Electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored

Electric scooter benefits

Electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored

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Electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored
Electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored

People are continually loving electric-powered vehicles especially scooters. The manufacturers are making efforts to make them better and better every day. There are countries where there more electric scooters than there are in others.  However, the importance of scooters as a mode of transport cannot be underestimated in the transport industry.  In this article, electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored, we shall look in details some of the benefits electric scooters have to both individuals and the economy.

Electric scooters depict human progress one step closer towards achieving green energy in the transport industry. They are very important since they reduce air and noise pollution in big cities. Their popularity is well earned and governments should encourage people to seek environmentally friendly powered transport systems. In this, we shall discuss in detail the benefits of electric scooters.

1.      Eco-friendly

Electric scooters do not emit carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere. This is what makes them an eco-friendly mode of transport. Carbon dioxide gas is classified as a greenhouse gas and has caused serious climate change.  If you are pro-environment, then you should not shy away from electric scooters or other electric vehicles in the market.

Additionally, electric scooters are really good for people with respiratory problems.  Electric scooters use a very little amount of power. Do not be discouraged by their prices, in the long run, they are more economical because electric power is more affordable than diesel or gasoline.

2.      No noise pollution (Electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored)

Electric scooters use motors powered by either lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid accumulators. They are mostly silent. Cars produce a lot of noise from the exhaust pipes and the engines themselves. This is what makes cities very noisy place to be. However, electric scooters do not emit any noise at all- unless the rider is hooting.

So, people should be encouraged to use scooters more to reduce noise pollution.  Noises make it impossible for people to concentrate on their work. You do not have to worry about waking up your neighs at night when you leave or come home.

3.      Electric scooters are portable

Most of the electric scooters weigh between 25 lbs. to 30 lbs. So it is easy to carry them from one place to another without worry. In fact, since most of them are foldable, you can carry them with you upstairs, in the elevator, or other public transports. Plenty cool, eh! You can keep them in your closet and use them even at home from work or school. So, no parking fee.

However, if you remember our previous article on electric scooters with big wheels,  there are those that weigh up to 49 lbs.  But this does not make them less portable.

Electric cars and motors are cool too. However, they come at an additional cost of licenses and insurance for you to use on public roads. Also, bicycles require you to have a chain with you all the time to secure them lest they get stolen.

You see, electric scooters are way better than them if you intend to travel a short distance around or outside the city. The foldable electric scooters can go with you anywhere.

4.      Flexibility and speed

When we talk of speed, we mean up to 80 kph (50 mph), yes you heard me right, 80 kph (50 mph). On average, you can cruise on your electric scooter at 18 mph ( 29 kph). So, you can technically cover a lot of miles in a single hour.  To top it off, you are around to uses the paths set aside for cycles as well as traffic-free lanes. This is a huge advantage, especially in a very congested city.

So, you get now why the scooters are popular in a big city? I know you are beginning to like them.  It is common knowledge that cities` officials are pushing people to go on electric scooters instead of cars.

How about flexibility?  With your foldable electric scooter, you can decide to just board a train or any public transport vehicle at any time.  This is good if at any moment your scooter runs out of charge or gets a flat tire.

5.      Safety

Compared to other methods of transports such as using hoverboards, roller skating, or cycling is far safer. This is not only because you can have additional features such as sit but also because of the taillight that comes with them.

While riding an electric scooter, you are visible and other riders and drivers can see you at a distance. Furthermore, their headlights make using them at night possible and safer. If you try to roller skate where there is no light, there is a likelihood of an accident since they have no headlights.

To make the matters better, you have total control of your speed on an electric scooter. This is not the case for people using  hoverboards, roller skating, or cycling. Some have features that make scooters be used when it is raining.

6.      Electric scooters offer you balance and movement

Many people work in an office or other places that involve a lot of sitting. This is a lifestyle that has led many to have coronary diseases.  Also, when going to or from work, the preferred modes of transport are taxis, trains, personal cars or buses.  The technology has made it possible to have almost anything at the comfort of their offices or homes. So, physical movement is becoming more and more unnecessary. This has led to a very unhealthy lifestyle because of fewer exercises.

An electric scooter offers you a rare opportunity to exercise as you move within your city or town. Do not underestimate the benefits of using your legs on a scooter.

Do not get me wrong!  Electric scooters are in no way a replacement for working out. When using a scooter, your opportunity to exercise especially when you carry it upstairs and more.

7.      Good for people with health problems

People praise electric scooters because of the benefits they bring home for people with health issues. They increase the mobility for such individuals. For instance, there are people with breathing difficulties, since electric scooters emit no smoke, they are most suitable for such individuals.

Some people have problems with their lower limbs; it could be because of accidents or they were born that way. Electric scooters are most suitably designed to help such people since all controls are on the handlebars. Such people are not able to cycle and using public transport because of congestion.

So, you see the benefits of the electric scooters stretches deeper than it appears? Yet there are much more.

8.      Less licensing requirements

No insurance or license is needed for people with small scooters! They are considered recreation vehicles because of their lower speeds compared to cars and motorbikes.

However, before you jump with excitement, make sure you check whether your state requires you to have. Laws vary from one state to another.  Compliance with local laws is very important.

It is also important to make sure you wear safety gear such as a helmet before going out. A helmet is for your protection while the rest of the gears make you visible to other riders or drivers.

9.      Affordability

Though they come in all prices and sizes,  electric scooters are very affordable. With less than $ 200  you can get yourself an electric scooter capable of supporting up to 220 lbs. 0r 100 kg.

Compared to cars and motorbikes, electric scooters are way more affordable. Just as you have to speed on the fuel for your car or motorbike, so is the case with electric scooters only that the latter is cheaper.

Many developed countries have the cost of electricity is lower than the cost of petroleum fuel. So, a car owner pays almost as twice as much as a person with a scooter pays for the same distance covered. Electric scooters are more economical.

10.  No training required

Since no license is needed, you do not have to a training institution. Furthermore, most electric scooters are designed to ride while standing hence the rider can step down if he or she losses their balance.

So, if you know how to ride a bike, skateboard, or roller skates, you are good to go. If you can remember learning how to ride a bicycle requires effort and a lot of time. Electric scooters are different.

11.  Replaceable parts

The battery, wheels, motors, and literary every other component of electric scooters can be replaced if it ever gets damaged. What is more, is that those parts come at an affordable. Additionally, if you are a hobbyist, you are welcome to customize your electric vehicle as much as you wish to.  Furthermore, there is no single standard registered by the law of how a scooter should be. Electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored is a very interesting topic as you can see.

Final thought

Now that I have exhaustively cover this topic, electric scooter benefits:11 advantages explored, here are mu final thoughts. Electric scooters offer more benefits than those discussed above.  Whatever type, size, or features that please you, you can buy. However, be warned, some of them could prove to be prohibitively expensive. So be prepared.

You can check here the best electric scooters for adults if you are interested in buying one. They are suitably designed to feature attributes that make them good for daily use.

The benefits of electric scooters should not be underestimated.



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