Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter Review

Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter

Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter

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GOTRAX’s original GXL V1 commuter scooter came out in 2018 and hit the sweet spot of commuter scooters. It quickly became one of the most popular electric scooters of the year due to its very affordable price point. However, some minor things could have been improved, according to riders. To meet customer demand, Gotrax has released the new upgraded version, the Gotrax GXL V2. Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter review covers the speed, battery, range, and important features. Other than motor, suspension and lights are important features

What’s the comparison to the original? Has it displaced the V1 as the best budget commuter scooter? Does it compare with other competing commuting scooters that are available today? Let’s find out…

Top Speed 15 MPH
Range 9-12 miles
Warranty 90 days
Weight 26.4 lbs
Motor Power 250 watts
Wheel Size 8.5 inches
Charging Time 3-4 hours
Weight Limit 220 lbs
Wheel Type Pneumatic


we start the Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter review by looking at its speed. The manufacturer claims the top speed of the Gotrax GXL Commuter V2 is 26 kph.

On the flat, we achieved 21.7 kph with a 74 kg rider during our top speed test. The claimed range will be closer if you are lighter.

The top speed of this scooter is relatively low compared to scooters in general, but comparable to budget-priced scooters. While most urban commuters would find this speed sufficient, some may wish for more.

Scooters shared by companies such as Bird, Lime, and Spin have a top speed of 26 kph. A scooter such as the Glion Dolly scooter, which costs more, has a top speed of 26 kph.


According to the manufacturer, the range of the GoTrax GXL Commuter V2 is 19 kilometers.

The GXL V2 was able to run 16.3 kilometers on a full charge during our range test. Our range test is performed on a standardized urban loop with frequent stops/starts, hills, rough terrain, and only one rider weighing 74 kg. Our scooter is ridden in the quickest and least energy-saving mode possible. Under these conditions, we can accurately estimate the scooter’s range.

The cold temperature, steep hills, frequent stops, and speeding will all reduce range. Should the batteries run out, the scooter is light enough, and the deck is low enough to the ground, that you can use this scooter manually as a kick scooter.

Battery power is provided by a 187-watt-hour lithium-ion pack.

Battery Life:

Initially, we were surprised that the GOTRAX was fully charged in less than an hour. After all, the company claims it takes 3-4 hours. It is possible to charge in less time than indicated but a guide to e-scooter batteries` best practices showed this could destroy it.

According to our findings, the scooter comes half-charged, so when you first charge it up, you just top it off. You will have to charge it up for around four hours every time. The 36V battery, however, is outstanding despite the lengthy charging time. It is said that the battery lasts for 9-12 miles. We were able to get 13 miles out of the battery by alternating between gear one and gear two.

There was still some juice left in the battery and motor even after 13 miles. Despite its capability to go farther, we were not willing to risk being so far from the charger. In terms of battery life alone, the GOTRAX is a worthy investment for anyone looking for a scooter that can go the distance.


It comes with rear disc brakes and front regenerative brakes. In terms of braking, the regenerative brakes in the front are decent, but the rear disc brake shines brightest.

The V2 was able to stop in 5.0 meters during our 22 kph to 0 braking tests. That’s quite impressive. A 6-meter stopping distance is typical for an excellent scooter such as the M365.

The rear disk brake now operates via a traditional, easy-to-use hand lever, unlike the GXL Commuter. You can therefore ride in a more comfortable position. Additionally, it provides a safer braking experience by enabling your left hand to always be available.

In a scooter at this price point, GoTrax did a great job of incorporating disc brakes. Some of the competitors at this price level (and even much higher) have only one braking system, and those systems aren’t always reliable.


This is the only brushless DC motor at this price range that’s 250 W, so I’m pleased to see the V2 features one. This motor allows the V2 to reach speeds up to 15.5 mph and carry loads up to 220 pounds. Impressive considering the price! When we covered how e-scooters work we discovered that the size of the motor determines the price of a scooter.

