Dualtron thunder 2

Dualtron thunder 2 review

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Dualtron thunder 2 review
Dualtron thunder 2 review

Introducing the Dualtron Thunder 2, the most powerful electric scooter on the market. With a top speed of 50 mph and a range of up to 100 miles, the Thunder 2 is perfect for commuting or getting around town. With its all-wheel drive and suspension, the Thunder 2 is also perfect for off-road adventures. Order yours today!

It is estimated that the Dualtron Thunder 2 would hit the market late in 2021. Considering the success of the first version, is it really surprising that MiniMotors would want to build a sequel? MiniMotors Dualtron Thunder scooters are among the most successful scooters ever sold – primarily due to its high-quality construction and specification. This Dualtron thunder 2 review covers speed, motor, deck, the cockpit and the battery size. Charging is an important parameter if you intend to use it regularly.

A 5400w electric scooter with twin 2700w motors, the Thunder was Minimotor’s first model in 2018 and featured a 35AH battery.  During this period, it was the only electric scooter that offered everything that most other scooters did not.

E-scooters are much more viable today thanks to the advances in battery technology over the past 5 years. In 2022, and as batteries continue to improve, scooters like the Thunder 2 will gradually become more popular.

A summary of the specs

Motor10,080w Dual BLDC Hub Motors (5040w peak per motor)
BatteryLG 21700 72V 40AH (2880wh)
Charge TimeStandard Charger 18-20 hours,
Fast Charger (5amp) – 8 hours
Single-Charge Mileage50-70 Miles (80-100km) Rider Weight Dependent
Max SpeedQuoted 62 mph (100 km/h) – Actual Speed likely to be around 65mph – 70mph
DisplayEY3 Display (Minimotors Original LCD Panel)
Braking SystemFront & Rear Hydraulic Brakes (NUTT Brakes – 160mm Discs)
ABS / Electronic Braking
LightingFront LED Lights
Rear LED Lights
RGB Stem and Deck Lighting
HornNo horn
Max Load264 lbs / 120 kg
Scooter Weight103 lbs (47 kg)
Product MaterialUnspecified – Alloy Frame
Folding HandlebarUnspecified – Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified – Alloy Frame
SuspensionCartridge Suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 1208 x 609 x 1267 mm
Folded: 1208 x 317 x 577 mm
Water ResistanceNo

 Performance overview

Among the most powerful e-scooters that have come on the market so far is the Dualtron Thunder 2 (2021-2022). With two motors in the front and rear, the Thunder 2 can deliver a combined output of 10080W, which is equivalent to two motors delivering 5040W each.

A 72V40Ah (84V max) LG 21700 battery powers the Thunder 2’s two highly performant motors. This is among the best and highest quality cells available in the marketplace.

The e-scooter can achieve a range of 150km when driven at a moderate speed and with a 65kg user and warm temperatures, more with “calm” driving conditions. Cells of the LG 21700 battery are estimated to be capable of lasting up to four years. To prevent air humidity’s negative effects on your scooter’s battery, ensure that you keep the scooter in a dry environment.

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In test after test, we’ve found the Thunder 2 to have the largest battery. This energy bank can store up to 2880Wh of power at 72V 40Ah.  A 25 percent larger battery could be found buried deep within the NAMI Burn-e’s deck than the incredible 72V 32Ah battery.  It’s among the best electric scooters for long distance travel. In addition, 21700 cells, which have a high energy density, are employed to improve the efficiency of the battery and improve the energy consumption per ride.

The Thunder 2 has a maximum range of 106 miles based on all of this. The maximum distance that you can expect from your trip is 60 miles, even when riding at the highest speed possible.

It is common for most riders to tire of riding before they reach the point where they are near evaporating the fuel.

Contrary to the original Thunder, the new upgraded model will have an increase in range of 45 miles, compared to its maximum range of 75 miles.

As an alternative to the stock battery, you can connect an external battery pack to the auxiliary connection port for additional power. With the Range Extender port, Dualtron can extend the range by 33 miles, but it is quite expensive. As it sits at the front of the deck once plugged in, it is rather clumsy and inconvenient


Providing a huge 2880 watt-hours of power, the Dualtron Thunder 2 boasts a 72V 40Ah battery. It consists of LG 21700 batteries, unlike the 18650 batteries, which have greater resistance and a greater degree of heating than LG 21700 batteries. Battery cells from the 21700 series have a capacity of about 50% greater, and their energy density is about 47% greater than those from the 18650 series.

