10 best electric scooters with lights

10 best electric scooters with lights  2022

There are many reasons you may want to have an electric scooter that has lights.  We all enjoy electric scooters whether we own them or rent them. They are a very convenient way of traveling a relatively short distance, say 10 miles affordably. In my previous article on electric scooters with big wheels, so discussed why a good scooter ought to have optimum features.  Here in this article, I wish to review the 10 best electric scooters with lights 2022.

Now you can find them all over the city and you can rent one if you wish to. You might wish to cruise at night or in places where there is no light.  So, you need an electric scooter that has lights and bright ones at that.  Electric scooters use DC power stored in batteries, lithium, or lead-acid accumulators. The lights have to consume the least amount of power possible and this is why they use LEDs.

Here are electric scooters that you are going to love and that is why I am recommending them to you. However, so are extremely affordable and others are a bit expensive; but do not get discouraged yet.

10 best electric scooters with lights 2022

1.      Unagi the model one

The first item on our list of the 10 best electric scooters with light 2021 is the Unagi model one scooter. Unagi the model one is manufactured by the best manufacturers of electric scooters in the world. You ought to know that the scooter is made of carbon fiber materials which are employed by Elon Musk to make his rockets. Unagi the model one has extremely cool features.  The features are elegant and of high quality. For instance, you have almost 20 LED patterns to decorate your electric scooter.  You can also design your own if you wish to.

The handlebars have been designed with your comfort in mind. Designers made things a lot easy for the riders while ensuring everything was not only comfortable but also safe.

The handlebars have ergonomically placed standard features such as the breaks, throttle, horn, break among others.

Most importantly, between the handlebars is an LED headlight which is not only sleek but also very bright. The LED produces enough light for you to see well in the dark streets. As though that was not enough, the Unagi model one also has rear blinking red LED light.

You choose to go for the 250 W motor or the 500 W motor. Your weight or what you intended to carry should dictate the type of motor you go for. The scooters have puncture-free rubber tires and can cruise at speeds up to 27 kph or 17 mph. Unagi the mode model one can comfortably climb 15 degrees hill with a lot of ease.

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2.      Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

By just looking at it, Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooter has both an aesthetic and tough sense of appeal.  It emits an adventurous aura.  This is one of the electric scooters in the market that has very durable features starting with its strong frame to handle a lot of weight. It has so many cool features too.

Kaabo wolf warrior ii has two LED headlights to offer you the most powerful beam of photons (light) at night. Additionally, there is another LED at the rear and two more at each side. This scooter is meant to offer you as much light as you may require at night.

There are additional features that made Kaabo wolf warrior fall in our list of 10 best electric scooters with lights. For instance, the electric scooter features hydraulic breaks; they are the most effective types. Moreover, the scooter gives an option to enable the ABS standard so that the breaking is more accurate.

This adventurous beast weighs about 45 kg (or 101 lbs.) and is driven by two powerful 1200 W motors. The two motors are powered by a 60 V 35Ah lithium-ion battery.  You can cruise with speeds up to 80 kph or 50 mph. The maximum range this beast can cover between charges is 70 miles (or 112 km). 30 degrees inclined hills are no job for this scooter.

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3.      MotoTec 853 Pro

If you are looking for the most affordable way to cruise around the town, streets, tracks, etc, this is the scooter meant for you.  MotoTec 853 pro is one of the sleekest scooters in the market weighing only 29 lbs. or 13 kg. This should not a problem for you if need to carry it on stairs. It is also foldable so you can have it with you even on public transport or in the boot of your car.

MotoTec 853 pro is equipped with a very powerful LED head as well as a very powerful taillight. This feature was meant to make you see well at night and also visible.

Additionally, there are many features which with leave your mouth wide open. For instance, it has a digital display to give you important stats. From the display, you can know your speed, the amount of charge remaining, and the distance covered.

What do you know? MotoTec 853 Pro has Bluetooth and even so it is compatible with other apps.

The scooters feature a classy design to make them extremely light so that you can enjoy your ride. This electric scooter is powerful enough to carry up to 120 kgs or 265 lbs.

