Dualtron thunder e-scooter review

Dualtron thunder e-scooter review

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Dualtron thunder e-scooter review
Dualtron thunder e-scooter review

If you are interested in one of the best monster of as scooter in the market, read this Dualtron thunder e-scooter review. It covers all the features and performance review to help you make the right decision

So to conclude this long-winded review, I’d call the Dualtron Thunder one of the most amazing examples of micromobility that I’ve ever set foot or butt on.

The design inspires a feeling of both safety and quality. And the speed and power offers the opportunity to ride at any skill level (and also squirt out of a jam with a little extra power, if necessary, in an emergency).

But this is nowhere near a beginner scooter. I’ve worked my way up through lightweight scooters to middleweight and finally heavy-duty scooters before ever attempting a scooter like the Dualtron Thunder. And you should too, or at least start somewhere in that sequence. This isn’t a great first scooter, but it’s an amazing second or third scooter, once you learn the basics and safety considerations of scooter riding.

If you want to grab your own, head on over to USA Minimotor’s website to check out the options and accessories.

And don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts and opinions on the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter!

A summary of specs

Top Speed80 kph (50  mph)
Max Range121 km (75 miles)
Scooter weight43 kg (95  lbs.)
Maximum Load33 0lbs. (150 kg)
Tires typePneumatic
Tires11 x 4 inches
Motor2400 w  ( peak 5400 w)
number of motorsdual
Battery typeLG LITHIUM
Battery capacity60v 35 Ah (2100W)
SuspensionYES (catridge swing arm)
Breakshydraulic disc  brakes ( with ABS)
regenerative brakingno
Charging time20 hrs ( 2A charger), 10 hrs ( with dual charger), 5 hrs (fast charger)
Hill climb30 degree
LightsLED~ Headlights, brake light, taillight
Framesteel frame
water resistancenot included


specs overview

The Dualtron Thunder as an electric scooter has everything most riders would need. It’s fast, portable and does the job. The scooter itself comes from an established brand and that means you’ve got guaranteed support in the future, there has been a lot more R&D as well as product testing and with an established brand, you can be sure you won’t be left unable to get parts.

The Dualtron Thunder is about quality, just looking at the frame, the components, the crisp alignment of everything makes for a reassuring feel when standing on and riding.

Just keep in mind, doing 50 mph (80 km/h) on an electric scooter is pretty dangerous, so you are going to want to know what you are standing on is safe and won’t fall apart at high speed.

The Dualtron Thunder exceeds the reported top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), in fact, we were able to hit 55 mph (88 km/h) on flat ground (According to Strava).

The reported range is always over exaggerated, most electric scooter retailers and reviews sites all vary in reported mileage from 60 miles to 90+ miles (96 – 144 km), which, just isn’t possible. We’ve tested. We were able to get around 49 miles (78 km) using single motor mode, eco, driving very carefully with most terrain being flat (only a handful of small gradients).

Driving more lively and hitting more gradients will bring the battery range down to 20-30 miles (32 – 48 km) of real world use.

For most, the thunder has enough battery power and motor power to be used for good long runs, and, thanks to a dedicated GX16 port (not a charging port) it can support a plug and play range extender pack adding another 10-30 miles (16 – 48 km).

performance outline

How do we say it? the Dualtron Thunder is an animal, anything in the 5kw+ territory is a serious scooter and should be respected. Not just because of the incredible torque, but also because of the top speeds. Come off at 50 mph (80 km/h) and there’s a good chance you’ll seriously injure yourself.

On to the positive aspects of the Dualtron Thunders performance.

It’s quick, very quick and the torque / acceleration are incredible. The thunder has a torque peak from 0-10mph before gently curving off as you accelerate past 30 mph (48 km/h). The thunder will get to 50 mph (80 km/h) on flat ground in less than 10-15 seconds (depending on rider weight).

Starting off you’ll get some wheel spin which is great fun, just make sure you don’t do it on loose gravel.


The electric scooter battery is 60 volts, 35 Ah, with LG 3500 cells. A cool thing about the Dualtron Thunder is that you have several charging options. There are dual charging ports, so if you just use one standard charger, it does take a long time to charge at around 20 hours from empty. If you use both ports, it takes around 10 hours, while there’s also a quick charge option that’s around 5.3 hours.

Times will vary, depending on how drained the battery is when you charge it. Be sure to only use the charger that comes with the electric scooter and charge in an area that’s dry, well-ventilated, and clear of anything that could catch on fire. As a lithium battery, certain safety instructions apply, so read the manual carefully when you first get your Dualtron Thunder.


The range is what’s really worth talking about. In ideal conditions, the Dualtron Thunder is able to travel 75 miles. The real world rarely reflects “ideal conditions,” however, and factors like weather, rider weight, and terrain have a significant impact on range. According to reviews, a more realistic range is around between 40-50 miles, but that’s still a really good distance. For going up slopes, the climbing grade is 47% or 25 degrees. It depends on rider weight and how charged the scooter is. In their manual, Dualtron does say to not use the scooter on steep slopes. You should also not speed up when going downhill, even if that sounds fun.

charging time

Do you want the bad news first, or the good?The bad: the Thunder can take a mind-numbing, painstaking, annoyingly long 20 hours to reach full charge.