There is a lot of jargon here that has nothing to do with science. It means that there will be faster speeds and easier maneuverability as you will experience more power delivery and efficiency.

Charging time

When you use fast chargers, the Thunder 2 can be charged in 6 hours instead of 28 hours.


Like other Dualtron models, the Thunder 2 is configured similarly. A new multi-switch on the handlebars allows users to select between single and dual motor modes. A much nicer chrome effect button was implemented by Dualtron in place of the cheap red and yellow buttons, enabling a rider to switch between one motor and two motors.

In the future, even with a single motor that produces 5 kW, even on gradients, riders will be able to take eco rides using one motor. Due to the dual motor configuration of the Dualtron Thunder 2, for inclines typically higher than 20% we would expect the scooter to be able to handle without needing to change modes (Although it depends on the rider’s weight and SOC).


In its standard configuration, the Dualtron Thunder 2 has an 8,400 watt peak power but, thanks to its unique ‘double action’ throttle, it’s just like turning on jet thrusters.

The spark motors receive a boost of 1680W when you press down twice in quick succession, resulting in a total peak of 10,080W when you release the finger throttle.

Thunder 2 delivers more power than it can handle, which is something to be highlighted. Despite being more powerful and cheaper ($4,299 vs. $6,490), it offers 1780W more peak power than the powerful Dualtron X2.

Thunder 2 tops out at 62 mph due to the enormous amount of power on offer, which puts it alongside other top performers in the ultra-performance class.


Definitely one of the Thunder 2’s signature features is its ultra-modern rubber deck. I absolutely love this deck. It’s easy to clean, but has one slight flaw. It has 31% less grip than the original grip-tape-covered Thunder deck (yeah, we measure everything).

Adding grip tape in any shape or location, though, will give you the best of both worlds—the best of both worlds.

In reality, the deck is quite large, however the footrests make the deck feel smaller than ideal for long rides. Simply remove or install it in 5 minutes if you need the extra room. Having enough room to move around on the range rest was a plus.

Control panel/ cockpit

In addition to turn signals (only in the rear), swag lights, hazard lights, riding mode, and a horn (a feature notably lacking in the 2020 Thunder), Thunder 2 gets a stunning new control box!

In spite of the classic EY3 throttle, the backlit stainless steel controls give the scooter a luxurious feel. The ECO mode button on the control panel is one of our favorites, as it stays pressed for ECO mode and out for OMG mode, so before pulling the trigger you can always know what mode you are in.

They appear very tidy, but they don’t seem to be plug-and-play. You will have to dig deep into your scooter to plug in your throttle if it needs to be changed.


Those swag lights are incredible. Dualtrons are unmistakable after dark. The Thunder 2’s swag factor goes to the next level with color-coordinated RGB lights on the deck and swingarms that flow from one to the next. Quite impressive.

The high-mounted headlight on a scooter this fast is necessary. You should definitely consider adding a rechargeable aftermarket light to your shopping list if you plan to ride at night. It won’t cost you much to get them, and you can use them for all your scooters in the future.


Both Dualtron Thunder 2 and the original Thunder feature a cartridge-style suspension. I understand, the cartridge system has worked fairly well in the past as well as with the range of available cartridges. By switching over the cartridge, people were able to choose their suspension settings.

Our opinion is that Minimotors may need to consider other options in the future.  A rear gas suspension unit is used on scooters like the Bronco, offering a unique ride that can be tailored without modifying anything.  For dampening, however, a dial on the device will need to be turned.


It’s not often that we become so buzzed about tires, but the Thunder 2’s flat-proof tires have us stoked. They’re also the first scooter tires with both load and speed ratings, along with being flat-proof. A rubber coating inside each tire prevents flats through its incredibly flexible properties.

Tests revealed that it was nearly impervious to punctures when punctured slowly. Even after penetration, it sealed fully and instantly, so there was no loss of air pressure over the next 24 hours. The wheels do not get goopy when you remove the tires from them, as you would with tire slime.


Water resistance

According to the specs, the Thunder 2 should have basic IP54 water resistance, but it has not been indicated in the specs.

Hill climb

Thunder 2 likes to eat hills for breakfast, so I wasn’t surprised. Designed to handle any incline a rider can throw at it, it rips up any slope, and better yet, it won’t drain your battery to the point of ride-ending.


