How to Lock an Electric Scooter

How to Lock an Electric Scooter

How to Lock an Electric Scooter

You’re probably wondering how to lock an electric scooter. They’re becoming more and more popular, but there’s not a lot of information out there about how to properly lock them up. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it, so you can keep your scooter safe and secure.

There’s a good reason why electric scooter locks are among the most popular accessories. Here we’ll discuss the best ways to lock electric scooters, which are otherwise susceptible to theft.

Imagine that you just bought a brand-new electric scooter and that you’re all ready to take it for a spin around town. After you finish your errands, you realize you will have to park the electric scooter outside. You might be wondering, what if a thief steals it? Electric scooters are safe while you are away from them thanks to a variety of security features.

If you have a lightweight e-scooter or a simple push scooter, always keep it in your backpack and carry it with you. Because of the weight, you cannot use this option with a more powerful scooter. Among the types of locks available are cable locks, scooter chain locks, and moped lock types. By using the Sold Secure Rating System, you can determine how well a lock will prevent theft.

Tools You Need to Prepare

Our previous article discussed why scooters are not allowed on trains. This is why you will have to lock it now and then. There is a specific item you need before you can proceed with the tutorial. This item is an essential component for executing the procedure. If you are interested in purchasing it you can visit your closest hardware store or order it online. You can look at the following specifications to learn more.

1. Electric Scooter Lock

You can choose from many electric scooter locks, but you must find the one that will work with your electric scooter. Locks such as the D-lock and the U-lock offer the best security. This tool is equipped with a hardened shackle that cannot easily be broken. Its only disadvantage is that it cannot be carried around unlike other types of locks.

Ring locks can also be used on scooters with open spokes. Unlike a regular cable lock, this locks the wheel so that you cannot turn it. In addition, scooter chain locks can also be used since they can be easily carried and cannot be cut easily with wire cutters.

2. Cover (optional)

You will need to cover your scooter if you need to leave it outside at your home or a friend’s house overnight. Polyester fabric is the best choice for a scooter cover since it will protect your scooter from heavy rain and hot weather. The downside is that you need to remove it quite often.

The fact that they have to remove it may discourage thieves from targeting your scooter.

A thick blanket or cloth would also work if you don’t have a cover made of polyester fabric. You should secure it so that it cannot be blown off by the wind. Covers are also important during winters; they are needed when you are storing a scooter in winter.

 How to Lock an Electric Scooter

Select the best lock for you

Secure your scooter’s locking points with a lock. Choose a lock that matches your scooter’s locking points.

A lock should be sized properly after examining your scooter and identifying the spots that you want to lock. A secured locking point is made from sturdy material or attachments that can’t easily be removed or broken.

Larger locks may be necessary for securing a scooter to a fixed object (e.g., a pole or bike rack) without slipping through the scooter.

There are three good places to lock your scooter: 1) around the stem, 2) through the folding mechanism, and 3) through the carrying handle (look out for easily removed screws!).

Some locations that you shouldn’t use are: 1) through wheels that can be unbolted, 2) around handlebars, or 3) through removable or weak points, like fenders or bolted-on accessories.

 Choose a U-lock with high security that fits your door.

Consider purchasing an appropriate-sized U-lock that is suitable for your scooter.

The U-lock is named for its shape and consists of a shackle that secures into a straight crossbar.

The security level of U-locks varies widely. Using bolt cutters to cut some U-locks takes just seconds, while others cannot be cut by power tools.

It is not uncommon for quality U-locks to weigh around 2 kgs and be made from hardened steel. It will cost you around $100 and has a thick shackle and crossbar.

You can find U-locks in various sizes. These scooter locks have longer shackles so you can lock them to objects that are harder to reach. To ensure the safety of your scooter, you should purchase the shortest shackle that fits your scooter.

A special recommendation from us is the New York Kryptonite series of U-locks and U-locks + chains. However, ABUS also makes a high-quality U-lock.


Your electric scooter should have a secure locking point for the U-lock.

The Razor power core is equipped with a U-lock. Most electric scooters can be locked in the following locations: around the folding mechanism or around the stem.

Some scooters come with carrying handles, while others are constructed with specific slots for locking.

Its folding mechanism is incredibly easy to lock up thanks to a slot in the middle. An anchor can be attached to places such as these that are both common and secure.

