Best Waterproof Electric Scooters

Best Waterproof Electric Scooters

Yes you can use electric scooters in the rain. however, this is only applicable when you have best waterproof electric scooters with you.

Many of the scooters in this guide would likely take the title of “best electric scooter 2022.”. Most fold up easily and are easy to store. There probably isn’t a better solution for a ‘last mile’. During the past year, electric scooters have undergone a lot of changes. There are a lot more manufacturers now that have dabbled in the adult scooter market, so there are a lot more options to choose from. Moreover, as technology advances, you end up with much smoother rides for the most part. If you come from areas where it rains regularly, best waterproof electric scooters will come in handy. Such scooters are able to withstand light rainfall

It’s true that even without tech gimmicks, most people can enjoy riding an e-scooter that can travel at 25mph (even if it can occasionally feel a bit too powerful for some).

Electric scooters are a great way to reduce your journey time and pass-through traffic, especially if the journey or commute involves a significant amount of walking. It’s important to note, however, that whether electric scooters are legal in your locale depends on a wide range of factors, so it’s important to exercise caution.

Best Waterproof Electric Scooters 2022

1.            Pure Air Pro

Best value waterproof electric scooters

IP Rating  ~     IP65

Max Speed     ~          15 mph

Power  ~ 350W

Range~   22.4 miles

Brakes  ~Mechanical on one wheel, electronic brakes on the other

Weight ~17 kg (Pure Air Pro)

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In the UK, rapidly growing electric scooter retailer Pure Electric has released their first electric scooter, the Pure Air Pro. Water resistance was seen as an important component in both cases as it pertains to the UK market. The fact that these scooters are IP65 rated, which makes them ideal for use in the rain, and built to withstand British weather is one of their main selling points.

First on the market was the Pure Air Pro. Because of its larger battery and higher power, it is more expensive.

Despite its lower price, Pure Air offers greater value. It also offers Bluetooth capabilities.

Pneumatic wheels

Having pneumatic tires measuring 10 inches and a relatively large frame provides stability and a smooth ride on a scooter. This model has the disadvantage of not being as portable as many scooters due to its size and limited folding capacity.

The scooter offers great value at an entry-level price.  It is water-resistant enough to be regularly used in the rain. Its combination of specifications and cost has proven so popular that in the UK, it competes with the Xiaomi M365.  In some areas, however, they are even better.

On one wheel, the model is equipped with drum brakes and on the other, it is equipped with electric brakes. There is an electronic brake at the front and a mechanical drum brake at the rear on the Pure Air Pro. This is the reverse for Pure Air. As soon as the mechanical brake lever is pulled, the electronic brake is activated as well, so both wheels are slowed. This is a fairly good, but not excellent, brake package.

2.            Unagi Model One e500 electric scooter

Best: Suitable for daily use

Weight ~ 12kg

Range ~ 15.5 miles

Charging time ~ 5 hours

Power ~ Dual 250W motors

Wheels ~ 7.5  non-pneumatic tires

We’ve tried a few other scooters, but the Unagi model one is the lightest we’ve ever tested. The handlebar is made of magnesium alloy, and the display is incorporated into the handlebar. This scooter weighs just 12kg, making it one of the most portable electric scooters on the market. It folds with a single-click action, so it’s ideal for frequent riders who need to store it in the boot.

The battery size has been reduced for weight reduction, which means that Unagi has had to sacrifice some power output. The scooter is limited in its range compared to heavier scooters on our list, so it struggles on steep inclines. Despite being puncture-resistant and durable, solid rubber tires rattling your teeth on rough terrain will rattle your teeth when you’re driving.

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3.            Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

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This year, we have improved our best-selling electric scooter with the GXL V2 2022 model. There are improvements to the console, battery life is longer, and it has a foldable function. GXL V2 can travel up to 12.5 miles on 36V 5.2aH battery cells and is capable of 15.5 mph top speed after recharging in less than 4 hours. Despite its high performance, this 250 Watt motor consumes very little energy. Its top speed is 15.5 mph and it can carry 220 pounds or 100 kg.


Brand  Gotrax

Color                          ~      Black

Handle Height              ~        94 cm

Handlebar Type             ~        Flat

Wheel size                  ~     8.5 inches

Frame Material       ~    Aluminum

Wheel type        ~       pneumatic Tires

Item weight       ~        27 pounds

4.            Apollo Explore

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The party won’t be the same without this scooter. The scooter is suitable for casual riders who want something that has a bit more punch than their starter scooter. The speed of 31 mph and the range of 34 miles make this vehicle an ideal city explorer. This all-terrain vehicle is extremely durable, has an IP54 water-resistance rating, and has a superb suspension system. yes, it is among the few electric scooters with suspension.

