The best computer mouse for small hands 2022

best computer mouse for small hands

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The best computer mouse for small hands 2022

You don’t have to have big hands to use a computer mouse! In fact, there are plenty of mice out there designed specifically for people with small hands. Here’s a list of the best computer mice for small hands, so you can choose the perfect one for you.

In most cases, ergonomic mice on the market are designed for large to regular hands, which makes finding one that fits your small hands difficult. As a result of clicking and mousing, highly repetitive tasks like burning and clicking can raise the risk of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis of the wrist, thumb pain and other symptoms of repetitive motion.

As part of this buyer’s guide, we are going to go through our personal choice of 7 ergonomic mice of the year 2021, so if you belong to this category, this buyer’s guide is for you.

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Do I Have Small Hands?

The first thing to determine is whether or not I have small hands. Prior to investing in a mouse designed for this group, you must be aware of this. In the case that you choose a mouse that is too small, a “clawed” position that it forces your fingers into can cause pain over time. Furthermore, a mouse that is too big can be just as frustrating, as you must constantly shuffle your hand to reach the different commands.

Can you tell me what “small hands” are? Generally, small hands are defined as those with a distance between the tip of your longest finger and your wrist crease of less than 6.75 inches (17.1 cm). Men’s small size overshadows women’s small size, as this is based on what is considered small for men.

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How to Measure Hand Size for Mouse

The palm side of your hand should be up when you measure your hand’s size. Measuring the distance between your tallest fingertip and the first crease at your wrist with a tape measure is the best way to determine this.

Your hands are considered small if they measure less than 6.75 inches (17 cm), so you should select a small mouse. The size of your hands is considered large if they measure between 7.5 and 8.5 inches.

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How We Picked

Each gaming mouse we selected was analyzed based on its:


For this guide and review, we considered the size of any mice we came across as the first aspect we considered. The aforementioned table defines small and medium hand sizes for mice. Mice outside of those ranges would be excluded from the study.

Connectivity Type

As wireless mice are quite popular, we included a fair number of wired mice as well. We prioritized wireless mice with 2.4Ghz connectivity, and wired mice with a paracord cable where possible when choosing wireless mice.

Sensor Type

A gaming mouse today has one of two types of sensors – an optical sensor or a laser sensor. Our thorough research did not turn up any notable laser gaming mice, so we did not include any.

The sensor used by each mouse is listed alongside the product description since many manufacturers make their own sensors or have exclusive sensors.


Sensors are capable of detecting and acting upon a certain number of movement points, or dots-per-inch (DPI). High DPI mice are technically more sensitive than those with lower DPI.

There are a lot of gamers who do not play games against a high DPI, they even play with a DPI of 1,500 (and that is an exceptionally high DPI), yet since it is something a lot of people are looking for, we did not neglect to include it. Whether or not your DPI number is high isn’t important – as long as it’s already thousands, you should be fine.

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RGB Lights

RGB lights are very popular with gamers. Nowadays, almost all consumer electronics include RGB functionality. Therefore, we noted whether these mice have RGB – but it wasn’t considered when selecting the best one.

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse


Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse

View on Amazon

It measures 4.1 by 2.7 by 2.3 inches

The weight of this product is 3.2 ounces

Wireless Mouse Review: Jelly Comb Small

In our opinion, the Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse is the best mouse for small hands. People with smaller hands can use the compact design and closely placed buttons to manipulate the device comfortably.

4.1 inches long by 2.7 inches tall, Jelly Comb is just 4.1 inches long by 2.7 inches tall. A mouse that fits the hands of many owners on Amazon has been praised for its flawless fit by owners with small hand profiles.

View on Amazon

When held, the Jelly Comb minimizes forearm pronation due to its vertical design. As a result, there is less chance of compressing the wrist’s medium nerve, which through time can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Last but not least, we love that the Jelly Comb mouse allows you to adjust the DPI settings between 800/1200/1600. Another feature that helps decrease muscle fatigue and improve productivity is the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse pointer.

Outstanding Features

Designed with small hands in mind, this vertical design is compact

Designed to withstand 5 million clicks, this product is very durable and long-lasting

It clicks quietly and smoothly

The precision of the display can be adjusted by adjusting the DPI

Button placement is excellent for forwarding and rewinding

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XTRFY M42 RGB Ultra Light Gaming Mouse – Black

View on Amazon

the best computer mouse for small hands 2022
XTRFY M42 RGB Ultra Light Gaming Mouse

DPI RGB Connectivity Dimensions (L/W/H in mm)

The following data is wired: 118 x 62 x 38 Wired 3389 16000 Yes

As far as gaming mice for small hands go, the Xtrfy M42 is our favorite.

When this article was written, the best price was $89.99.


