Best electric scooters for food delivery

Best electric scooters for food delivery

If your job is to deliver food, then the most convenient way is to use an electric scooter. Electric scooters are not only fast but also cheap to operate. Besides, their very nature allows you to move from one place to another even when the path is narrow. In this article, we shall discuss the best electric scooters for food delivery available in the market today.

How we chose the best e-scooters for food delivery

The criteria that we used to qualify e-scooters for this list include their motor, battery, wheel side, brakes, suspension, charging time, weight limit, range, and the deck. All these elements will affect the performance of your e-scooter in one way or another as we shall see.


The motor dictates three important elements on your e-scooter. The first thing is the maximum load your e-scooter can handle with a lot of ease while operating optimally. Small motors can handle limited weight capacity. So, they might limit the number of goods you can carry with you.

The second thing that the motor of your e-scooter determines is the speed of your e-scooter. Yes, the motors determine how fast or slow you can cruise. Motors are designed such that they can offer you the maximum power possible. Anyone with knowledge about motors can tell that the maximum power a DC motor can give is not usually at its maximum speed. The maximum power  is usually given out by the motor at its average speed for the selected voltage. Since motors are designed to operate at a range of voltages, the average speed increases as the voltage increases. Therefore, you will need a motor that can offer you a very high average speed.

Lastly, the motor determines how much charge is drained from your battery.  A high-power motor will drain your battery faster than a low-power motor. However, how fast your batteries discharge is subject to additional elements such as the amount of load on your scooter or the gradient of a hill.

What makes a scooter qualify as the best electric scooter for food delivery?

Among the many qualities of a scooter, what makes it most suitable for food delivery is the range it covers. The farther it can go, the more the deliveries you can do before recharging. Besides a very strong motor and very big wheels will do you no good if you can cover very limited distances.

The range you wish to cover is subject to many factors such as how big the area to be cover is. Alternatively, if your model has a removable battery, you can have several batteries with you so that you can change once the battery is discharged. We covered how you can charge your e-scooter battery in several ways in our previous article.

If you intend to charge your e-scooter between breaks, you are in fact in for a rude shock. Even with a fast charger, you will require two hours of charging. With a normal charger, you will need at least 3 hours for most scooters.

As you can see, two or three hours is a long time for a break if food delivery is your full-time job. On average, you need an e-scooter that can cover at least 64 km or 40 miles between charges.

Best electric scooters for food delivery

QIEWA Q-Hummer 2 off-road electric scooter.

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Qiewa Q-hummer 2 electric scooter is one of the few upper-tier electric scooters you can get in the market. What makes it impressive for this list is its ability to cover a very long range. In addition to that,  it gives you a range of 62 miles or 100 km between the charges. So, if you are looking for a food delivery scooter, Qiewa Q-hummer 2off road is one to go for. Let us explore the features of Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road in detail.

Qiewa Q-hummer 2off road e-scooter features

                                                                                                       i.        Range and battery

Range and the battery are the most important components any food delivering personnel ought to get concerned with. The farther your electric scooter can go, the more deliveries you can make. And more deliveries mean more money.

The Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road comes with a 52 V 28 Ah Li-ion battery pack.  There is another model that has a 52 V 23.4 Ah Li-ion battery pack. Whichever you go for, it will deliver handsomely.

This large Li-ion battery pack gives 62 miles or 100 km between charges. This is when you go for 28 Ah type. However, if you choose the 23.4 Ah battery pack, you are limited to 40 miles or 65 km between charges. But still, this is an awesome range.

Bearing in mind most homes and buildings are very close to each other, that means you can do your delivery for almost the whole day  before recharging your e-scooter.

However, there is a downside to this very large and impressive battery.  For starters, it takes a long time to recharge. 12 hours of charging is a very long time. Even with a fast charge, the minimum time it can take to charge it to capacity is 10 hours.

Nonetheless, the 100 km and the 65 km the two battery packs can offer is a very long range. Besides, you can charge it at night. If not, you can have another set of batteries that you will use when the one in the e-scooter is discharged.

