How to Choose the Best Projector Screen

How to Choose the Best Projector Screen

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How to Choose the Best Projector Screen and Projector for Your Church…Ideal projector and projector screens for houses of worship. You need to make a thoughtful purchase as you want to make sure your church shows media in the best possible way.

The purpose of this guide is to help you find the right projector for your congregation, as well as some tips on how to stay within your budget when purchasing one. This article will guide you through the process of choosing the best projector and projector screen for your needs. Let’s start by considering how you intend to use that brand new projector: how you will actually use it.

How Will You Use It?

When it comes to choosing a projector, churches tend to focus on just the sanctuary, but small ministries in your community will also want to make use of the new unit. It may help you better understand the requirements of the different ministries at your church if you think about them and the different groups that make up your church.

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portable projectors for churches

In the case of audio-visual elements in your Bible study or if you would use the projector outside of services, a portable projector would be an excellent choice.

During your budget planning, consider the prices of projectors and screens, as well as the number of screens you’ll need. Using our projector screen online store will be easier if you start with the full equipment list before starting to price individual elements.

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Screen Size and Shape

It’s important to understand the size of your space and the size of the screens you’ll be using before you pick a projector. Ensure the screen you select is capable of viewing from the distance at which you will be working, as well as being large enough so that everyone can see it.

We recommend checking out our viewing distance calculator if you have a large or unique sized space. It will help you determine which screen size best fits your application and the right projector to match.

Choosing the shape of the screen you want often depends on the content you’ll be displaying, while determining the size is best determined by that unique measurement.

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Square format projector screens work well with standard projectors, which are used to present information in close quarters or in data formats. It means that you can support a height ratio that is typically 1:1 without losing image quality. Also relared: BenQ TH671ST

When you are presenting the budget to your board, square screens make for great overhead projectors and slide presentations in small spaces. The best way to display daily readings, bulletins, programs, or song lists on a bigger screen is to choose a shape that’s friendly to high-resolution images.

Video Format (4:3)

You can use widescreen content if you have it. A recent mission trip could be shown through a video. It could be the right screen shape for your church if you broadcast elements of your bulletin or special music as well. The 720p resolution is the one we’ve all been used to on TV for many years, and it’s suitable for both widescreens and fullscreens.

Screens and content in video format work well when text needs to be large and easy to read, regardless of whether the viewer is close to the screen or has difficulty seeing it.

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You can watch movies and other videos on your HDTV using the 16:9 screen ratio. A prayer, for example, may have a slightly more difficult time being displayed than some other formats due to its tendency to perform best with moving content.

HDR ratio info for projectors

In ministry situations such as youth group, or before services and special celebrations, HD-ratio screens are an ideal option.

Help Me!

Many of the churches we work with end up somewhere in the middle between these options because of their congregation and their needs. It is also possible to make the right selection with the help of our online support staff. We have a number of specialty screens you may want to consider. To ensure that you’re receiving the correct screens, you can ask questions using our online chat option.

best fabrics for church projector screens

Projector Screen Fabrics

People are often surprised to learn that the type of fabric you choose can make a big difference when choosing a projector and screen. There are many terms and words associated with fabric, so it can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have no idea what they mean. The purpose of this section is to provide you with some understanding so that you may make the best decision.


Media, lighting, audience seating, and sound all affect how different screen fabrics perform in a given room.

You should start by figuring out the gain. In projection, gain refers to the amount of light reflected off the screen by the projector. In general, the gain is 1, which means that all light reflected back from the screen is the same brightness.

Although the ambient light in the room and the projected image impacts gain, this is not the only factor. Reflected light dissipates more in a bright room, washing out the image. Contrary to popular belief, darker rooms typically produce better images.

Other important things to know:

Gain greater than 1: This means the projection screen fabric can actually increase the brightness of the image that’s being shown back to the audience.

You’ll usually want a higher gain for a bright room or a room where you can’t control ambient light well. Due to the lack of light output from the projector, church services will require screens with high gain.

It is important to remember that viewing angles tend to decrease slowly as gain increases.

Viewing Angle

Depending on how far you move down the viewing axis from the center of the screen, you will be able to see the same quality image. It’s crucial to keep this in mind since some projection screens reflect more light perpendicular to the screen and less light to its sides, resulting in a darker screen when the viewer isn’t close to the screen.