Build quality

A huge 72V 2,880 Wh battery is at the core of its impressive build quality, making it the largest battery we have ever seen. It’s not just big, but also highly-sophisticated, since LG’s 21700 automotive cells are bigger and have a greater power density.

The controllers are attached to the deck through thermal coupling. The heatsink remained cool to the touch even after 0.8 kilometers at top speed and 120 total amps.

The combination of flat-resistant tires and seemingly bottomless range make you feel like you are unstoppable, even if you are not racing at stratospheric speeds or testing your own range endurance.

Despite its shortcomings, it’s a good start. The rear fender of the Thunder 2 rattled a little when we drove 81 kilometers, just like our Thunder 2020. An Allen wrench is required to fix this. If you’re going to lock down the fender bolts, add some blue Loctite.

When changing tires, you won’t have to struggle with motor cables because the solid rims separate easily from the motors. Tubeless tires cannot be used with split rims, but this compromise is a nice alternative.

I continue to be perplexed by Minimotors for not fixing the stem squeaks on all Dualtron scooters. A little spray grease, some lubricating liquid, and tightening the bolts back down solves this issue in 5 minutes. Every time we receive a Dualtron, it has become standard practice.

A robust and adjustable side stand completes the Thunder 2’s features. Hurray!  You walk away from your scooter with one last reminder of quality with the side-stand, since it is the last part of the scooter you interact with every day.


We’ve never seen a scooter with a wider range.Though the Thunder 2 and Thunder have similar ranges, the Thunder 2 goes further than most riders would like.Having traveled 95.8 kilometers in more than 3 hours, I was exhausted.

Tires that do not go flat. These are absolutely revolutionary. Having tested them, we can vouch for their effectiveness! We hope more results will follow in the future. The Thunder 2 comes standard with these tires, but these tires can also be installed on the Thunder.

The swag is awesome! The Dualtron has the best swag lights out of any scooter, and they find new places to add them in every generation (swingarms? Sure why not?).

There is no end to the adrenaline rush.Once you own the vehicle for a week, you will become accustomed to many of its features.You won’t have any problems with acceleration.

With the new control panel, you will feel like you are using a high-end product.The backlit buttons on my German car are nicer than anything I’ve seen so far.

Despite being bright, EY3 is beginning to look a little older. However, we’ll choose “looks average, but works great” over the opposite.


This makes it difficult to transport. With a weight of 47 kg, it’s heavy.

Traction on the deck is poor. Due to the intensity of this ride, there is a lack of traction, but this can be easily fixed with a little grip tape.

In the end, double click is a little clunky, but it’s fun. If you are looking for control without a hiccup, a sinewave controller may be the answer.

The headlights need to be improved. Especially as fast as this scooter is.

The stem is creaky (easy to fix, but still annoying).

Where to buy

Post purchase support


Depending on the retailer you buy from, you will receive different levels of post-purchase support. Voro Motors is known for its exceptional customer service in the industry.

We offer live chat service, as well as phone and email contact options.

Likewise, Voro Motors is highly regarded when it comes to quality control. In order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, each scooter is individually examined prior to shipment. In addition to scooter parts and accessories, the company stocks all Dualtron products so you can keep your scooter in good working order.

Alternative model

Best Alternatives and Competitors

ModelTop Speed**Range**Weight**Price
Kaabo Wolf King GT98.2 kmh88.6 km56 kg$3,595
NAMI Burn-E94.7 kmh85.8 km48 kg$4,499
Minimotors Dualtron Thunder80.5 kmh72.8 km42 kg$3,499

Final thoughts on Dualtron thunder 2 review

There are many features on the Thunder 2 that make your riding experience as smooth as possible. Electric scooters with a high range need adequate charging capacities, like the Dualtron Thunder 2. A dual fast charger port is available on the beast, so it can be connected to two fast chargers in parallel.

Moreover, the scooter is equipped with a third “isolated” port of 4 pins, which can be used to connect an external battery for even greater range.

The acceleration push of a powerful electric scooter can sometimes knock the rider off balance because the body can become disoriented. As an additional safety feature, the Thunder 2 is equipped with a high-visibility/stop tail light built into the foot rest.

In order to make storage easier, the Thunder 2 scooter includes a foldable handlebar. With its foldable handlebar, this scooter fits easily in the trunk of most cars.

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