Best quad channel ddr4 ram

Best quad channel ddr4 ram

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best quad channel ddr4 ram

In consumer memory, DDR4 SDRAM is the most efficient and fastest. It runs in quad-channel on Broadwell-E processors, and in dual-channel mode on Kaby Lake & Skylake processors. Also, it is compatible with AMD’s latest RYZEN CPUs when used in a dual-channel configuration. Using an Intel X99 quad-channel motherboard, these modules are intended for use with Intel Broadwell-E or Haswell-E processors. They’re designed to be used in matching kits of four or eight, and that’s why they’re sold in matching sets. With speeds at least 3600MHz, these kits are the fastest and most premium available. The best quad channel DDR4 ram are meant to offer performance that is far better than dual channel configuration. However, not all motherboards can support quad channel configuration.

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What is quad channel 

Best quad channel ddr4 ram

In the same way that dual channel was an improvement over single channel, quad channel is an improvement over dual channel. The quad channel processor can double the processing speed of dual channel. That’s all there is to it. Well, kind of. Another big complex question is, “What will you do with that additional performance?””

A smartphone with POP memory or a GPU in general will often have larger memory buses than embedded systems. It appears, however, that 64-bit buses are the winning choice for most application CPUs. As a result of this, we move away from having one 128-bit or 256-bit DRAM bus and instead implement two or four 64-bit buses.

All the CPU cores, all the SATA connections, and all the PCI Express links in our PCs can hit memory all at once today. However, the CPU is constantly in use. While caches have become larger over the years, as CPUs got more powerful, it was generally accepted that four core processors need two 64-bit channels, and as core counts increase, you need more speed. It was Intel’s Bloomfield chips which were the first to use DDR3 memory, which were only four cores, but eight threads, meaning the chips were by design potential memory hogs.

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Inputs and outputs

Best quad channel ddr4 ram

All of this was possible thanks to modern system design. Back when you had a single core processor, everything was connected to one bus: I/O, memory, cache. Due to the speed limits of parallel I/O, we had to switch to high speed point-to-point serial links instead. This includes USB, FireWire, PCI Express, Hypertransport, SATA, and others. The CPU no longer needs a general purpose main bus once all I/O is on dedicated pins. A DRAM controller is therefore used instead, which is more efficient.

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Due to this, the number of DRAM channels is locked in to the CPU package. There are only four PCIe pins necessary on a processor package for one PCIe connection. In order for the DDR bus to run at high speeds, there are about one hundred pins on the CPU for power and ground. Intel’s modern sockets below the LGA 2011 series will each have two 64-bit channels of DRAM. If you find a commodity motherboard with four DIMMs, it will normally have two modules per channel.

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What is the difference between quad channel and dual channel memory in terms of practical use?

As with most things, it entirely depends on what you’re doing. In today’s processors, you may have three levels of cache to minimize the speed of memory access. While the speed of your memory has gotten faster in recent years, it is still much slower than your cache or your CPU.

Games, for example, are commonly optimized for consumer processors, so they probably only use four or five CPU cores heavily, and can run on a regular four-core processor quite well. Moving the same application to a six- or eight-core processor with additional cache will, if anything, reduce the amount of stress your DRAM system is under.

Video rendering, for example, shows 100% CPU use, so it isn’t a limitation of the memory speed, but of the CPU speed (and perhaps GPU speed and CPU to GPU communications latency, since OpenGL and GPGPU performance are becoming increasingly critical to these processes).

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What Does Quad, Dual, and Single Channel Even Mean?

You will have a single channel configuration if you only have one stick of RAM installed in your computer. Dual-channel configurations are achieved when using two sticks of RAM. In addition, if you run four memory sticks, they could be running in quad channel configuration, according to whether your motherboard and CPU support quad channel memory.

There aren’t many motherboards that offer triple channel memory configurations, but you can install three sticks of memory. If three sticks of RAM were installed, two would operate in dual-channel mode while the third would function in single-channel mode.