That’s when you’re using the standard charger, though. The good news is that with the fast charger – which, handily, is compatible with all Dualtron models – it takes just over 5 hours to reach full juice.

You can get your hands on one of MiniMotors’ fast chargers for just $150.


As we’ve already noted in the specs, the Dualtron Thunder’s motor’s power peaks at 5400 watts. It has a nominal power of 2400 watts per motor. The difference between the two is quite simple; peak power is the absolute most power the motor can give, which means that you won’t be able to ride an electric scooter at peak power for a long duration of time. The nominal power is the continuous power at which you will be able to ride the Dualtron Thunder for as long as you’d like.

What’s interesting and important to note is that its motor system is made up of two, brushless DC electric dual hub motors. What does that mean for you in terms of performance and power? People who are looking for ultra-high-performance motors prefer brushless motors over brushed motors because brushless motors usually give you less noise and better torque. Brushless motors also tend to be more reliable and last longer than brushed motors.

Dualtron brand their hub motors with the MINIMOTORS slogan which is a nice touch.

The thunders BLDC hub motors are NOT waterproof, so it’s important not to get them wet as any water ingress will cause rust and corrosion internally.

On the thunders handle bars you’ll be able to switch between single motor / dual motor mode at the tap of a button.

Motor System Selection Button

We know that the Dualtron Thunder’s powerful 5,400-watt brushless DC motors are capable of handling steep inclines, high speeds, and putting out an impressive amount of torque.

Equally impressive, though, is the Thunder’s motor system selection button that allows you to choose which motors to engage when you take to the streets. When you push the big red button (sounds alarming I know, but bear with me), you’ll be riding with both the front and rear motors. Pushing that button again – so it’s out, rather than in – will activate rear-wheel riding mode only.

Dualtron Thunder Motor Selection and Emergency Light Buttons

The main benefit to you is that you can run the scooter as efficiently as possible. For example, when you want to enjoy a leisurely cruise, you can enable just one motor and save on battery power. Then, when you hit a long straight, you can bump the second motor into action and turn your scooter into a certified land rocket.


The Dualtron Thunder has a huge 30-centimeter wide deck for maximum stability and confidence at high speeds. The extra-wide size expands the possible foot positions on this scooter and ensures that you’ll always be able to get in the most stable position for your riding circumstance.


control panel

Speaking of, the instrument panel is a really great feature on the Dualtron Thunder, and the EYE LCD display is new for Dualtron electric scooter models. On the instrument panel, you control the scooter with start mode, cruise mode, the electronic brake, the ABS function, and more. Cruise control is recommended if you’re traveling long distances and want to maintain the same speed. The instrument panel even includes an optional fingerprint reader and wireless phone-charging options. For a full description of what every function means, read the Thunder manual.

The lighting on the Dualtron Thunder is impressive. There are front and rear LED lights and blue bottom mood lights. The handlebar can be illuminated as well, with basically any color you could possibly want


The Thunder has low-mounted front and rear button LED lights. It also has swag stem lighting and underside deck LEDs. All the lights are surprisingly bright and can be controlled by an included remote.

However, the forward-facing lights do not project far enough ahead for safely riding at speed at night. If you plan to ride regularly at night, we recommend additional lighting for safety.


The Thunder uses a solid rubber cartridge system as part of its suspension setup. There are numerous cartridge types including soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard and hard. The cartridge is positioned between the upper and lower part of the front swingarm and as part of the rear swingarm assembly.

The cartridge design is unique to Dualtron, it basically uses a cross bar that pushes out against internal rubber bars. The hardness & compactness of the cartridge will dictate how much travel the cross bar has.

The default thunder suspension setting is fairly hard, even heavier riders won’t notice a great deal of suspension travel.

We find that the suspension isn’t overly forgiving and can make riding on uneven surfaces a bit more unpredictable but, it does make for a more solid, agile feel driving on the roads.

The ideal settings for most thunder owners are to have the rear cartridge as a medium-hard setting and the front cartridge as a hard / medium hard setting.

The heavier the rider, the harder your suspension setting should be, heavier riders on soft suspension settings can cause speed wobble if the scooter is allowed more suspension travel at high speed.

We’ve produced a guide on how to adjust the suspension on a dualtron thunder – to make the process of selecting a cartridge and changing it over easier.


The stock 11-inch tubeless mini motorcycle tires can go off-road, but are fairly smooth and really designed for maximum traction on hard, paved surfaces. For scooter motocross, you can always swap the Thunder’s stock tires for some knobby ones.

The tires have an ultra-wide 10-centimeter contact patch with the road and make it easy to balance and manage the scooter at speed. The large 27.9-centimeter diameter and Dualtron rubber suspension will help you roll over sizable urban or off-road obstacles safely.

