market that cater to the demand for silent mice, ergonomic mice, and gaming mice, but there does not appear to be a niche that caters to the differences in hand size.

Consequently, companies do not have a real incentive to develop products that cater to the majority of the population who fit into the “average-size” category because most of the options available are one-size-fits-all. People with medium-sized to large-sized hands face this problem.

There are, however, several manufacturers who have designed mouse types with larger-than-average hands in order to cater to them. This isn’t to suggest that these sizes were meant to cater to specific niches; they are, however, great mouse options for big hands.

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Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse


best computer mouse for large hands

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

There are eleven programmable buttons on the Logitech G502, so you can re-map the keys to accommodate your favorite commands and macros. In addition to being well-built, highly functional, and comfortable, the mouse has 16,000 DPI Hero sensors. Aside from the RGB lighting, it is equipped with eleven customizable buttons, so you can re-map them to suit your needs.

In addition to its specifications, the Logitech G502 Hero’s size is also noteworthy. In comparison with the dimensions of an average mouse, which is 11 cm long, 6 cm wide, and 3.8 cm tall, the mouse is 13.2 cm long, 7.5 cm wide, and 4 cm high. Furthermore, it weighs only 120 grams, making it lightweight.

With its physical specs and performance, the G502 Hero is a steal. The mouse retails for an average of USD 32 to 40, which isn’t too much. Because of this, as well as the fact that the mouse was designed specifically for people with larger hands, it is a good choice for gamers with larger bodies.

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SteelSeries Rival 650


best computer mouse for large hands

SteelSeries Rival 650 – Quantum Wireless

Besides being one of the most popular gaming mice, the SteelSeries Rival 650 is also the first SteelSeries wireless mouse. The mouse is almost identical to the SteelSeries 600, though it is heavier due to some added weights.

There are two sensors on the Rival 650, one for general tracking, and one for reducing liftoff distance. It’s made of all plastic and features high-grade polymer switches. It has a lot of programmable keys and an RGB-lighted scroll wheel. A long battery life is also included.

With its rubberized plastic body designed to withstand heavy gaming, the SteelSeries 650 is also built like a tank. In addition, its dimensions make it ideal for those with large hands. A length-wise dimension of 13.1 cm, a width-wide dimension of 6.5 cm, and a thickness of 4.3 cm make it an ideal gaming companion.

This mouse is one of SteelSeries’ best-in-class when it comes to build and performance quality, but it comes at a great price. The Rival 650 costs about USD 75 to 90, which isn’t much considering its long lifespan.

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 Logitech G903 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse


best computer mouse for large hands

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless

Its sleek, jet-black plastic package, coupled with excellent mechanical button tensioning, make it one of Logitech’s rare gems. The Logitech G903 Lightspeed is not only attractive to look at, but it is also very functional. Because the device is ambidextrous, it can be held comfortably either with your left hand or with your right hand.

This gaming mouse comes with an equally impressive specification list. For starters, it uses a special optical sensor to navigate optical data down to the smallest details and, on top of that, it can both be used and charged simultaneously thanks to its wireless charging capabilities.

This gaming mouse has a body length of 13.03 cm, a width of 6.65 cm, and a height of 4.04 cm, which makes it bulkier than the average mouse. It weighs 110g, but you can add another 10g to the weight module to get it working. It will assist in fighting accidental drops and displacement with the addition module.

This powerful mouse has a steep price range averaging between USD 100 to 120, so it is not something you should purchase on a whim.

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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse


Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Wired

In spite of its simplicity compared to the G902, the Logitech G402 offers the same level of reliability and efficiency as the premium model. Due to its smooth, speedy tracking, eight programmable buttons, on-the-fly DPI switching, and 1-millisecond report rate, the mouse received mostly positive reviews.

As well as its size and weight, the Logitech G402 is also better suited for those with larger hands. Aside from measuring 13.6 cm long, 7.2 cm wide, and 4.1 cm high, the device weighs 144 grams in total, slightly heavier than your typical mouse. Its interior has five removable 3.6-gram weights that contribute to this.