As noted above, two or four lower capacity memory sticks are a better option for dual or quad channel configurations (again, not all CPUs or motherboards can support quad channel memory) because they can provide the same amount of capacity as one larger memory stick, while doubling or quadrupling the available memory bandwidth.

You add a parallel channel to the system when you add the second (and fourth) sticks of RAM, allowing access to the first stick simultaneously. Dual and quad channel configurations are commonly regarded as better performing because they double or quadruple the memory bandwidth.

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Quad channel and motherboard

Quad channel is supported by some motherboards, but not all. What would be faster: one pizza eaten by four people, or two pizzas eaten by two people? In the same way, since four chips are used to handle a task, the CPU does not need to wait for a long time for data to arrive. Quad channel can only be supported by motherboards with four RAM slots, which are found on high-end models.

Before you buy quad channel RAM, make sure to check this. This should help. Good luck! In this article we list the best quad channel DDR4 RAM on the market.

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the best quad channel DDR4 RAM in the market

G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR4 3200

Check and buy  on Amazon

Quad channel and motherboard

XMP 2.0 Support

Set it and forget it. Thanks to Intel XMP 2.0 profiles, all you need is a simple setting to experience truly extreme performance. Warranty for a limited time only.

A limited lifetime warranty comes with all G.SKILL memory products, and G.SKILL’s technical team is always available for complete technical support through online forums, phone calls, and e-mail.

Quad channel and motherboard

A summary of specs 

Item model numberF4-3200C16Q-32GTZR
Item Weight0.352 ounces (9.98 grams)
Product Dimensions5.2 x 1.34 x 1.7 inches (13.2 x 3.4 x 4.3 cm)
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.2 x 1.34 x 1.7 inches (13.2 x 3.4 x 4.3 cm)
Computer Memory TypeDDR4 SDRAM
Voltage1.35 Volts
Form FactorDIMM
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
  Memory Size32 GB
Memory Speed3200 MHz

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Quad channel and motherboard

The light bar is completely exposed, filled with vibrant RGB LEDs, coupled with the award-winning Trident Z heat spreader design, and is built from the highest quality components. Featuring the most vivid RGB lighting with uncompromising performance, the Trident Z RGB DDR4 memory kit is an astounding value.

Uncovered light bars are designed to provide full-color visual pleasure. Full spectrum lighting is the standard lighting. Users can customize the memory modules’ effects and colors with downloadable software. You can match the colors to your build and think outside the box with RGB.

While maintaining Trident Z’s iconic design element, the Trident Z RGB features aluminium heatspreaders finished in hairline finish and an aggressive fin design that provides extremely efficient heat dissipation. For more extravagant lighting effects, a wider light diffuser has been mounted on the top of the heatsink. If you’re building a modern and stylish PC, look no further than our memory! It combines performance and beauty!

As part of each memory kit, G.SKILL carefully selects ICs online, and then builds a custom PCB offering maximum signal stability using a ten-layer design. The Manufacturer rigorously test every kit across a wide range of motherboards to ensure reliability, compatibility, and performance.

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With Triton Z RGB, you can use pretty much any motherboard out there.

A few models of my am4 mobo are listed in QVL

 Corsair DDR4 Vengeance RGB PRO Black ~  32GB (4x8GB)

View on Amazon


, PC4-28800 (3600), Non-ECC Unbuff, CAS 18-22-22-42, RGB LED, 1.35V

There are four 8GB DDR4 modules in this kit, which is the Pro RGB version. Even though there is a faster option, this frequency is at a sweet spot (in terms of price/performance). The maximum frequency for the series is a whopping 4000 MHz, so it falls roughly in the middle of the range. Is there more juice to be squeezed out of this kit (our review kit) if that one can reach that number? If you use the Intel XMP 2.0 memory profile, you will always be able to stay at the safe and advertised frequencies and latencies. Now let’s take it to the next level.