According to the manufacturer`s website,, on power-saving mode, you can cover up to 120 km.  This is when you are using a single motor.

In the article we wrote about how to maximize your electric scooter battery sometimes back, the research shows that the time required to charge your e-scooter battery to 80% is about half of the time needed to charge it to capacity. Besides, it is not a must you charge it to capacity before using it.

                                                                                                        ii.        Motor and speed

Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road electric scooter comes with two 1200 W electric motors. When tested when loaded with a 72 kg or 160 lbs., it took 14 seconds to reach the maximum speed.  The maximum speed of the Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road is 75 kph or 46 mph.

There are some advantages associated with a very powerful motor. Firstly, it can handle a lot of weight without failing. Secondly, it offers you enough torque to climb steep hills ( and move at relatively high speed. Lastly, powerful motors are set to operate at pick efficiency and therefore last very long.

Its ability to give a very high torque makes it not only  suitable e-scooter for food delivery but also for carrying very heavy adults.  Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road e-scooter can also serve as an e-scooter for heavy adults.

                                                                                                   iii.        Tyre and suspension

For food delivery personnel, tires and suspensions are very important. This is why Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road was designed to have suspensions on both tires.  Suspensions serve to protect your e-scooter from shocks. Three components that require protection in your e-scooter are motors, batteries, and other electronics.

If you buy an e-scooter with suspension, you will enjoy a very smooth ride even on a track full of potholes. You never know what neighborhood you will find yourself in. Also, at high speed, suspensions will increase your stability.

Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road e-scooter boost of two 10-inch pneumatic tires. They are large enough for off-terrain uses and for climbing steep hills. Pneumatic wheels are very good because they offer an additional cushion to your e-scooter. It makes  your ride way smoother than when you have solid rubber wheels.

                                                                               iv.        Load limits and the weight of e-scooter

The load limit of an e-scooter is crucial if you carry heavy loads with you. Therefore, you ought to look for e-scooters that are mid-tier and above when delivering food. All mid-tier e-scooters are also e-scooters for adults. They can handle your weight if you are not more than 220 lbs. or 100 kg.

Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road e-scooter weight limit is 200 kg or 440 lbs. This is suitable for food delivery. You can also use it to deliver other heavy staffs as well.

The scooter itself weighs 38 kg or 83 lbs.  This is a very heavy e-scooter. You will not be able to carry it upstairs. Woe unto you if it discharges a very long way from home. However, its weight gives stability that is missing in many lower-tier or mid-tier electric scooters. Besides, you do not expect it to have so many impressive features with any additional weight.

                                                                                                   v.        Brakes   and IP rating

People often forget about brakes. This is a very important feature for safety purposes. With the very high speed, you can cruise at 72 kph with Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road e-scooter, you need good brakes.

This e-scooter has both front and rare wheel hydraulic brakes that have ABS. An ABS helps your e-scooter to maintain contractive contact with the ground or road surface. Therefore, you as a rider can maintain very good control over the e-scooter.

Unfortunately, this e-scooter has no regenerative braking. Perhaps the manufacturer will consider this soon.

So far this is the scooter that has the best IP rating, IP X6. It means you can use it even when it is raining heavily. However, you cannot have it submerged in water even for a single second. Water will rush in and destroy electric components insides.

                                                                                                    vi.        Additional features

A good e-scooter should have lights on the front. Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road e-scooter has lights in front, rare, and on the body. This is what makes it number one on our list of best electric scooters for food delivery.

The two bright headlights and rear lights have been placed there for your safety. An e-scooter with lights makes you visible when it is foggy, rainy, and in the dark. The number of accidents is reduced significantly.

Qiewa Q-hummer 2 off-road e-scooter is foldable. It can take a small space in your locker or on the boot of your car.

