Best SSD for sample libraries

Best SSD for sample libraries


Top 11 External SSD & HDD For Sample Libraries 2023 (Kontakt & Others)

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Samsung T7 Portable SSD

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SAMSUNG T7 Shield 2TB, Portable SSD,

There are three storage options, including 2 TB, 1 TB, and 500 GB, all of which come with Thunderbolt 3. A full metal body with a glossy texture and firm bottom mat provides a solid hold on the drive, which can read sequentially at speeds of 2800 Mbps, and write at speeds of 2300 Mbps. According to the manufacturer, 40 Gb/s is 40 times faster than a hard drive.

Key Features:

Thunderbolt 3 Interface

Its theoretical transfer rate for thunderbolt is 4 GB/second, but it is actually up to 2.8 GB/second on this device. As a result, you can easily access Kontakt libraries, Omnisphere libraries, Nexus samples, and other sample libraries while you’re working on projects. That’s why it’s an ideal device to store Kontakt libraries, Omnisphere libraries, Nexus samples, and other sample libraries.

safety & Comfort

In addition to that, Samsung provides a three-year warranty on the X5 device, so you can be confident that your data is in good hands. You can also count on its good build for keeping your samples safe.


In addition, if you lose your data, it can be easily recovered if it was lost by any means. Magnesium Metal Solution It is made of magnesium metal, which is lighter, stronger, and more heat-dissipating than aluminum metal, thus making it much more durable. Due to this, it is a very good quality portable device that can both be used by touring musicians as well as in the studio.


Hardware encryption, three-year warranty, and exceptional performance are huge advantages.

 It measures 2.4 x 0.8 inches and weighs just 150 grams. 

SATA interface, shock resistance, lightning-fast speed, and compatibility with Windows 7+, macOS 10.9+, Android KitKat 4.4+.


The Samsung X5 cannot be connected to a traditional USB device, which is its biggest disadvantage. 

Additionally, it is not waterproof and is expensive.

 Returning a Samsung device will cost you $70 in restocking fees.

 Last but not least, your storage capacity may be inadequate.

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 SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD V2

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best SSD for video editing
SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD V2 with Case

With a data transfer rate of 2000 Mbps, it is a portable SSD with powerful NVMe solid-state performance features and wide range of compatibility. Furthermore, SanDisk has created the most advanced hard drives for years, so your audio/production data will be safe with them.

Key Features:


Drop protection up to 2 meters and IP55 dust and water resistance are available. As a protection layer, it has a handy carabiner loop, two-meter drop protection, IP55 water and dust resistance, and a forged aluminum chassis silicone shell.

 Protect your private data

Additionally, you will be able to securely protect your data with 256-bit AES hardware encryption. That will ensure your confidential projects are secure and your creative ideas will stay safe.

Easy connectivity

With USB Type-A and Type-C connectivity, this device is compatible with PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones, making it extremely versatile. It allows you to carry your audio workflow around and across different systems and devices.


With a storage capacity ranging from 1 TB to 4 TB, it’s a great value. You can store samples, libraries, sessions, and more in a single device, without sacrificing performance. 


There are a number of benefits to the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable, including its waterproofing, high data transfer speeds, password protection encryption algorithm, and large storage capacity.

The device is also small, rugged, and easy to carry around. The rubberized black slab layer has rounded edges and provides an overall protective build.


If you use a desktop, you can only use the 2×2 expansion card.

 Furthermore, a normal USB port cannot exploit the drive’s full speed, and the drive’s native support for the most recent USB standard (20Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2) is limited. 

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 LaCie Rugged SSD Pro

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LaCie Rugged SSD Pro 2TB Solid State Drive

Available as a one and 2-TB storage device, the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro has USB-C Thunderbolt  connectivity. It has thunderbolt 3 with 1TB or 2TB Seagate FireCuda NV Me SSD and a reading/writing

speed of up to 2800 Mbps. In addition, it has IP67-rated water resistance, three-meter drop tolerance, two-ton car crush resistance, and dust resistance.

Key Features:

  1. Connectivity

Thunderbolt’s lightning-fast speed comes with the option of connecting to Mac or Windows computers with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports, making the hard drive a perfect choice for both Macs and PCs.

Data Protection

Your Kontakt libraries, samples, and audio data are protected with a five-year warranty and a Rescue Data Recovery service, so you can be worry-free about them.

Lightening fast speed

There are very few SSDs that boast a speed of 2800 Mbps, but LaCie does, so video editors and sound designers will find it perfect. Then, when you’re composing film soundtracks, folies, or sound design, you don’t have to worry about speed when you cut or edit samples.


Water, dust, and pressure resistance make the LaCie Rugged an excellent choice due to its compatibility with USB C 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2.

 Additionally, you receive a one-month subscription to all Adobe creative cloud apps.


There is a short SSD cable, and it is costly.

