DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review

DUALTRON MINI electric scooter

DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review

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DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review
DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review

DUALTRON MINI is one of the latest products by the MiniMotors. Despites as the name of the electric scooter suggestively indicates it is smaller than other models of scooters offered by the miniMotors but it is in no way smaller than other scooters in the market. In fact, has features that are far superior to most of the electric scooters in the market. So, this is why I know you would like us to dig into our topic, DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review.

MiniMotors is one of the major electric scooter manufacturers in the world. Their reputation is built on best-performing electric scooters whose construction is only rivaled by its sturdiness. The attributes featured in the products that this company brings into the market are always top-notch because of the exceptional speed and safety. This is why we have taken a keen interest in dualtron mini, one of their popular products.

DUALTRON MINI: DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review

As I had stated earlier, mini does not imply it is, in any way, smaller than the rest of the electric scooters in the market.  However, the term mini is related to other dualtron products manufactured by MiniMotors. So, simply put, DUALTRON MINI is a reduced version of the best dualtron product.  I know you still do not believe yet.  However, one of the featured components is the 1450 W propulsion motor.  A typical scooter in the market comes with motors as small as 350 W. So, do you now believe?  Let us now take a look at its features;

  1. Battery  

There are two choices of battery that you have when you go for a DUALTRON MINIelectric scooter when it comes to battery. You will either go for the 52 v 13 Ah type or the 52 v 17.5 Ah type.  The two versions of batteries are from the LG.  and what is the difference, you ask?  The difference between the two types of batteries is that the 52 v 17.5 Ah type offers you more power to cover more ground than the 52 c 13 Ah battery can. In fact, according to the manufacturer, there is a difference of 15 miles or 9.3 miles.  This is a very long distance, don`t you think?

The standard time you need to charge the smaller battery (52 v 13Ah battery) to capacity is 6 hours.  The standard time you need to charge the bigger battery (52 v 17.5 Ah battery) to capacity is 8 hours. However, fast charging is a little different. You will only need 2 hours 30 minutes and 3 hours 30m  for the 52 v 13 Ah battery and 52 v 17.5 Ah battery respectively.

These are two of the largest batteries in the market.  There are scooters whose batteries are only 36 v 7 Ah in the market meaning they are far less powerful than this one.

  1. Motor

It is one of the best dual motor electric scooters. The motor used to drive the DUALTRON MINI electric scooter is the smallest of all motors used to make MiniMotors product. It is only 1450 W. For instance, dualtron thunder comes with a 5400 W electric motor. Do you see, why the manufacturer now refers to it as “mini”?  Electric motors are one of the most important components because they determine the performance of the scooters such as the speed, ability to climb steep, use in off-road conditions, and many others. Also, it is the electric motor that determines the maximum load the scooter can carry.

In other words, the strong the motor, the more load it can bear, and the higher the speed of your scooter.

So, the maximum load this scooter can bear is 120 kgs or 264 lbs. This why it is for being one of the best electric scooters for heavy adults.

The DUALTRON MINI scooter on itself is a bit heavy since it weighs a little more than 48 lbs. or 22 kg. so, you might need more effort to carry it with you where you want.

  1. Wheels

Why would consider wheels in an electric scooter? There are a few reasons. Firstly, wheels determine whether your scooter will be used on-road only or it is an all-terrain vehicle. Large wheels mean your scooter is an all-terrain vehicle and small wheels limit you to on-road conditions only. Secondly, wheels play an important role in the comfort of the rider.  How you ask?

The DUALTRON MINI electric scooters feature 8.5” pneumatic wheels. This is suitable for use in off-road conditions. However, the pneumatic wheels will offer rider comfort to the rider since they add a significant level of shock absorption. Yes, air offers cushions and so you will not experience much vibrations on the handlebars.

  1. Suspension 

This electric scooter comes with dual spring suspension. This is the major factor that makes it most suitable for off-road conditions. So, DUALTRON MINI electric scooter can be used on irregular road surfaces. Other scooters of this kind are strictly on-road only because they lack a suspension system.  So, you are right to consider DUALTRON MINI electric scooter as one of the best electric scooters with suspension in the market.

It is very stable even on such irregular surfaces even at its top speed.

  1. Speed

Do you remember we said earlier that the motors are responsible for several attributes of an electric scooter? Well, it is also responsible for the speed of your electric scooter.

The maximum speed you can cruise at on DUALTRON MINI electric scooter is 72.5 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per hour. This is a very high speed for a two-wheel vehicle. This is one of the highest speeds you will get on a scooter.

