best power supply for 4080

best power supply for 4080

We’ve seen an array of RTX 4000 series graphics cards launched this product season, including the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080.

Although the launch of the cards has come with some scrutiny. Despite the initial rumors suggesting they were higher and the release showing they are not too far off from the last gen, the cost of the first cards launched was sky-high as well as concerns over their power consumption.

It has been difficult for Nvidia to adopt ATX 3.0 early, with plenty of the connectors on the 4090 burning up. With the new generation of cards, Nvidia is also using the 12VHPWR connector. So with that, let’s take a closer look at which power supply is best for your RTX 4080.

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MSI MPG A1000G PCIE 5 Gaming Power Supply


This new MSI PSU features ATX 3.0-compatibility, PCIe5.0 compatibility, and a 16-pin 12VHPWR PCIe power connector that supports the latest Nvidia graphics cards.

Furthermore, there is a high-end PSU with monitoring capabilities, namely the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 80 Plus Platinum PSU.

There are a few good PSU options for the RTX 4080, including the MPG A1000G PCIE5.

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Seasonic Vertex 1000W  

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Seasonic Focus GX-1000, 1000W 80+ Gold

Featuring a single PCIe Gen 5.0 connector, Seasonic’s PS Vertex series power supplies can provide up to 600W to the GPU. The units come in either 80+ Gold or 80+ Platinum configurations.

There is a difference between Seasonic’s 80+ Gold and 80+ Platinum series in that the former is partially modular and the latter is entirely modular.

Seasonic’s 80+ Platinum series has a fully modular architecture, while PS Vertex’s 80+ Gold series has partial modularity.

Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1550W 

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Thermaltake Toughpower TF1 1550W 80+ Titanium Analog Controlled SLI &amp

Thermaltake offers the Toughpower GF3 PSU in five capacities: 750 Watts, 850 Watts, 1,000 Watts, 1,200 Watts, 1,350 Watts, and a massive 1,650 Watts. A single 12V rail is included with these PSUs, along with a semi-passive fan that measures 135mm or 140mm. Moreover, Thermaltake provides a DC-to-DC converter and Japanese capacitors with an LLC design. The company also guarantees a low ripple noise and low voltage control of less than 3%. Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1200W and RTX 4080 have the potential to form a very good alliance.

 SilverStone Technology HELA 850R

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SilverStone Technology Extreme 850R

With its 850W 80+ Platinum design, SilverStone introduces the HELA 850R Platinum power supply. It is fully compliant with ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards and was validated by Cybernetics.

Despite its smaller size, 12VHPWR is a huge improvement over 8-pin connectors, with six 12V lines and six ground lines, in addition to four sensing lines.

Despite the fact that the Hela 850R’s accompanying cable has a 450w stated power limit, 12VHPWR specifications allow as much as 600 watts. This would seem excessive for an 850W device, but quite sufficient for an RTX 4080.

At 50C working temperature, the PSU has black flat wires, and all-Japanese electrolytic capacitors. With all these features, the HELA can easily power the RTX 4080.

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 NZXT C750 Gold

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NZXT C750 PSU (2022) – PA-7G1BB-US – 750 Watt PSU

Firstly, we have the C750 Gold from NZXT. It is a minimalist and compact power supply that will perfectly power a low-spec build of the 4080 with a CPU like the Core i5 13600K or 13700K. In addition to keeping your PC build much more efficient, the 80+ Gold efficiency rating will also reduce any hot spots throughout your case. This will result in a lower power draw and thermals. You can freely choose any cables when putting together your build thanks to the modular design!

Key Specs: Form Factor: ATX // Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold // Modular: Fully // PCI-E Gen 5.0: No.

A wide range of connectors are available on the C750 Gold, so you can install a variety of peripherals and SATA-based devices. As a result of its compact design, this PSU is much easier to install compared to other standard sizes, reducing the number of fingers necessary to cram cables and power connectors. In general, the C750 Gold is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-wattage power supply for the 4080.

 ASUS TUF Gaming 850W

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Aside from the TUF Gaming 850W power supply from ASUS, consumers can also get rid of those annoying adapters thanks to the PCI-E 5.0 standard. ASUS’ TUF Gaming logo is etched into the PSU chassis, and along with the fully modular cables, it will provide plenty of power for your 4080 gaming PC build while staying nice and tidy!