Dualtron Ultra

This is another perfect e-scooter for food delivery in the market. It is also an upper-tier e-scooter. So, it is pricey. Nonetheless, it has many and awesome features that you won’t believe. First, there is the 5400 W dual hub motor. Second, there is the 60 V, 32 Ah lithium battery. Third, it charges to full capacity after 5.3 hours. Lastly, it has very large wheels.

Dualtron is one the best electric scooters for food delivery because of its long-range. On a normal day, you can cover up to 75 miles or 120 km. This is almost half of what your latest Telsa cars with wi-fi offer.

Duatron ultra e-scooter feature

We shall discuss the many features that make the dualtron ultra qualify as the perfect e-scooter for food delivery.

                                                                                                       i.        Range and battery

A maximum of 75 miles or 120 km is a very impressive range for a scooter. Just like the Qiewa Q-hummer 2 e-scooter mentioned above, the Dualtron Ultra e-scooter can help you with your deliveries.

What makes this e-scooter even more remarkable is its very short charging time. When you are using a faster charger, it will take you only 5.3 hours.  However, when using a single standard charger, it can take up to 20 hours; with two standard chargers, you need 10 hours to charge it to capacity.

The downside is that you will need to purchase a fast charger separately. However, you will be given a standard charger freely when you buy it.

                                                                                                        ii.        Motor and speed

After the range and the battery, what matters most is speed and the motor. A good motor gives you enough torque to carry heavy loads with you and climb steep hills as well. The speed of your e-scooter is a function of your motor unless you are using an e-scooter manually. You do not have to worry about motor and speed because Dualtron Ultra has everything taken care of.

Dualtron Ultra e-scooter comes with dual hub motors which offer you 5400 W. This is the largest motors we have come across in our career. The dual hub motors allow you to cruise at a maximum speed of 50 mph or 80 kph. When you are away from traffic and pedestrians, you can ride as fast as possible.

The powerful motors allow you to climb hills that are as steep as  without any issue. It does not matter whether you are loaded or not.

                                                                                                    iii.        Tire and suspension

Dualtron Ultra e-scooter has an excellent suspension system to offer the best dampening performance possible. Instead of the normal spring suspension, Dualtron Ultra has a swingarm suspension system. You will find this suspension on both rare and front wheels.

The downside to this type of suspension system is that it is fixed. You cannot adjust it as you would with spring suspension. The same company has made some improvements on the suspension system on the second model, the Dualtron Ultra 2. The swingarm is best suited for off-road terrains.

This e-scooter has both tall and wide wheels. The wheels are 11 inches tall and 3.9 inches wide. Besides being 11 inches high, the wheels are also pneumatic. This increases the shock absorption capabilities of Dualtron Ultra.

This e-scooter qualifies as an e-scooter with big wheels. It is good especially when the road is rough or when there is no road at all.

                                                                                                 iv.        Load and weight limit

Of course, a delivery e-scooter must be able to support your weight and a load of food. When it comes to weight, you do not have to worry about anything. Dualtron Ultra e-scooter can support up to 265 lbs. or 120 kg. The scooter itself weighs 81 lbs. or 36 kg

It will not be easy for you to carry around on your shoulder if it breaks down. But it is foldable so you can have it with you on public transport.

Dualtron Ultra is designed to handle your weight and that of food. Therefore, since most of the riders are expected to weigh less than that, so you are likely to enjoy an extended range. How much this an e-scooter weighs determines its portability.

                                                                                                    v.        Brakes and IP rating

The Dualtron Ultra e-scooter has an excellent disc braking system.  In addition to that, this  e-scooter also has regenerative braking. Regenerative braking means an added range since when you will be braking, the kinetic energy is converted into electric energy. The energy is then stored in the 60 volt – 32 Ah – 1,920Wh – LG 3200 cells battery.

Safety is paramount if you intend to deliver food in the best condition to your clients. A good braking system will ensure you do not crash into buildings or cars. Besides, you do not want to break a bone.

The manufacturers strongly warn all the riders to never ride Dualtron Ultra in the rain. This also rules out any wet condition. This e-scooter is not waterproof at all.