 A second problem is that the device has only 2 GB of storage, which might be insufficient for many music makers due to the size of the libraries for Kontakt, Nexus, Omnisphere, etc. Furthermore, it does not have hardware encryption capable of protecting data up to 256 bits.

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 G-DRIVETM PRO Ultra-Rugged Portable External NVMe (SSD)

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SanDisk Professional 5TB G-DRIVE ArmorATD – Rugged, Durable Portable External Hard

A versatile and expansive hard drive for musicians and techies, G-DRIVETM PRO SSD is ideal. With up to 4 terabytes of storage and reading and writing speeds of 1000-1050 Mbps, this NVMe-based SSD is ideal for uninterrupted and high-quality audio digital signal processing. Moreover, it comes with a five-year warranty and weighs just 90 grams.

Key Features:


G-DRIVE SSD, USB-C to USB-A Cable, USB-C Cable, and Quick Start Guide comprise the device’s component mix. However, it requires 3600 watts of power and is only compatible with Mac 10.11+ and Windows 10+ computers.


In addition to measuring 1.97 x 0.59 square inches and weighing less than a hundred grams, this drive is extremely portable. It is great for musicians, producers, and engineers, especially for live sound engineers, since it’s water and dust resistant, 3-meter drop resistant, and 2000lb crush resistant, so it is rugged and tough.

High-grade performance

Featuring a cooling aluminum core, the drive is able to deliver high transfer speeds and sustained, pro-grade performance for hours in the studio without overheating.


Additionally, it has half a decade of warranty coverage, is rugged, and comes with 256-bit AES encryption software included in both the Mac and Windows versions. Lastly, its portability and high storage capacity for an SSD also make it a great choice.


Second, it must be formatted before it can be used with Windows, so it cannot be used readily with Windows. However, at this price point, there are faster and more efficient products available.

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 WD My Cloud Home ~Best SSD for sample libraries

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WD 4TB My Cloud Home Personal Cloud

One of the best budget storage devices is the My Cloud Home HDD. If you have a limited budget but need a lot of space, or need a reliable HDD to backup your SSD, then this is the one for you. With mirror mode, everything is saved twice and takes auto backup for photos and videos on your phone. It is available in both single and dual device options.

Key Features:

  1. Unique and Efficient Core technology 

You can store, back up, and park all your digital content in the My Cloud Home HDD by plugging it directly into your Wi-Fi router at home/workplace. This makes it an ideal device for storing, backing up, and storing all kinds of digital content. No data will be lost, including samples, recordings, and sessions.


  1. Mobile App

You can view the data via a mobile application, so you can access your samples anytime, anywhere, and you do not have to carry your hard drive around.

  1. Workflow that emphasizes teamwork

With this device, you can cross-access data if you work with a team of producers/artists or under a label. The users can also have their private spaces on a single hard drive, so they can share their files or keep them private, which makes it easy to communicate between producers, artists, and engineers.

A large amount of storage

On the duo mode of the HDD, you can store up to 16 TB, while on the individual mode you can store 6 TB. 


In addition to audio data, it can also be used for personal purposes, storing movies, television shows, music files, pictures, and videos in one reliable place. Since it has USB 3.0 ports, it is highly compatible with importing and exporting content. As part of the package, you get Personal Cloud Storage, a Ethernet cable, an AC adapter, and a Quick Install Guide.

There are no recurring subscription charges for cloud storage, and it can be accessed from literally any location. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to set up and accessible from virtually any location. As a result of its great value for money, the cloud-based drive is highly affordable.


As a result, it’s not suitable for LIVE or touring, since it weighs about 2.4 kg, especially the dual device. It’s also not very appealing from an aesthetically pleasing perspective or has a good enough performance to be used in real-time during the workflow.

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 OWC Envoy Pro SX (SSD)~Best SSD for sample libraries

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OWC 1.0TB Envoy Pro SX Portable NVMe M.2 SSD

The OWC Envoy Pro SX is a price-efficient NVMe and thunderbolt-based SSD. It’s a highly efficient and fast storage device with TRIM support, in combination with ThunderboltThunderbolt, and delivers up to 2847MB/s of reading and writing speeds. It’s a great device to handle audio production and real-time sampling needs due to its reliable build and speed but it is also good with video, photography, graphics, and gaming.

Key Features:

Security & connectivity

Thunderbolt and USB 4.0 connectivity mean it’s compatible with almost any laptop or computer, including Windows and Macs. It also features built-in data encryption to protect your private information.

 Streamlined & Flexible Workflow

Audio libraries and steam engines can be monitored and recorded without distractions due to the fanless and heat-dissipating aluminium housing. It is designed to load audio samples and steam engines quickly for Spectrasonics instruments, such as Omnsiphere, Keyscape, Trilian, as well as Kontakt and Komplete-based .nks and other Native Instruments data faster.