Key Specs: Form Factor: ATX // Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold // Modular: Yes // PCI-E Generation 5.0: Yes

One of the very few lower wattage power supplies that are compatible with the new ATX standard at a relatively reasonable price is ASUS’s TUF Gaming PCI-E 5.0 power supply, which is why we selected it. In one cable, the 16-Pin power adapter can handle up to 600W, which is why it charges a premium. In spite of this, ASUS has kept costs low in order to ensure a minimal cable clutter with enough power to power your RTX 4080.

Corsair HX1000i

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Corsair HX1000i, HXi Series, 80 PLUS Platinum

 A new 16-Pin power connector has been introduced by Corsair in response to ATX 3.0. In addition to the three EPS12V connectors, this PSU has been designed to handle the power requirements of the latest and greatest PCs. With an 80+ Platinum efficiency rating and zero fan mode, this PSU will keep temperatures cool and reduce noise. Overall, this PSU is a great choice if you’re interested in a powerful 4080 build with the latest CPUs!

Key Specs: Form Factor: ATX // Efficiency Rating: 80+ Platinum // Modular: Yes // PCI-E Generation 5.0: Yes

A Corsair HX1000i is one of the best PSUs for supporting new graphics cards with ATX 3.0 technology. In addition to the increased wattage, this PSU supports Corsair’s industry-leading iCUE software, a huge range of connectors, and a Zero-RPM mode, which reduces noise when your PC is under low load. By simply clicking a button, you can sync up your products and control fan curves.


Best PSU for RTX 4080 buying tips

A power supply has some key features that can help you decide what is the best power supply for RTX 4080. The following factors will help you determine what is the best power supply for RTX 4080.

ATX 3.0 specification

In this generation of power supplies, one of the main considerations is whether you want a native cable that connects directly to your GPU, and not through an adapter. This saves you the headache of adapters and instead, you get direct contact with the 12VHPWR connector.

Newer technology does come at a higher cost though. Newer technology is still not too common and so there aren’t too many options. But it is something to consider, especially if you don’t mind using the octopus adapter that comes with the cards.


You also need to consider the wattage of your power supply when purchasing a power supply for the RTX 4090. Because the cards have different requirements, you don’t need to spend as much on unnecessary components.

It’s not just GPUs that need power supplies, but CPUs and other components as well. So you need to take the entire build into account when choosing a PSU.

In combination with a Ryzen 9 5900 X, Nvidia recommends a 750 W power supply. Although it may be higher if you are using a newer CPU.

Depending on your build, other custom models may have different recommendations, such as MSI Suprim. With that, you’ll have the option to have a safety net and buffer if you need it. This may prove useful during spikes that occur.


In a build, cables can be a pain. Especially if your case is small, it can be hard to manage them. A modular design can help reduce the amount of stress.

In a modular system, the cables are replaceable based on their condition and whether you must have all of them taken out or if it can be done without some unnecessary mess. There are three types of modularity: the most common, the semi-modular, and the non-modular.

The number of cables attached varies. It is important to note that not modular means all cables come preinstalled and cannot be changed or removed. This would require a lot of space and would fulfill your needs for connections. The options here tend to be more budget-oriented and have lower wattage requirements.

Secondly, semi-modular motherboards have a variety of peripherals and VGA options, but have the 24-pin motherboard connector and the CPU 8-pin connector, whereas modular motherboards have any cable type available which saves a lot of space.


The efficiency rating is another standard for power supplies. This is the amount of energy supplied to your computer that is converted into useful energy. As wall power is derived from AC but your computer needs DC, the conversion is inefficient and heat is released as a result. As a result, ratings are available to tell you exactly how much is converted.

These efficiencies can be used to compare the different options based on these historical ratings by 80 Plus. You can see how the Gold option correlates with the efficiency in the table below. A higher rating is a good choice if you want to save the most money on electricity.

How we choose the best PSU for RTX 4080

It can be quite a daunting task to select the right product if you aren’t sure what you want. For this reason you might want to seek a second opinion. This is where we can help.

After years of experience and market knowledge, we know what to look for in the different options offered by power supplies. We can assess the options based on the knowledge we have already acquired.

You also need to look over the reviews and make sure that the PSU is able to handle the workload it is placed under, as well as the manufacturer’s reputation.