Best Electric scooters with suspension

Best Electric scooters with suspension

Why are suspensions import in your electric scooter? When you ride, it has to be smooth, comfortable and one that you will enjoy. A bumpy ride leaves too exhausted to enjoy your ride. This is why when you choose an electric scooter, choose one that has suspensions.  so, this article contains unbiased review of 6 Best Electric scooters with suspension 2021. These are the best  electric scooters for commuting you can get in the market.

In our previous post about best electric scooters for adults 2021, we talked about important features you ought to consider. Now, this article explores the best electric scooters with suspension in the market that you can go for. The article is well detailed on the cool features that each of the electric scooters have that you might find interesting. You can also check 10 best electric scooters with big wheels.

You should not confuse suspension with the shock absorbers. The two are quite different. However, suspension uses springs only to smoothen your ride while shock absorber is a system of springs and damper designed to smoothen your ride.

Here is our list of 6 best electric scooters with suspension 2021 from amazon

Swagger pro foldable electric scooter

The first item in our of list 6 best electric scooters with suspensions 2021 is the swagger pro fordable electric scooter. The maximum speed this electric scooter can achieve is 15.5 mph (or 24.9 km/h). It has rare suspension and can cover up to 14.2 miles (22.8 km) before recharging.  It is designed with safety in mind and that is why it has front and rear braking.  This scooter can support up to a 100 kg of weight. It will take three hours to fully charge swagger pro scooters.

Here is a summary of all cool attributes featured in the swagger pro.

Range                          14.2 (22.8 km) miles

Power rating                            ….

Foldability                               yes, highly foldable

Top speed                               15.5 mph  (24.9 km/h)

Item weight                             …..

Material                                   …

Brake type                               rear brakes and front brakes

Motor                                      250 W

Charging time                    3 hours

What is more is that it has an LED light you can use to ride it even when it dark. Additional features include USB charging port you can use to charge you phone.  It has a kick stand so that it can stand on its own when you stop.

Why should you buy swagger pro fordable electric scooter

Swagger pro electric scooter is that offers you the ability to navigate through tight places. Additionally,  its powerful motor allows you to carry with you additional load so long as you do not exceed 220 lbs (100 kg).  Swagger pro scooter can move really fast, 24.9 km/h or 15.5 mph.  Furthermore, climbing steeps hills ( up to 20 \degrees) will be a walk in the park for your choice scooter.


First, Swagger pro comes with smart power management which is designed to protect your battery from either overcharging or overheating.

Second, there are three riding modes you can choose to use. Therefore, you can choose which is comfortable throttle for you.

Lastly, you can fold your scooter so that it can fit in compact places such your locker. Folding makes it possible for your carry it in public vehicle.


Not suitable for people that have short stacher

The motors and batteries make it very heavy, so carrying it for long distances may be a problem.

Hikole electric scooter

It suitably designed to for allow adjust height accordingly. It is fordable so that it can fit in tight places such when you need to carry if in public transport. Its aluminium frames make it lighter and stronger. Hikole electric scooter for adult teens has dual suspension to offer you the smooth ride you deserve.

The maximum this scooter can handle up to 100 kg ( or 220 lbs). So if you weigh less than 220 lbs, you can carry additional load. The stand clearance of 4.15 inches ( 10.5 cm). This is suitable for adult teens ( up to 10 years). This is one of the best electric scooter for heavy adults.

Why should you go for Hikole electric scooters for young adults.

Hikole electric scooters packs double suspension, front and rear to ensure you enjoy the ride to the maximum. In addition to ability handle a lot of weight, Hikole electric scooter has adjustable handle.  Your can adjust the height for range 90 cm to 100 cm. ABEC-7 bearings are made to ensure smoother ride by reducing bump. You will enjoy smooth glide in pavements.

Advantages of Hikole electric scooter

Firstly, the scooter has adjustable handlebars. This is why it suitable for adults, teens and 10 years-old-kids.

Secondly, it can support heavy people or average weight people with additional load.

Lastly, the light weight frame materials made up of aluminium so it is light and you can carry it around.


