best power supply for gaming pc

best power supply for gaming pc

In order for your PC to run, it needs the best power supply (PSU). Despite being a simple part of your system, it is an essential one that can be a real pain if it fails. In order to keep up with power-hungry graphics cards and CPUs, the best PSUs should have a good level of efficiency while at the same time doing so. That’s why finding the best PSU is so important.

Our goal was to pick the PSUs that will make you feel secure, so we chose the ones that you should spend a little more on to get the best value for your money. It is important to remember that the best PSUs aren’t worth the extra money, but they will run flawlessly, be more efficient, and are able to be used on future builds. That doesn’t mean we recommend all PSUs that are expensive. Some of the best PSUs we recommend are only $50. It is important to remember that there is a big difference between a cheap PSU from a well-known brand and one from someplace else.

There’s no need to go overboard, either—high-capacity PSUs were less efficient at lighter loads a few years ago, but that’s no longer the case. The performance of a modern Gold or higher power supply is the same regardless of its capacity when you select it at lighter loads. With its newest ATX PSU spec, Intel has imposed some low-load efficiency requirements, now at 70% efficiency and 10W, or 2% of the maximum load.

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The best power supply for PC gaming

The expert reviewers at PC Gamer spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can select what is right for you.

 Corsair RM750x ~The best mid-capacity PSU in 2023.

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best power supply for gaming pc

Corsair RMX Series (2021), RM750x,


Manufacturer (OEM): CWTMax. DC output: 750WEfficiency: 80 PLUS GoldForm factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92Noise: Cybenetics A- (25-30dBA)Cooling: 140mm Mag Lev fan (NR140ML)Modularity: Fully modularEPS connectors: 2PCIe connectors: 4 (on two cables)Warranty: 10 years


Quality construction

Fan with magnetic bearings

Warranty of ten years


Efficiencies could be improved

Some people may find it bothersome to have caps in cable

A new version of the Corsair RM750x unit, introduced in 2021, made it even better. A clear proof of Corsair’s success is the RM750x PSU, which combines high performance with a reasonable price. It is tough out there for Corsair, but their R&D manager, Jon Gerow (also known as Jonnyguru, who reviews PSUs), and his engineers continue to create products that set the bar high.

With both primary and secondary caps made from Japanese materials, this is one of the best-built CWT boards on the market. The FETs along with the magnetic levitation fan will last longer than the ten-year warranty. 

It boosts reliability, even in harsh conditions that would cause problems with other fans. Additionally, the fan upgrade is a highly welcome feature. In every power supply, the cooling fan is a crucial component, greatly affecting its reliability, so choosing the right fan is critical. Also related: Best PSUs for RTX 3080

 Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000~The best 1KW power supply

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best power supply for gaming pc
Seasonic PRIME TX-1000, 1000W 80+ Titanium,


Manufacturer (OEM): SeasonicMax. DC output: 1000WEfficiency: 80 PLUS TitaniumForm factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92Noise: Cybenetics A- (25-30dBA)Cooling: 135 mm FDB Fan (HA13525M12F-Z)Modularity: Fully modularEPS connectors: 2PCIe connectors: 6 (all on dedicated cables)Warranty: 12 years


Silent operation and high performance

A top-notch build quality and high-quality components

Modular design

Warranty of 12 years


Rails with high OCP settings, especially minor rails

With 115V, there is a high inrush current

Its Prime platform is a true triumph for Seasonic, offering a range of efficiency options from gold to titanium. Asus’ ROG Thor 1200W PSU, Corsair’s AX line, and Antec’s legendary Signature line have already used Seasonic’s base platform in their own PSUs. 

In spite of their high prices, I expect more brands to source these units if Seasonic could make more of these units. Unfortunately, buyers prefer power supplies with lower efficiency and more affordable prices. Even so, you know that a platform that is backed by a twelve-year warranty is bulletproof when an OEM provides a twelve-year warranty.


In terms of efficiency at light loads, the Seasonic TX-1000 PSU performs well. The build quality of the power supply is excellent. It also features Japanese capacitors everywhere, including polymer capacitors in addition to electrolytic ones, as well as fluid dynamic bearings. 

In addition to high efficiency under any load region, Seasonic’s engineers made sure to deliver silent operation as well as improved reliability at the same time. When it comes to performance, this PSU stands out because it has outstanding ripple suppression without the annoying in-line caps, and its hold-up time is very impressive. In addition, the PSU achieves some of the highest efficiency readings so far thanks to the 5VSB rail and at light loads, as well. 