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RGB lighting

RGB lighting is a very popular feature in RAM today, as implied by the name Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB. A series of products called TridentZ RGB was introduced to the market by G.Skill. Our review of Corsair’s first RGB RAM appeared on guru3d as far back as over a year ago. As of mid-September, many other vendors had released their versions, including Geil, Ballistix and Patriot. Having an outstanding look, the Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB is sure to appeal to customers (yes, you! ), the PC gamers. With Vengeance Pro RGB, modules can be found with speeds of up to 4000 MHz, while Corsair claims that it can reach 4600 MHz (it does make me wonder what kind of latencies are required at that speed). Nevertheless, that’s a truly extreme performance. Developed using carefully screened ICs, Corsair modules offer a wide range of overclocking potential.


There are two colors of heat spreaders for the Vengeance Pro RGB; there is a black edition and a white edition. Let’s examine the black version. There are 10 bright LEDs in the RGB lighting system of the kit reviewed, and that should provide a very crisp and clear effect. Corsair’s iCUE software allows users to customize the effects, but there are also options for using other software.

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Corsair Vengeance RGB RT DDR4-3600 32GB Dual-Channel Memor

View and buy on Amazon


Quad channel and motherboard

Spectacular Ten-zone Lighting

Ten zones of RGB lighting are individually addressable on the Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 RAM. Featuring unobstructed views from every angle, the LEDs are encapsulated in a panoramic light pipe.

 Designed for Ryzen

The memory kit has been optimized for AMD’s DDR4 motherboards, ensuring the best response times and maximum bandwidth. Your Ryzen system will thus be greatly enhanced by it. Yes it one of the best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 5 5600x 



 Synchronise and Unite

This memory kit can be controlled and synchronized with your other Corsair RGB products with Corsair’s iCUE software. Lighting profiles are available as presets or you can define your own.

High-Speed Performance of the Corsair Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 RAM

This Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 RAM is only able to overclock to a higher degree because it only uses tightly-screened memory chips. A custom PCB with excellent signal quality, a high level of stability and performance is even offered for optimal stability and performance.

 Instant Overclocking

Your system automatically configures the Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 RAM to the maximum speed supported by it. It is possible to multitask and experience faster loading times without having to tweak the BIOS.

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Lifetime Warranty

Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 RAM is backed by a lifetime warranty, allowing you to have complete peace of mind. In addition to its worry-free performance, Corsair’s products deliver impressive cooling.

We will now look at the different specifications of the Corsair Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 RAM product to continue our review.

Corsair shows that it is preparing for the new DDR5 generation of RAM with its Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 RAM. This device has impressive specifications and features, such as the enhanced Micron chip modules and instant overclocking.

Aside from its great features, the sleek and classy aluminum casing also makes this device durable. In addition to the iCUE Software update, the memory kit benefits from a powerful RGB configuration. iCUE compatible Corsair gear can be coordinated with RGB lighting in your system to add aesthetics.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz 32GB DDR4~ Best quad channel ddr4 ram

View and buy from Amazon


In the continuous march of technology, DRAM speed and capacity are increasing. Our achievement of breaking the 1000MHz hurdle with reasonable timings was not all that long ago. The current technology allows modules to reach speed levels of over 4200MHz without needing to be overclocked! In terms of speed, it’s pretty important when it comes as an XMP profile, because in those cases there’s just one button to click in the BIOS, and hopefully your chip has the drawers for it.

Heat management

Its Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules lack the big heat spreaders that are included in Corsair’s Dominator modules, instead they feature a low-profile aluminum cooling solution that is designed to work. Red, blue, and black memory modules give you the option of matching your module color to your motherboard and system.

 Module capacities

The expectations for this kit are pretty high after looking at Corsair’s Vengeance modules in the past. With Corsair Vengeance modules, you can pick up capacities ranging from 8GB to 64GB at reasonable prices. A corsair Vengeance Airflow active cooling solution is available with select kits so overclocking potential can be maximized while overvolting the memory. Here’s how it performs.