Although the GXL V2 does suffer from some minor delays when launched from full speed, going up steep hills robs it of any significant speed. However, its low deck allows it to function as a basic kick scooter if you run out of juice in the middle of your commute.


The Gotrax GXL v2 is a scooter with lights.  At the front of the scooter, the Gotrax GXL v2 is equipped with a single LED headlight. Despite the built-in light’s excellent performance, we highly recommend you add a headlight with a wider beam if you ride at night.

Unfortunately, the GXL v2 lacks a rear taillight. Adding additional lights can fix this, but it is still a disappointment considering this scooter is meant specifically for commuters.


LED headlights with a decent beam radius
There is no taillight at the rear
Additional lighting is required

As part of the GXL V2, a headlight and rear reflector are included.

When used in well-lit areas, the headlight is adequate but less effective on streets with sparse lighting. For those who plan on riding their scooter at night, I recommend purchasing an additional light.

In addition, I recommend getting a taillight so you’re easy to see from behind. You should always take extra precautions when navigating inner cities. Additionally, you can choose between the GoTrax Apex or XR Elite, two of the GXL V2’s older brothers.


The debate over ‘solid’ vs. airless tires in e-scooters is a big talking point in the community. Each has its pros and cons, but in comparison with the average scooter wheel, both are high-end features. With the Gotrax GXL v2, you can still use the air tires found on the original model.

While the Gotrax wheel size does not allow it to be classified as an e-scooter with fat wheels, 8.5 inches is still large for a scooter tire. With their pneumatic 8.5-inch tires, the GXL v2’s tires serve as suspension. Even on slippery roads, the grip provides strong traction, and the cushioning will protect you from most bumps and skids you might encounter. In addition to allowing for easy maneuverability, they also allow for fast reaction times as you control the scooter.

Pneumatic tires present a disadvantage in that they tend to puncture more frequently, whereas airless tires, by design, are puncture-resistant.

If you plan on using the scooter repeatedly, you need to take this into account. But you should not have much trouble getting spare parts or replacement accessories since Gotrax is well-regarded for their customer service.


Finished in reinforced plastic, the fenders are sturdy and feel as though they were made of metal. Their toughness makes them good for commuter scooters since they won’t scratch or break easily.


A generous deck of the Gotrax FLX v2 measures about 19 inches on both sides, so it offers plenty of standing space and can accommodate larger shoes. You will be kept steady and stable throughout your journey thanks to the anti-slip deck. This is a big advantage for people new to electric scooters since they won’t have to adjust their stance or shift their weight so much to feel comfortable.

Cruise Control

What kind of scooter would offer you cruise control considering it is so kind to your bank account? You get that and more with the GXL V2.

To activate cruise control, you simply have to hold the accelerator down for ten seconds and maintain a constant speed. There is nothing left but to let go of your thumb and enjoy the ride.

In addition, drivers who are more concerned about their safety can also turn off cruise control. If you squeeze the brake fast enough, it will be disabled, allowing you to move the scooter as needed.

Water Resistance Rating

Though the GXL V2 does not have a 100% waterproof rating, it does have an IP54 waterproof rating, which means it can withstand water spray from all directions.

It’s not recommended to ride in the rain since you’ll lose your warranty if it’s proven that it was caused by weather-related water damage.


On the V2, like the others in the Gotrax family, the kickstand is easy to use, functional, and sturdy. Some kickstands are so long that they can cause your scooter to topple over, and this can be extremely unpleasant.


As a folding scooter, you might think you would have trouble folding and assembling it, but that is not the case at all. Even though it may take some fiddling to figure out how to use the latching mechanism, once you make it work, the scooter will fold firmly enough to be carried comfortably.

Performance on different terrain

The Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter review will not complete without review performance on different terrains. The GOTRAX was first driven onto the sidewalk, after which it was turned on for five seconds by pressing the on button (a bright red button on the top of the neck). There are two features on the display: the miles per hour, displayed in bright white letters, as well as the battery life, shown in fourths. The accelerator did not respond when we pressed the right handlebar. This scooter needs to get rolling to fly. Push off and make it go. The 250-watt motor kicks in once the wheels start moving. Furthermore, we discovered the GOTRAX does fly, as its first of two gears takes it from 0.18 mph to 8.6 mph in what seemed like seconds.