                                                                                                    vi.        Additional features

In addition to lights, the Dualtron Ultra e-scooter has a very smart dashboard. The dashboard has a display that allows you to view important specs. Among the important features included in the display is the speed, amount of charge.

There are lights and a very durable aluminum frame.

The Turboant X7

This is another monster of an e-scooter that is good for door dash. The Turboant X7 is not as impressive as the previous two e-scooter mentioned above. Nonetheless, it has cool futures if you are on a tight budget. The Turboant X7 e-scooter can be classified as a mid-tier e-scooter because of its range. You are guaranteed to cruise at a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph) for 30 miles (48 km) according to the manufacturer. You see it is among the finest electric scooters for food delivery.

Turboant X7 pro features

                                                                                                       i.        Range and battery

The Turboant X7 pro features a Lithium-ion battery a 36 V 10A h battery pack. This is a relatively good battery. It can offer you a range of 30 miles (or 48 km). While it is not the longest distance, we must agree with each other that it is a relatively long distance.

The battery is removable.  You can have two or three batteries that can be charging while you are using one. Besides, there are many ways of charging an e-scooter battery. You can use a car jumper or power supply.

It is good when the buildings or homes are very close to each other as is the case with cities.

                                                                                                        ii.        Motor and speed

This mid-tier e-scooter comes with a 350 W electric motor. The medium size motor could be the reason a small battery is giving you a very long range. Nonetheless, this motor can give enough torque to carry up to 100 kg of weight.

The downside to such a medium motor is that climbing steep hills becomes a problem. If you come from a hilly place, you will have to push it from time to time. The good side is that it makes the e-scooter lightweight.

The maximum speed you can cruise at using Turboant X7pro is 20 mph or 32 kph. It is a good speed. Besides, some cities allow you to cruise at 15 mph without a license.


                                                                                                    iii.        Tire and suspension

This e-scooter comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires. This is very good because you will enjoy a very smooth ride. The large wheels also make sure you will not feel small potholes that are sometimes on the road.

The downside to having pneumatic tires is that they get punctures from time to time. Punctures are common when you are using an e-scooter for off-terrain purposes. However, the Turboant X7 pro was not designed for off-terrain uses.

                                                                                                 iv.        Load and weight limit

Surprisingly, Turboant X7 can conveniently support up to 265 lbs. or 120 kg. This is quite impressive, don’t you think? This one quality makes it a superlative e-scooter for food delivery.

The e-scooter itself is very light. It only weighs 33 lbs. or 15 kg. You can carry it around in case it breaks down. You can also carry it with you upstairs with no issues.

                                                                                                    v.        Brakes and IP rating

It is rated IPx4. It can be used where there is water. However, the IP rating indicates that it can survive low-pressure sprays for at most 60 minutes. When the sprays liquids are coming from all angles, they can survive for 10 minutes only.

The Turboant X7 pro uses very powerful rare disc brakes. It also enjoys an electric brake for the front wheel. This scooter has an additional friction brake on the rare wheel.

                                                                                                    vi.        Additional features

One of the additional features is the LED display.   This gives the rider an opportunity to enjoy excellent control over the scooters. The range covered, amount of charge and speed can be viewed in the display.

The foldability of the e-scooter makes it highly portable. Portability is further enhanced by the small weight of the e-scooter. Foldability makes it very flexible such that you can have it with you in a mode of public transport. This is the Turboant X7 pro electric scooter for you.

What to look for on the best electric scooter for food delivery

  • Portability
  • Security
  • Charging time

Ip rating

What is the IP rating for an e-scooter? IP rating stands for ingress protection. It tells how well your e-scooter or a device is protected from both solids and liquids. However, e-scooters can only be damaged by water. This is why you will find the IP rating for the e-scooter given as IPX6. The x is for solids while 6 is for the liquids.

Why is the IP rating important for your e-scooter? Remember you are likely to encounter water on your path or it will rain. It is important to know how much water your e-scooter can take before being destroyed.

