Best Mouses for Graphic Design

Best Mouses for Graphic Design of 2023

My productivity toolbox would not be complete without a mouse. After doing graphic design for almost ten years, I have tried many different types of mice. Compared to other external devices like tablets, you might think a mouse is the last thing you should worry about, but a good mouse makes a big difference. Ergonomic mice can even affect your health (source), which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

The options I chose are based on my experience and some feedback from my fellow designers who use different types of mice. In this article, I’ll show you my favorite mice for graphic design and explain what sets them apart from the competition.  Hopefully, the following buying guide will be helpful to you if you don’t know what to look for when choosing a mouse for graphic design. My productivity toolbox would not be complete without a mouse. After doing graphic design for almost ten years, I have tried many different types of mice.  

When looking for Best Mouses for Graphic Design for 2023, you have to consider several factors such as the battery and the ergonomic

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Best Mouse for Graphic Design: Top Picks

There are a number of different types of mice, so here are my top picks for Best Mouses for Graphic Design of 2023. There are mice for heavy users, Mac fans, left-handers, vertical mice, wired mice, and wireless mice. Take a look at each of these mice and decide for yourself which one you like best. 

Logitech MX Master 3 ~Best for Professionals & Heavy Users

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Best Mouses for Graphic Design of 2023

Logitech MX Master 3S

Compatibility (OS): Mac, Windows, Linux

Ergonomic: Right-handed

DPI: 4000

Interface: Wireless, Unifying Dongle, Bluetooth

Buttons: 7 customizable buttons


It is designed to fit comfortably in the human hand, but unfortunately, it does not work for left-handed people. This ergonomic mouse is great for people who work long hours since it protects their palms, wrists, or even arms from too much pressure. 

It’s very convenient to zoom or adjust brush sizes without having to use the keyboard when drawing or editing photos. I also love the fact that I can customize the buttons based on the software. 

There is no need for a mouse pad with MX Master 3 since the sensor is so good (4000DPI) that it can track on any surface, even glass.  MX Master 3 is a nice ergonomic mouse with convenient buttons and a good sensor. It’s an expensive mouse, but I think it’s worth the money. 

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Apple Magic Mouse~Best for Mac Users

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Best Mouses for Graphic Design of 2023

Apple Magic Mouse 2, Wireless, Rechargeable – Silver

Compatibility (OS): Mac, iPadOS

Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

DPI: 1300

Interface: Wireless, Bluetooth

Buttons: 2 customizable buttons


Magic Mouse has a minimalistic design and shape, but it doesn’t feel comfortable to use for extended periods of time. In addition to the tracking speed, ease of use, and ease of gestures, everything else works great, but after a while using it intensively, it does cause some slight pain. 

Because it does not have a battery, you must charge it with an Apple USB charger (works with iPhones too). Check the battery level periodically since it cannot be used while charging. 

Desktop computer users find it extremely difficult to work without a mouse, but laptop users can at least use their trackpads as an alternative.  When you’re using a desktop computer, this is a huge disadvantage since you can’t work without a mouse. On a laptop, you at least have the trackpad as an alternativeday and charge it about once a month 

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SteelSeries Sensei 310~Best for Left-Handed Users

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SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

Compatibility (OS): Mac, Windows, Linux

Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

CPI: 12,000 (Optical)

Interface: Wired, USB

Buttons: 8 customizable buttons


Since it’s affordable, good quality, and well designed, the SteelSeries Sensei 310 is an overall better choice than a vertical mouse.

Aside from being ambidextrous, this mouse features a comfortable grip on the sides, enabling users to control the mouse smoothly. With more than 40 configurable buttons, it’s a great tool for graphic design projects on a daily basis.  

As for a computer or monitor, if it can be used for gaming, it can be used for graphic design. The SteelSeries Sensei 310 optical mouse has 12,000 CPI, which means it’s very responsive and accurate.  In fact, many designers prefer wired mice over wireless ones because they have a stable connection and do not have to worry about constantly charging them. 