There two disadvantages associated with Hikole electric scooter. The handle bar rattles when not properly tightened. The kindstand is little stiff.

USCOOTER E-TWOW electric scooter

It is one best electric scooter that comes with both rear and front suspension. The Uscooter ETwow electric scooter is a foldable scooter that relies on front braking. It uses a regenerative braking system. The maximum speed this scooter can attain is 25 mph or ( 40.2 km/h). The maximum range is 21 miles before recharging.


Double suspension makes your ride very smooth especially at 25 mph speed.

It is foldable

It has high speed capabilities


It is quite heavy to carry around since it weighs 21 lbs. (9.5 kg) for 10 years-old-child.

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NanRobot D6+

Here are the reasons why the Nano Robot D6+ scooter falls in our list of 6 Best Electric scooters with suspension 2021.  The scooter is suitably designed to support up to 260 lbs.( or 120 kg). The NanRobot D6+ is one best electric scooters for heavy people. It has well designed suspension capabilities. It has 52 v 26 Ah battery.  This produces up to 2000 and can pack up to 40 mph ( 64 kph).  This scooter can cover 33 miles  ( 53.1 km).

This is a model offered by the NanRobot company. It uses hydraulic suspension to make your ride even smoother.

NanRobot D6+ costs about $ 1,699. It has a very bright LED light, in front and rear. So you can ride well even where there no lights. Addition to all these cool features, there is LED display where you can see important stats. The stats you get to see about scooter include amount of charge remaining, the your speed and the engaged gear.

Read more about NanRoot electric scooter here

Lascooter scooters for kids 8 years and up

Lascooter scooter is 4th is out list of 6 best electric scooters with suspension 2021. All the other scooters discussed above are designed for adults, or rather people of certain minimum height. Lascooter kick scooter is designed to be used by kids who are 8 years and above.

In addition to suspensions, Lascooter scooters are foldable to make transporting them from one place to another easy.  This scooter is one design with mix of safety and modern features

Is it possible to add suspension to my electric scooters?

Well, you can but it may never be that easy. You can customize your electric scooter or have someone do it for you.


Suspension vs no suspension

Yes, you can find electric scooters that have  suspensions and those that do not. However, what you choose depends on your personal preference or what you choose to do with your electric scooter. People who have a nice track may go for those that do not have suspension.

However, you should know that  our list of 7 best electric scooters with suspension 2021 cost  more than those without.

Suspensions are very useful if the track you are using are full of bumps; suspension makes your ride very comfortable.

Suspension or tires which is better

Electric scooters are classified into if you are considering the tires. The first category is the airless tires and the second ones are the pneumatic types. Each has its disadvantages and advantages.  The airless types are safer to use in areas where there are sharp objects that can prick your tires. If you go airless one with suspension, you will be in for bumpy ride.

The pneumatic types are such that they offer an additional shock absorption making your ride even smoothers.

Going for the suspension type is better idea if you seek to enjoy a smooth ride on your electric scooter. Suspension offers you better performance than pneumatic tires.

What are benefits of electric scooters?

Other than being able to move from one place to another, the benefits of electric scooters are many.  Firstly, they use Eco-friendly fuel. They have zero emission which good for the environment.  When we discussed how loud electric bikes can get, we saw that motors of electric scooters, electric cars and electric bikes are very quite.  This is the second benefit.

The third benefit is that most of the hub motors in electric scooters just like Teslas requires no oil change. Pretty cool, huh?


Final thoughts on why best electric scooters with suspension

Electric scooters are become better and better every time new models are made. Suspensions are not the only thing good with electric scooters, today you can have electric scooters with with seats. Manufacturers have gone even further to include lights in your electric scooters. All this is meant to improve your user experience and that why e-scooters for heavy adults are also available.

Though they come with different drive configuration, a good number of them are direct drive. this, however, makes almost impossible to use E-scooters manually.

How fast you e-scooter can go and whether or not it can climb hill, it is a function of your motor.  The stronger it is, the better performance.  I have done a review on Dualtron mini-electric scooters which has a relative powerful motor.





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