This list includes a large number of options, such as the Xtrfy M42 mouse. In the absence of the cable, the model measures 118mm in length, 62mm in height, and 38mm in width, and weighs only 2.08 ounces.

The shape makes it suitable for a variety of grip types, and the swappable back humps allow for further adjustments if needed.

The mouse is coated with a soft matte finish that looks good but can be sticky. While sweaty palms can be made a little more comfortable by the holes all around the mouse, they do help disperse air when they get moist.

A design decision I didn’t fully approve of was the placement of the DPI cycle button on the mouse’s bottom. There would seem to be a trigger button at the bottom of the screen that would work when you select RGB lights and a button at the top for DPI selection. Contrary to popular belief, the situation is exactly the opposite.

Having good placement, easy access, good size, and good placement of the side buttons makes this a great product. On the bottom of the mouse, there is an additional button called the DPI button, along with an adjuster for the polling rate, as well as PTFE feet.


In terms of performance, the Xtrfy M42 offers excellent value, as the manufacturer has in the past offered some spectacular mice.

A 20 million click seal is included on the Omron switches, which feel smooth and consistent when you use them. Despite its high range and high performance, Pixart’s 3389 sensor performs as expected here as well.

When you’re in the middle of a session, the paracord cable stays out of your way so you won’t get distracted. It is worth noting that the mouse is available in a wireless version if that is more convenient for you. This small mouse from Xtrfy is highly reliable, comfortable, and performs well. At the beginning of the description, there is a link to an Amazon page where you can purchase one.

Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse: Ultra Lightweight – 2 Wireless Modes – Up to 950hrs…



the best computer mouse for small hands 2022
Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Gaming Mouse

View on Amazon

Size (L/W/H in mm)  Connectivity   Sensor Type    DPI      RGB

106 × 62 × 38 Wireless          3335    18000  No

It was the Razer Orochi v2 wireless mouse that finished second for the best gaming mouse for small hands. When this article was written, the best price was $34.95.


This mouse is most notable for the shape of its exterior, which is egg-shaped. Despite its design targeting all types of grips, the mouse manages to handle this fairly well during testing.

A hump at the top curves in the right places to allow your palm to sit comfortably on it, and there are grooves on the sides that make your fingers sit even more comfortably. An interesting feature of the shell is that it can be removed. A nice little grip is also built into the mouse’s coating, which ensures that it stays tight to the grip of your hand even when things get a little… heated up when you’re dealing with it.

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed by the size of the side buttons, so it is somewhat difficult for me to get them. I believe that Razer felt they had to make a sacrifice to offer the user an even more comfortable experience when using the mouse, so I am willing to accept it as one they felt they had to make. Besides the DPI cycle button (as well as it should be) there is also a 2.4 Ghz power button located on top of the table. A Bluetooth toggle can be found under the mouse, as well as other buttons. Around this toggle are three PTFE feet, which are of good quality as well. Together with the included lithium battery, the mouse weighs a little over two ounces with the three PTFE feet.


A good number of clicks can be commanded by Razer’s switch, which is rated for 60 million. Their responsiveness and feel are great.

Prior to purchasing, remember to consider the side buttons on the mouse, which are generally very comfortable. Considering the entire package, I think it’s not a bad sacrifice, but the information you have should be complete.

There aren’t many sensors out there that are as good as the modified Pixart 3335. Compared to other alternatives, it has a longer lift-off distance, but it’s not a serious problem. This mouse has a long battery life, which is one of its best features. I am blown away by the 420 hours you can get from the lithium battery included, and the fact that there are no cables is an added bonus.

Perixx PERIMICE-519


 the best computer mouse for small hands 2022
Perixx PERIMICE-519.

View on Amazon

Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.61 x 2.26 inches

There are 5.12 ounces in weight

Small Mouse Review: Perixx PERIMICE-519

In terms of ergonomic mouse performance for small hands, the Perix Ergonomic Mouse finishes just behind the Jelly Comb Mouse. Because of its dominant size and vertical design, the mouse requires fewer muscles to operate.

Compared to the Jelly Comb mouse we’ve tested, the Perixx Perimice is even smaller. According to one user, the Perixx fits perfectly into his hands measuring less than 6 inches from wrist to tip.

We appreciate that the Perixx has only 6 buttons but still offers high functionality. The thumb rest has a button to go back and forth, as well as a DPI settings switch for controlling cursor speed easily.

There are wired and wireless versions of the Perixx mouse.

Outstanding features:

Maintaining a neutral wrist position with a semi-vertical design

Clicking the mouse silently during work avoids bothering others

An easy-to-use DPI switch is included among the six easy-to-access buttons

Various versions are available, including one with a wireless connection

Logitech G305


 best computer mouse 2022
Logitech G305 Mouse

View  on Amazon

It is an excellent wireless gaming mouse with a Hero 12K sensor, 12,000 DPI, Lightweight, Bluetooth 2.4 GHz, and 15FPS…

Size (L/W/H in mm)  Connectivity   Sensor Type    DPI      RGB

116 × 62 × 38 Wireless          Logitech Hero 12000  No

Gamer’s with smaller hands will appreciate the Logitech G305 gaming mouse.