Sturdiness & portability

This device is battery-powered and even smaller in size than most smartphones, so it is perfect for travelling, live music mixing, DJ sets, festivals, artist studios, and festival-goers alike. It is also dust-proof, drop-proof, and waterproof, making it perfect for musicians on the road, live music mixing, and DJ sets as well as festival-goers.


Envoy Pro SX’s matte black aluminium chassis provides a heat sink that is efficient and silent, ensuring a distraction-free workflow. Additionally, it’s completely compatible with the built-in encryption on macOS and Windows, which makes it a carefree creative workspace. It’s also not too expensive for an SSD that performs so well.

A few negatives:

Aside from that, the only real cons that I can think of are the cable length and the general problem that an SSD has when it comes to reliability and cost. Apart from that, it also suffers from the standard SSD problem of having a sub-optimal capacity-to-cost ratio as well.

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 Atom Portable SSD~Best SSD for sample libraries

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Glyph Atom RAID SSD (External USB-C, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 3) (2TB, Black)

 Atom Portable is a low-cost solid-state drive based on USB 3.1, USB 3.0, or Thunderbolt 3. Built with an aluminium body and smaller than a mobile phone, the SSD is highly compatible with traditional and modern electronic devices. There are three capacities available: 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB, with 480 Mbps read speeds.

Key Features:

Design without fans

Since there are no unnecessary fan noises when using the device, it allows you to get better recordings and monitor samples without being affected by filters and other environmental factors.

Streamlining your workflow

In addition to being USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB 3.0 compatible, the Atom Portable SSD comes with the either USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB 3.0 cables. If you have a Mac or Windows system, the Atom Portable SSD can be used as a Time Machine backup.


This desktop is the ideal solution for bedroom producers and studios since it offers great speed and space for a lower price than what is available on the market today. It is also easy on the wallet and comes with great compatibility, quality, build and features.

A few pros:

Aside from its rugged design and small size, this device has a USB type C connector that makes it highly compatible and efficient. As well as a price that is quite attractive, the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty. Another big pro is the stylish removable rubber bumper that protects against impulses and shocks.

A few cons:

Because it has a slow read speed, it kills the entire purpose of having an SSD. It’s not a true thunderbolt device, but it has a reading speed that’s not as fast as an HDD. This makes you wonder why not use an HDD for the same price and speed, but with a larger capacity. It has also been criticized for disconnecting from the laptop after prolonged use by customers.

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Can you run Kontakt Libraries from an external hard drive?

The Kontakt plugin (VST, AU, AAX, etc.) can be accessed by a hard drive or SSD plugged into your system as long as it is installed in your system on your main drive or C: Drive. So, the Kontakt instrument’s data can be accessed from an external or internal hard drive or SSD. In other words, the Kontakt instrument’s content library can be stored anywhere besides the C Drive, but the main plugin can be installed on the primary hard drive of your computer.

 This is also true for any other instrument that constructs its output from samples, wavetables, or data. Here is a full breakdown of this topic.

Can I use Native Instruments on an external hard drive?

For Native Instruments software and plugins, you must install them in the main drive or in the C Drive. You can run samples and libraries from an external drive, but you cannot run NI software or plugins from it.For Native Instruments software and plugins, you must install them in the main drive or in the C Drive. You can run samples and libraries from an external drive, but you cannot run NI software or plugins from it.

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Is the Best SSD for sample libraries good for music production? 

Because your music production system may have storage limitations, or the storage you’re given may not be large enough, external SSDs can improve your workflow. Solid State Drives or SSDs provide a better alternative to external hard drives or HDDs in terms of reading and writing data, however they are more expensive. In addition to remaining cooler and not heating up or making noise, SSDs are more efficient than HDDs.

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  Final thoughts on Best SSD for sample libraries

 If you are looking for a seamless external drive for music production and sampling, the OWC Envoy Pro SX is the best choice, whether you are using Kontakt or another plugin/instrument. In addition to SSD and thunderbolt connectivity, the drive is portable and rugged, has great data transfer speeds, and is reasonably priced for its value.

Besides that, the Samsung T7 portable SSD is an excellent alternative, due to its efficiency and affordability. The WD My Cloud Home hard drive offers a very unique and interesting workflow when it comes to hard disks or HDDs, and it may be a good choice for you if you’re a team of audio engineers working on podcasts or a music producer, artist or composer who’s primarily focused on film sound or jingles. In addition to being an excellent HDD, the rugged mini from LaCie is also a good choice. Besides that, the Samsung T7 portable SSD is an excellent alternative, due to its efficiency and affordability.

The WD My Cloud Home hard drive offers a very unique and interesting workflow when it comes to hard disks or HDDs, and it may be a good choice for you if you’re a team of audio engineers working on podcasts or a music producer, artist or composer who’s primarily focused on film sound or jingles. The rugged mini from LaCie is not only an excellent HDD, but also a good value.

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