JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector review 

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JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

Due to their short throw (UST) and easy placement on a media center for a true TV alternative, ultra-short throw (UST) projectors are increasingly popular. UST projectors don’t require running cables around the room or ceiling mounting a projector. However, they typically come at a high price. This projector is a budget-friendly ultra-short throw projector that is easy to use, great for gaming, and solid for movies. But does the O1 match your needs? Take a look at our JMGO O1 review to find out!


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What is the JMGO O1 – OverviewJMGO O1 Review – The Best Budget Ultra-Short Throw Projector

JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

With a throw ratio of 0.24:1, the JMGO O1 produces an image up to 100 inches from a distance of just over 10 inches. This projector is an entry-level ultra-short throw projector. JMGO’s O1 features an LED light source and a native 1080p resolution. The LED lasts for 45,000 hours, and the contrast ratio is 4000:1. Its brightness is 800 ANSI lumens. Read more on LG CineBeam UHD


With a MediaTek MT9669 processor and 3GB DDR4 RAM, the JMGO O1 runs Luna OS based on Android. It comes with a pair of HDMI ports, one of which features ARC, which is an audio return channel that allows audio to be piped out from the projector to compatible soundbars or receivers. It also comes with an Ethernet LAN jack, TOSLink optical audio output, dual USB hosts, and multiple USB ports.

As well as being lightweight, the JMGO O1 is small and lightweight. It weighs just over 5 pounds, or just over 2.3 kilograms, and measures just 12.1 x 9.2 x 3.8 inches. It is normally priced around $1,100, but it is often available for less than $900. 

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JMGO O1 Specs

Native 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080)

Brightness: 800 ANSI lumens

Throw ratio: 0.25:1 (60-inch to 100-inch screen sizes)

Projector technology: LED

Lamp life: 45,000 hours

4000:1 contrast ratio

3GB DDR4 RAM, 16GB onboard storage

MediaTek MT9669 chip

Android onboard (Luna OS)

Inputs/outputs: 1x Ethernet LAN, 1x TOSLink optical audio S/PDIF, 2x USB ports, 2x HDMI inputs (including 1 with ARC)

Speakers co-created by Dynaudio

Adjustments: Auto-focus, auto-keystone, wall color calibration

Weight: 5.07 lbs. (2.4kg)

Dimensions: 12.1 x 9.2 x 3.8 inches

Input lag: Under 30ms

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JMGO O1 Review Verdict – An Excellent Ultra-short Throw Projector

JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

Ultra-short throw projectors may be easier to install than traditional long or even short-throw projectors, but they may not be the best choice for novices. Ultra-short throw USTs can be expensive since most USTs are high-end. A native 1080p resolution makes it look crisp and vibrant. The JMGO O1’s ultra short throw design lets it project an image up to 100 inches from just over 10 inches away from the wall. Even with the blinds closed in the middle of the day, the image can be seen regardless of the 800 ANSI lumens.

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JMGO O1 Review – Shang Chi

With its low input lag of less than 30ms, the JMGO O1 is an excellent gaming projector, too, as it looks great for movies and TV shows. The JMGO O1 has a low latency mode that, when enabled, drops input lag to a perfectly playable under 30ms. For all but the most competitive gamers, the JMGO O1 performs flawlessly.

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JMGO O1 Review – Hitman Gaming Input Lag

JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector


On the audio side, the Dynaudio-tuned speakers are pretty solid. Although the onboard speakers sound better than most other projectors and can fill up a small to medium-sized room, I would still recommend a soundbar or surround sound system since the O1’s ARC connection makes it easy to connect.

Sadly, the brightness is a bit low. At 800 ANSI lumens, it’s about in line with industry standards for similar projectors of similar price and specs. Under bright ambient lighting, the image won’t stand up well, though it’s not a 4K projector at this price point. With shades drawn and a proper screen, you’ll be able to see the projector in daylight. JMGO omits 3D support on its O1 UST, but aside from that, it is the world’s best budget ultra-short throw projector.

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JMGO O1 Design and Build

Despite its small dimensions, the JMGO O1 weighs around 5 lbs and measures only 12.1 x 9.2 x 3.8 inches. Dynaudio and JMGO logos adorn the front of the unit.

An ultra-short focus lens and a laser sensor module are placed on top of the JMGO, in addition to a microphone and power button.

On the back, the O1 features an Ethernet LAN port, an optical audio output with S/PDIF, two USB ports, two HDMI inputs, one of which features ARC, and a barrel jack power port.

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JMGO O1 Picture Quality~JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

 JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

A fantastic image quality was achieved on the JMGO O1. Scenes from “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” had stunning colors and stunning contrast. With the vivid color palette bursting through the screen, the environment, which consisted of cloud-blotched skies and green gradients of trees, was easily discernible.

Live television, such as sports, was very smooth due to the use of MEMC, or motion estimation motion compensation. “Wonder Woman 1984” was punchy with lifelike colors. I prefer to leave MEMC off entirely because it introduces some of what’s known as the soap opera effect for unnatural movement.

The 480p video from a DVD of “Charmed” shows no jaggies, even though it’s in standard definition. There is no doubt that animated content looks outstanding on this projector. The vibrant environments of “Raya and the Last Dragon” seemed realistic and crisp. Brightness is good, but you will probably want to watch in a dark room with an ALR screen if possible.

