Furo Fuze e-scooter review

Furo Fuze e-scooter

Furo Fuze e-scooter review

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Furo Fuze e-scooter review
Furo Fuze e-scooter review

Looking for an eco-friendly and fun way to get around? Check out the Furo Fuze e-scooter! With a top speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 15 miles, the Furo Fuze is perfect for commuting or running errands. Plus, it folds up for easy storage, making it a great option for city living. Learn more about the Furo Fuze e-scooter today

The Fuze provides outstanding ride quality and performance at an affordable price. Furo Systems Ltd, an electric bike designer with a history in the UK, launched the first electric scooter, the Fuze, in 2012. Compared to the Ninebot Max, it has superior raw specifications but lacks the brand recognition and refinement of that machine.     In this Furo Fuze e-scooter review, we put emphasis on the motor, lights, battery,wheels and the suspension. They determine quality of ride.

A summary of the specs

Top Speed (25mph)
Max Range (24 miles)
Scooter weight17 kg ( 37.4  lbs.)
Maximum Load330 lbs. (150 kg)
Tires typePneumatic
Motor750 W
number of motors1
Battery typeLi-ion
Battery capacity48V 8.8/12Ah   422 Wh
SuspensionFront and  suspension
Brakes Electronic brake  front and rear disc brake
regenerative brakingno
Charging time5.5   hours
Hill climb15 degree
LightsLED~ Headlights rare
water resistanceIP55


Specs overview

Performance overview


Assembling a world-class battery for our customers requires the most advanced Lithium-ion cells now available. Within the Fuze and Fuze MAX, there are over 422-watt hours and 576 watt-hours of energy respectively. On average, this equates to a range of over 40km or 55km


Here we have our 2022 Furo Fuze e-scooter review moving on to its battery life and charging section. We were impressed by the 422Wh lithium-ion battery, which is typically reserved for beefier, heavier models. So we were surprised when we saw such a big battery on such a light device.

It uses g lithium-ion cells sourced from industry leaders. The Furo Fuze’s brilliant battery charges in just 5.5 hours. We believe this is more than acceptable, especially considering many similarly priced models require charge times of 7+ hours, yet offer a reduced range. However, as we all know, Furo Systems appear never to compromise, bringing together the best of both worlds.

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Charging time

5.5 hours. Do not panick. Some models requires tripple that time. A good example is MiniMotors Dualtron thunder 2 which takes up to 18 hours when using a standard charger.


The Brushless DC Motor integrated into the back wheel of the Fuze is state-of-the-art. In fact, it has an output power of more than 750W. At that speed, it can go faster than 40 kilometers per hour. This electric scooter is equipped with a powerful motor to make climbing hills no problem. Power and top speed can be selected according to local regulations.


Next up is our Furo Fuze review’s section on speed, power, and distance, which this model certainly meets. With its 800W brushless motor, this model can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h (24.8 mp/h). This is comparable to the speeds traditionally associated with higher-end, more expensive models.

Control panel/ cockpit

There is a display and throttle module attached to the handlebars of the Fuze. There is enough brightness on the display to make it readable in direct sunlight, but it is not particularly bright. In addition to indicating the battery level, the display panel provides you with three-speed modes. Slowing down the speed will help to extend the battery life.


A low-mounted front light and a rear light sit on the back of the Fuze. In addition, it has what can only be described as disco lights on the deck. These might be an attractive addition for some, but they might be an unwanted addition for others. According to initial comments, the deck lights automatically illuminate when the main lights of the scooter are activated. However, Furo Systems is considering allowing the deck lights to be controlled separately.


There is mechanical suspension on the front & rear, providing a smooth ride while absorbing sharp bumps & potholes. As riders on the road are often shaken off balance or encounter potentially dangerous situations when riding over bumps, the solid suspension is crucial. Additionally, pneumatic 10-inch tires add extra shock absorption and add to the smooth ride.