While they are primarily used for commuting, electric scooters are useful for so much more. It’s the perfect way to explore the city on the weekends or for weekend adventures. Apollo Explorer is the perfect vehicle for this, adding a thrilling surge of fun to your journey.


The excitement surrounding this vehicle comes in part from its 31 mph top speed. You’ll be able to keep up with faster traffic as well as leave the majority of cyclists behind you. Riders up to 265 lbs will be able to reach 15 mph in just 3.5 seconds. They will also be able to tackle 20% inclines effortlessly. The acceleration and torque of this scooter are a big reason why it is so much fun to ride compared to basic commuters and entry-level models.

The third advantage of this scooter is its ability to deal with various terrain types, including asphalt and grassy fields. Despite its strengths being mainly road riding, it can handle a few light off-road trails as well. Because of its 10-inch pneumatic tires and dual spring suspension system, it can do this. These two components work together to keep you steadied and comfortable when you are rolling over obstacles, absorbing impacts and giving a smooth, comfortable ride, even if you are rolling over a lot. Its IP54 rating ensures that the Explore is protected against dust and water splashes.


Furthermore, its pneumatic tires provide excellent traction on wet, slick surfaces.  A non-slip surface prevents you from slipping and sliding on the spacious deck.


The brakes of the Explore also perform well. Both the front and rear of the scooter are equipped with disc brakes of high quality. You will be stopped quickly and efficiently, without feeling jerky or unstable, with these brakes. Having a regenerative brake keeps you going even when you’re slowing down, as it sends a boost of energy to your battery.


Due to its generous range of 34 miles, you’ll be able to go farther on your Explore scooter in addition to staying out longer. A Dynavolt battery provides the optimum performance for many rides to come in the Explore, like many other Apollo scooters. When you run out of battery power, the Explore will take around eight hours to recharge. If you purchase a fast charger, you can reduce this time by half so that you can get back on the road in just four hours.

It weighs 52 lbs, and that’s probably because of the motor’s heavier load and the battery’s bigger capacity. Lifting and carrying this will take a lot of energy, so you probably don’t want to be doing it very long. Positively, the scooter features a speedy folding mechanism, meaning that it can be collapsible into a very compact package.

5.          Segway Ninebot MAX

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Best water-resistant scooter from a reliable brand

Ninebot Max

IP Rating     ~              IPX5

Max Speed   ~            18 mph

Power ~  350W

Range  ~ 40 miles

Brakes ~  Front mechanical (drum) and Rear electric

Scooter Weight  ~ 18.7 kg

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Segway Ninebot Max is your best option for a safe ride. It can be used as a scooter in any condition, not just in wet conditions. Ninebot Segway, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric scooters (partly owned by Xiaomi), makes this scooter. A confusion and consistency in Segway names may be explained by the fact that the original company was acquired by the Chinese company Ninebot in 2015.

In terms of design, the Ninebot Max is similar to the Xiaomi M365, but it’s bigger, more stable, and more powerful. With a larger frame and deck, a larger wheel diameter, and a more powerful motor, it gives it a longer range and more power. Its larger weight and bulky frame make it less compact for transportation due to its larger frame and greater weight.

How does this electric scooter perform in wet weather?

It is IPX5 rated, which is very rare. A medium pressure jet having a diameter of 6.3mm, akin to a garden hose, can be applied from any angle for 3 minutes, according to certification. However, IPX5 is still a higher rating than most scooters on the market.

This scooter has a high reputation for stability due to its large 10-inch pneumatic tires, large deck, and low center of gravity.  Such wheels are only comparable to those of the Phatty G3 e-Scooter. It is unlikely to slip due to excessive acceleration due to the modest 350W power going to the rear wheels, yet it is powerful enough to accelerate and climb modestly despite its size.

In the rear wheel motor, there is a KERS system (Kinesthetic Energy Return System) which integrates a mechanical drum brake on the front. The best set-up would include mechanical brakes on the front and rear, but the braking system is not perfect. The KERS braking system can be adjusted to provide more braking power. This is an otherwise good scooter with good brakes.