There are six PCIe connectors on the TX-1000, meaning it will be able to power graphics cards that consume a lot of power, which a single cable with two connectors cannot handle. Read more on : best power supply for 4080

 XPG Pylon 450~The best cheap PSU

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best power supply for gaming pc

XPG Pylon 550W 80 Plus Bronze Certified


Manufacturer (OEM): CWTMax. DC output: 450WEfficiency: 80 PLUS BronzeForm factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92Noise: Cybenetics A- rating (25-30dB[A])Cooling: 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan (HA1225M12F-Z)Modularity: NoEPS connectors: 1PCIe connectors: 1Warranty: 5 years


Quality construction

Alternate Sleep Mode-compatible

Fan with fluid dynamic bearings

Warranty of five years


A nonmodular system

Hold-up time lower than 17ms

With a 2% load, efficiency is lower than 60%

Our favourite for such low wattage these days is this XPG, covering just the essentials of PC performance, since Corsair has withdrawn the popular CX450. XPG Pylon 450 will shine once the CX450 is removed from the equation, as that used a modern but expensive platform, making it difficult to keep its price low. With the fluid dynamic bearing fan and reliable platform, XPG upgraded the warranty on all Pylon models to five years starting in 2022. The use of an outdated platform was a significant compromise to keep the cost down because it was a significant compromise to keep the cost down. 

They had to go to modular cables, even though the non-modular cable design may not be appealing to most users. This PSU doesn’t have a lot of cables, so the non-modular design isn’t the worst. Thankfully, XPG provides a five-year warranty on this product.  Also related:  Best PSUs for RTX 3060

 BeQuiet! Pure Power 11 FM 550W~The best low-capacity PSU

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best power supply for gaming pc
be quiet! BN670 Pure Power 11 FM 550W,


Manufacturer (OEM): CWTMax. DC output: 550WEfficiency: 80 PLUS GoldForm factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92Noise: Cybenetics A (20-25dBA)Cooling: 120mm Rifle Bearing Fan (BQ QF2-12025-MS)Modularity: Fully modularEPS connectors: 1PCIe connectors: 4 (on two cables)Warranty: 5 years


Exceptional performance

Operation that is silent

Alternate Sleep Mode-compatible

Quality construction


The Molex connectors only have two four-pin pins

In collaboration with OEM partner Channel Well Technology, “Be quiet” has developed a unique platform for Pure Power 11 FM, and the results are incredible. We recommend the Pure Power 11 FM with a power rating of 550W for systems that don’t require a lot of power, but still need a high-quality power supply for less than $100.

Besides being 80 PLUS Gold and Cybenetics Gold certified, the PSU also has a Cybenetics A noise rating, so it’s quiet as well. This cooling fan has a rifle bearing for increased reliability, and its dimensions are standard at 160mm depth and 160mm depth. While the five-year warranty is not as long as what the competition provides (e.g., the Corsair, RM550x), it can’t be criticized.

A comparison of the Pure Power 11 FM 550 with the Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum 550W reveals that it can take on Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA, Cooler Master, and others with no problem. Perhaps the most significant competitor is Seasonic, but this card is still the clear outright winner. Read more on  Best PSUs for Nvidia RTX 3070

 Corsair AX1600i~The best power supply over 1KW

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Corsair AXi Series, AX1600i, 1600 Watt


Manufacturer (OEM): FlextronicsMax. DC output: 1600WEfficiency: 80 PLUS TitaniumForm factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92Noise: Cybenetics A (20-25dBA)Cooling: 140 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan (NR140P)Modularity: Fully modularEPS connectors: 2PCIe connectors: 10 (on eight cables)Warranty: 10 years


A powerful performer in all areas

Quality construction

Operation in silence

Controlled by software


An extremely high price

Peripheral connectors are close together

AX1600i was the first desktop power supply to use cutting-edge technology, but only a few other PSUs still use it a few years after its release. Compared to conventional APFC converters, the AX1600i has a totem-pole PFC converter that achieves 99% efficiency, utilizing GaN MOSFETs, which are capable of delivering 96% efficiency. The technical details are important, but the important thing to keep in mind is that this is one of the most efficient power supplies available.

For the AX1600i’s circuit management, two Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are used in addition to its totem-pole PFC. As the communication bridge between the PSU and the system, a single microcontroller (MCU) also allows the user to control PSU functions (such as fan speed profiles, choosing between multiple or single 12V rails, setting up OCP limits, etc.) as well as monitor them. 

With Flextronics’ digital platform, both units deliver the best performance money can buy today, thanks to the latest technology and cutting-edge technology. The AX1600i is the worthy successor to the legendary AX1500i. In addition to being highly efficient, the AX1600i provides excellent load regulation, transient response, long hold-up times, and ripple suppression. 

With a relaxed fan profile and high-quality FDB fan, this PSU remains impressively quiet, despite its high capacity. Furthermore, Corsair Link software allows you to choose between three fan modes, including performance, balanced, and quiet, so you can set the PSU according to your preferences. Getting your hands on the Corsair AX1600i will cost you a lot, but when it comes to overall performance, no other PSU can compete with it.

