Can electric scooters be used manually

Can electric scooters be used manually?

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Can electric scooters be used manually?
Can electric scooters be used manually?

Can electric scooters be used manually? The electric scooters are an improvement to old kick scooters.  You can be tempted to assume that once an electric scooter breaks down, you can use it the old fashion way.  Well, it is not as easy as that.  You can always check whether you can roll your wheels freely and if you can, then you can use it as a kick scooter.

Our cities today have so many scooters, especially those for hire.  It is only natural for one fail before you reach your destination and this is you may want to know if it is possible or allowable to ride yours manually. While there are those designed to be used both manually and electrically, most of the electric scooters a made such that it is not possible to use them manually.   For instance, some are so heavy so it would not be possible to use them manually. There are those whose wheels won’t roll free

Types of scooters

Before we discuss this in detail, you need to know there are three categories of scooters; the electric scooter, dual scooters, and now the manual scooters.

Electric scooters are driven by motors that draw power from either lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries.

Duals scooters, on the other hand, can be driven by either your feet or by a motor.  Dual  motor scooters are also referred to as hybrid scooters. If your battery runs out, you can still use it as a kick scooter.

You see, a kick scooter was designed to use energy from the rider. This is why it was designed to be lightweight so that most of the effort from the rider is converted to driving force.  This was not the case with an electric scooter. Every bit of force you need to move is provided for by the power electric motors your electric scooters come with.  So, some of the electric scooters are very heavy( up to 90 lbs).  So, pushing them is practically impossible unless you have not otherwise. You will get too tired if you intend to cover a very large distance. There are some, however, that are very light, 25 lbs.

And when can you use an electric scooter manually?

Some circumstances may cause you to use your electric scooter manually.  Here are some of the reasons that may cause you to use one manually.

1.      To save charge

You want to cover more distances beyond the scoop of your electric scooter. So, to make up for the extra distance, you can use your scooter as a kick scooter.  Furthermore, it takes a significant amount of time to charge. Some take up to 5 hours when using a standard charger. This also comes in handy if your scooter has regenerative braking. This is where the scooter rotates the motor to generate a charge. If your is such as a scooter, then you can use it manually.

Well-cited researches show that regenerative braking in electric scooters can get about 10% of the power back.

2.      Unsecure handlebar

Your handlebars may get loose either because of vibration or improper fastening. For a kick scooter, insecure may not be such a problem because they roll at a very slow speed. This is not the case with electric scooters.  Some of the electric scooters allow you to move at very high speeds up to 50 mph or 80 kph. Controlling an electric scooter on loose handlebars would pose a serious problem and can lead to accidents.

3.      In case your brakes fail

Though it is very rare for brakes to fail, it is always advisable to never ride your scooters if your brakes have failed.  You should carry it, push it or use it manually until it is fixed.  Their high speeds can cause personal injuries or hurt pedestrians.

4.      Null battery

Occasionally, your battery may run out of charge before you reach your destination.  Unless you have a spare battery with you, you will be forced to use your scooter manually. This is common for those whose electric scooters do not have LED or LCD displays on their dashboard to show them when their batteries are running low. The two common battery types used today are the lead-acid battery and the other is lithium-ion batteries. The latter is preferred since it has a high charge density and tends to last longer.

5.      Electric breakdown

Electronics are known to breakdown now and then because of various reasons.  So, it is not unusual for a scooter to breakdown and sometimes works oddly. Mostly, the wires can short circuit and cause a failure. It, this happens to you, usually manual method.

Can electric scooters be used manually?

To answer this, you need to know how electric scooters work first. More importantly, how motors work. Two motor configuration are used by manufacturers. The hub motor configuration and the centrally placed motors. Hub motors are part of the wheel, front or rare and sometimes on both wheels. The centrally placed motors are placed under the deck. The motion is transmitted to the wheels by the use of a chain.

If indeed you are using a dual or hybrid scooter, you can always use it manually. The only thing need from you is to switch it to manual mode and you will be good to go.

As for electric scooters, check whether you can roll your wheels freely. And if you can then, you can use it as a kick scooter.  If cannot roll wheels freely,  then you should not.  Using an electric scooter that does not allow free roll as a kick scooter may introduce unprecedented strain on the scooters bearing and damage them.

Furthermore, the electric scooters` decks are wider to offer the rider a platform to place both of his or her fit. So, using one foot to propel your scooter in such a scooter with a wide deck is very hard.

Some have regenerative braking systems where wheels rotate the motor to generate DC power. If your is such,  using it manually is then a good idea.

And what should you do if it runs out of charge or have another mechanical problem? If for any reason you cannot ride your electric scooter, you can push it.  Besides, some can be folded and are lightweight. You can carry them.

