Best Electric Scooters With Big Wheels

Best Electric Scooters With Big Wheels

This article contains an unbiased review of the  9 best electric scooters with big wheels. We are here to help make up your mind on which best suits your needs.

The electric scooters with big wheels are real big. As an expert, I can attest to the fact that big wheels are the most durable. People prefer big wheels since they are most durable and are the best for use on the city street as well as in the uneven terrain. In our last article on the 6 Best Electric scooters with suspension 2021, we discussed on important factors  to look for in an electric scooter.  This post now is a detailed review of big wheel electrics available in the market.

Why would you need e-scooters with large wheels?

For starters big wheels are suitable for off-terrain uses. When you are not on a track, obstacles are many an only large wheels can go over them with wheels.

Secondly, there is the ability to climb hills. From the research we have conducted, larger wheels are capable of tackling hills that have over 20 degree inclination. So, if you are planning to use an electric scooter where there is hills, fat wheeled e-scooters would be of great help. They are most favored by people who wish to use scooters for food delivery.

However, larger wheels means more power is drawn from your battery. Fat-wheel e-scooters require large batteries otherwise you will spend most of your time charging.


9 best electric scooters with big wheels.


Our first item on our list of the 10 best electric scooters with big wheels is the Razor ecosmart metro electric scooters. Compared to the Razor power core E-90 electric scooter, this has extraordinary features to offer to offer better performance.

It is a very great scooter especially when you are trying scooters for the first time. The Uberscooter is a scooter with big wheels. 10-inch pneumatic tires offer a very smooth ride even on a bumpy road.  As you can see in the figure, the tires feature superior treads and state of art sidewalls to enable you to handle them than most of the electric scooters you see in the market today.

Additionally, there is the rollover over feature that makes it stand out. This is role feature has things to do with the angle with which the tires meet an obstacle.  With 10-inch pneumatic tires, Uberscoot does not hit the obstacle but instead rolls over it. So you will never experience shock when you with your best electric scooter with the big wheel.  When you are riding a scooter that has small wheels, when it hits an obstacle as high a 2 inches, the rider experiences shock that is transmitted through the handlebars.  It is the same reason you ride smoothly on vehicles with big wheels.

Among the cool attribute feature in the uberscoot is a 48 v 1200 Ah battery system.  uberscoot electric scooter also features 1600 Watts brushless motors.  The maximum speed to can ride is 30 mph or 48 kph. You can cover up to 12  miles or 19 km before recharging it again. Its battery may not be the most impressive but it is still impressive.

Uber scooter

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Mototec Fatboy


As the name suggests, Motor Fatboy has very fat wheels. There is no better choice if you a looking for very thick tires.  They 15 inches in diameter. The wheels are 6 inches wide. Just looking at them inspires your confidence they are going to perform very well compared to other electric scooters in the market.

When it comes to features, Mototec Fatboy electric scooter can cover 20 miles ( or 32 km) between charges.  The maximum speed you can enjoy on your Fatboy electric scooter is 20 mph ( or 32 km/h).  this has been made possible by the 500 watts rear hub motor.  This motor is powered by 48 v battery cells. If you love to travel distances for a week, or you are commuting to your office, Mototec FatBoy is the best electric scooter for you.



The handlebars have been designed with your comfort in mind. They are extra wise to give you the comfort that you deserve and also to make you feel super cool.  It has a removable seat! If you prefer to stand or sit down when you are riding your electric scooter, you will be good to when you have the Mototec Fatboy.  The Pneumatic wheels are meant to absorb shock especially when you are riding on very rough terrain or your track is full of bumps.

Additionally, mototec Fatboy was designed to support even very heavy personS.  So, if you are looking for the best electric scooter for heavy people,  Mototec Fatboy is the best one for you. Its maximum weight capacity is 113 kg or 250 lbs. The scooter itself weighs 40 kg ( 90 lbs.). So, you cannot carry it around as easily as other small scooters.

It takes 4 to 8 hours to charge this electric scooter to its capacity. Mototec Fatboy. This scooter has both rear and front brakes. It also has a very big headlight so do not worry you can travel with it at night or in dark places. With proper care, its battery can give you an extended lifespan. Here is  a battery for electric scooter.

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Kaabo Wolf warrior 11

The third item on our list of 10 best electric scooters with big wheels is the Kaaba Wolf Warrior electric scooter.  This electric scooter falls in this category not only because of its wide wheels, but also many other features you might find very impressive.

For starters,   Kaaba Wolf Warrior electric scooter is driven by two 1200 W motors which are controlled by two 40 A controllers. This electric scooter is capable of delivering a peak power output of 5400 W.  for Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooter, 30-degree incline hill is a walk in the park.

