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Since Intel’s 12th generation CPUs were released, DDR5 memory support has become widespread. Since DDR4 has been the standard for just over six years, it is refreshing to see a shift in the market. However, this also raises the question of whether DDR5 memory is superior to its predecessor.

Although DDR5 RAM kits are becoming more readily available, they typically have a high price tag. One of the first consumer desktop sets to hit the market was Corsair’s Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB Kit in October of last year. In this review, we’ll look at the design and, more importantly, how well one of the first DDR5 memory kits performs!

The Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5 Kit can be purchased at:

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DDR5: What is it?

Specifications and Comparisons of Benchmarks, Design and Aesthetics, and Conclusion What is RAM and why do you require it?

To begin, we should probably address the RAM or memory definition and its functions. A computer’s RAM basically serves as the system’s short-term memory. Your computer’s processor constantly accesses RAM to run various applications or system processes. Your computer would either not work at all or run extremely slowly without RAM. For various operating systems, applications, and games to even function, RAM is required!

What is RAM

I’ll use an analogy to provide better context for Dominator Platinum Slanted with Logo. Imagine yourself working at a kitchen counter. On a smaller kitchen counter, the cook can do all of their work fairly well. Be that as it may, the more space you have, the simpler it is to set up various things. The cook will become more sluggish if they have to constantly switch between cupboards. Smash in this occurrence goes about as the ledge. It is easier to prepare your dishes and ingredients if you have more space.

Your Slam likewise works in blend with different parts inside your framework. Games, applications, and files can be temporarily moved into RAM on hard drives and SSDs for faster use. The speed and multitasking capabilities of a kit of RAM increase with increasing size. Additionally, games that perform a lot of real-time rendering (such as randomly generated maps) rely heavily on RAM. Because the world is constantly being created as you move, this is a common feature in Minecraft, which is why the game uses so much RAM. The majority of games have finally begun to bottleneck when limited to 16GB, which is one major reason why 32GB is not the norm for builds costing more than $1500. In the last 18 months, we have seen a significant increase in memory usage.

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DDR5: What is it?

Of course, DDR5 is the most recent version of DDR memory. Since SDR, which stands for Single Data Rate, was the standard before DDR entered the mainstream market in 2002, DDR stands for Double Data Rate. The fact that DDR reads data on the clock signal’s rising and falling edges is DDR’s primary advantage over SDR. This basically indicates that it can transfer data twice as quickly.


The Dominator Platinum Box DDR5 builds on that even more by allowing for the use of memory chips with speeds of up to 64 gigabits—four times the maximum speed of DDR4—and (theoretically) DIMMs with capacities of up to 2 TB. However, consumer sticks are likely to have clock speeds of 64 or 128 gigabytes. Additionally, the speed ranges of the latest RAM kits have significantly increased (the MHz number is used by many to shop). DDR4 kits typically have clock rates between 1600 MHz and 4800 MHz, whereas DDR5 kits have clock rates between 4800 MHz and 8400 MHz.

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What’s the point of it?

Eventually, the presentation of DDR5 packs is new, and as of now only one age of computer chips (Intel twelfth Gen) upholds it. DDR5 support is very likely to be included in AMD’s upcoming Ryzen chips, which are expected to be available later this year. This is in line with AMD’s intention to switch to a new socket for the processors of the next generation.


At the moment, DDR5 is best suited for high-end builds that make use of the best components. High-performance DDR5 kits will greatly benefit Nvidia’s 3090Ti and Intel’s most recent Core i9 processors.

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Dominator Platinum Blue Foundation

For the most part I think the utilization for DDR5 at the ongoing time isn’t equipped towards spending plan or potentially even mid-range frameworks right now. DDR5 can only be utilized to its full potential in high-end builds, so it could be wasted on less expensive PCs. When a new technology comes out, this is often the case: early adopters pay more for it as sales go up and production costs go down. This was demonstrated by DDR4, which coexisted with DDR3 in many systems for a considerable amount of time. DDR4 still offers great speeds and will continue to work perfectly in most builds, but DDR5 wouldn’t hurt to have in your system.

Design and Appearance The Dominator Platinum series is among the most visually appealing kits currently available. The matte black finish of this DRAM kit oozes sophistication. Together with the RGB strip on top of the memory, this just gives the sticks that extra flair that makes them “stick” out. This RAM kit is the brightest we’ve ever seen thanks to Corsair’s proprietary “Capellix” RGB technology. You actually notice the brilliance of this pack when its introduced, which I love to see.

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Dominator Platinum in RGB Build

In addition, the RAM is supported by Corsair’s iCUE software suite, allowing you to customize your build in this way. Because the iCUE software is compatible with a number of other Corsair products, you can customize your lighting settings for each build. There is currently no one competing with Corsair iCUE for the title of best software for RGB enthusiasts.

Specifications and Comparisons The primary comparisons between our Dominator Platinum sticks and those that are currently on the market are outlined in the table that can be found below. This will give you even more a view on determinations like CAS inertness, Clock Speed, Limits and that’s just the beginning!

