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Indeed, we are now in a time where transport is important in our lives.  To be more specific, electric scooters are becoming more and more popular among people of all social classes. We are, in fact, living during the electric scooter revolution.  Electric scooters are not only taking over the world by a storm but also are becoming better and better every day for several reasons. Firstly, they are becoming more powerful to carry heavy adults and still maintain their optimum performance.  In this article, am going to review the best e-scooters for heavy adults.

Initially, electric scooters were not powerful enough to support heavy adults since there no way of properly managing the power.  Today, an average rider weighs about 76 kg ( or 169 lbs.) however,  the manufacturers today have people who weigh up to 90 kg or 200 lbs.  in mind.

Today’s electric scooter manufacturers have allocated a significant portion of their resources towards producing heavy-duty electric scooters.  Here we are talking of those that are capable of carrying 200 lbs (90 kg), 250 lbs. (113 kg), and 300 lbs. (136 kg). These scooters are made such they cannot only handle a lot of weight but also can move at great speed as we shall see in a short while.

With that in mind, let us look at the 9 best electric scooters for heavy adults in 2021. They are the best the manufacturers can offer.

9 Best e-scooters for heavy adults 2021

1.      Kaabo wolf warrior 11

Kaabo wolf warrior electric scooter was designed for great speed and high performance. It is an electric scooter suitably designed for both off-road and on the road experience.  This scooter has very strong shock absorbers to make sure you ride smoothly and even so very comfortably. The shock absorbers are hydraulic type.

To top it off, Kaabo wolf warrior electric scooter is driven by two 1200 W electric motors.  A 30 degrees hill is child play for this beast of a scooter. And the safety?  Kaabo wolf warrior has to design features more than enough safety features. First, there are the rear red LEDs which also doubles as the braking light.  Secondly, there is the ABS to make your braking very safe.  Thirdly, there are two types of suspension features here, the rear springs and front hydraulic suspension. Lastly, in addition to the tail light, the Kaabo wolf warrior has very powerful headlights so that you can ride at night.

What about maximum weight capacity? It can support riders who weigh up to 330 lbs, (150 kg). As though that is enough, this electric scooter comes with  11 -inch tires meant to offer the rider stability while cruising at its top speed of -50 mph (80 kph). However, this is not the typical scooter that you can carry with you upstairs since it weighs 45 kg (91 lbs.). You can check our review on the Kaabo Wolf warrior e-scooter in details.

This is a scooter that has suspension that makes your ride very smooth especially when you are on an off-terrain region.

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2.      Dualtron thunder

The second item on our list of 9 best e-scooters for heavy adults 2021 is the Dualtron thunder. And why does this scooter qualifies for this category?

For starters, Dualtron thunder is powerful enough to carry riders who weigh up to 120 kgs (265 lbs.) very easily.  Secondly, the electric scooter is driven by one single 5400 W electric motor. A hill 30 degrees or less is child play for this scooter.  The Dualtron thunder was designed for both off-road and on-road uses. So the rider will find fun he or she chooses to go.

As far as braking is concerned, Dualtron thunder has the best the technology has to offer, the hydraulic brakes.  They are not only powerful but also very reliable. Between charges, this scooter is capable of covering up to 75 miles (120 km).  Heavier riders, however, could cover less than that, say 50 miles (74 km) or less.

Additional features include very powerful headlights and taillights as well.   There are also LED customizable mood lights. There are only  a few e-scooters that have lights.

You can cruise Dualtron thunder at a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 kph). You should note that in America, the maximum speed allowed is 15 miles per hour.

It has a hefty price too.

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3.      NanRobot D6+

We list this electric scooter since it has a maximum weight limit of 330 lbs. (150 kg). what more do you seek in a scooter?  NanRobot D6+ electric scooter comes with pneumatic tires that are designed to make your ride very comfortable.

NanRobot D6+ electric scooter has its frame made up aluminium alloy to give it the strength it requires while maintaining a low weight. The frame is also wider and longer than in others to give heavy riders more space for play for comfort purposes.  It is designed for both off-road and on-road uses.

And what is more? This electric scooter is drive by two 2000 W electric motors to give you all the torque needed to bear heavyweights as well as climb steep hills. You can cruise on the NanRobot D6+ electric scooter at a top speed of 40 miles per hour or 64 kph.