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 Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse~Best Budget Option 

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Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse,

Compatibility (OS): Mac, Windows, Linux

Ergonomic: Right-handed

DPI: Up to 1600

Interface: Wireless, Unifying Dongle

Buttons: 5 pre-programmed buttons


In spite of not being the cheapest mouse, it is definitely a good budget choice given its cool features, especially the ergonomic design. Despite being cheaper, the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is not Mac compatible and is less ergonomic, so I almost selected it as the best budget option.

As strange as the Anker 2.4G looks, its design is meant to provide a comfortable grip and relief from strain and pain. The vertical shape makes it feel a bit strange at first, but you’ll get used to it. 

Aside from the standard left and right buttons, there are five preprogrammed buttons for changing DPI and going through pages.  Also, I think it may be difficult for smaller hands to reach the left and right clicks and that it doesn’t support left-handed users. 

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Logitech MX Vertical~Best Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

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Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse with keyboard

Compatibility (OS): Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Linux

Ergonomic: Right-handed

DPI: Up to 4000

Interface: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB

Buttons: 6, including 4 customizable buttons 


The Logitech MX vertical mouse is another awesome ergonomic mouse. It has similar features to the MX Master 3, including its ability to run on multiple operating systems, high tracking speed, and customizable buttons. There are fewer buttons on the MX Vertical, though. 

According to the manufacturer, the vertical mouse with a 57 degree angle reduces muscle strain by 10%. I can’t say the percentage, but I feel the difference when I hold it vertically over a standard mouse. Switching from a traditional mouse to a vertical one is still a weird feeling, but it’s well worth it for wrist protection. 

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Razer DeathAdder V2~Best Wired Mouse Option

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Best Mouses for Graphic Design of 2023

Razer DeathAdder V2 Special Edition Gaming Mouse

Compatibility (OS): Windows, Mac 

Ergonomic: Right-handed

DPI: 20,000

Interface: Wired, USB

Buttons: 8 customizable buttons

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The wired mouse is not for everyone, but if you like it or are unsure of whether to get a wired mouse for graphic design, here’s the one I recommend. Because a wired mouse is more stable and does not require batteries, I prefer it over a wireless mouse. 

Its sensor level of 20K DPI is hard to beat and is actually more than you’ll ever need for graphic design work. Razer mice are quite popular for gaming, so the DeathAdder V2 is advertised as a gaming mouse. 

In spite of its appearance, it’s slightly ergonomic. It’s not as much as a vertical mouse, but it does feel comfortable. 

The last thing you want to do while designing or illustrating is to get cramped or have other muscle problems while drawing lines or creating shapes. A mouse that is comfortable and has good tracking precision is crucial, which is why I think the Razer DeathAdder V2 is a good choice. Plus, it is inexpensive.  You can customize the buttons of this mouse, but it won’t work on Macs. 

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Best Mouses for Graphic Design : What to Consider 

Choosing the right mouse for graphic design can be confusing, or you may think any mouse will do. That’s not true at all! Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right mouse for you.


It is recommended that graphic designers who frequently use a mouse get an ergonomic mouse to reduce pressure on their wrists.

The wrist and palm muscles can become sore after working long hours. Not exaggerating, I’ve experienced it myself and sometimes even had to massage the thumb area. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a mouse that’s comfortable for your hand. 

It’s a known fact that Logitech makes ergonomic mouse shapes. The mice may look funky and appear big, but they’re actually designed to be used for hours at a time. 


This measurement indicates how smooth and responsive a mouse is because it determines how many dots per inch (or dots per inch) are used to measure tracking speed. There is nothing more frustrating than having lags or delays while you’re designing. You definitely don’t want to break your lines because of a faulty mouse sensor.  

There are two types of mice: optical and laser. If you’re looking for a mouse for graphic design, you should look for a mouse with at least 1000 pixels per inch. The dpi value is more important to me than whether or not the mouse is laser or optical, since a laser mouse uses a laser sensor, which is more advanced than an LED sensor. However, both types have good options, so I think dpi is more important than whether the mouse is laser or optical.

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Wired vs Wireless

For its convenience to carry around, wireless mice are the preferred choice, but there are also good wired options, which are actually preferred by many desktop computer users.  A wired mouse has the advantage of hardly ever experiencing connectivity issues that some Bluetooth mice do. Disconnection and pairing problems are quite common with Bluetooth mice.

