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Emove cruiser e-scooter review

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Here is a detailed look at the updated 2022 EMOVE Cruiser – the Honda Accord of electric scooters.

The Emove cruiser e-scooter is the next generation of electric scooters, with more power and range than ever before. With its all-wheel drive and suspension, the Emove cruiser e-scooter is perfect for off-road adventures. Order yours today and start exploring!

The Cruiser, now powered by a 1000-watt motor, is faster and can conquer hills with even greater ease while still retaining the features you love.

Our review concludes that this is the best electric scooter for commuters, period.

Further, until the launch of the $4,149 NAMI Burn-E to replace the EMOVE Cruiser, the EMOVE Cruiser also served as the record-holder for longest range of any electric scooter.

Emove cruiser e-scooter review

A summary of the specs

This section of Emove cruiser e-scooter review has the a summary of important specs in case you do not have enough time to go through the whole document. You can read about the e-scooter buyers guide here.

Top Speed 52.9 kph (15.5mph)
Max Range 100 km (62 miles)
Scooter weight23 kg ( 52  lbs.)
Maximum Load352 lbs. 160  kg)
Tires typePneumatic
Motor1000 W
number of motors1
Battery typeSLA
Battery capacity31.5 Ah
SuspensionDual spring  suspension
regenerative braking~
Charging time9~12 Hours
Hill climb20 degree
LightsLED~ Headlights (3W), rare braking
water resistanceIPx6


Performance overview

Its motor is powered by a 600W motor and it has a 1600W peak power, as we mentioned earlier. The power might not seem like much, but you’ll notice how smooth it feels as it ascends up to 10 degrees. You can get the scooter rolling in as little as a few seconds by accelerating to the top speed!

Pneumatic auto-grade tires support this tremendous power, providing a strong grip on the road and allowing the vehicle to conquer hills and rough terrain with ease. Featuring dual suspension, the vehicle’s ride is smooth and fun as it absorbs the shocks from uneven roads.


In tests conducted in the real world, the Emove Cruiser was reported to reach around 50 miles, as opposed to the claimed range of 62 miles. Electric scooters, on the whole, don’t come close to covering their claimed range, which is excellent. There’s a lot more here than most riders will use on their trips, but having this large range is great. First, it could mean you won’t need to worry about charging it for an entire week. Additionally, you may be able to take the scooter on weekends to do something more leisurely, such as going longer distances.


A major advantage of the Emove Cruiser is its range of up to 62 miles, making it ideal for long commutes.

For those who commute short distances, a single charge allows them to ride for several weeks without worrying about the battery. The 52V 30Ah (1560Wh) LG battery of the Emove Cruiser is perfect for people who have a longer commute or simply wish to ride for longer periods of time.

Besides being equipped with a high-voltage battery, the Emove is also backed by a highly reputable and reputable manufacturer, LG, which produces all its components in ISO-certified facilities.

Emove’s batteries are designed to deliver consistently strong performance and long-term durability.

Charging time


The Emove Cruiser’s motor has a rated power of 600 watts, but the actual peak power is 1600 watts, so it can achieve excellent acceleration, and power up inclines far more quickly than budget scooters. In comparison to some dual motor scooters, it doesn’t have the same blistering acceleration, but it is definitely up to the task for its target market. The M365 is easily outperformed by this scooter.


In comparison with most scooters on the market, this one has a maximum speed of 25 mph. Because of its sturdy frame, large wheels, and suspension, it can maintain its stability at this speed. The Cruiser isn’t aimed at the extreme sports market, so it may seem slow to die-hard scooter enthusiasts who want maximum speed for their money. The speed of even 25 mph is above what we recommend for most situations, but it is useful for riding straight for long periods of time. It isn’t a racer, but a cruiser. The speed and other features makes this scooter  a mid-tier model compared to the Dualtron thunder 2 from MiniMotors.


EMove Cruiser manufacturers know that electric scooter riders love their large standing surfaces! The deck of this electric scooter measures 58.5 cm x 19.5 cm, which makes it one of the largest on the market.

A larger deck also provides you with a sense of extra security when you are traveling at night.

In addition to the large size, this deck is also made from thick aluminum alloy that ensures unparalleled strength and durability. As a protective bumper, hard plastics are attached to all four corners of the deck. As a result, you may be less likely to damage walls or to hurt your legs if you bump into them.

Control panel/ cockpit

A cockpit area extends from the handlebars to the cockpit where all the controls are found. A LCD is located next to the right handlebar of the electric scooter, displaying information such as speed, battery charge, and mode.

On the back of the display is a USB port for installing firmware updates and for charging smartphones.

You will find the brake lever and a control panel on the left handlebar, which controls the horn, headlight, and turn signals. The right handlebar has a second brake lever, which is also where the key-start ignition is located.

This is where the Cruiser really shines. The key to your electric scooter is unique (just like the key to a car), so only you can turn it on.


As one of the EMove Cruiser’s main selling points, it comes with an impressive lighting package. This is something riders typically mention in video and blog reviews. The EMove Cruiser’s lights ensure a safe ride even in the dark.

