Best pc mouse settings for warzone

best pc mouse settings for warzone

Best pc mouse settings for warzone

Currently, Call of Duty: Warzone has an active player base of 50 million players worldwide, making it one of the most popular battles royale games. As well as requiring a couple of adjustments to the sensitivity settings, the game offers a range of exciting features. It is extremely important to make a few changes to the control settings if you are just starting out or are trying to improve your game.

For ultimate accuracy throughout a Warzone match, all of those settings should be set to zero. Mouse acceleration, filtering, and smoothing all have an effect on performance and precision. Getting the right mouse settings depends greatly on your personal style, so try playing through a few private matches or Rebirth Islands and adjust the settings accordingly.

Best Sensitivity and ADS Sensitivity for Call of Duty: Warzone

Earlier we stated that sensitivity depends on the individual, and that is very true, however you’d be surprised at how low the overall sensitivity of pro shooter players is when measured in eDPI.

As an example, we can consider Shroud’s Warzone settings. The DPI on his device is 450, and the sensitivity is 7.50. His eDPI can easily be calculated by multiplying sensitivity by DPI.

Formula: Sensitivity * DPI = eDPI

Shroud: 7.50 * 450 = 3375

The key is to use settings and gear that make you feel comfortable, so we don’t recommend following every pro’s setup or setting, but if you’re a newcomer, you should look at how the pros do it.

It’s difficult to analyze the data since the game is relatively new, but it appears the average eDPI lies around 3000.  Razer Viper Ultimate Ultralight  has such high DPI. You might want to consider lowering your sensitivity if you’re aiming with difficulty above that level. When you have a high sensitivity, it is impossible to make small adjustments to hit anything past close range. Thus, you need a level of sensitivity that is both comfortable and consistent, allowing you to flick with confidence.

The ADS sensitivity setting is also up to your personal preference. There is a split among the players we analyze, however if you’re brand new to PC gaming we recommend relative. Check out the links below for more information.

Mouse sensitivity:

It is recommended that players set sensitivity between 2 and 5, or a lower number. Being able to turn fast can be beneficial, but keeping your focus and managing recoil will be much easier with a lower sensitivity. Going lower will make staying on target easier, except for when you are up close. Moving around and turning will seem sluggish, however. Certain players may find it advantageous, especially if they are used to a higher sensitivity level. This is important to reduces the chances of the mouse freezing.

Mouse Filtering

Best pc mouse settings for warzone when it comes to filtering should be set to 0.00 for maximum precision. As a general rule, you should leave any filtering out of your mouse aim if you wish it to be as “raw” as possible.

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For your separate settings of your mouse, we recommend aiming for a DPI of 400 (recommended) and disabling mouse acceleration when setting up your separate mouse settings. It remains a matter of personal choice, but most people are comfortable with the DPI most of the time. As soon as you become more adept at aiming, and a bit slower at first, you will be building the necessary habits as well.  Some mouses have higher DPI sensitivity than others. A little knowledge on how optical mouse works shows that the laser mouse has the highest DPI possible.

ADS sensitivity

Additionally, there are ADS sensitivity settings, which will affect how sensitive you are when aiming down, which you will do quite a bit. The optimal setting is generally between 1,5 and 1,7.

As a new player, we recommend setting your zoomed in sensitivity to be the same as your hipfire sensitivity, since this will make the game more consistent. Changing zoom levels is easier when changing between weapons.  For veterans of the series, there’s always the legacy option (they handled it in previous CoD games). You should be careful with this setting if you experience hand tremors from time to time. You can, however, go for optimal mouse for people with hand tremors. However, for people with Parkinson`s disease may require special type of mouse design for people with Parkinson`s disease.

Mouse Acceleration

We recommend setting the mouse acceleration to 0.00, as it can negatively effect your aim.  This do apply regardless of the mouse type, laser or optical mouse. Click here to find out more information.

Mouse Smoothing

It is also important to disable mouse smoothing since it can affect your aim so you need to disable it immediately. Crosshairs in games need to be roughly 1:1 with mouse movements for consistency.  This setting is important especially for best mouse for gamers with carpel tunnel syndrome. You can read more about smoothing the mouse movement here.

Final thoughts  on best pc mouse settings for warzone

People have different preferences when it comes to mouse settings; some admire a low sensitivity setting, while others prefer a high one. Nevertheless, there are a few tips to bear in mind. In general, it’s best to turn off acceleration and smoothing so that you can make sure nothing affects your ‘raw aim. Also, you should avoid having an excessively high sensitivity, because then you won’t have precise control or micro control.

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In terms of other settings, they are pretty straightforward. There’s no point in letting the game you’re playing do acceleration, filtering, or smoothing for mouse sensors. Therefore so it makes no sense to let them be added. It is a matter of personal preference whether you play inverted, but we have seen very few pro players that play inverted. In order to avoid having to train your muscles by over 1,000 hours,   you  are advised to stick to the regular way of aiming unless you have already acquired such knowledge.


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