I noticed that some videos left a bit to be desired when I watched “Hawkeye.” In most preset modes, you cannot adjust individual settings, but with the User profile, you can adjust contrast. After tweaking a few settings, I was able to get a great picture.

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JMGO O1 Gaming Performance

It’s difficult to find a projector with a low input lag under 30ms that appeals to people who enjoy gaming. The JMGO O1 comes with a low input lag that’s under 30ms. Generally, if you want to play games casually, anything below 50ms is fine, but for more serious play, I recommend 30ms or less.

Even when playing online games like Fortnite, I didn’t experience any perceptible input lag when playing Hitman 3 and Batman the Telltale Series. Gaming projectors like the BenQ TK700STi and Epson LS500 offer the best low-latency performance outside of specially designed gaming projectors.

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JMGO O1 Audio Quality~JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

It is common for projector speakers to be tinny, just like television speakers. If you are looking for cinematic stereo sound in a small to medium-sized room, the JMGO O1’s speakers can handle the task. Surround sound systems or sound bars are usually better. Even high-end audio tracks will sound fine thanks to Dolby Audio processing, though they’ll be downsampled to stereo if you use the inbuilt speakers. The JMGO’s built-in speakers won’t disappoint you even if you insist on using a budget soundbar or stereo speaker.

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JMGO Features and Ease of Use

The JMGO O1 shines because of its simplicity. With automatic keystone and autofocus that work flawlessly, installation is a snap. Of course, manual control is also available if desired. The O1 works best with an ALR UST screen, but its wall color calibration setting lets you shoot it at a blank wall. In terms of features and ease of use, the JMGO O1 is ideally suited to beginners as well as enthusiasts of home theater.

Luna OS is the operating system that runs on the JMGO O1. It can be accessed via on-screen menus and makes it intuitive to enable or disable various settings.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and other streaming services can be accessed through an app store. Due to its Android 6.0 based design, Luna OS is pretty old-school. For this reason, I recommend using standalone streaming devices such as the NVIDIA Shield TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku.

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JMGO O1 vs. The Competition

There are a lot of ultra-short throw projectors on the market today, but the JMGO O1 stands out for providing excellent picture quality without being overly expensive.

We reviewed Elite Projector’s MosicGo and were impressed by its brightness, image quality, and portability (the MosicGo is powered by a built-in battery, while the MosicGo Lite does not). While input lag is lower at 17ms, the MosicGo’s speakers aren’t as good, and auto focus and auto keystone aren’t available.

LS300 from Epson is a 3LCD projector that runs Android TV. The O1’s native resolution is 1080p, while the LS300 packs 3600 ANSI lumens and a Yahama 2.1 soundbar integrated right in front. Although the LS300 costs twice as much as the O1, it has a low input lag of around 16ms.

GT5600 from Optoma

The GT5600 from Optoma is equipped with 3600 ANSI lumens, 1080p resolution, low input lag, and auto keystone for easy installation. However, it is a lamp-based projector, so its lamp life is significantly shorter than the O1. A 4K projector is an outstanding ultra-short throw projector if you can afford it. In our testing, we found that the JMGO U2 produced a big, bright, crisp image with wonderful color accuracy, with a laser TV instead of an LED projector. Aside from its 4K resolution, the U2 differs from the O1 because it’s a laser TV rather than an LED projector. Although its input lag is about 40ms, and it costs twice as much as the O1, it has features like 3D support, making it a perfect choice for the home theater.

In the end, there aren’t many ultra-short throw projectors that provide the same price-to-performance ratio as the JMGO O1. Although there are brighter USTs and options with improved color accuracy and black levels, the price range for them is a lot higher.

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JMGO O1 vs JMGO O1 Pro

JMGO O1 Pro specs: JMGO O1 specs:

Native 1080p resolution Native 1080p resolution

6000:1 contrast ratio 4000:1 contrast ratio

1250 ANSI lumens 800 ANSI lumens

0.21:1 throw ratio 0.25:1 throw ratio

45,000-hour lamp life 45,000-hour lamp life

3GB RAM, 64GB onboard storage 3GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage

Weight: 4kg Weight: 2.3kg

Measurements: 380.5mm x 311.99mm x 116.5mm Measurements: 308.19mm x 235.88mm x 97.63mm

In addition, JMGO offers the O1 Pro. Its specs are pretty similar to those of the vanilla O1, but it’s heavier and larger. Additionally, it has 64GB of onboard storage compared to 16GB in the vanilla O1. The Pro distinguishes itself in that it offers 1250 ANSI lumens and 6000:1 contrast ratios, which are significantly brighter. Overall, the O1 is a modest upgrade over the O1. If you value savings, the O1 is the perfect choice. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a bit more brightness and contrast, the O1 Pro is worth considering.

JMGO O1 Ultra-short Throw Projector Review – Final Thoughts

With a native 1080p resolution, excellent contrast, exceptional color accuracy, and solid black levels, the JMGO O1 is an affordable ultra-short throw projector that delivers excellent value at a good price. A slew of features, including auto focus and auto keystone correction, make setting up easy with the ultra low input lag.

In spite of a little low brightness and the absence of 3D support, the JMGO O1 is still one of the best ultra-short throw projectors on the market for the price.