Find a permanent fixture

You should attach the scooter to a permanent fixture, like a bike rack. Attach your scooter to a structure or fixture that is permanently fixed into the ground or cannot be moved.

Thieves shouldn’t be able to lift the scooter over the fixture or dismantle it like unscrewing a sign from a short post to steal it.

The safest types of posts, bike racks, stair railings, and signposts are those made of aluminum or steel. If you choose wood fences, bear in mind they are often thin enough to be cut.

Whenever you lock your scooter, avoid places where a thief can take their time, like an alleyway or between vehicles in a parking lot. Lock-up in a place that is visible to others and is protected from the elements. Many scooters with a low IP rating can be destroyed by water.

Place your scooter in a well-lit and easily visible location, such as a bike rack near an entrance.

When stealing your scooter from a busy shopping center or busy area, it’s unlikely that a thief will want to risk getting caught by a security camera.

Avoid locking your scooter in places that you can’t easily see, like in a dark alleyway or between

In addition, be considerate and pick a location that is away from pedestrians and bike paths. Lock your scooter so that others can use the rack if you plan to use a bike rack or other shared space.

Types of locks

Cable Locks

The most affordable way to secure your scooter is with cable locks specifically designed for bicycles. Their flexibility makes them able to wrap around many different parts of the scooter and attach to anything that fits inside. It is possible to store them directly on the scooter or in a backpack.

This type of lock has the disadvantage of being easy to cut through with wire cutters. Thus, almost all cable locks are placed in Sold Secure’s Bronze category. Accordingly, it will probably only deter opportunist thieves and almost nothing about someone who is more prepared.

Ring Lock

Ring Locks can be used on scooters with open spoke wheels, such as the Turboant X7. Locks like these feature a steel ring with a cable centered in the middle. By wrapping the cable around the rim of the wheel, it prevents the wheel from rotating while it is locked.

These locks are generally Silver rated and provide a lot more protection than a typical cable lock. In some cases, these systems can also be plugged into cable locks for additional security.

Scooter Chain Locks

Chain locks are an upgrade from cable locks and operate in the same manner. There is no cable connecting the scooter to an object; instead, covered chain links do so.

Wire cutters cannot be used to cut chain locks; instead, a hacksaw or bolt cutter is required. Silver-rated chain locks may be found through Sold Secure. With a silver rating, the lock has a good price/security ratio.

Some of the more expensive chain locks have even achieved the gold ranking for bicycles and motorcycles.


D-Locks or U-Locks are the most secure types of traditional scooter locks. These lock types hold most of the Sold Secure Gold ratings. D-Locks are hardened steel shackles that can be attached to a scooter and another lightweight object.

To defeat these, you’ll need power tools or strong bolt cutters. Regardless of who the thieves are, they won’t be able to pick these locks. Among the major disadvantages of the D-lock is its rigid design, which makes it less portable than chain locks or cable locks.

An anti-theft system for mopeds

Purchasing a lock designed specifically for motorcycles or mopeds may be a better choice if you live in a high-crime area. Unlike other locks on this list, these locks are rated using a different system and are considered more secure.

Disc Lock

If you own a scooter with a brake caliper, such as the Mac wheel MX1, you can use a disc lock. The disc locks are attached to the brake calipers and prevent the wheel from turning.

Although no disc has been rated Motor Scooter Silver, a few have been rated Gold. As a result, the locks are deemed safe by Sold Secure.


Moped and motorcycle locks often come with alarms to provide an extra layer of security. When enough attention is drawn to these alarms, thieves will be deterred from committing a crime.

You can connect these alarms to any type of lock or use them as a stand-alone unit

 Electronic Theft Deterrents

An electric scooter often comes with anti-theft features. Plug-and-play cabling can often be used for some security measures, whereas other installations require professional electrical rewiring.

The key start ignition system is probably the simplest, but most popular, anti-theft device. Furthermore, NFC card readers and key fob-equipped scooters are available. A scooter cannot be powered on if the key, card, or fob is missing.

Other Scooter Locking Tips

In addition to our detailed instructions for securing your scooter, we’ve included some other tips on scooter locking. The following are a few that you may find useful:

  1. Make sure you lock your scooter beside others and in a well-lit public place

In the company of others, you should lock your scooter whenever possible. It is also a good idea to use well-lit public places. When you bundle your scooter with others, you will prevent thieves from focusing only on it. As a result, making a follow-up later becomes easier due to the safety of numbers.

