Best Mouse for Wrist Pain

Best  Mouse for Wrist Pain

By keeping your wrist as neutral as possible during operation, a vertical mouse may be able to prevent wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome from getting worse. No vertical mouse is created equal however, so be careful when choosing one.

All of these vertical mice push the envelop in some way to better protect your wrist. Here are the 5 best vertical mice for wrist pain.

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

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Best  Mouse for Wrist Pain

Evoluent VM4SW VerticalMouse 4

If you suffer from wrist pain or are at a high risk of developing it, the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 may be exactly what your doctor ordered. 

It’s imperative to pick the right mouse based on your hand size to be comfortable. Evoluent is no stranger to vertical mice. They introduced the first vertical mouse in 2002 and have been leading this design ever since.

In comparison to all other vertical mice, what sets the Evoluent Vertical 4 apart is how far the vertical design has been taken. As a result, the mouse is close to perfect when you hold it as the main buttons are positioned on a near 80 degree slope. When you suffer from wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to keep your wrist as neutral as possible at all times to prevent it from getting worse. As far as we know, no other mouse achieves this to the extent that the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4.

In addition to the mouse’s design, we should also discuss its main features. I think this is the best implementation of a DPI switch I’ve ever seen on a mouse. It has a mouse sensitivity rocker that lets you easily toggle the pointer’s sensitivity. Rather than guessing how sensitive the mouse is, an LED bar shows you precisely what it is right now.

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Primary buttons

Additionally, two primary mouse buttons are available on the right side of the mouse, along with a useful middle button. When you click on a link on a webpage, it automatically opens a new tab in the background (Ctrl + left click). Having a dedicated large button for opening Google search results or websites that contain a lot of links in the background (or any multi-step command) with just one click is a godsend ergonomically.

Its protruding lip adds to the overall comfort of the mouse by cushioning your pinky finger while maneuvering it. Despite its excellent form factor, Evoluent’s vertical mouse is less comfortable than most other vertical mice, even if it offers the best protection for your wrist. In fact, the perfect handshake position has you resting your forearm and wrist on their side, which has a higher bone density and lower surface area than when you rotate your wrist even slightly. This is a small price to pay if you already suffer from wrist pain in order to prevent it from getting worse.

Overall, if you are at risk of or already suffer from wrist pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome, the Evoluent mouse is the best ergonomic mouse out there. You may want to consider the other mice on this list that are less vertical if you simply want to avoid potential wrist issues.

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Pros and cons


Maintains near-perfect wrist position for handshakes

A DPI switch with an LED indicator that is the most intuitive

The third middle button is awesome

Fits more comfortably in three sizes


A bit pricey

Other vertical mice are more comfortable to use for longer periods of time

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 Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Trackball 

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Best  Mouse for Wrist Pain

Kensington Pro Fit® Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball (K75326WW)

A vertical mouse helps keep your wrist neutral, while a trackball mouse minimizes wrist movements while it functions. While the vertical mouse protects your wrist, the trackball mouse minimizes wrist movements while operating. As a result of combining both designs, the Kensington Pro Fit mouse is truly ergonomic and pain-free. You don’t need an ergonomist to tell you how great that is for your wrist. The vertically sloped design combined with the thumb-controlled trackball keeps your wrist neutral and totally still at all times.

The Pro Fit was very comfortable for me in just a matter of minutes. Granted, I had previously used a trackball, but Kensington deserves credit for the great execution that made it possible for me to use it again. In addition to being just the right size, the trackball is perfectly placed under my thumb. While in use, the mouse stays completely stationary and doesn’t slide at all.

Taking a closer look at the Pro Fit, there are quite a few features to it. You can connect the mouse to up to three devices at once with dual wireless and bluetooth connections (similar to the Logitech MX Vertical) and there are 9 programmable buttons. At the bottom, there is a physical DPI switch (mouse sensitivity) switch. 

Trackballs have one drawback: they require a higher learning curve. Tasks such as drag and drop require holding down a mouse button and moving the trackball simultaneously, so it may take a little time to master the task. In addition, some people never adjust to this type of mouse completely. No matter your wrist issues, a good vertical trackball mouse like the Kensington Pro Fit may be your holy grail if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Trackball design keeps wrist perfectly still thanks to its vertical orientation

You can customize 9 buttons

Under the mouse, there is a physical DPI switch

Bluetooth and wireless support


Compared to a standard vertical mouse, this mouse has a higher learning curve

Greasing might be needed to make the trackball smoother

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Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

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Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse with keyboard

In our ranking of the best mouse for wrist pain, the MX Vertical Mouse ranks third due to its well-rounded design. In comparison to the Evoluent, the MX Vertical has a right-side slope of 57 degrees. On the left side, there is a thumb rest with less definition, allowing you to rest your thumb more freely.

