best rated electric scooter for kids

The best rated electric scooter for kids

The best rated electric scooter for kids has features that other scooter designed for kids lack. For instance, powerful motor, large capacity battery, good braking system, large wheels among other things.

Most major cities have plenty of rental scooters offered by companies like Bird, Lime, and Spin that provide “mobility solutions.”. In many ways, these scooters are inspired by the roller skates of the roller rink era-and they’re returning the favor. Kids are increasingly switching to electric scooters over bicycles, and it is easy to see why~ The electric scooter has a thrilling ride, is easy to use, and isn’t more expensive than a pedal-powered two-wheeler.

However, that does not mean they are all created equal. Electric scooters designed specifically for children are still new enough that many details are still undergoing development. When is it too fast to ride an electric scooter? What is the ideal range for an electric scooter? Moreover, how can safety features be distinguished from features that just look cool?

We’ve examined the current lineup of electric toys from both big-name brands and smaller makers to come up with a few great options.


The best rated electric scooter for kids


Here are the 9 best rated electric scooters for kids.

Segway Ninebot E8

Best Overall – Kids 6 to 8

Segway Ninebot E8 and E10 electric scooters for kids and teens

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Best Age/Weight ~ 6 years old to 110 lbs.

Maximum Speed ~ 8.6 mph

Max Ride Time ~   6.2 miles

Wheels ~ 6.75″ rubber-coated airless

Throttle~ Push dial, kick-to-start

Brake Style~Hand brake and foot brake

Important features

Segway Ninebots come in several models so kids of different ages can ride one. Different models offer varying maximum speeds, maximum weight limits, and handle bar heights.

The E8 features a lower top speed of 8.6 mph, a narrower handlebar, and a lower top speed, making it perfect for younger kids. Children between the ages of 8 and 4’3 should be able to use the E10 due to its 10 mph top speed and higher handlebar. They are also offered in different colors, but are otherwise the same.

Our test of younger kids electric scooters revealed the Segway Ninebots to be the smoothest ride thanks to its larger wheels and spring damping system.

In addition to offering a cruise control mode and a safe mode, the Ninebot is the only electric scooter for kids with this feature.

A child must hold the throttle while riding every other scooter, which becomes tiresome quickly. During Cruise Control mode, when the child engages the hand brake after reaching the max speed, the vehicle will remain at that speed until the child releases the brake. A child must kick off the ground to reactivate the motor after pulling the hand brake.

Speed mode

Using Safety Mode, parents can reduce the maximum speed of their child’s scooter, allowing them to keep their young or less coordinated child safe while they ride. The Cruise Control can’t be used in conjunction with Safety Mode.


While in any mode, the scooter will beep to remind you to slow down if you are traveling faster than the recommended maximum speed. Although you may ignore the scooter’s warning, its motor actually shuts off to slow it down.

As soon as a safe speed is reached, the motor kicks back in. So how is it possible for a scooter to reach speeds faster than the maximum? While going downhill, kids electric scooters go faster than their maximum speed.



The maximum speed of different models varies

A smooth ride is provided by larger wheels and a suspension system

The cruise control setting

The maximum speed may be set lower by parents in safety mode

Folds up easily – easier than most other kids electric scooters

The only scooter on this list that climbs hills well

The scooter’s bottom is illuminated by colorful LED lights

Your battery power is displayed by an LED light indicator

When used, EBS recovery brakes help regenerate power

GoTrax GXL Electric Scooter – Best Electric Scooter for The Money


The GoTrax GXL Electric Scooter is the best  budget electric scooter.


15.5 MPH

The performance was excellent

The ride was smooth



Not so light

Brighter headlights are needed

Important features

Electric scooters such as the Gotrax GXL are great for commuting. These vehicles make transportation accessible and convenient for everyone. The Gotrax GXL is one of the top electric scooters on the market. I will recommend this product to anyone who wants a powerful PC for a good price. It has all the features I need, none that I don’t, and is easy to operate. This is one of the best vehicles that they have made in recent years. Electric scooters measure 44 inches in height, 41 inches in length, and 6 inches wide when riding mode is on. You will have a smooth and stable ride with the 8.5-inch Pneumatic tires.

Scooters with upgraded 250-watt motors can achieve top speeds of 15.5 MPH. Despite weighing only 31 pounds, the scooter can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs. After it is folded up, it is easy to carry around once it is folded. Some people might find it heavy, but we found it easy to carry around. The battery of this E scooter provides an approximately 4-hour recharge time and a 12.5-mile range per charge. There are very responsive braking systems on the front and rear. One of the best brakes on a bike is the rear brake. A handlebar that is the right height seems to be ideal for most riders. A handlebar that is the right height seems to be as good as any electric bike.

Bottom line~ It’s an excellent value for your money and never needs to be serviced, other than to charge the battery. This balancing scooter from Gotrax pleases fans with its tough design. Whether you’re commuting or playing, this electric scooter is ideal. Weight and a dim headlight are the only downsides, but to be honest, these won’t bother most riders.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter


Load capcity~ 120lbs

Max Distance~13 miles

Max Speed~10mph

Brake Style~Front brake

Engine Size~85W

Battery Life~Up to 80 mins


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The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is another fine scooter from Razor, which is known for its excellent quality. When it comes to electric scooters for children, this one is a great option. The stylish black frame is complemented by colorful wheels and decks that can be chosen in either pink or green to match your child’s taste.