It is not even that expensive. This product from the NanRobot comes at $ 1699.00

There are some cons associated with this scooter. First, it is very heavy about 35 kg (77 lbs.). If you were planning to carry it along with you on the stairs, you are in for a rude shock.  Secondly, the headlights are not that bright. However, do not be discouraged yet, buy one for yourself today.

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4.      Qiewa Q-power

This is another beast of an electric scooter. Qiewa Q-power electric scooters have a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs. (or 136 kg).  it is a key start type of electric scooter that you can cruise at a maximum speed of  55 miles per hour ( or 89 kph). The scooter itself weighs about 37 kg (or 82 lbs.) so forget about carrying it upstairs or even lifting it.

For stability and comfort, while driving Qiewa Q-Power electric scooter, has 11-inch-wide pneumatic tires. It was also designed for off-road uses as well as on-road uses.  For faster charging, the manufacturer has designed this electric scooter to use a double charging interface. Here is a guide for your e-scooter battery.

For safety purposes, Qiewa Q-Power electric scooter has double hydraulic brakes to increase reliability and efficiency when you are riding.  The two 1600 W motors (equivalent to 3200 W) that drive this scooter are powered by a 30 Ah 60 V lithium battery.

It can take up to 45 days when shipping it internationally but only 3 -5 business days when shipping it within the United States.

Price: $ 2099.


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5.      Inokim Ox

The fifth item on our list of 9 best e-scooters for heavy adults 2021 is the Inokim Ox electric scooters. The maximum weight capacity for this electric scooter is 100 kg ( or 220 lbs.).

There are several reasons why Inokim Ox was featured on this list other than its ability to bear more weight than other normal scooters.

For starters, the Inokim ox electric scooter is driven by a powerful  1000 W motor that draws its power from either 57.6 V 13 Ah battery or 57.6 V 20 Ah battery; depending on which one you order. Between charges, you can cover up to 60 km or 37 miles.  The top speed you can cruise your Inokin ox electric scooter at is 45 kph or 31 miles per house. Important! This scooter comes with an eco-mode that allows you to cover 110 km or 68 miles in a single charge.

It may not be as impressive as the Duatron Mini e-scooter but it will do its job perfectly.

For rider’s comfort, Inokim Ox manufacturers designed it to use one of the two available suspensions.  You are bound to enjoy your journey on this state of art electric scooter.

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6.      The speedway V

Well, it goes without saying this is an electric scooter designed for speed and comfort. Just as the name suggestively implies, the speedway V electric scooter is a high-speed electric scooter capable of cruising at 35 miles per hour or 56 kph.

How about its maximum weight capacity? The manufacturer design this scooter to be capable of handling a maximum load of 310 lbs. or 140 kg. The scooter itself weighs 30 kg ( or 68 lbs.). So, I would be right to call it a relatively light scooter since you can carry though only for a limited distance.

The two motors that you’re the speedway V comes with have a peak power output of 3600 W. This is why hills are an easy job for the speedway V electric scooters. How fast can you drive on your scooter? The maximum speed limit for the speedway V electric scooter is 56 kilometers per hour or 35 miles per hour.  Between charges, the manufacturer says you can go up to 80 km or 50 miles. This how speedway V e-scooter perform.

Do you remember the fifth scooter above is a key start type? Well, this one is a fingerprint type. Pretty cool, eh? This ought to get you excited. Additional features include an LED dashboard that gives important stats.  From your dashboard, you can get your speed, amount of power remaining as well as your mileage.

It has headlights too.  To add more to the package, the manufacturer also included safety horn and turn signals.

Since I have got you interested in this scooter, you have two options.


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7.      Swagtron Swagger 5 elite

This is the most affordable electric scooter on our list of 9 best e-scooters for heavy adults 2021.  You would believe it costs less than $ 350. Very pocket-friendly.

The Swagtron Swagger 5 elite is a scooter whose manufacturers are intended for use by the general public in great numbers.

And why do Swagtron fall in the category? For starters, this electric scooter was designed to handle 320 lbs. ( 145 kg) load on the upper limit.  It is powered by a 250 W motor and you can cover about 17 km or 11 miles before recharging.  It was not designed for high speed either but is a cool electric scooter nonetheless.

This scooter has slighter better features than its sister Swagtron Swagger Classic 2 Electric Scooter.

According to some reviewers, you are guaranteed a very smooth ride on its big wheels.  With only 3.5 hours, you will have your scooter charged to capacity.