Using a cable allows you to use your mouse without having to charge it or use batteries. So, in this case, it’s more convenient than using a wireless mouse. I have run out of battery power a couple of times after using a wireless mouse.  Many wireless mice come with a USB adapter you can plug into your computer, or they can be connected directly to your computer with Bluetooth, such as the Apple Magic Mouse. 

As a MacBook Pro user who mostly uses a wireless mouse with Bluetooth connectivity for work, I prefer a wireless mouse with Bluetooth connectivity.  The advantage of Bluetooth mice is that you don’t have to worry about losing the USB connector. However, I don’t like how they sometimes disconnect or connect to other devices by accident.  

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Left or Right Handed 

As a left-hander myself, I was wondering how it would be for them when using a tablet or mouse. So I got in touch with them to try it out and I tried out using a mouse at the same time. 

A mouse with a symmetrical design is usually good for left-handers as well because many standard mice are ambidextrous (they’re called Ambidextrous mice). I changed my Apple Magic Mouse’s gesture settings and tried using it with my left hand. Despite being quite bad at using my left hand to navigate, it worked. 

Due to many of the sculpted shapes designed for the right hand, finding an ergonomic mouse for left-handers is more difficult. If you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse, there are some vertical mice that can be a good option. It takes a while to get used to, but if you’re looking for one, it can be a good choice.   

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Customizable Buttons

There is nothing wrong with using custom buttons on regular occasions, but they are useful for graphic designers because they can increase your productivity. Most mice come with two buttons and a scroll/wheel button, but not all of them can be customized. 

With some advanced mice, you can zoom, redo, undo, and adjust brush sizes without touching the keyboard with extra buttons or trackballs. Among the most advanced mice is the Logitech MX Master 3, which allows you to program its buttons.  It is important to check if the buttons can also be configured for left-handed use as some mice are designed exclusively for right-handed users. 

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FAQs for the Best Mouses for Graphic Design of 2023

You might also be interested in some of the questions below that can help you choose a mouse for graphic design. 

Is Magic Mouse good for Photoshop?

In general, the Apple Magic Mouse is an excellent choice for Photoshop, especially if you’re using it with a MacBook or iMac. However, there are more advanced mice with customisable buttons that will allow you to customize them based on your needs. 

Can a graphics tablet replace a mouse?

The graphics tablet can indeed be used to click, but it’s not as convenient as a mouse for normal use. I’d suggest using a mouse for most things. 

In this case, you can use the tablet to click and drag instead of a mouse when drawing with a program. 

Is vertical mouse good for designers?

Design professionals benefit from ergonomic vertical mice because they are designed at an angle that allows your hand to grip it and move naturally, rather than twisting your wrist as you do with traditional mice.

Are pen mice any good?

Compared to regular mice, pen mice are more responsive, have a good point and click accuracy, and have an ergonomic design. These are some benefits of pen mice. 

The pen mouse, however, doesn’t work as a stylus, so if you want to draw with it, you’ll be disappointed. 

Which mouse is best for Illustrator?

Any mouse listed in this article is a great choice for Illustrator if you are looking for a mouse for graphic design. For example, Logitech’s MX Master 3 or MX vertical are great mice to use in Illustrator for creative work. 

Can I use my MX Master 3 while charging?

While charging, you can use the MX Master 3. There are three ways to charge it, and charging it directly is one. Using it while charging will however reduce battery life. 

In order to get maximum performance out of the device, it’s best to charge it just a minute before using it. According to Logitech, it can last up to three hours after a quick charge. 

Is a 3200 DPI mouse good for graphic design? A mouse with 3200 DPI is a good choice for graphic design since it’s responsive and precise. If you’re working on graphics, a mouse with 1000 DPI or higher is preferred. 

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Final Words on Best Mouses for Graphic Design of 2023

When choosing a mouse, there are some essential factors to consider, but ergonomics and DPI stand out as the most important. Customizable buttons are a nice feature, but I’m not sure how important they are to graphic designers. 

For illustrators, for example, customizable buttons are preferred for changing brush sizes. Once you have found a comfortable mouse, you can think about the buttons or how you want to connect it. When it comes to the Interface, wireless mice are convenient to carry around, while wired mice are more convenient because batteries don’t need to be charged or changed.

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