best ssd for xps 15 9500

Best ssd for xps 15 9500

best ssd for xps 15 9500

A Dell XPS 15 9500 laptop uses an M.2 SSD to store data and the operating system. This guide will explain how to replace the SSD. If you are running low on storage space on your laptop, or if you notice the speed of your laptop is sluggish and you want to replace it, this guide may be helpful. The anti-static strap may be a good idea for this process, but it’s optional as it’s fine to do it without one. Make sure to completely shut down the laptop before starting this process. The bottom panel must be removed, the SSD must be removed from the slot in the laptop, and the SSD must be placed back into the slot.

The Dell XPS 15 9500 is a powerful laptop that is suitable for heavy workloads such as video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming. To get the most out of your XPS 15 9500, it is important to have a fast and reliable solid-state drive (SSD). An SSD is a type of storage device that uses flash memory to store data. It is faster and more reliable than a traditional hard drive (HDD) because it has no moving parts and can access data more quickly. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best SSDs for the Dell XPS 15 9500.

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best ssd for xps 15 9500

The three top NVMe SSDs that you can buy for your Dell XPS 15 laptop are listed below. NVMe SSDs are fast and expensive so if you want the fastest storage speed, you should go for one.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus


SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB NVMe M.2 Internal Solid State Drive

The price is not too high
Speed maximum for PCIe 3.0
DRAM with LPDDR4 speed
Encryption with AES 256 bits
Cache for SLC writes

The downside
There is no variant with 4TB
Samsung 970 EVO Plus supports read/write speeds of 3500 and 3300 MB/s respectively.
It also supports PCIe 3.0 interface, making it ideal for Dell XPS 15 laptop users. This SSD uses the PCIe 3.0 interface and is popular with laptop users.

The Samsung 970 EVO Plus has gained popularity because it suits the majority of users in various categories. Whether you are a gamer or a normal laptop user, it is always a good idea to upgrade your system with it. You don’t have to pay too much for PCIe 4.0 SSDs and you don’t have to worry about SATA drives being slower.

With Samsung TurboWrite technology, you get excellent write features that you cannot find in any other SSD. The 970 EVO Plus falls into the category of consumer NVMe SSDs. For faster random and sequential read-write speeds, it uses DRAM and SLC cache. As compared to the other PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs, its price is a little bit higher, but it absolutely justifies that amount with its exceptional performance under any circumstance.

In terms of endurance, the 2TB variant has a rating of 1,200 TBW; the 1TB variant has a rating of 600, the 500GB variant has a rating of 300, and the 250GB variant has a rating of 150 TBW. Samsung’s own TLC 3D V-NAND is used here with 96/92 layers. This SSD is powered by Samsung’s Phoenix controller. It has five cores and 8 channels. This makes the Samsung 970 EVO Plus one of the top NVMe SSDs out there. I always recommend it to anyone who can afford it, regardless of whether they can afford it.

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Samsung 970 Pro


best ssd for xps 15 9500


Performance is excellent in Read-Write
TBW of epic proportions
Software suite for Samsung Magician that is excellent
Cache for DDR4 SDRAM that is fast

The downside
Comparatively expensive
A 2TB option is not available (only 512GB and 1TB are available)

For those looking for the best SSD for their Dell XPS 15, the Samsung 970 Pro is another great option. With its great features and affordable price, Samsung 970 Pro offers a 3500 MB/s reading speed and a 2700 MB/s writing speed. The M.2 form factor and Phoenix controller make it a powerful choice with its fourth-generation V-NAND technology. As a result of its 2.5V input voltage, Samsung 970 Pro offers 30% more efficiency than its predecessor.

The Samsung 970 Pro has a lot to offer in terms of TBW limits. With its 1TB version, you’ll be able to write 1,200 Terabytes. While it’s a great gamer and professional, the Samsung 970 Pro is still extremely pricey compared to its competitors. If you don’t have a tight budget, you might want to consider it.

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Kingston A2000


Kingston 1TB A2000 M.2 2280 Nvme

Rating sufficient for endurance
Providers of security features
Warranty of 5 years

High-end users should not use this product
2TB and 4TB variants are not available
Kingston A2000 reads and writes at 2200 and 2000 MB/sec, respectively.

In my opinion, the A2000 is a perfect pick if you desire a fast storage drive for raw data storage on your XPS 15 laptop, as it is suitable for average and even low-end users. If you consider it for your laptop, you shouldn’t use it as your OS drive.

Considering the Kingston A2000 is in the budget NVMe category, it’s going to be way cheaper than any high-end NVMe. It offers fast read/write speeds for office workers, students, hobbyist gamers, etc. A DRAM cache and a pseudo-SLC cache are used for writing operations. As well as supporting S.M.A.R.T. and T.R.I.M. commands, it is capable of performing well during heavy read/write operations. Kingston SSD Manager software allows you to manage firmware updates as well as all other important tasks. That’s why it is also well suited for raw data storage.

As we can see from its endurance ratings, the 1TB model has a endurance rating of 600 TBW, which is certainly low when compared to the top players. At this price point, I understand these numbers aren’t very respectable, but at this price point, you can’t expect anything better. The 500 GB model has 350 TBW and the 150 TB model has 150 TBW. In this case, Micron’s TLC 3D NAND is used for storage. The SSD consists of 64 or 96 layers depending on the variants. It is controlled by a SMI SM2263 controller with two cores and four channels. You can use the SSD for your laptop if you have a limited budget. The A2000 is a highly reliable SSD with exceptional performance. When you want more storage space but less speed than a hard drive and less than a NVMe drive, SATA SSDs are the right choice.