As a result of the MX Vertical’s “gentler” design, most people will be able to adapt to it more quickly than with the Evoluent. Many of these people will also find the MX Mouse more comfortable to use during marathon sessions due to the less pronounced right side slope that won’t leave your wrist and forearm completely flat.

In my estimation, the Evoluent’s near perfect handshake position contributes to an even greater reduction in muscle strain. Logitech’s own research shows a 10% reduction in muscular strain. In addition, the MX Logitech mouse features FLOW, a technology that allows you to use it simultaneously with up to three devices. While working, I often switch between my desktop in one room and my laptop in the other, and this feature essentially doubles my investment, since I can seamlessly use the same mouse across the two. For me, that is worth the price of admission.

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Muscle strain can be reduced scientifically

With a DPI sensitivity of up to 4000, this is a physical DPI switch

Rubber texture of premium quality

Suitable for three devices at the same time


Too high a position for the back and forward buttons

 R-Go Tools Break Vertical Ergo Mouse

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Best  Mouse for Wrist Pain

R-Go Tools Bluetooth Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

I think of the R-Go Tools Break Mouse as Evoluent’s little sibling. The mouse is smaller, cheaper, and not quite as innovative as the Evoluent. In comparison to the original vertical mouse that started it all, the R-Go Tools mouse is a good alternative for people with less severe wrist pain or are new to this type of mouse.

Both a regular and a large size is available for the R-Go Tools Break. This mouse’s normal size should fit both regular and small-handed individuals just fine, since the “peaks” and “valleys” on the exterior are not as dramatic as those on the Evoluent, so a small size is not necessary.

It is more comfortable to use the R-Go Break after a while compared to the Evoluent because the slope where the main buttons are housed is around 60 degrees at the top. It does, however, result in more wrist rotation, so it’s best to minimize it if you suffer from severe wrist pain. On the thumb side of the keyboard, there are two customizable buttons as well as a physical sensitivity control to adjust the cursor’s responsiveness.

R-Go Break’s lofty goal is to encourage you to practice healthy computing, which sets it apart from its peers. The software keeps track of the amount of mouse time used (clicks, times, etc.) and reminds you when you should take a break through an LED indicator on the mouse and audible sounds. Your commitment level determines how effective this is, but you have the tools, and the R-Go Break Mouse is the only one with these features.

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Evoluent Mouse 4 alternative

LED indicator with physical DPI switch

Break-reminder LED light and software


People with advanced wrist pain may find the slope of the mouse too gentle

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J-Tech v628 Vertical Mouse

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Best  Mouse for Wrist Pain

J-Tech Digital Ergonomic Mouse

Last but not least, we have the J-Tech v628 mouse, which is a great vertical mouse for those with larger hands. As a vertical mouse, this means that your hand has more surface area to rest on because of the 5.8″ height profile. People with large hands will find the V628 mouse extremely accommodating due to its joystick-like form factor, which enables people to grip it to loosely rest their digits on the buttons. 

In comparison to traditional mice, the J-Tech V628 allows you to keep your wrist relatively close to the desk surface at around 40 degrees. A physical DPI switch lets you choose between 800, 1200 and 1600 sensitivity for the J-Tech V628 mouse, just like any good ergonomic mouse. There is a plastic palm rest in the mouse that some people will appreciate since it cushions a portion of their hand. Unfortunately, the button is at the bottom.

Since the V628 mouse is so large and heavy (11 ounces, as opposed to say 7 ounces for the Evoluent Mouse 4), it can be unwieldy. If you have small hands or are trying to maneuver the mouse with your forearm rather than your wrist, this may be true. I have medium hands, and I don’t have any problems with its larger profile. I control the mouse with my wrist loosely. It’s very comfortable.

In our list of the best vertical mice of 2019, we chose the J-Tech V628 for a reason. In addition to being the least expensive mouse on this list, it can be held in several ways to ensure maximum comfort, but is still ideally suited to people who have larger hands due to its height profile and weight.

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Pros and cons


Hands with a larger circumference make this profile ideal

Various ways to hold it due to its unique form factor

Palm rest that can be detached


Mouse may be too cumbersome for people with small hands

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Final thoughts on Best  Mouse for Wrist Pain

In conclusion, the best mouse for wrist pain is one that is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably in the hand. Features such as adjustable DPI, a vertical design, and a thumb rest can help reduce stress on the wrist. The Logitech MX Vertical and the Anker Vertical Mouse are both popular options that have received positive reviews for their ergonomic design and ability to alleviate wrist pain. Ultimately, it is important to find a mouse that works well for your specific needs and to take regular breaks while using it to prevent further discomfort.

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