6.            Emove Cruiser

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Emove Cruiser

IP Rating        ~           IP67

Max Speed      ~          25 mph

Power              ~          600W

Range ~          62 miles

Brakes             ~          Front and rear mechanical (Hybrid hydraulic )

Weight             ~          23 kg


The Emove Cruiser is protected against the water with an IP67 rating. This is a rating higher than that of Dualtron thunder. Although this rating is excellent, it also refers to a test that was specifically conducted to test submersion in water. Accordingly, it may not cover all scenarios in which water is sprayed. Manufacturers recommend using it only during light rainfall.

Cruiser is suitable for all conditions and can be used in both short and long-range. There is no scooter that, technically, can be immersed in water completely, so we don’t suggest doing that!


There are mechanical hydraulic disc brakes in both the front and back (which are excellent brakes, in simple terms). Both the front and rear have mechanical brakes, making them an excellent choice for stopping. In addition to having a large diameter (at 10 inches), the wheels have pneumatic tires that are relatively thick (at 2.7 inches wide), making them suitable for wet conditions. Moreover, its large and wide deck makes it extremely stable.


Despite its nominal power of 600W, this motor can deliver a maximum output of 1,600W. In normal conditions, this is a great motor for hill climbing and acceleration. However, such power could be hazardous in the rain. It is recommended to use it with a lower power setting when wet.

However, these specifications come at a price. In addition, while it folds up nicely, the Cruiser is quite heavy at 23 kg, which makes it not ideal for lighter users.

7.            Furo Fuze and Fuze Max

The best balance of specification and water resistance at a competitive price

IP Rating      ~             IP55

Max Speed  ~             25 mph

Power        ~   500W (800W Peak)

Range      ~  24 / 34 miles

Brakes  ~     Front and rear mechanical disc brakes

Weight ~18 kg

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The company also claims that the Furo Fuze is water-resistant to IP55, meaning that “any weather condition you can encounter under outdoor use, such as rain, dust, and puddles, is protected.”. Deep puddles exceeding 2.5cm/1 inch are not recommended. Furthermore, this is to avoid excessive water on the brakes and for safety reasons as well.


All of this contributes to a smooth ride and good traction. The Fuze comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires and adjustable suspension.   It is one of the few scooters with large wheels. Also, the scooter features excellent mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear, in addition to regenerative electronic brakes. Strong and balanced braking is achieved thanks to this combination, even in wet conditions.

For wet condition

The Fuze scooter is great in wet conditions due to all of these factors, but it is also an excellent package overall compared to other scooters on the market. The UK company selling the Fuze, Furo Systems, backs it with a full 2-year warranty. We’ve reviewed the Fuze in full here.

Which electric scooter is best for rain

Pure Air and Pure Air Pro. Best value waterproof electric scooters. …

Segway Ninebot MAX. Best water-resistant scooter from a reliable brand. …

Furo Fuze. The best balance of specification and water resistance at a competitive price. …

Emove Cruiser. Best overall specification. …

8Tev B12.

What electric scooters are water-resistant

What electric scooters are water-resistant?

Waterproof electric scooters

Electric scooter IP Rating

Ninebot Max      IPX5

Apollo City          IP54

Inokim OXO        IPX4

Aovo Pro              IP65

What is the most reliable electric scooter?

These are the best electric scooter that you can buy today.  They are among the best electric scooters for adults. While some scooters there have seats, others do not.

Unagi Model One. The best electric scooter overall. …

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max. The best electric scooter for long distances. …

Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite. Best midrange electric scooter. …

Glion Dolly. …

Apollo Explore. …

GoTrax XR Ultra. …

Razor E100. …

Glion Balto.

IP Rating meaning ~best waterproof electric scooter 2022

Ingress protection is referred to as IP ratings. An electrical component’s level of protection from liquids and solids is measured using this method. An electric scooter’s battery, electronics, and electronics are protected by this.

In wet weather, you will be much more likely to be able to use your electric scooter without it being damaged, if it has an IP55 rating or higher.

Final thoughts on the best waterproof electric scooter 2022

Our choice of the best electric scooter is Pure Air thanks to its high-quality finish and fantastic all-round performance at an affordable price. It is the Pure Air Pro that offers the best value for money for riders who live at a steep slope or must carry extra weight. A stylish and super-lightweight Unagi Model One electric scooter is a great option if portability is your primary concern and your budget allows it.