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 Crucial MX500


Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD

Form factors include 2.5″ and M.2
A maximum of 4TB is available
Warranty of five years
Endurance of the highest order
Included is the DRAM cache
Prices that are affordable

There is room for improvement in the design
There are 560 and 510 MB/s of read/write speed on the Crucial MX500.

Despite the fact that it’s in the performance SATA category, the Crucial MX500 is an affordable SSD with impressive performance. It comes with an impressive performance that will be there even under heavy loads. If you want to have a lot of storage with high speeds on your Dell XPS, this is an excellent option. AES 256-bit encryption is included for security along with Micron’s 64-layer TLC 3D NAND. It also has a fast DRAM cache and supports S.M.A.R.T. and T.R.I.M. commands as well.

There are 1000 TBWs in the 4TB variant and 700 TBWs in the 2TB variant. It is clear that the 1TB variant has a limited endurance rating of 360 TBW, followed by 180 TBWs in the 500 GB variant and 100 TBWs in the 250 GB variant. Thus, the smaller variants have a lesser endurance rating. It is a well-respected SSD with cheap prices and this makes it great for any kind of usage. Crucial uses the SMI SM2258 controller with a single core and four channels.

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 Samsung 860 EVO


best ssd for xps 15 9500

SAMSUNG 860 EVO MZ-76E500E 500 GB

Available in both 2.5″ and M.2 Form Factors
Long endurance
Samsung Magician Software
4TB size option

Expensive than competitors
The maximum sequential read speed of the Samsung 860 EVO is 550 MB/s and the write speed is 520 MB/s
Samsung 860 Evo (2.5” SATA & M.2) is available in five different sizes as 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB.

With V-NAND technology, Samsung 860 Evo memory cells are stacked vertically, resulting in unmatched performance. Samsung claims the 64-layer 3D V-NAND in the 860 Evo is 30% more power-efficient than the 48-layer version. The new Samsung 860 Evo SSD has a new MJX controller that is designed to keep the SSD cool even during heavy operations and consumes very little power. In comparison to MX500, Samsung 860 Evo’s cache memory ranges from 512MB to 4GB. I recommend Samsung 860 Evo for Dell XPS 15 laptop users who want a reliable SATA SSD. Unfortunately, Samsung 860 Evo is more expensive.

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Best External SSDs for Dell XPS 15 Laptops

While it is obvious that there is no specific external SSD for the Dell XPS 15, external SSDs are universal in that they can be used on all laptops and desktops regardless of their brand and model. I will give you some recommendations for some of the best external SSDs.

 WD My Passport


best ssd for xps 15 9500
WD 2TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive with backup software and password protection, Black

Hardware encryption with AES 256 bits
Utility for backing up and restoring data
Easily transportable
Price competitiveness

It is possible to store up to 5TB of data
Backups are not fast

Seagate Backup Plus is a portable drive, similar to WD My Passport, which is easy to carry around in your hand or pocket. The WD My Passport comes in four different sizes: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB. As such, it’s a great choice if you want to have some extra space in addition to your XPS 15’s internal drive.

In terms of reads and writes, the WD My Passport is able to achieve 80-100 MB/s, which is decent for normal day-to-day use. WD My Passport supports PC, Mac, PS4, and other gaming consoles, such as Seagate Backup Plus. There is 256-bit AES hardware encryption with WD My passport, which keeps your content secure. The hardware interface supports USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.2 connections.

There’s also WD My Passport, which has a similar specification to Seagate Backup Plus but it is less durable and quicker than Seagate Backup Plus. However, it is still a good choice for storing backups or copies of your content.

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Samsung T7 Touch


best ssd for xps 15 9500

Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD – 2 TB – USB 3.2 Gen.2 External SSD Metallic Black

Hardware encryption with AES 256 bits
LED indicator and fingerprint reader built-in
Warranty of 3 Years

Write cache of small size
Competitors’ prices are lower

One of the best features of the Samsung T7 Touch is its fingerprint reader, which protects your data against unauthorized access. It is one of the most reliable and durable external SSDs, preferred by most buyers.

With Samsung’s Portable SSD Plus Software, you can set up encryption and fingerprint recognition. The Windows and Mac version can be found on the SSD Drive, while the Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

There has been no mention of the actual read/write speeds of the various variants by the company. The official website claims a maximum read speed of 1050MB/s and a write speed of 1000MB/s thanks to its NVMe support. The fastest speeds can be achieved by connecting the device to the USB Type-C (10 Gbps) port.

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Final thoughts on  best ssd for xps 15 9500

In conclusion, the Dell XPS 15 9500 is a powerful laptop that benefits greatly from a fast and reliable SSD. An SSD can significantly improve the performance of your laptop by reducing boot times, improving file transfer speeds, and increasing overall system responsiveness. There are many great SSD options available for the XPS 15 9500, including the Samsung 970 EVO Plus, the WD Black SN750, and the Seagate Fast SSD. Each of these SSDs offers excellent performance and reliability, and they are all suitable choices for the XPS 15 9500. Ultimately, the best SSD for your XPS 15 9500 will depend on your budget and performance needs.

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