There are two different ways to get Vengeance LPX modules from Corsair. Hence the larger packaging for this kit, which includes Corsair’s Vengeance Airflow cooling solution. Corsair’s branding and product information are displayed along with the module clock speed and capacity, as well as Intel’s XMP certification. Corsair’s expertise is utilized to maximize the performance of these Vengeance LPX modules on the backside of this package. In order for the message to reach people around the world, it is repeated in multiple languages. The package has two labels on the bottom left. There are two labels in this kit; each label includes the serial number of the DIMM and the kit’s part number.

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As the modules are packed inside individual shells on one side, Corsair covers the other side with the Airflow kit. Nothing is damaged and everything fits well.


In order to reach the widest possible market, Corsair produces Vengeance LPX modules in three color options (red, blue, and black). Aren’t we all interested in matching our components? LPX Vengeance heat spreaders are included in the kit I’m looking at today.

thick PCB

These modules are all aluminum-based with an 8-layer PCB attached to the memory ICs for excellent thermal transfer. Part number CMK32GX4M4B3200C14R is the kit I am looking at. XMP 2.0 profile speed is 3200MHz, and latencies are 14-16-16-36 with the 32GB kit of DDR4 Vengeance LPX modules running at 1.35v. There are a number of Vengeance LPX modules from Corsair that can satisfy just about any need, available in capacities ranging from 8GB to 64GB, and with speeds ranging between 2133MHz and 4333MHz. Each Vengeance LPX module has one side displaying the Vengeance logo and one side containing information about the module. The other side contains the serial number for the DIMM, as well as the XMP 2.0 settings for voltage, speed, and latencies.

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 heat spreader 

An aluminum LPX heat spreader from Vengeance makes use of a ribbed design that creates a more substantial footprint. This also increases the surface area of the cooling surface that can then be used to eliminate any heat that may be generated from the memory ICs when there is a given airflow. It is only 31mm tall when including the cooling package. Designed specifically for CPU cooling in larger PCs with limited space, the Vengeance LPX modules find themselves well-suited for use with larger cooling solutions where aluminum low profile cooling is a must. There is no need to interfere with something that has proven itself before, so why change what has worked in the past?

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Our primary motivation for purchasing high-performance DRAM is to overclock it to gain additional performance. Higher voltages and speeds cause the modules to generate excess heat, which they need to vent in order to prevent system errors. A combination of excellent cooling packages is what Corsair offers to help you with this, and these packages currently include one of the brand’s Vengeance Airflow fans as an option. This kind of cooling solution is mounted on the DIMM socket and retainer arm of the DRAM package in order to provide airflow. Vengeance’s new Airflow kit allows you to match your Vengeance LPX modules and system to the cooler with color accent covers that can be applied to the cooler itself. As I tested this system using the ASUS Strix X99 motherboard, the system looked smooth and slick.

 Air Fan

Using up to 14.5 CFM of airflow, 60mm ball bearing fans are used to move air over the modules. It comes with a speed control cable so that you can lower the fan speed without having to manage it through the motherboard BIOS. The 60mm ball bearing fan runs at up to 3500RPM. Platforms and motherboard manufacturers are compatible by making use of an asymmetrical mounting mechanism.

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Final thoughts on the best quad channel ddr4 RAM 

This is all we had for Best quad channel ddr4 ram. The memory has something for everyone, starting with the simple, but tasteful heat sink design, to the plethora of product options available. The always-popular glossy black design is timeless, even though modern computer builders might go for RGB memory.

Newegg’s $149.99 price tag makes them the most expensive choice in their class, but they might be the coolest. Competition from G.Skill includes the Sniper X, which retails for around $115 for the 32GB kit and runs at a frequency of 3000 MHz CL16-18-18. The Ballistix Sport LT, which costs around $150, is another competitor in the 32GB, 3000 MHz memory segment.

The legendary company history of Corsair, paired with the fact that the kit we tested also had Samsung Bdie IC’s, made us feel that this kit is a no-brainer. Gaming or performance-oriented systems would greatly benefit from these modules

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