In fact, the highest speed you will ever get on an electric scooter in the market now is 50  mph or 80 kph. Other scooters of this class allow about 30 mph.

So as far as the speed is concerned, DUALTRON MINI electric scooter is top notch.

  1. Brakes 

The dualtron electric scooter comes with a single rear drum braking system that has an integrated ABS system. The ABS system prevents slipping after you brake.

Technically, this is not the best braking you can get in an electric scooter.  I have come across some other models that have rear and front braking systems.  Besides that, they offer regenerative braking. So, the reliability is not most desirable but will still work.

  1. Deck

The deck is the place where the rider places his or her feet while riding the scooter.  The DUALTRON MINI electric scooter`s deck is not only wide but also very straight. The manufacturers made them that way so that you can rest both legs while riding. There is an anti-slip footboard that offers your rear foot extra room.

The kickstand is both retractable and sturdy so parking will be very convenient for you. You will not need to go seeking walls, posts, or trees to park your electric scooter.

  1. Lights

Your DUALTRON MINI electric scooter has a set of very useful light. imperfectly place LED headlight gives you a not bright beam of light so that you can see at night. You will have a limited range. According to other reviewers, the two headlights are too weak for their purpose.  This is not the only problem, they are also mounted very low. Nonetheless, they will make you visible to other riders on the road.  You will need to look for better LED lights if you intend to ride in the dark.

There is also a rear tail light that doubles as a brake that is extremely useful during the day and at night.

In our last article on the best electric scooters with light, we saw why lights are important in a scooter. The lights make the rider visible to other riders and drivers on the road and thereby minimizing accidents on the roads. This is not for night use only. Lights are necessary for foggy weather since all road users have limited visibility.

Assembling:DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review

When you order a DUALTRON MINI electric scooter from a dealer or amazon, it will come in a very big box. In the box, you will various items such as the LED remote control, user manual, a basic tool, charger, and the mini scooter itself.  What is the use of remote control?  The remote control you find in the box is used to customize the lights on your scooter.

There not much you will have to do since most of the components are assembled. However, the handlebars need to be attached to the steering tube. Every other component that has to be attached to handlebars is not assembled so you will have to do it yourself. Such components include the LCD display and the brakes.

It is a very simple task to assemble the handlebars since you will need a fix just a few screws using the basic tool. Additionally, there is the dashboard LCD display that needs fixing on the handlebars and so are the brakes.  The brakes give you allowance to keep them as tight or as loose as you find desirable.

How about the tire pressure? The manufacturers provide you with already inflated tires foxed on your electric scooter. However, you need to check pressure first.  For further instructions, consult the user manual.

If anything is not clear, you can always contact customer support using the manufacturer`s helpline.

What about the DUALTRON MINI electric scooter performance

The maximum speed you will manage on this scooter is 32 mph or 51.5 kph thanks to the 1450 W electric motor. It is so unfortunate that such high speeds are not allowed on public roads. Scooters are hardly treated as a vehicle by the government and that is why not permits are required for anyone to ride or own one.  In the US, the maximum allowable speeds on public roads are 15 miles per hour or 24 kilometers per hour.

So, if you are not allowed to move at high speeds, why would manufacturer equipment DUALTRON MINI electric scooter with such a powerful motor? The motor has such a high power rating so that it can provide the rider with enough torque to climb steep hills with ease. Most of the other electric scooters with less powerful motors have to operate manually when climbing a steep hill. So, can electric scooters be operated manually? Well, this is beyond the scoop of this topic. however, some are called dual electric scooters which were designed to be used manually and electrically.

Unless you encounter a steep hill, you will never need to unleash full power.  This is what gives you an opportunity to save enough power to cover an extra distance.

What is the function of the LCD display? You will access the electric scooter’s stats on the screen. It is also here where you can adjust DUALTRON MINI electric scooter`s setting to limit the speed to suit your need.  Further settings that can be accessed through the LCD display include the ABS system. you can activate or deactivate it for your convenience.

ABS brake function is only available on all 3rd generation electric scooters made by the MiniMotors. This is the function that provides intermittent braking signals.  Why intermittent signal? It prevents the tire lock during emergence braking. It also prevents your scooters from tire skids.

Final thoughts on DUALTRON MINI electric scooter review

This is one of the best electric scooters for adults weighing about 220 lbs. or 100 kgs. It does not only offer the desirable range and speed but also efficiency and comfort to the rider. This is an electric scooter with more benefits than your average electric scooter.

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