Changing gears

By pressing the on button again, you can go into second gear. The motor enables you to switch gears up to 15.5 mph by pressing and holding the button for two seconds. You can also control the scooter’s lights with the button. By pressing the red button once, the scooter’s front light will turn on. It should be easy to adjust the GOTRAX scooter in this respect. Although, this isn’t always feasible while driving since the button is too far away.

You don’t have to worry about switching gears or adjusting the controls mid-drive if you’re that kind of person. Otherwise, if you prefer to have more control over your scooter, try another model. The manual also says it is not waterproof, so if you use it in the rain, you will break it. If you live in a rainy climate, we do not recommend this scooter. Our testing was not conducted under rainy conditions due to the explicit warning.

Initially, it appears that all we have is complaints about the scooter, but that cannot be further from the truth. As soon as you get used to them, the problems are very minor. The GOTRAX has a very solid built-in suspension, which is one of its most appealing attributes. A scooter we were riding hit a deep pothole, causing us to fly through the air. Even though we were worried the scooter may have broken upon landing, it managed to keep speeding along and remained in top condition. However, this is primarily a commuting scooter and not a good off-roader, so we would recommend not to do this regularly.

Safety tips

Furthermore, you should wear a helmet. The scooter is known for its top speed, which is one of its biggest advantages. It is said to travel up to 15.55 mph on road surfaces. We drove it around the town at 16.2 mph in second gear while on downhill slopes, exceeding the advertised maximum of 15.5 mph. You can also revert to cruise control on top gear speeds merely by pressing and holding the accelerator pedal for a few seconds. This is a wonderful feature of the GOTRAX for long driving distances with minimal braking. It could, however, be cumbersome in the city where you have to constantly start and stop.


In addition to the overall quality of the scooter and the rider experience, the Gotrax GLX v2 comes with a couple of extra accessories. Besides the kickstand, there are mudguards on the front and rear, as well as a push bell behind the handlebars.

In addition, the rear fender on the back wheel is reinforced, yet another upgrade to the Gotrax GLX. This provides additional stability and protection to the back wheel and motor, which are particularly vulnerable on the back wheel.

Would this Electric Scooter be a good buy?

When it comes to the Gotrax model, you’re getting an incredible electric scooter. Despite all its wonderful features, the product is one of the best-selling products in the United States and around the world. Fully charged, the vehicle has a range of 12 miles, making it an ideal option for commuters, and it has a top speed of 15 mph, which is more than enough for most commuters. with the knowledge gained from Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter review will help you make informed decision.

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Take a look at the GoTrax GXL V2’s design highlights.

The manufacturer has started by eliminating all excesses and redundant features. To emphasize the sleek, minimal design of the scooter, all buttons and levers on the V2 are essential. Other features are kept to a bare minimum.

Second, the mechanism for folding is superb. When you unwrap it, you get a sturdy, strong scooter that’s as solid as you like.

It is rather straightforward to go from its folded to its unfolded state. Doing this does not require you to have a deep understanding of mechanics.

Packaging is another area where GXL V2 scores highly. Flimsy packaging has damaged and killed many perfectly good scooters. Unlike other models, the V2 will keep your device safe and brand new until you open it thanks to its sleek and form-fitting case.

Build Quality

It’s hard to describe the GXL Commuter V2 in words. Though we didn’t expect much, we were pleasantly surprised and have become fans.

It is a well-built scooter with simple, well-thought-out controls. Unlike many over-designed electric scooters, there are no unnecessary knobs, levers, or switches. It is easy to fold. All of the scooter’s parts are sturdy even when it’s unfolded. No creaking or sloping was heard during our road test.