The maximum range is 18 miles or 29 km and the maximum speed is 18 mph or 29 kph. MotoTec 853 is powered by a single 350 W brushless motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. This battery is 35V 7.5 Ah.

We are not done with this scooter yet! It features both mechanical and electric brakes for your safety. The tubes are non-pneumatic and are 8.5 inches high.

Note! For extended life or off-road use, you should look for another type.


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4.       Boosted Rev

There many reasons why boosted rev electric scooter falls in our list of 10 best electric scooters with light 2021. Other than the powerful beam of light from its headlight boosted rev is capable of cruising 24 mph (or 38 km) and can cover a range of 22 miles ( or 35 km).

Its headlight is capable of emitting 400 lumen which is a very bright light. So you will not only see well but also you will very visible. For safety purposes, the boosted rev also has rear fender light that is used as a brake light. It is red in color.

Topping that off, Boosted Rev electric scooter is power by a single 1500 W motor, the most powerful on this list. This motor is the reason this electric scooter can accelerate from 0 to 20 mph in less than 6 seconds. The 1500 W motor is the reason climbing hills that are 25 degrees is child play for the Boosted rev electric scooter.

Additional features in this scooter include three types of breaking.  You can use regenerative braking, rear fender brakes, or mechanical disk brakes. As a rider, you can stop abruptly because of other responsive control and intuitive design in addition to the brakes.

The boosted brand is among the most favored among the electric scooter manufacturers and it is because of this that they offer quality products.

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5.      Jetson Quest Folding electric scooter

Our list of 10 best electric scooters with light 2022 continues with the Jetson quest scooter being the fifth item. The classy design features extremely bright LED headlights with supplementary deck lights. This is not the only reason Jet quest folding electric scooter has become the go-to scooter in the market.

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For starters, the electric scooter is powered by a very powerful and capable 6 v 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery powers a powerful 250 W hub motor. Secondly, the electric scooter can cover up to 18 miles or 29 km between charges and the maximum speed is 24 kph or 15 mph. At maximum throttle, Jetson Quest folding electric scooters can climb a 15 degrees hill very easily. You charge the battery for 6 hours to reach maximum charge capacity.

Note: you ought to look for another scooter if what you one for is off-road uses or one that cruises at superior speed.

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6.      Super turbo 1000 elite LED edition  

Super turbo 1000 elite LED edition is the electric scooter for you if what you are looking for is lights. This product from the supercycles and scooters do only come with powerfully designed headlights but also LED strips along its undercarriage. It is suitably designed for nighttime use. The undercarriage LED lights give you the option to go for three primary colors, red, green, and blue.

This is the most affordable electric scooter on our list of 10 best electric scooters with lights 2021.

More features are packed in this beast of a scooter.  To begin with, the Super turbo 1000 elite LED edition is driven by a 1000 W motor. The motor draws its power from the capable 36 v 12 Ah lithium-ion battery.

The super turbo 1000 elite LED edition electric scooter has a range between 10 to 18 miles or 16 to 28 km between charges.  Many factors determine the range you will cover such as the terrain, the amount of load you carry among others. If you are in a hilly place, the range will be significantly be reduced. Do not get disappointed yet, this is a heavy-duty electric scooter and that is why it is driven by such a powerful electric motor.

You can cruise this on this scooter at 43 kph or 27 mph.

The super turbo 1000 elite LED edition electric scooter is quite heavy so it will not be easy to carry it upstairs.

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7.      Dualtron thunder

This is an electric that offers you the most features in this list of the 10 best electric scooters with lights 2021. It does only come with very powerful LED headlights but also an LED strip to make your riding at night more fun and enjoyable. Moreover, there are additional bottom mood lights to make you feel good while riding.

To top all these off, a 5400 W dual hub electric motor drives this beast of a scooter. The motor draws its power from the famous 60 v 35 Ah LG battery. It is a very powerful battery. And how far can you go before recharging? 120 km or 75 miles is the maximum range Dualtron thunder can cover between charges. And the speed you ask? You guessed it right, 80 kph or 50 mph. what more could you even want?