This guide to different screen surfaces from the manufacturers we carry will help you learn more about all the options and select the best viewing angle for your screen.

The next thing we need to talk about is your projector.

brightness for church projectors

Churches often place the importance of brightness ahead of the price of projectors and screens. Most churches we work with have relatively muted spaces when it comes to lighting when it comes to their services – so there is little natural light and most of the additional lighting is soft. In this case, a projector will have different requirements.

Observe your normal lighting settings in the pews in order to figure out how to pick a projector. You may need a bright, ambient light-tolerant projector if your church is bright and you cannot dim the lights or control the overall brightness.

The screen may be too bright for comfortable reading in a dark setting, so you can choose a projector with a low brightness setting. Depending on the lighting scenario and how many people your church can accommodate, we recommend churches use projectors ranging from 2,500 to 8,000 lumens. You should start with a 2,500 lumen projector for small churches of 100 people or fewer. A slightly larger church with a dark room can also use this method.

In rooms that are darker or brighter, we recommend increasing the brightness to 4,000 to 5,000 lumens if your congregation is closer to 150 people. For bright rooms that accommodate more than 250 people, we recommend you start with 6,000 lumens or higher. Depending on the size of your event space and how much legroom your attendees have, you might want to start around 7,000 or 8,000 lumens to ensure everyone can see clearly.

Contrast Ratio

Moreover, you will probably see the contrast ratio of the projector marketed a lot by online projector screen stores. Most churches don’t have a big concern with this, but it is something to consider. You can find the contrast ratio by comparing the brightness of pixels that are “fully on” and “fully off”.

When the ratio is higher, it usually means that the difference between black and white is brighter. As a result of how projectors work, some light can leak into the “off” pixels, making them appear darker than they really are. As an example, a fully on pixel has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which means your “off” pixel is 1,000 lumens brighter.

On a projector, higher contrast produces a deeper color, so you are able to see subtle variations of colors. Keeping your darker scenes from looking too washed out will make textures and other elements look clearer.

When churches are trying to determine which projector to use, we usually tell them not to worry about very high contrast ratios. It’s because music, announcements, and other content don’t usually include complex textures or colors. If you have a very large church, some of this color depth might be lost on those in the back. It’s still possible to get a good-looking image with a lower contrast ratio.

If you’re planning on showing a lot of video or doing a lot of movie nights, a higher contrast ratio makes sense.

Mounting or Standing

The mounting type of your projector cannot be universally recommended because modern churches are found in a variety of buildings. From over 100 year old buildings to modern chapels, converted homes, office space rentals, hotel ballrooms, and more, we serve our clients with a wide range of needs.

We are fortunate to have projectors that can adapt to the changing needs of the modern church. The mounting solution or portable projector might be a good choice if your church is more like the old-fashioned church buildings most of us imagine. Certain standard mounts can be inaccessible or difficult to install due to high ceilings. It is more likely you will need a specializing mounting for your particular drop if your ceiling is higher and your mounting position is higher.

For these situations, a high-end portable projector placed on a pedestal and pointed at your screen would actually be more prudent and cost-effective. It is also important to have portable screens if you rent space for your church’s worship services or if you plan to use the projector in more than one location.

Alternatively, you can choose a rear projection unit if you have the space and wish to install a fixed projector. Having a hidden unit behind your screen might require a little extra space on your wall. Light-filled places are also better for rear-projection setups. Although rear-projection units can cost more than front-projection models, we must keep in mind that they can be more effective.

Help on How to Pick a Projector

You may have a lot more to consider than you originally thought after reading that, and it might seem a little overwhelming. People buy projectors for their churches because they want to make their worship services more enjoyable and to be the best stewards of their church finances – not audio-visual professionals. For  more details, read our buyers guide on projectors.

Our churches understand that this is an essential part of their budgets today. When it comes to church projector and screen price requirements, the Projector Screen Store will respect your requirements while making suggestions that will provide the best experience for churchgoers.

We recommend that you contact us directly for help choosing the best projector for your needs. Toll-free telephone support is available on all our pages or by using the online support tool. While we’re still in the process of selling your home, we can help you do some of the measurements based on the space you have.

If you need help with distance calculations, screen buying guides, or screen sizes, we have a lot of great tools in our Knowledge Base right now.

This guide has been compiled by the Projector Screen Store with the hope that you will find it helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you and providing you with the perfect projector for your services and celebrations.

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