Not only is it stylish, but this scooter puts a lot of power into its small motor. Powered by an 85W, maintenance-free motor, you can ride at speeds up to 10 mph. The 12V battery allows you to ride continuous for up to 80 minutes. A pair of polyurethane spoked front wheels and rubber rear wheels are on the vehicle. A lightweight, 22lbs steel frame is also included on the Razor Power Core E90, as is a push-button throttle. Step on the deck, propel the scooter forward with your foot, then press the motor button to start it up.

Kids ages 12 and below should use this scooter since it has a 36 inch handlebar and a 120 lb weight limit. This Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is not foldable, so a home with storage space for a scooter with a larger footprint would likely be the ideal setting for this scooter. In addition, the scooter comes with a retractable kickstand that allows it to stand on its own.

Safety Features

With respect to safety, the hand brakes on this scooter are similar to those found on a bike, so a child should be familiar with them. You can’t ride after dark without purchasing headlights and reflectors.

Reasons to Buy the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

The ride lasts 80 minutes

Travel at a speed of 10 mph

Two colors are available for the deck’s bright and funky graphics.

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter for Kids

Max Load~ 180lbs

Longest Distance~10.6 miles

Max Speed~13mph

Brake Style~E Brake and foot brake

Engine Size~250W

Battery Life~2 hours


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Among the coolest-looking options on our list is the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter. Despite the three different color options – black, white, and light pink – this scooter really shines once the sun goes down. You can choose between four different lights. Hiboy calls the side lights on the deck “cool”. They run along the front and rear headlights and the rear brake light. It has a simple-to-use switch for turning on the lights, and it has a bell on the handlebars so people know you’re approaching.  A high visibility electric scooter like this one is a great choice if you plan to let your child or teen ride at night.

Preteens and teens can ride this electric scooter, which holds up to 180 pounds. The wheels measure 6.5 inches in diameter. The handle is not adjustable. It has a 250W motor and can travel up to 10.6 miles before requiring charging. Meaning it’s best used for a short commute to and from school, visiting friends, etc.

This vehicle has a top speed of 13 mph and can climb hills with a 15% grade. It is made from lightweight aluminum that weighs 21 pounds. Children can carry it, store it vertically or horizontally since it is foldable and has a retractable kickstand.

Safety Features

Aside from the high visibility lights and a bell, a dual braking system and cruise control are also included inside this kids electric scooter. In the dark, the Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter is one of the best options for short distances.

Reasons to Buy the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

Travel at a maximum speed of 13 mph.

The deck is illuminated by cool lights.

It is ideal for preteens and young teens due to its 180 pound weight limit.

UberScoot 1000w Evo Powerboards Electric Scooter – Editor’s Choice



Motor with 1000 watts of power

The performance was excellent

26 mph is the maximum speed


Distance of 10 miles

A 4- to 8-hour charge is required

The name Uberscoot may not be well known, but based on this model, that may soon change. Electric scooters like the Uberscoot 1000W are powerful and look like they’re built to win races. The powerful 1000 watt motor on this bike will allow it to reach a top speed of 26 mph. However, there are two disadvantages to it. Battery charging can take up to eight hours, and the range of the battery is only 10 miles. Fast charging and durability are the key features in this device. We like it for these reasons. 10 miles is a long distance for most kids anyway, and not all kids want distance. This adventure is most suitable for children older than 12.

Our tests proved the speed and ride of this model to be spectacular. It also keeps a smooth ride on the ground thanks to the 10 inches of pneumatic tires. You should never underestimate the importance of gripping tires on any vehicle. The bike has disc brakes in front and back, a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds, and a foldable seat that is easy to operate. The scooter’s top speed and acceleration are limited in “Economy Mode,” which extends its range.


We found the UberScoot 1000w to be a durable performer that competes with other high-end scooter brands, but the fact that we had to choose between speed and range ultimately dampened our enthusiasm.

How to Choose an Electric Scooter for Kids


The motor is what drives the wheels of an electric scooter. Each scooter produces a different amount of power – usually, heavier models are more powerful.

The motor of a scooter tends to last longer when it has more power, not only because it goes faster, but also because it goes faster.

Speed can be increased by adding more power, but a longer-lasting motor can also be achieved, which isn’t ideal for young kids. Due to the faster speeds they can achieve, they’re better suited for teenagers.


The electric scooter’s motor is powered by a battery, which is another crucial component. Battery quality varies greatly on scooters, but almost always, they can be recharged. Others will fail or perform poorly within a few months, whereas others will last for years.

Checking the battery’s charge-holding capacity is one of the easiest ways to determine if it is a good battery. Manufacturers will typically list this information with their product information.

There is also the option of buying lithium batteries, which tend to be pricier, but last much longer. Their ability to maintain a constant power output makes them ideal for scooters – Razor is a perfect example.