Additional features include tubeless tires and very powerful hydraulic breaks that have ABS standards. You stop immediately.  The Dualtron thunder electric scooter is in a league of its own since it has an exceptionally long lifecycle.

However, you need to be very loaded to buy one. This is the only disadvantage of the Dualtron thunder electric scooter.

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8.      Inmotion L8F

Inmotion L8F electric scooter is a combo between fun and classic design attributes. This electric scooter is not only fun to use at night, but it gives the rider a very cool appeal. In fact, it gives a very bright beam of light from its powerful headlight.  Besides the headlight, Inmotion electric scooter has rear-wheel brake light for safety purposes.

There is nothing more exciting than riding your scooter at night with all the LED undercarriage strip light; this gives you several tones of design colors as well as limited animations.

There are many other impressive features on the inmotion L8F electric scooter. Firstly, you are guaranteed to cover 22 miles or 35 km on a single charge.  The 250 W brushless motor is powered by an LG 36 V 8.7 Ah battery.  You can cruise on Inmotion L8F electric scooter at 30 kph or 185.5 kph.

It packs a rear foot brake too.  Inmotion L8F is very smooth.  It offers you classic features.  And what is more? This electric scooter has Bluetooth capability and is compatible with several apps on your phone.

Through your phone, important stats can be easily monitored.  For instance, you check your cruising speed, the mileage, and most important you can choose whatever RGB light scheme you prefer.

To make matters better Inmotion L8F electric scooter is quite light in weight.  So carrying it upstairs may not be a problem at all. Furthermore, its foldability makes carrying it in public transport very easy.

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9.      Levy plus

Our list of 10 best electric scooters with light 2022 won’t be complete if we do not include this start of the art electric scooter. Levy Plus electric scooters combine simplicity with world-class elegance to give you the most fun possible in your ride. From the front to the back, Levy pro electric scooters have got your safety in mind.

This scooter packs a very bright beam of light from its modern LED headlights. additionally, there is the taillight as well for safety purposes. The taillight is meant to make you visible at night.

Further attributes featured in this scooter include three types of brakes ( did I tell you the designer had your safety in mind?). The three types of brakes are a front e-brake, rear disc brake as well as a back fender brake.

Levy pro is a portable scooter since it only 13 kg in weight or 30 lbs. Its 36 V 10.4 Ah LG battery produces enough power to drive its 700 W electric motor up to a maximum speed of 18 mph or 28 kph. And how far can you travel on the Levy Pro electric scooter? 18 miles (28 km), my friend is the range you can cover when fully charged.

While this may not be the most powerful scooter in the market, it definitely gives a lot of features to make your ride both comfortable and fun. You are bound to enjoy every moment you spend on one of the 10 best electric scooters with light 2021.

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10.  Hiboy max electric scooter

Are you on a very tight budget? Hiboy max electric scooter got you covered. With less than 400 dollars you can get yourself an electric scooter with LED headlights. This scooter is meant for people who seek a very convenient way to beat the traffic or have fun at night on a track.

The Hiboy max electric scooter has both the power headlight and the rear fender light. The latter also serves as the brake light. You will be very visible and safe among other riders and drivers.

And why should you buy Hiboy max electric scooter? Besides the headlight and rear fender light, this scooter is driven by a 350 W electric motor which offers you enough power to climb hills that are 15 degrees steep. Moreover, you won’t only cruise on your scooter at 30 kph or 19 mph but also cover about 27 km or 17 miles before recharging.

This is a foldable scooter that is highly portable. It is both fun to use and extremely affordable. The LED dashboard makes it very easy to use since it has Bluetooth capability. It is compatible with other apps to help you monitor important stats. Through an app provided by the Hiboy max manufacturer, you can monitor your speed, battery level, and mileage.

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Final thoughts

Lights are important for both safety and ease of navigation at night.  Taillights and brake lights make riders safe when driving alongside other riders and drivers. Your choice of a scooter should be guided by all your needs and personal preference without neglecting your budget. We now have come to the end of our review on the 10 best electric scooters with lights 2021.

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