There’s something magical about the Fuze’s big wheels, pneumatic tires, and high-quality dual suspension system that makes it safe and smooth to ride. It can’t be overstated how paramount ride quality is, especially for people who don’t ride electric scooters often. The wheels on electric scooters tend to be much smaller than on bikes, so they are more vulnerable to bumps (larger wheels, suspension) so specifications that help combat this are very helpful.


Fuze has superior mechanical disc brakes on the front and back. In comparison with most scooters, which usually only have a mechanical brake on one wheel, this is already a significant improvement. You can also regeneratively brake the scooter, so the motor harvests power as it slows down.

Water resistance

The IP55 waterproof rating of this electric scooter makes it ideal for outdoor use. The airtight seal prevents splashes of high-pressure water and dust from entering. Click here to learn more.

Hill climb



The Fuze is surprisingly light for its size and performance, weighing only 17 kilograms. This model weighs only 4.5 kilograms more than the Xiaomi M365, which does not have suspension and has a smaller frame. Despite its weight, most people would still be unable to carry it for a long distance, but it would certainly be feasible to carry it on a short flight of stairs or similar, and almost anyone could place it in a car boot.


Fold Size:

The scooter folds easily once you become accustomed to it. With the ability to fold in the handlebars to make them extra compact, there is a main folding point near the base of the stem. As a result, this scooter occupies a relatively small amount of space despite its larger frame than average. If you anticipate a situation where you might need to take your scooter in the car, it’s worth checking dimensions against the car boot size before purchasing

Build quality

Here is our opinion of the Furo Fuze 2022 based on quality and ease of use. Furo Systems spared no expense when developing or implementing the folding scooter, as you might have gathered. Specifically, the frame is made from aerospace-grade alloy, which absorbs big impacts without buckling or bending.

The result is particularly lightweight at just 17 kilograms, yet it can carry and support weights of up to 150 kilograms; 8.8 times its weight. Several Furo Systems models are equipped with lithium-ion cells sourced from world-leading suppliers; Tesla’s models utilize the same batteries. Even though the battery weighs so little, a battery of this size is very impressive.

When riding a bicycle, dual disc brakes provide you with the ability to stop suddenly on demand. This suspension system creates a smooth ride through bumps, as mentioned previously. All official Furo Systems purchases are backed by an extended 2-year warranty because Furo Systems places so much trust in the quality control of their products. Riders can rest easy knowing they’ll be covered for up to two years if something happens to their newly purchased ride.

What we like about the Furo Fuze electric scooter

My favorite scooter so far. I didn’t dread crossing dropped curbs because the suspension helps absorb the most severe of road vibrations, though you’ll still feel it on really rough patches.

There is more of a sense of vulnerability when you ride a scooter compared to riding a bike, particularly if you are in tricky traffic conditions.

In addition, you may prefer a full lighting package, which guarantees your visibility to other road users at all hours of the day or night.

What we did not like about this scooter

At a minimum of 17kg, the scooter is not something you can carry around all the time even though it is relatively light for its size. Although the scooter’s range was quite impressive in reality, it fell short of its stated range – although only by a small margin.

Where to buy

Post-purchase support

Alternative model

The Fuze and the Fuze Max have different battery capacities and ranges – the Fuze has a battery capacity of 422 Wh and a range of 24 miles, while the Fuze Max has a battery capacity of 576 Wh and a range of 34 miles. Max is slightly heavier than the Helix, but otherwise, they are the same. You decide whether that extra range makes a difference to you. You should keep in mind that the real-world range for electric scooters tends to be between 30 and 40% short of the claimed range.

Final thoughts on Furo Fuze e-scooter review

The Furo Fuze is easy to transport and easy to operate. Its entirely foldable frame allows riders to ride wherever they want; they can fold their bike easily, take a train or taxi to their destination, unfold and go. In addition to providing control over speed and battery life, the dashboard is perfectly positioned for riders to easily select ride modes. Integrated 5V USB ports give you the convenience of charging your device while using your phone for maps or music. There is plenty of room to stand on the deck of the e-scooter, so riders can comfortably ride. I recommend the Furo Fuze to those who want a brilliantly constructed and easy-to-master ride.





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