When this article was written, $44.89 was the best price.


Logitech’s G305 mouse is also shaped like an egg, like the Razer Orochi v2.

In comparison with the other mice discussed to date, it has a similar physical footprint. The alkaline battery adds an additional 3.2 ounces of weight to the device.

There is more room across the top of this Orochi v2 than in the Orochi v2. The curved sides, however, sometimes make my hands stiff and uncomfortable after a while, especially since they curve all the way to the base.

In contrast to Razer mice, Logitech uses a matte coating instead of a glossy one. In addition, if you have sweaty palms, the G305 is less grippable than Razer’s alternative.


We’ve talked so far about Pixart sensors, but here we’re using the Logitech Hero, which is similarly great. The mouse’s excellent battery life of 250 hours, along with that, makes it the best mouse for the money.

There were, however, a few concerns raised during testing. PTFE feet are also missing, in addition to the uncomfortable sides. PTFE feet glide better across mice pads than regular plastic ones.

It is also important to consider the mouse’s weight since you would expect it to be lightweight if the mouse is being bought for its small footprint. Compared to the other options we have discussed thus far, this one is a bit more difficult to use.


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Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse: Fastest Gaming Switches – 8500 DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma…


the best computer mouse 2022
Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

View Buy on Amazon

Size (L/W/H in mm)  Connectivity   Sensor Type    DPI      RGB

118 × 61 × 38 Wired  Pixart 3359     8500    Yes

A Razer Viper Mini gaming mouse would be a great budget alternative to the Logitech G203 gaming mouse.

When this article was written, $23.74 was the best price.


Featuring measurements of 118x61x38mm without a cable, the Razer Viper Mini measures exactly 118x61x38mm.

Viper Mini’s design echoes that of the similar Orochi v2 mouse produced by the same manufacturer. The grip feels great for me, and I believe the same can be said for most people.

In keeping with Razer’s general fashion, the coating is coarse, contributing to the overall feel and grip of the mouse.


There are 70 million clicks rated for Razer’s optical switches. The v2 Pro mouse’s feel great and I would say they are even better in terms of consistency than those used on the v2 pro mouse. In this case, we’re using the Pixart 3359, which is another mid-range sensor that does the job without fuss or disappointment. Additionally, the Razer Orochi v2 mouse has a similarly long lift-off distance.

It is also worth pointing out that I have had quality control issues with a few Razer Viper mice that I have used in the past, so that is something to keep in mind when using this mouse as well. There was a misunderstanding years ago, but it should have been resolved by now since it was quite some time ago. For those of you looking for a gaming mouse that is affordable but is still good quality, this is a great little budget option for you. I like its light weight, the small footprint it leaves, the PTFE feet it has, the comfortable shape, and the nice coating it has.

Razer Viper Mini has gaming mouse  setting that draws inspiration from the Razer Viper, can be purchased from Amazon, or directly from if you are a fan.

TeckNet Wireless Vertical Mouse


the best computer mouse
TeckNet Wireless Vertical Mouse

View on Amazon

It measures 4.61 x 4.02 x 3.19 inches

The weight of this item is 5.9 ounces

The TeckNet Jelly Comb wireless mouse encourages a neutral hand position, just like the Jelly Comb mouse. This product stands out for a number of reasons among them including its large contour on the left side, which allows you to rest your thumbs fully and minimize the strain placed on them. In this regard, this is why we picked it as one of the most suitable small mice for users suffering from thumb pain.

The dual wired and wireless functionality of this mouse is another great feature. Upon charging, the battery lasts up to 30 days and is built in with a 300mAh rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the mouse comes with a USB C cable that can be used while the battery is being recharged as a wired mouse.

Outstanding Features:

Dedicated thumb rest on a highly contoured mouse.

Lifetime technical support with 1 year warranty

Placed near the thumb rest, the forward and back buttons are easily accessible

There are 5 levels of DPI to choose from: 2600, 2000, 1600, 1200, and 800

Final Thoughts on the best computer mouse for small hands 2022

There are a lot of great options out there made especially for gamers with smaller hands that don’t require you to use a mouse larger than your hands.

It was our initial plan to sell 25 computer mouse, as mentioned above. Due to the wide range of great mice available, it was very challenging to choose the top 7.

However, we believe a few of the mice that didn’t make it deserve honorable mention even if they didn’t make the top six. The Logitech MX Anywhere 3, Logitech G305, and Razer Viper Mini would have been included in our guide had we reviewed a larger number of mice.