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8.      Tomoloo electric scooter

Though this name is very popular among electric hoverboard manufacturers, it is making itself very popular in the world of electric scooters too.

Tomoloo electric scooters have a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs. or 100 kg. It also comes with a very powerful motor to allow you to cruise at 15.5 miles per hour or 26 kilometers per hour. With Tomoloo electric scooter, you are guaranteed a very smooth ride on its 8.5 inches pneumatic tires.

The manufacturers had tall people in mind and that is they come with long bodies as well as a higher pole. Tall people, even up to 2,04 m tall, are meant to ride this scooter.  It is a foldable electric scooter. Its lightness (only 30 lbs. or 13 kg) alongside its foldability makes it a very portable scooter.  So, you can go with it upstairs or even carry it with you on public transport.

And how far can you go before recharging? Well, you should be able to cover up to 32 km or 20 miles of range before charging it again.

If you have budget constraints and you want to buy a scooter, go for Tomoloo electric scooter.

It is also a very affordable electric scooter since, with less than $ 450, you will secure yourself one.

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9.      Qiewa Q1 hummer

Now, this is a monster. Qiewa Q1 hummer. This should, in fact, have been the first item on our list of 9 best electric scooters for heavy people 2021. Why so? This monster can carry up to 550 lbs. or 250 kg. very impressive, isn`t it? This is Qiewa Q1 hummer in scooter is the list of  9 best e-scooters for heavy adults

This monster is driven by a single 1000 W electric motor and you can cruise at a maximum speed of 32 miles per hour or 51 kilometers per hour.  An 35 degrees hill is child play for this powerful beast.

Qiewa Q1 hummer electric scooter is foldable so you can have it with you is public transport such as trains or buses with ease. It is only 27 kg or 59 lbs.

This scooter is powered by a 26 Ah 48 V battery. What is more, is that it has dual shock absorbers to ensure your rise is very smooth always.  After a full charge, I can assure you that there are 65 miles or 104 km between you and your next charge.

To ensure that the scooter can stop when you want it to, the manufacturer fitted it with double disk brakes.  A taillight is also included in the package which doubles as a brake light.

For more comfort, the Qiewa Q1 hummer has pneumatic tires which are 10 inch high.

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10.  Bonus scooter: Glion Dolly

This is a product you can easily get on Glion Dolly product closes our list of the 9 best electric scooters for heavy adults 2021 because of many reasons.

First and foremost is its relatively high weight capacity. A rider weighing up to 255 lbs. or 115 kg will be accommodated well. This is one of the best electric scooters for adults.  For it does not cover several miles before recharging but also has speeds up to 24 kilometers per hour or 15 miles per hour.

While the product does not have a high range and speeds like other electric scooters mentioned here, it more than makes up for this because of its low price. It cost less than $ 500. Well, it is cheaper than a motorbike or a car. Furthermore, you do not need a car to cover distances less than 20 miles or even move around the city. Moreover, the flexibility that this scooter offers you is off the charts.

When all is said and done, electric vehicles will soon take over the world of transport sooner than we expected.  If only the batteries that have higher charge densities are available, covering a longer distance would be very easy.

Lastly,  the 8 inch high tires have a honeycomb interior to match the aluminium frame used to make the scooter. There is an anti-lock electronic brake system. this scooter is highly portable because of two things; one, it is very foldable and two, it weighs only 12 kg or 28 lbs.

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Final thoughts on 9 best e-scooters for heavy adults 2021.

There are many guiding factors you should consider before going to buy an electric scooter. One of those factors is your weight, the load you expect your scooter to bear. Other than weight, there are financial constraints you ought to consider. This is why we went to a great length to discuss the 9 best electric scooters for heavy people in 2021 so that you can pick one that suits you best.

To conclude, many benefits come with electric scooters, to both you and the eco-system.  Some of the benefits include flexibility and reduced carbon emission.  In our article on electric scooter benefits: 11 advantages explored we have discussed this in more detail. Do not be discouraged by their hefty prices. In the long run, the low cost of fuel more than make up for the initial costs. Further, as humanity, we are making efforts geared towards reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Since the scooters are becoming more popular every, it is only fair to have designed to cater for people of all classes, and weight. Do not worry if you weigh less than 90 kgs.  The extra weight capacity can be used for carrying an extra load with you.  Furthermore, if you weigh less, it means that your scooter could cover more distances between charges.



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