Two white deck button lights are located on either side of the deck in front of the cruiser, and two red deck button lights are located in back. Additionally, the rear deck button lights function as turn signals. A beeping sound is also produced when the turn signals are engaged. You will never again forget to turn off your turn signals with this handy feature.

We think it would have been better positioned a bit higher in the front, as the headlight is really bright and nice. It’s not too much of a problem, though, because the front deck button lights also enhance visibility at night.

Additionally, the EMove Cruiser’s rearlight blinks brighter when you apply the brakes, so that you can see it when you are braking.


EMove Cruiser has an air suspension at the back and a spring-loaded suspension at the front. The suspensions can be adjusted individually with the multitool.

As a whole, the suspension provides excellent performance, and many users say it is excellent.

Some heavier riders have reported that their fork hits their fender or wheel when they hit big holes or bumps. Fortunately, these are very rare, the problem isn’t serious, and it can be corrected easily.


The EMOVE Cruiser features thick, vehicle-grade pneumatic tires that provide maximum riding comfort.

These things are big… just look at them. With its jumbo tires, Cruiser stands out from the race of Unagi, Segway-Ninebots, Turboants, and Hiboys despite its colorful frame.

In reality, the Cruiser’s wheels aren’t those of a commuter scooter – they’re those of a machine designed to punch through asphalt and avoid potholes.

Additionally, it’s important to point out that the Cruiser’s tires are pneumatic, not solid. Despite being filled with air, they provide the utmost in impact-absorbing excellence, but are more prone to punctures than solid counterparts. The Cruiser’s strong dual springs and air shocks, when combined, provide traction and stability, as well as a smooth, comfortable ride.

Water resistance

Its IPX6 rating makes it almost waterproof, which is the main reason why a lot of us take an interest in this scooter.

Remember that the last digit of the IP rating is what we need to look at when looking for water resistance, in this case, 6 in the case. In terms of IP standards, protection level 6 refers to protection against strong jets. Usually when we say “waterproof” we have in mind a level 7 rating, meaning protection against submersion in a pool 1 meter deep (don’t try it at home).

This means that the EMove Cruiser can’t be considered waterproof. Although it has a strong water-resistant design, the EMove Cruiser isn’t fully waterproof. The only other scooter with such a high IP rating is the EMove Cruiser, but it is an unofficial rating, not an official one.


Almost all portable devices are foldable.  Folding scooters are good for transport since they are not very heavy.

Be sure to adjust your brakes prior to riding.

Folding and unfolding the Emove Cruiser is a breeze. Pin-style mechanisms are very safe and simple to operate, so it is ideal for home use.

During the ride, you will kick off with a kick, and once you get some speed, you will hit the throttle. It’s a safety feature, and it conserves battery power when you start the engine.

A note of caution: out-of-the-box, cruise control may already be turned on. After hitting the throttle, it may automatically turn on after a few seconds, or you can disable it if you don’t want to use it.

Build quality

A quality aluminum alloy was used for the manufacturing of this e-scooter, which creates an extremely durable, yet lightweight frame. Additionally, the vehicle has high quality, hydraulic brakes at the front and the rear for greater safety and power. This scooter is an excellent combination of style and functionality; its top speed is 25 mph, and it has cruise control as well so you can take it easy.

Ergonomically, the scooter’s deck is spacious, and it has several convenient controls located conveniently. Firstly, the LCD display on the handlebar keeps riders up to date and enables them to ascertain their status at a glance. You’ll also find the brake pedal and throttle located exactly as you would expect.

When your brake levers fail, you can use the rear fender brake as a backup. Riders are also equipped with front and rear air shock suspensions which help ensure the ride remains smooth despite otherwise unforgiving impacts.

In addition to these, tubeless pneumatic tires, of automotive grade, guarantee that you will never encounter a flat tire ever again. Considering its unique design and high-end features, the eMove Cruiser is one of the best electric scooters to own.

You can add other accessories in your scooter. For instance, the best phone holder for video recording and navigation.

Where to buy

There are no Emove cruise e-scooter in many online retail stores. During our research for the Emove cruise e-scooter review, we did not find any in the Amazon.com. I could not find any in Walmart or e-bay. You can, however, find one from voromotors.com.

Most e-scooter manufacturers offers an warranty of at least three months.

Alternative model

A good competition for this scooter is the Dualtron mini scooter. It is a mid- tier scooter as well and has exceptionally high range and speed. However, the price may differ significantly. However, you can read our review on the dualtron mini e-scooter here.

Final thoughts on Emove cruiser e-scooter review

A long-range commuter electric scooter, the EMove Cruiser sets the bar.

This model has so many rider-friendly features that you won’t find in any other scooter. Besides its outstanding performance features such as the range and braking, it has many additional features not commonly found on other scooter brands and that are usually available as aftermarket modifications or more expensive upgrades.

A semi-hydraulic brake system, front and rear suspension, folding handlebars, and electronic direction indicators come standard with the bike.

Thousands of satisfied riders all over the world recommend this scooter.

Voro Motors’ EMove Cruiser is a rugged, sturdy, practical motorcycle that is built to last. It is built to last.


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