Type of drive

When searching, you’ll encounter the term chain drive, which is also very important. According to this phrase, the motor is attached to the wheel by a chain, like on a bicycle.

Chain-driven scooters aren’t the only possibility; there are also belt-driven scooters, which are perfect for occasional use. On the other hand, chain-driven scooters last longer and are more reliable. However, chain-driven scooters are noisy.

Scooters are usually made as quiet as possible by manufacturers. A belt-driven scooter is a better choice if noise concerns you. A chain will last much longer than these, but they never whisper so quietly.


Brakes are essential when riding a scooter, but it’s a feature that’s often ignored or not looked into by buyers. The brakes must do two things~

Stop the scooter in a controlled fashion.

Slow it down to a comfortable speed.

If it can’t do both, the brakes aren’t good. For electric scooters, the brakes are either V or disc brakes, and they come for either the front or rear wheel. We recommend looking for rear brakes.

When engaging a front-wheel brake, the scooter tends to stop abruptly, throwing the rider off balance or over the handlebar.

Rear brakes allow for a more controlled, gradual stop without disturbing the rider’s balance.

Frame and build

The frame and fork are two other components that tend to be overlooked, but they’re vital. These are what holds the scooter together — the main parts, where durability is a must.

Low-quality frames and forks mean a short lifespan for the scooter. Look for high-quality steel and a sturdy deck.

A good way to spot this is by looking at how much weight the scooter can carry. Higher weight limits usually indicate a durable frame and fork.


Speed is one of the features of some scooters. Most expensive models with powerful engines can easily travel at 15 mph, some even at 20 mph. Inexperienced children or children younger than 8 years old should not try this.

In order to keep young children safe, a speed limit of 5 mph should be observed. While at the same time ensuring that they can stop easily and feel safe, this is plenty for a fun ride.

Our list does include one option for young children whose maximum speed is 1.75 miles per hour. If your child has more experience, then 10 miles per hour might be a better option.

Weight capacity

A scooter should be able to carry enough weight so your child can grow with it. Many scooters are able to carry enough weight. Models made of cheap materials, however, have a low weight limit, rendering them ineffective for more than a year or two.

It is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding your child’s weight, age, and height. The scooter isn’t necessarily damaged if you exceed its weight capacity, but its performance will be affected. It will go farther or faster if you exceed its weight limit.

Charging time and range

Charges for electric scooters can take up to 12 hours, and some of them can take as long as 40 hours. I’m OK with that as long as it allows me to ride for a long time. I don’t like having to ride for 20 minutes after I have just charged for 12 hours.

Most of the scooters on today’s list can run for approximately 40- to 60 minutes at a time. This means they can run at the top of their speeds with maximum loads. Your child will be able to ride longer if they are lighter and do not go as fast.

On more expensive models, the charge usually lasts for around 10 miles. This is ideal for older children who want to commute to and from school using these.


It is easy to fold and store a kick scooter simply by throwing it in the trunk or by storing it at home. It can be difficult to transport an electric scooter to a park or another location if they aren’t foldable.

What is the best electric scooter for a child?

Best Electric Scooters for Kids

Kids Electric Scooter       Why We Love It Max MPH

Segway Ninebot E10       Lots of features & super smooth ride       10

Razor Power Core E90    Budget friendly, Amazon’s Choice             10

Razor Power A2 Most light weight and modern Razor electric scooter       10

Mongoose React E2        No frills, easy to use        10

What is the best electric scooter for 11-year-old?

Image result for best rated electric scooter for kids

The Best Electric Scooter for An 11 Year Old

The Best Electric Scooter for An 11 Year Old.

Razor E90 Scooter.

Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre ​

Razor Power A5 Electric Scooter.

E200 Razor Scooter.

See the E200 in Action.

Razor E300 ​

Hover Comet 1 Electric Scooter.

Which kid’s electric scooter has the longest range?

If you need the fastest scooter, the GoTrax XR Ultra electric scooter is an excellent choice, which has the biggest motor on our list at 300W. At 15.5 mph, it also has the fastest top speed. It has the longest range, 17 miles. It has the capability to handle hills of 15%.

Which Electric Scooter is best in 2022?

Best Electric Scooters~ Summary

Scooter Tested Range

Hiboy S2

Xiaomi Mi M365

Segway Ninebot Max

Apollo City

Final thoughts on best rated electric scooter for kids

There are several motorized electric scooters out there that are suitable for small riders, and many of these have the right features. There are several good brands, including Gotrax, Razor, Macwheel, Unagi, and Hoverstar. Fast top speeds, solid construction, lightweight durability, good brakes, folding mechanisms, and more come with these e-scooters.

It’s great if your child isn’t interested in bikes or rollerblades but likes to explore their neighborhoods and meet their friends with an electric scooter.

You should always consider the child’s age and what they’re capable of when buying an electric scooter.

If you’re buying an electric scooter for a child, you should consider what the child isinimum recommended age is 6 years. Always be sure your kid is wearing the right safety equipment and is responsible with their electric scooter


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