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Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Special DDR5 Edition GSkill Trident Z5 RGB Crucial DDR5 32GB Kit Clock Speed 5200MHz 6000MHz 4800MHz Capacity 32GB (16GBx2) 32GB (16GBx2) CAS Latency 36-38-38-74 36-36-36-96 40-40-39-39 Voltage 1.25V 1.35V RGB Yes Yes No Performance Profile XMP 3.0 XMP 3.0 Table of DDR5 Memory Specifications The extended latency timings of the Dominator Platinum—36-38-38-74, as opposed to the GSkill’s 36-36-36-96—place it very close to the top of this list. Sadly, the Crucial kit’s lower speeds and latency do not appear to offer much competition when compared to the other two. Nonetheless, both the Critical and Corsair packs bring lower voltages which is perfect regarding soundness and intensity dispersal.


Overall, the Corsair Dominator kit is a close competitor to the options offered by GSkill; however, the Dominator Platinum sticks do not quite match the kit’s high speeds. Reasonably for top of the line frameworks 5200MHz will be completely fine, and will give sufficient speed expected to the exhibition that can emerge from very good quality parts. It’s important to keep in mind that these are a significant upgrade over the DDR4 generation sticks. I’m eager to see what other manufacturers offer on the market!

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In the following section, we have put the Dominator Platinum 32GB Kit through its paces with a number of benchmarks that will elucidate the undiluted power of DDR5. Be that as it may, in the event that you’re interested with regards to how this memory fairs in a top of the line construct, then, at that point, look at our Definitive 3090 Ti Gaming PC Fabricate Guide!

In the tests beneath we’ve utilized AIDA 64 to test the idleness, read and compose velocities of the memory. Metrics for memory and other components can be obtained using this well-known test. Additionally, we have utilized 3D Mark Time Spy, a benchmarking tool for stress testing components and obtaining an overall performance metric for your build.

We’ve utilized two separate frameworks to test DDR4 and DDR5. The DDR5 build has identical components, with our DDR5 Dominator Platinum kit, a Core i5 12600K, and a 3060 Ti. The same 3060Ti, a Core i5 11600K, and a set of Patriot Viper 32GB 3600MHz sticks are included in the DDR4 build. The principal distinction between these forms basically is the Slam. We would have preferred to use an Intel chip of the 12th generation for fairness, but the office does not have any DDR4 boards.

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Memory Bandwidth and Latency


Test DDR5 Memory Read DDR4 Memory Read To begin, the Dominator Platinum returns a maximum read speed of 70580 MB/s for DDR5. With a read speed of 38336 MB/s and a return of approximately half with the DDR4 kit, We had anticipated reading speeds of this kind, but DDR5’s nearly doubled reading speeds are quite impressive!


DDR5 Memory Write and DDR4 Memory Write In terms of memory writing, DDR5 achieves 68015MB/s and DDR4 37669MB/s, respectively. Once more, the read and write speeds for each generation are very similar. Double data rate within RAM sticks is demonstrated here.


Memory Latency in DDR5 and DDR4 With memory latency, we are witnessing something quite intriguing. Both the DDR4 and DDR5 memory packs have fundamentally the same as idleness. DDR4 returned 84.5 nanoseconds, whereas the DDR5 kit displayed 87.8 nanoseconds. The latency between sticks is very close, but the timing difference will make a small difference. This could be due to a variety of factors, but the absence of RAM overclocking could be a contributing factor.

3D Mark Time Spy Test DDR4 Test The benchmark’s overall score of 8363 was quite high in Time Spy. Despite the fact that this is not the highest percentile score for these components, it is still higher than the average. Averages of around 6626 and 5290 are offered by the AMD 6500XT and RTX 3050, respectively. With the right components, this demonstrates that DDR4 is still a clear competitor.


DDR5 Test

The build received a score of 9017 on our DDR5 test using Time Spy. The main point here is that we were also given an estimate of how well the game would go. In our test it shows War zone V at 1440p with a normal of 85+ fps. Again, this percentile isn’t the highest for these particular components, but DDR4 and DDR5 perform significantly differently.



Product Name: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Special Edition DDR5 DDR5 Dominator Platinum RGB Special Edition Corsair Performance Design Value for Money 4.2 Summary In conclusion, the Dominator Platinum RGB kit is an outstanding introduction to the DDR5 memory range. This pack is great for clients that need the best presentation, yet in addition the capacity to add an additional energy to any form. The RGB is executed well, and the sleek design always looks great. We wouldn’t recommend this kit, but if you’re an early adopter, it’s definitely worth a look! Corsair is providing some great competition, and it will be fantastic to see what other brands follow up with in terms of performance in due time, despite the fact that DDR5 is very new and very expensive.


Extraordinary looking unit

Strong speed choices

Amazing RGB joining and Corsair iCUE control




DDR5 tech still in relative outset

Many games yet to streamline for DDR5 execution gain