Though these are some of the thickest, most durable electric scooter tires we’ve encountered, they are pneumatic, and you can still benefit from flat tire preventative maintenance.


A scooter’s braking system is very important for a rider’s feeling of stability and safety. The ventilated brake calipers (the discs) are really large at 160mm.

The Dualtron Thunder also comes with ABS brakes, making it the only stand-up electric scooter with this feature! However, while ABS brakes are intended for more securing braking, these are apparently not “true” ABS – they’re electronic – so they cause vibrations that can be strange. To decelerate, first, use the rear brake, and then use the front and rear brake together to stop after decelerating. Riders have the ability to turn off the ABS if they want and adjust the brake’s strength on the instrument panel.

water resistance

hill climb

The official climb angle of the Dualtron Thunder is 35 degrees, and that has been confirmed by several climb tests.

That makes the Thunder one of the best-climbing electric scooters ever. And it’s no wonder – dual motors with 2400 Watts of power, 11-inch tires with extra width for greater torque and traction, huge battery, all contribute to this scooter’s remarkable climb angle.


Dualtron Thunder in its folded configuration

Tipping the scale at 43 kgs, the Thunder is a huge scooter. It does have a folding stem that locks into the folded position. It also has folding handlebars.

The folded dimensions of the Dualtron Thunder are 127-centimeters by 33-centimeters by 56-centimeters.

Because of its sheer size, it will difficult to carry upstairs, and you may need assistance to lift into a car or truck.

Optional Seat Attachment

Riding a scooter is fun. The sun on your face, a light breeze rifling through your hair… what’s not to like?

Well, when you’re hitting the streets for long periods or pushing the Thunder’s 75 mile range to its limit (40-45 miles under realistic conditions), your legs are going to get tired. That’s why, refreshingly, most of Dualtron’s scooters come with space for an optional seat attachment.

Attaching to the rear of the Thunder’s frame (just in front of the back wheel), this seat costs $125 and takes only a couple of minutes to install.

I’d recommend it for longer journeys. But, considering the extra expense involved, you can probably go without it if shorter, urban rides are going to be more your thing.

Alternatively, you could opt for the aforementioned Apollo Pro 60V ($2,299), add the Apollo Seat ($119), and save some money.

Build quality

We weren’t kidding when we said Dualtron Thunder was a behemoth. The deck is a foot wide, which is really good for maintaining stability at high speeds. The frame and handle are made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and the shaft is steel.

Because of its sturdiness, this scooter is not lightweight. It weighs 95 pounds, so keep that in mind if you plan on hauling the scooter around anywhere. It can hold up to 265 pounds. The scooter does have a spring-loaded folding mechanism, so it’s easier to store. To use, pull up on two locking levels and push down on both handlebars.


Another cool construction feature is the 3-step variable suspension system. By changing the suspension module, you can get a different ride experience. The cartridges are rubber and depending on their firmness, the scooter rides differently. Lighter riders and riders in cooler climates will most likely like the softer cartridges better. The Dualtron Thunder comes with a medium elasticity by default, and you can choose to add extra cartridges.

post purchase support


MiniMotors USA, which is the supplier and official US distributor of the Dualtron electric scooter range, stocks all parts and accessories, and offers a warranty of 6 months as standard.

However, I should note that this warranty is limited to manufacturing defects. This includes the motor, controller, battery, and throttle. It doesn’t cover wear and tear and, as MiniMotors USA puts it, ‘acts of God’. In insurance terms, this is typically defined as ‘an accident or event that is not influenced by man‘, and is included (but not limited to) damage from hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, and, well… thunder.


This includes rain. And, as I mentioned earlier, the Thunder doesn’t bear a water-resistance rating. Should any damage occur as a result of you riding your new Dualtron in the rain, then, you can’t claim under warranty.

Accessories – such as grips, screws, rubber caps, brakes, brake pads, and tires – also aren’t covered.

Post-Purchase Support

Should you require any assistance with setting up, maintaining, or replacing any of the Dualtron Thunder’s components, you can call or email the MiniMotors USA team for real-time assistance. The number is (917) 688-4318.

Dualtron’s scooters don’t come with a huge amount of online support resources. That said, the manual contains an impressively granular amount of detail. It’s not the easiest to read but should give you everything you need to learn the ropes of your new ride.

You can also reach out to the team at sales@usaminimotors.com for additional support.

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Conclusion on Dualtron thunder e-scooter review

The Dualtron Thunder is a powerhouse electric scooter that packs in the features for its high price. We really like the great range, durable construction, and ability to control your ride with adjustable suspension, single/dual motor options, and lighting.

The Thunder has one of the most powerful motors out there, so if you’re looking for something more like a mini motorcycle than a normal electric scooter, this is the model for you. It truly is one of the best electric scooters money can buy.

The Dualtron Thunder is one of the most powerful, premium electric scooters you can buy. Aside from the ridiculous Dualtron X, the Dualtron Thunder is the most powerful scooter from MiniMotors.

The Thunder has absolutely brutal acceleration and build quality to withstand all the punishment you can dish out.

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