Very limited e-scooters can endure being submerged in water. While a good number can with sprinkles, very few e-scooter survive low-pressure water for a prolonged period. You, therefore, need to know this to protect it.

Why choose an electric scooter for food delivery

There are many reasons why an electric scooter is the finest vehicle for food delivery. Food is usually ordered by people who need it instantly. This means that the people ordering are within the environs. Additionally, the orders come almost at the same time.

An electric scooter makes it possible for you to navigate through the traffic easily because it is very flexible. Additionally, it uses electricity which is far cheaper than gasoline. It is common knowledge that e-scooters do not  pollute the environment. They are, therefore, the number one recommended vehicle for cities with a lot of people.

There are many shops out there to rent out e-scooters. Therefore, if you do not have enough money to buy one you can rent one cheaply. An e-scooter can be used for recreational uses when you are not on duty.

Additional accessories you will need for your best e-scooter for food delivery

Well, now that you have selected one of the best electric scooters for food delivery, there are other  scooter accessories that can make your work a lot easier. Well, you can do without them but you will function more efficiently when you have them. Taking for instance a phone holder. You will do away with it if you know the address and direction. However, for someone who does not know the area, a phone holder is detrimental so that you navigate easily. Other than phone holders, other accessories include a lock, video recording devices, and protective equipment.

                                                                                                 i.        Video record equipment

Why would you need video recording equipment?  There are many reasons. First, the video may help prove you are innocent in case an accident takes place. Since the law in many countries does not recognize e-scooters as vehicles, they are not covered by insurance. When an accident occurs and you are not in the wrong, you are reimbursed medically. Your e-scooter will either be repaired or you will have a new one. This is only when you are innocent. You now see where the video recording comes into play.

                                                                                                            ii.        Phone holder

You will need a phone holder for various reasons. The first reason is navigation. All smartphones have maps that have a GPS for navigation purposes. Your phone is far safer in the phone holder than when it is in your hand.

                                                                                                                    iii.        Lock

Yes, you need to lock your e-scooter from time to time. It is important when you are entering a building and you are required to leave it outside. Theft is commonplace in some places. With a lock, you can have it chained on a post or metallic fence

You do not want to lose your e-scooter after spending an arm and a leg to buy it. You can find a good lock on e-bay. Very few e-scooters have an electric lock.

                                                                                                  iv.        Protective equipment

Some of the e-scooters featured in this article allow you to cruise at ridiculously high speeds. As a rider you will need protective gear to protect yourself. You need protective gear in case you get into an accident. You do not have to be careless to get into an accident.

Some of the protective gear includes a helmet, closed shoes, knee protector, and elbow protector. The helmet protects your skull from crashing. Knees and elbows usually land first when one is falling. Closed shoes protect your feet when you land on your feet suddenly at high speeds. Sometimes brakes fail.

                                                                                                                    v.        Lights

Though the e-scooters that qualified for our list of best electric scooters for food deliver have lights, some e-scooter have no  lights. If, for whatever reason, you find you do have lights on your e-scooter, find some. Lights make you visible to other motorists.  Remember that some motorists assume that everyone on the road knows and follows safety regulations. Be on the safe side.


You could be wondering what is the return on investment if you buy an e-scooter. How much will you be making from delivering food using your e-scooter? Within a year you will be able to recover the money spent buying an e-scooter.

Simple calculations indicate that working with a minimum wage of eight hours a day you will make $ 58 daily. This is $ 290 a week working for 5 days. In a year, you will make over $ 15000. The cost of fuel is less than $ 500.

To conclude, an e-scooter is a worthy investment for food delivery. You just have to look for the finest electric scooter for food delivery.

Hopefully in the future batteries will be cheaper and will have more charge density. The best commercially available batteries are lithium-ion. Coincidentally, it is the most expensive battery.  Nickel metal hydride batteries and lead-acid batteries are also available. Their performances are a notch lower than the Li-ion battery. They are cheaper though.

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