A set of included tools makes assembly quick and easy. You shouldn’t have a problem, even if you aren’t particularly mechanically inclined.

And last but not least, the packaging is attractive as well. The generic packaging of many test scooters causes them to break during transit. Shipping is a hassle, and when you open the package, the scooter bounces around and you have to deal with the return. GoTrax packaged the GXL V2 in custom packaging to ensure it was delivered in pristine condition.

It is a good build quality overall. For the price, it’s a nice scooter. The locking mechanism (which folds the scooter for transport) was a bit clumsy, but after some adjustment, it worked well. Plastic fenders are stronger and less likely to break than the ones on the original GXL Commuter.

The GXL V2 has been on-and-off in our garage for well over a year, and we have roughly 1200 miles on it. I’ve never encountered a build-quality problem. Despite being reliable, the scooter may not stand up to the challenges of daily commutes.


Keeping the Gotrax GLX v2 up and running is not difficult. On the manufacturer’s website, you can find spare parts, but there may be a charge since the company is based in the US.

GLX v2’s only real downfall was its meager 90-day warranty. Compared to Carrera Impel Is-1, which has a lifetime warranty, this is pretty poor.


Gotrax GXL V2 Commuter did not have any major issues. The customer sometimes wishes that the headlights were brighter, and recommends installing a rear headlight since being seen from the rear is just as important as being seen from the front.

The scooter’s weight has also been criticized for being inconsistent from review to review. A few say it weighs around 27 pounds, and others say it weighs 31 pounds. Even though it is not a huge difference, people who carry the scooter around for a while might feel the extra 4 pounds.

There are lighter scooters, but they won’t be as compact as this. Our weight is based on Gotrax’s product page, which says 26.4 pounds.

GOTRAX GXL V2 vs. Swagtron Swagger

The Swagtron Swagger e-scooter was compared to the GOTRAX GXL V2 to find out which one is the best. They are however largely well-balanced rivals with each having its pros and cons. As an example, the Swagtron has a shorter battery life of six miles in comparison to the 13 miles of the GOTRAX. Compared to the Swagtron, though, its handling was much easier to master, especially because its five gears made it possible to drive at varying speeds.

As for durability, the GOTRAX, with its bigger wheels and stronger suspensions, proved to be better than the Swagtron in terms of holding up to heavy use. Swagtron makes for a better ride whether you are on your way to work or zipping around a college campus. The GOTRAX is the better choice if speed and distance are important to you.

Who should buy the Gotrax GXL V2?

A commuter scooter this attractive from a price point of view. Because the range is limited, it is ideal for last-mile commuters who are seeking comfort and speed. A great option for city commuters who do not want to spend too much on a higher-end scooter but want a greener option is the GXL V2 Commuter

Customer Support

Before we close chapter on Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter review, we have to discuss customer support and reliability. This important because vehicles fail quite often. Generally, there will be a hard time finding a scooter that’s more reliable at this price point than Gotrax GXL v2. In addition, the battery will last a lot longer than most other scooters at this price point. Because of the tires, brakes, and build’s solidity, this bike inspires confidence, which makes it an excellent choice for a first-time rider.

With the pneumatic tires, you have excellent grip even if it starts to drizzle. As a commuter who plans on using an electric scooter, this is especially important, as packing up and heading for the bus just because it starts to drizzle is never fun.

Conclusion on the Gotrax gxl v2 e-scooter review

The GoTrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter, in general, is a good electric scooter for commuting. The scooter has everything someone would want in a reliable electric scooter when it comes to being one of the best commuting options. The pneumatic tires perform well in a wet environment. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, this scooter comes in a safe box and can easily be assembled. Despite its simplicity, the scooter offers the rider a comfortable position for riding. Lighting can easily be added, but it needs to be brighter (and there needs to be a real light on the back instead of just a reflector). In conclusion, the GoTrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter is a great choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive, safe, and reliable scooter.

Just one more thing.  Check out our Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter review for a scooter that has a heavier feel and a wider deck like the GoTrax XR.


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