This electric scooter is a high-speed scooter since can achieve a maximum speed of 50 mph or 80 km/h. The huge Samsung or LG is 30Ah can have you cover about 70 miles between charges.

This is a good electric scooter if you are interested in one that can suitably support heavy persons since its weight capacity is 330 lbs. or 149 kg.  The scooter its self is 101 lbs or 45 kg. so, you cannot carry it around as easily as any other scooter.

When it comes to safety, Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooter stands out because of its hydraulic shock absorbers in front and rear suspension. It has rear spring breaks, so you can ride them on any terrain.

To charge this scooter to capacity, you require 8 hours of uninterrupted charging using its 1.75 A charger. It has an additional 5A  faster charger to reduce the charging time. Fluidfreeride offers free shipment to anyplace within the US.


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SSR motor sports Fat tire electric scooter.

Our next item on our list of 10 best electric scooters with big wheels 2021 is the SSR motor sports fat tire electric scooter. You can find this scooter on as you can see from the image below, SSR Motorsports fat tire electric scooter has really big wheels. The wheels are not only meant to increase stability when you are riding, but also to increase the shock-absorbing capability of the scooter. The wheels are 9.5 inches wide and it is designed for self-balancing. This size is almost as twice as many other scooters you might find in the market.

Additional to its big size, the wheels are tubeless and straight grain. So, you do not have to worry about flat tires any moment in time. These wheels are also very durable.

Here are its cool attributes featured in SSR. First, it is driven by an 800 W electric motor. This hub motor is power by a lithium-ion battery which 60 v 12Ah. This is the largest battery on this list, please note that. Second is the 50 miles (80 km) range that could cover between charges.  All this is because of the lithium-ion battery. This is the best type of direct current storage system that mankind has ever made. Although it has the highest power density, it is very expensive. These large batteries have a downside. You cannot take this scooter with you in a plane. The battery is not safe since it can explode for one reason or another.

Lastly, it has very effective hydraulic brakes that would ensure an abrupt stop even when you at the top speed.

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Weped SST  Electric scooter

This electric scooter is an embodiment of power long-range and stability. It is a very compact package and offers the best features.  At lower speeds, the Weped SST Electric scooter is very tame it has a toned-down acceleration curve. This product from weped scooters is shipped freely to everyone within the US.

The earlier electric scooters we cover in this list of 10 best electric scooters with big wheels that require up to 8 hours of uninterrupted charging.  However, this one is very different, you will only need about 3 hours to fully charge its Samsung 84V, 15A battery.

Weped SS electric scooter has the highest speed yet, it has a maximum speed of 81 mph (or 130 km/h).  you can cover 75 miles(120 km) between charges.

The tires are 11 inches wide tubeless tires that have state of art threads to improve on traction even with sudden acceleration or sudden deceleration.

Lastly, the Weped SS electric scooter uses hydraulic brakes which are equivalent to the MTB hydraulic brakes.

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Razor ecoSmart metro electric scooter

The next item in our list of the 10 best electric scooters with big wheels is the Razor ecosmart metro electric scooters.

It is a little different from other electric scooters we have discussed here or we will discuss.  This is so because of its wheels. While the rest of the electrics scooters boasted off wide tires, this one is only 2.13 inches wide, yes 2.13 inches wide. However, the tires are 16 inches high.

And why are Razor Ecosmart metro electric scooters best for you? Well, its high tires make it simple for people to navigate through dirt paths. Its close resemblance to a mountain bike makes it suitable to move around town. It is a very cool scooter.

The first feature that makes the Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric scooter quite impressive is its 500 watts motor. This motor can drive you with a speed as high as 18 mph or 28 kph. It is a twist throttle type and so you do know have to worry too much. However, this scooter is only capable of covering 16 km ( or 10 miles) between charges which are still impressive.

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Mercane widewheel pro

This is another product for the fluid free ride. The reason why mercane widewheel pro qualifies in this list of 10 best electric scooters with wide wheels is that are 3.9 inches.  The wheels are not only wide but are also 8 inches high.

These tires are airless type so you do not have to worry about flat tires ever when you are riding a mercane widewheel pro. Instead of air, the tires are filled with concentrated foam. They are very large.

These are the reasons you should go for a mercane widewheel pro electric scooter.  Firstly, it is driven by two extremely powerful 500 W motors. These motors are so powerful, so do not have to worry about hills.  Secondly, these motors are powered by a 48 v 15 Ah lithium-ion battery. Thirdly,  it covers a very impressive range between charges, 22 miles ( 35 km).  Lastly, it is a high-speed scooter since you can cruise at 26 mph or 40 kph.