The G402 Hyperion Fury has an affordable price tag of between USD 45 and 50. For those who are okay with ergonomic but not ambidextrous mice, it is one of the more reasonably priced options.

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 Redragon M612 Predator RGB Mouse


best computer mouse for large hands
Redragon M612 Predator RGB

There is nothing more intimidating than the Redragon MG12 Predator RGB Mouse. In order to prevent fingerprints from leaving a mark, the mouse’s plastic exterior is coated with frosted skin color. To enhance grip and comfort, the mouse is padded on the sides with ergonomic rubber.

In addition to five different redefinable DPI levels, the mouse comes with eleven programmable buttons, so you can change between different gaming needs programmatically. This mouse has five redefinable DPI levels to meet different gaming needs. As well as allowing you to save your favorite moves and macros for any type of work or game, five decent backlit modes ensure you can make decent kills when on the battlefield.

The Redragon Predator is a mouse that comes in the form and size you wouldn’t expect. At 13.79 inches long, 8.7 inches wide, and 5 inches tall, it makes a great mouse for users with large hands.

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 Mionix NAOS Pro


Mionix NAOS PRO Wired Gaming

The Mionix NAOS Pro is an excellent mouse if you are looking for a durable and comfortable mouse. Its 19,000 DPI rating makes it perfect for precision-based games and tasks, and its 80 million click durability makes it suitable for extended work shifts or video games.

A 5 x 3 x 1 inch mouse that weighs 5 ounces and measures 5 x 3 x 1 inches is ideal for people with medium-sized or large hands because it is neither too light nor too heavy.

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Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse


Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse

In addition to providing an accurate, exclusive gaming sensor that captures and performs at the highest level of precision, the Logitech G MX518 gaming mouse is an ideal solution for everyday web surfing and gaming. In addition to eight programmable buttons, it allows you to store up to five gaming profiles in the built-in memory. These profiles can be accessed using any PC.

While the Logitech G MX518 gaming mouse looks minimalistic from the outside, it also has an advantage when it comes to size. This Logitech mouse measures 13.1 cm in length, 7.3 cm in width, and 4.3 cm in height, which makes it one of Logitech’s larger gaming mice. It weighs around 100 grams, which is only slightly lighter than the original MX518 mouse.

Combined with its high-quality sensor, ergonomics, and size, the Logitech G MX518 is an entry-level wireless mouse priced between USD 28 and 35.

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SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse


best computer mouse for large hands

SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

This gaming keyboard is made entirely of matte-black plastic with six programmable buttons all over. It’s a very simple design, but it works well.

There are two ways you can wirelessly connect the Rival 3 Wireless to your devices. The first is through a 2.5 GHz band connection and the other is through a Bluetooth connection. SteelSeries recently replaced their budget sensor with the TrueMove sensor. This sensor tracks up to 18,000 DPI and is 400 inches per second accurate. The mouse has two ways to connect to your devices wirelessly.

This SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless mouse is designed for people with large hands, with dimensions of 12.39 cm x 6.67 cm x 3.65 cm. With all things considered, this mouse should fit the hands of both average, medium, and large people. The only difference is that it’s slightly taller than the original, measuring 11.78 cm x 6.67 cm x 3.4 cm.

Despite its high price tag, SteelSeries Rival 3 is an excellent gaming mouse with excellent tracking, wireless connectivity, and long battery life.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Mouse for Big Hands

Our list of the best mice for big hands concludes here. The majority of items on the list are only slightly larger than average mice, but not substantially so. Mostly, this is due to the fact that computers accessories for people with larger hands do not exist as a niche product. In the absence of demand, there is a shortage of computer accessories. However, if you are not satisfied with these options, a variety of small businesses offer customized computer accessories. There are plenty of services that can tailor a computer mouse to fit your specific requirements and hand size. Here’s hoping you find the perfect accessory for your gaming and working needs.

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