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What if I use my electric scooter as a kick scooter?

Your electric scooter was carefully designed in a manner that the electric motor is always engaged.  Therefore, if you introduce any other driving force than that from the motor, you introduce strain in your scooter`s bearings.

However, your wheels can roll free, you can use it as a kick scooter.  There are those whose wheel would budge at all if you try to roll them.  So, if yours is this stubborn, you cannot use it as a kick scooter because it won’t move in the first place.

Can you get your electric scooter to operate manually?

Theoretically, operating an electric scooter such as the gotrax gxl v2  is very easy. according to some reviews on some of the electric scooters, some of them have to be in motion first before they start. Any speed under 4.8 mph or 3kph is sufficient. However, you do not expect to cover 5 km at such a speed.

Issues with using electric scooters manually

There are many challenges you will encounter if you choose or circumstances force you to use your scooter manually. These challenges are design-related since the manufacturers never intended for electric scooters to be used manually. Such challenges include their weight, not clutch, and are made with such begin wheels. Let us now look at each of these challenges in detail.

1.      Lack of clutch

Clutches are a very effective way of disconnecting the engines from the wheels so that wheels can roll free in cars.  A clutch in electric scooters would be used for the same purpose, to separate the motor drive from the wheels. Disconnecting the wheels from the motor would make the wheels roll freely.

Since it is not possible to disconnect wheels and the driving motors, the rider is a force to use more energy to drive an electric scooter than it is with a kick scooter. The motor adds to the friction and hence more force is needed.

2.      Electric scooters are very heavy

Electric scooters come with additional components such as the battery, electric motor, control unit, and headlights. All these components add extra weight to your electric scooter. Electric scooters that use lead-acid batteries are particularly heavy because of the lead plates inside the battery. So, if you are to use your electric scooter manually, the energy you require ought to be enough to carry you with the extra components. You will technically be more tired than another person on a kick scooter covering the same distance.

Electric scooters weigh between 12 kg (or 26 lbs.) and 45 kg (91 lbs.). most of the time, the heavier your scooter is the more desirable features it has.

3.      Large wheels

A good number of electric scooters feature all-terrain tires that are at least 8 inches high.  So, the deck has to be about 4.5 or more inches above the ground. So, using your leg to push it forward will give you a serious problem. Besides, these decks are far wider than those featured on kick scooters. Therefore, riding them would be more problematic.

Why do people prefer using electric scooters?

In our previous article on the electric scooter benefits, j we saw the numerous benefits that come with electric scooters. However, in this section of our article, we shall look more into the personal benefits people enjoy while using electric scooters.

1.      Flexibility

When we talk of flexibility, we mean the ability to use other means of transport while with an electric scooter. A good number of electric scooters are foldable so that you can carry them with you upstairs or on public transport. Isn’t it awesome?  Further, their small sizes allow you to fit them in your car boot. If it runs of charge, you are free to carry it.

2.      Speed

Electric scooters offer you higher speed than bicycles. Additionally, their flexibility allows you to ride through traffic and narrow streets where it would be difficult to use motorbikes and cars. So, if you are into speed because of schedule, electric scooters are the way to go. You can cruise on a scooter at speeds up to 50 mph if you are using one of the best electric scooters with suspension, or big wheels

3.      Fuel economy

Most developed countries have the cost of electricity lower than that of diesel and other petroleum products. While the initial cost of an electric scooter could be very discouraging, in the long run, you will enjoy very cheap transport. Some scooters can cover up to 40 miles between charges. One drawback about electric scooters is that they take a lot of time to charge to full capacity. In fact, most of them require about  4 hours on a minimum while others may require up to 20 hours to fully charge.

Are electric scooters safe?

Electric scooters are no more dangerous than your motorbike or car. They would never harm your health in any way. Moreover, they are engineered with the safety of the rider in mind that why most of them come with features that would ensure you are not only safe but also happy about your ride. This is some of them come with three braking systems so that if one fails, you still have more options to use.

To top it all, the maximum speed of electric scooters is usually restricted to avoid over speeding on roads.

So, if you are not going to get involved in an accident, electric scooters are totally harmless. Therefore, do not be afraid to for the best electric scooters for adults or children the market has to offer.

Final thoughts on Can electric scooters be used manually

Can electric scooters be used manually? Well, now you know. Manufacturers create their products in a very different way. So, before you dig into driving them manually, it is advisable to go through the manual. If the manufacturer clearly forbids using manually, then do not use manual because it will damage your scooter.

The future of the transport industry lies in electric vehicles because they have more advantages than the internal combustion engine. It is our hope that batter batteries will be invented so that the limited range covered today can increase indefinitely.

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