best off-road electric scooters for kids

best off-road electric scooters for kids

best off-road electric scooters for kids

Here the best off-road electric scooters for kids to ride during holidays or in the countryside. They are both durable and have large wheels

It is possible to find a variety of electric scooters with various features, each suited to different tasks. The e-scooters meant for the track may not perform very well off-road. The scooter may break or perform poorly.  You can use an electric scooter like the Mantis if you’re hiking or traveling along trails on uneven terrain (semi-offroad). This is why we have complied a detailed list for the best off-road electric scooters for kids.

Having the best of both worlds, it is regarded as an all-rounder. Foldable electric scooter with a top speed of 40mph (64kph). This car also has an advanced suspension system for a smooth ride.

There are quite a few differences between the Mantis and Wolf Warrior 11. Wolf’s top speed is 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour) and range is twice that of Mantis – 80 miles (128 kilometers).

This is due to the huge motor of the Wolf, which brings the overall weight up to 101 lbs (45 kg) compared to 61 lbs (28 kg) for the Mantis. Despite their similar dimensions, when folded, the Mantis becomes substantially smaller than the Wolf.

best off-road electric scooter for kids

Razor E300

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best off-road electric scooters for kids
Razor E300

It receives the highest customer ratings of any electric scooter on the market. The Razor E300 is considered among the best electric scooters in the market. Designed for ages 12 and older, it comes in three colors and is one of the largest scooters on the market.

With a super-sized deck and frame, the scooter is also suitable for adults who weigh up to 220 pounds. The scooter is designed to accommodate experienced riders. In addition to its push-start and higher speed, it is not recommended for riders with little or no experience using electric scooters.


Razor E300 has a highly powerful and highly efficient 300-watt motor that can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. The charger for the 24V sealed battery system is included. Featuring a chain-driven motor with high torque for a smooth and silent ride, this scooter provides exceptional power and torque. The rider has the added benefit of hearing oncoming traffic as well as other motorists, which is a great safety feature for kids and parents.

In addition to having a one-speed twist throttle like all scooters reviewed in this price range, the E300’s handlebars fold for easy storage and transportation.  Check our list of foldable electric scooters in the market. Remove the black knob on the handlebar to fold the scooter back.


Both front and back tires have a diameter of 10 inches, which provides a smoother ride over rough surfaces, and also allows for better stability at high speeds. Razor E300 electric scooters come with a hand-operated rear brake which is extremely effective, allowing you to stop at speeds of up to 15 mph.

e300 controls

Razor E300 comes with a kickstand, allowing the rider to store the bike safely when not in use. With a weight of 52 pounds, the scooter is the heaviest, yet the most powerful of the three examined. In addition, this feature allows it to accommodate riders of up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for both younger and older children.

A 40-minute ride per charge is its maximum ride time, so it can be used as transportation. The program is particularly useful to college students since they can efficiently get around campus. There is a common misconception that scooters are toys for children only, but this scooter has changed the game and is now available to all ages, so don’t hesitate to try it.

Because they have similar power and features, the E300 and Reddie are often compared. Unlike the Reddie, the Reddie is also a folding scooter, but it is considerably more expensive, as well as having an odd sloping deck on the rear that can make riding for prolonged periods uncomfortable.

Customer Reviews

Razor E300 has received excellent reviews regarding both its safety and durability. Despite being a scooter for older children and adults, customers love that it’s a great way to travel. You can use it on sidewalks, gravel, and even grass lawns since it is powerful enough to make a difference. You can ride on it smoothly thanks to the larger tires. Kids as young as 12 can enjoy this electric scooter, making it a great choice for kids and adults alike. This among the few best rated electric scooters for kids.

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When you look at the E325, it looks a lot like the E300.

EZRaider HD4

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Max. speed ~ 72 km/h (45 mph)

Max. distance ~ 80 km (50 mi)

Weight  ~ 135 kg (298 lbs)

Max. load ~ 227 kg (500 lbs)

Price:   –

You might find the EZRaider HD4 to be the perfect unit for you if you are trying to find a 4 wheel off-road electric scooter! On a single charge, this scooter can travel up to 80 km (50 miles), and it is capable of treading through dirt, sand, mud, and snow.

Due to its four motors, this electric scooter is capable of riding quickly, smoothly, and stopping without issue no matter where you are. Additionally, the HD4 scooter is one of the few scooters that can climb hills.

Read more on UberScoot 1600w Offroad Electric Scooter

An incredibly strong all-terrain option with a single 1600w brushless engine and heavy aluminum alloy construction, this pump has a top speed of 30mph and a heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction. Uberscooter features a motor that is larger than the Kaabo Mantis Pro


A comfortable seat with adjustable lumbar support Most powerful single-engine available This switchable economy mode is designed to conserve energy


Weight is higher than average at 117 lbs Price is higher than average Lower travel range per charge is lower than most scooters.