SilverStone SX1000 Platinum~The best small form factor power supply

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Silverstone SX1000 Platinum, 80PLUS


Manufacturer (OEM): Enhance ElectronicsMax. DC output: 1000WEfficiency: 80 PLUS PlatinumForm factor: SFX-LNoise: Cybenetics Standard (35-40dBA)Cooling: 120mm Double Ball Bearing FanModularity: Fully modularEPS connectors: 2PCIe connectors: 6Warranty: 5 years


Power density that is extremely high

Quality construction


There are two EPS connectors and six PCIe connectors



Light loads have low efficiency


Looking for the best gaming laptops and best gaming PCs that can save you time, money, and headaches? Check out our guides. With enough connectors on the SX1000, even in a tight space, you can run a powerful gaming system. We even pushed it much farther than its specs suggest, since it handled 150W without any problems.

To ensure this PSU delivers its full power without any issues, SilverStone has equipped it with two EPS and six PCIe connectors. Furthermore, all cables are modular, so installation is a snap. Due to the small PCB, temperatures can rise very quickly at the internals. To handle hot conditions, a double ball-bearing fan was used.

SX1000 is expensive, especially in the IT world, since everything small and powerful is usually expensive. In spite of this, power supplies are relatively cheap given how essential they are to every system. When considering that you will keep this power supply for many years, a 250-300 dollar power supply doesn’t seem that expensive.

How we test best power supply for gaming pc

Also, evaluating power supplies requires insanely expensive equipment, which isn’t available to everyone, in addition to experience and knowledge of electronics. It’s important to know how to operate the equipment, and most importantly, you need to calibrate it on a regular basis so that your results are accurate, even if you have the right equipment. 

The recommendations in this article are based on data that we collected using the equipment shown below. This is why there are so few PSU reviewers, and even fewer can write good PSU reviews. 

Power supply testing equipment

In addition to using top-of-the-line equipment, we also measure ripple metrics and timing of power supplies using Chroma electronic loads, Keysight AC sources, N4L power meters, and Picoscope oscilloscopes, among other things. 

When the best power supply for gaming pc operates at 28-32 degrees Celsius, and at high operating temperatures (>40C), we take complete readings to reveal even the tiniest problem. Most PSU reviews suffer from the fact that they are based on room temperature testing, which doesn’t provide the whole picture. 

A hemi-anechoic chamber with a noise floor close to 6 dBA is at our disposal for noise measurements in addition to a highly accurate sound analyzer. The photos below show the installation of the noise measurement chamber.

The best power supply for gaming pc FAQ

What PSU wattage do I need for my PC?

A degree in rocket science isn’t necessary to determine your system’s wattage requirements. If you are currently or planning to buy a graphics card, you can start by looking at its recommended system power requirements on its specs list. However, we recommend using an online power calculator to get the most accurate figure. We like OuterVision’s Power Supply Calculator the best.

What efficiency rating is best for a PSU?

Power supply manufacturers tend to adhere to the same 80 Plus efficiency rating system once you’ve established the wattage you need for your PC.

There are six ratings to look out for with your PSU:






A power supply with an 80 Plus Titanium certification wastes less power (heat) during AC-DC conversion, compared to one with a Bronze certification. These are often measured at three different load levels: 20%, 50%, and 100%. Most power supplies tend to perform at their most efficient when 50% of the load is applied, though Titanium PSUs perform just as well, if not better, under heavy loads. A more efficient power supply will also mean less internal heat and a longer lifespan. While they may cost more, more reliable power supplies tend to last longer.

What do we look for in a best power supply for gaming pc?

If you want to find the best power supply, you should focus on reliability, customer support, warranty, and the manufacturer’s reputation first. Our goal was to create several categories that would meet the needs of most PC gamers. We also considered budgets, compatibility, unique features, and design for each category.

A combination of the criteria outlined above and overall efficiency ratings led to our top selections. Despite not being the definitive indicator of PSU performance, the 80 PLUS certification program does provide a form of standardization and expectations for efficiency. Energy consumption and heat are reduced when PSUs are more efficient.

Do I need a modular PSU?

Future-proofing your system against future upgrades is important. With a modular power supply, you can add cables as needed or remove unused cables to free up valuable space inside your system. A beefier graphics card or the option of adding peripheral connections later can be helpful if you have your heart set on it. A few extra cables lying around will work just as well as a semi-modular or fixed cable design if only you can tuck them away into the back of your PC case.

A word of warning: compatibility is key when choosing the best power supply for gaming pc. Stick with the cables provided by your PSU, as you could put your entire PC at risk. Furthermore, not all PSU cables are universally compatible, even if they are from the same manufacturer. Make sure your cable set has PIN connectors that match your PSU’s so you won’t have to splinter from the included cables.