  1. Consider expensive scooters more carefully

Scooters that are more expensive than their cheaper counterparts are more likely to be targeted. The main reason is that they are higher in value and look more awesome. If you possess a scooter of this type, you should be extra vigilant. Otherwise, you will suffer tremendous losses.

  • Make sure you regularly change your locking position

If you lock your scooter in one spot all day, would-be thieves can easily identify it and work out how to steal it. Avoid locking your scooter in one location all the time, therefore.

Change the locking position regularly, and even move around with it in between two locking sessions.

Are Foldable Scooters Safe?

Fold your scooter and stow it in your bag if you have a foldable scooter. The next step is to lock the luggage with a luggage lock, which makes it impossible to open. Many scooters for adults are foldable.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop an individual from stealing the bag itself. If you are going to post a bag, you can lock it or place it in a locker with a combination lock.

Is it Possible to Minimize the Chances that Your Scooter Will Be Stolen?

Make sure you don’t lock up your scooter in the same place every time. When you’re not yet secured with the scooter, thieves will see patterns in your behavior and try to take advantage of you. Keep your scooter somewhere secure with your bikes or vehicles. Thieves will often target the easiest target.

You should always lock your scooter. In the event that you won’t put it in the toolbox and lock it, lock it when you stow it in the truck bed.

When you are towing a scooter, lock it up. The added benefit is that it will not fall off the trailer when you’re moving.

Use a combination lock if the cable lock has one. Don’t use the default password provided. Your lock can be picked by others who understand your passcode. Avoid using the same combination on all your locks.

If someone figured out your passcode or password elsewhere, they could then unlock the scooter.

Is it necessary to lock my scooter if I am not concerned about it being stolen?

Let’s say you don’t mind if your scooter is stolen. Nevertheless, there may be reasons why you should lock it up. A good example is making sure your child doesn’t ride it before they’ve finished their homework and chores.

Another is to prevent other children from taking the scooter without permission.

They may only be going for a fun ride, but it is upsetting for your kids to find their favorite toy gone. You don’t have to worry about your children damaging the scooter. Other people are much more likely to damage the scooter.


Were you able to learn how to lock your electric scooter from our tutorial? Today, thieves have found a way to steal scooters. You can, however, lock your electric scooter and keep it safe thanks to sophisticated and durable locks.

It would be great if you could share this article with your friends if you found it useful. In addition, we would like to hear about the best locks you would recommend for securing an electric scooter. You can share your thoughts below.

In addition to being expensive, scooters are also awesome possessions. So, you should never take any chances with their safety and well-being. It is for this reason that you have to exercise great vigilance and caution in handling them.

We have provided some excellent advice above that will certainly get you started. As long as you familiarize yourself with them and internalize them, you can practically guarantee the safety of your scooter. Best of luck in your attempt to safeguard your scooter!

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is the best way to lock my electric scooter with a chain lock?

Be sure to keep your scooter chain lock off the ground if you opt to use one. In this way, thieves are prevented from putting tools into the scooter to pinch it. In addition, you should invest in a heavy-duty chain lock. Even though it is heavier than lightweight models, it is more studier than them. Thieves would have to work for quite some time before they could cut it.

2. What are the various types of electric scooter locks I can use?

A variety of electric scooter locks are available, including grip locks, ring locks, cable locks, scooter chain locks, disc locks, U-locks or D-locks, and cuff locks. If you want to lock your scooter, you need a lock that fits the locking point.

3. What are the other additional security systems that I can buy for my electric scooter?

Security devices like key ignition switches, alarms, and tracking can be used on electric scooters. It is impossible for the scooter to move without the key. An alarm activates a loud noise when a thief attempts to damage your scooter. Additionally, the tracking device helps locate the scooter if it is taken by a thief.

4. How will I lock my kick scooter?

For a kick scooter, a cable lock is the best kind of lock you can use. Secure the lock to a permanent post or fixture by running it through the spokes of the scooter’s front wheel. Similarly, some kick scooters feature built-in cable locks in their frames.

5. Are electric scooters easily stolen?

Sadly, yes. They could be carried or cut off with tools such as wire cutters. The locks should be sturdy so that they can’t be easily broken by power tools. Apart from that, they also need to be thick enough to require the thieves to spend quite some time cutting through them. In this way, you will have more time to catch the thief in the act.


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