This scooter itself weighs 24 kg or 54 lbs. It is relatively light compared to other electric scooters featured in our article here.

Last but not least, Mercane widewheel pro features an LED indicator.  This indicator shows important stats about your scooter. Such starts include your speed, the amount of charge remaining in the battery, and your mileage. It is a very good scooter if you need one to move around towns, pavements, and many other places.

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Phatty electric scooter

This is a very big wheel scooter, check the image below. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Phatty electric scooter has very high performance.  For starters, it has a maximum weight capacity of 440 lbs or 200 kg. So, you can ride and still carry with you additional load with no worry.

Secondly, Phatty e-scooter is driven by a 1200 W electric motor which is powered by a 20 Ah battery that has 1500 charge cycles. This is almost three times higher than the rest of the batteries we have discussed here.

This battery requires 2-6 hours to charge to capacity. Additionally, the Phatty scooter enjoys an ultra-bright LED headlight so that you can travel at night or in darkness with no worries. It comes with a 5 A charge but you can opt for a 9A charger instead.

The next feature is the hydraulic disc brakes that make a stop even at a very high speed a very easy job. The scooter also features hydraulic shocks to ensure your cruise is as smooth as it can be.

There are other accessories that this electric scooter comes with. The First one is the run-flat tire sealant in case you have a  flat tire. The second accessory is a phone holder. You will never get this feature anywhere. Else. The third is the wheel lock and finally the rearview mirrors.

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MotoTec Knockout 1000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black

This scooter is one of a kind.  It is power by four 12v 12Ah lead-acid batteries which offer enough power to the 1000 W rear hub motor. The Mototec knockout scooter uses a twist type of throttle and also features a tilt-adjustable handlebar.

The maximum speed this scooter can achieve is 20 mph and the range it covers between charges is between 10 to 20 miles.  It will take you between 4 and 8 hours to charge your electric scooter to capacity.

The maximum weight capacity Mototec knockout scooter can handle is   450 lbs or 200 kgs.  It also has shocks on the front wheel as well as in the rear wheel. What is more, is that it has very bright LED headlights.  It uses hydraulic brakes for both the front and rear wheel.

Why should you go for Mototec knockout scooter? This scooter uses lithium batteries which are the best in the market. Also, the ability to handle about 200 kg or 450 lbs. means it was designed to carry heavy loads with it.

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Final thought

The world is moving towards green energy to reduce greenhouse gases that have brought about negative effects on the climate.  The use of electric vehicles such as the scooters I have discussed above is one sure way of reducing carbon dioxide emission.

Do not be shy to buy even though it might be costly at the beginning, in the long run, you will enjoy it when it comes to fuel.

There is a lot, nonetheless, that has to be done when it comes being water resistance.  Many e-scooters have IP rating which is not above IPX4. Most manufacturers prohibit people from riding in rain.

Disadvantages of electric scooters

There are a few disadvantages though when you use electric vehicles.  It takes some time to charge.  For instance, some of the electric scooters above require up to 4 hours to charge.

This means if your scooter runs low charge, you might need to look for an alternative mode of transport if you are in a hurry. Additionally, if you are using a pneumatic tire scooter, it can have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Very tricky.

Our previous article of whether e-scooters are safer than motorcycles, we saw that the lack of charging stations in public places can be a problem. If you are not near your home where you charge is, you will go with no charge.

Advantages of electric scooters

The advantages of electric scooters are many. For starters, electric fuel is far more affordable compare to gasoline. Secondly, electric scooters do not emit gases. This means that they are good for people who have respiratory diseases such as asthma. Lung cancer is partly caused by the leaded fuel that people used earlier before the lead was established as carcinogenic.  Finally, electric scooters are very quiet so no noise pollution.

So, do not feel shy to go for an electric scooter. Soon, we expect better batteries will be developed that not only charge faster, but also those which can hold a lot of charges. Lithium-ion batteries are the best there is today but they require some improvements. For instance, they sometimes explode.

Lead-acid on the other hand is very heavy. The lead cells inside the battery make them very heavy. Additionally, the sulphuric acid inside the battery is very dangerous. It can cause injuries if it is handled carelessly.  Putting lead-acid batteries in the scooter makes them extra heavy. Heavy electric scooters need more power to drive even when there is little or no load.

These are two batteries are most effective since a lot of currents without destroying the battery.

Out of the electric scooters discussed above in our list of the 6 best electric scooters with big wheels, there more than one that can suit your needs.  However, be sure to consider personal preferences as well.






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