A single-engine 1600w UberScoot 1600w electric scooter provides impressive top speeds exceeding 30mph thanks to the scooter’s high torque motor. A removable, adjustable, and padded seat is featured, as well as a switchable economy mode for longer trips. The range of the scooter is up to 12 miles.

It’s incredibly sturdy, has removable seats and grips that wick away sweat, and has large, all-terrain tires which grip well, but even with its switchable economy mode, it has a shorter range of travel than other models with similar horsepower, and at 117lbs, it’s not the most convenient model to take along. Although it is built for tough roads and steep hills, the incredibly powerful engine, solid build, comfort features, and high speed make it an exceptional choice for tough terrain. That is compared to an electric scooter with an extra powerful engine like the best electric scooter for adults.

iewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

Best Off-Road Electric Scooters for kids: Ideal for Any Terrain 4

There are not many Qiewa models available in the US, but the Qy Hummer is highly regarded in Taiwan. This is large because it is an excellent off-road electric scooter. No matter what the terrain is, you will feel as though you’re riding on smooth ground.


This is because of their heavy-duty pneumatic tires, which can meet the demands of a variety of terrains. There is only one motor in this electric scooter, but it is 800W, so it’s a decent amount of power. This will ensure that you will reach your destination on time.


Aluminum is used in the construction of this scooter, making it light and durable. Despite its 60 pound weight, this model has one of the most impressive weight capacities – 550 pounds. While riding across different terrains, the sturdy aluminum construction provides stability and a feeling of safety.

There is more to it than just its high-quality construction. Battery life is impressive with a minimum of 25 miles and a maximum of 60 miles. Your mileage depends mostly on how hard you ride your scooter and what you do with it.

3 speeds

The scooter has 3 speeds, which make adjusting the speed to your needs and the traffic around you easy. Those in the first category are easy rides, those in the second category go 15 mph, and those in the third are for serious races. In third gear, you can reach speeds over 35mph, but you should be cautious.

In terms of features, the scooter is quite impressive. A scooter seat can be ordered separately. It is an e-scooter that has seats.  and you will receive different types of lights so you can ride at night. There is a loud horn on this scooter, which is an uncommon accessory on scooters.


In addition, it features dual brakes. You can also check how fast you are going on the screen if you’re uncertain how fast you are going. Besides the USB port for charging your phone, the scooter also has another feature.

Can you use electric scooters off-road?

Yes. you can use e-scooters off-road. In addition to those mentioned above, you can check the Phatty G3 e-Scooter.

Electric scooters used on off-road trails are very different from the type found in city traffic. When you are going off-road, you need a scooter that can keep up with you.

Can a 10-year-old ride an electric scooter?

For your child’s safety, we recommend that only children aged 8 and over, with a maximum weight limit of 60kg or 80kg depending on the model, should ride electric scooters. This is because children of this age have better motor skills and awareness of their surroundings to control the scooter safely. Check our list of best e-scooters for 10-year-old kids.

What is the best electric scooter for an 11-year-old?

Here is a list of the best electric scooters for an 11-year-old you can find in the market affordably.

The Best Electric Scooter for An 11-Year-Old

The Best Electric Scooter for An 11-Year-Old.

Razor E90 Scooter.

Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre ​

Razor Power A5 Electric Scooter.

E200 Razor Scooter.

See the E200 in Action.

Razor E300 ​

Hover Comet 1 Electric Scooter.

Why do you need an off-road electric scooter?

It is important to select the right electric scooter for the task at hand when evaluating adult electric scooters in general.

The best performance from an electric scooter will be obtained if it is matched to the terrain where it will be used. Hence our list of best off-road electric scooters for kids.

A professional cyclist is a good comparison. Mountain bike tires aren’t fit for road racing, so they wouldn’t dream of participating. Their design differences allow them to perform well, regardless of the purpose for which they’re being used. This also applies to the best off-road electric scooters for kids.

Final thoughts on the best off-road electric scooters for kids

Consider the amount of time it takes to charge, its weight, and its speed when choosing an electric scooter.

As electric scooters are environmentally friendly, they are often sought after by parents as safe toys. Yes, we saw that e-scooters are safer than motorcycles. The batteries are readily available, the toys are entertaining, and they are inexpensive to maintain. You might want to consider one of the best electric scooters above when your child is looking for new ways to get around so that they can have hours of fun and a scooter they will want to use every day.

The scooters can be used safely as long as you ride them with care, but they are dangerous when they are used at high speeds on uneven ground. In the case of kids, scooter riding presents several potential dangers that they need special guidance and instruction. Parental guidance is therefore mandatory. You should wear safety equipment, including helmets and pads, when riding a scooter, especially on off-road trails.

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