Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11  Review

Kaabo wolf warrior 11 review

Kaabo wolf warrior 11  review

With the Wolf Warrior 11, you get the best of all worlds: a downhill mountain bike, an electric scooter, and a motocross racer combined into one. Its current price is a steal considering that it has many of the same components as a Dualtron scooter.In this Kaabo wolf warrior 11 review we will check on important features such as wheels, battery, range, speed, lights and suspension.

The Wolf Warrior is distinguished by its giant hydraulic fork that appears to be taken from a massive downhill mountain bike and by a tubular frame that wraps around the scooter like an exoskeleton. In addition to its off-road capabilities, the scooter is also capable of moving on the tarmac with its stock road tires.

Kaabo designed and manufactures the Wolf Warrior 11’s structural components, but MiniMotors provides the scooter’s guts and brains. Several components of Dualtron Thunder were borrowed for its controller and EYE3 display. Therefore, this scooter is more powerful and has impressive credentials than just its fierce looks.

Wolf’s high-performance features include fully hydraulic brakes and a horn loud enough to wake the dead, along with huge 11-inch pneumatic tubeless tires.

A scooter like this can’t be praised enough. A steal in the extreme performance electric scooter category, it’s priced nearly $1,000 less than its nearest competitor.


Top Speed50 mph
Range60 miles
Weight101 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs / 150 kg
BatteryLG Li-ion 60V
Battery Capacity35Ah
Motor Power2x1200W
Tires11-inch tubeless
SuspensionFront: hydraulic
Rear: springs
BrakesFull hydraulic
Dimensions (Folded)59 x 11 x 19 inches
Dimensions (Upright)39.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches
Warranty6 months

 Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11  Review – Is The Best Off-road Scooter Ever Right For You?

In this comprehensive review of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, we will examine in detail one of the most legendary electric scooters of all time.

You should think twice about buying a scooter such as this since it’s arguably the best off-road electric scooter ever made, so you should know a few things before you make your decision. Let’s examine whether this is a scooter worth considering.

Kaabo wolf warrior 11 review  Summary

The Wolf Warrior 11 is not only rugged and hardy, but it’s also a beast when it comes to performance. There are two brushless 1200W motors in the electric scooter and combined peak power of 5400W. Therefore, the Warrior 11 can reach blazing top speeds of 50 mph and navigate hills with a steep incline of 30 degrees effortlessly. A 60V 35AH LG battery powers both motors and the range on a single charge is 70 miles.

This e-scooter has a number of features that make it stand out in terms of comfort, durability, and stability. Its solid frame will allow it to carry as much as 330 pounds. The rear suspension system features a dual-spring suspension system for longer longevity and dual-hydraulic shock absorbers for better control at the front. In addition, the 11-inch tubeless tires provide unparalleled grip and give the scooter a ground clearance of eight inches.

The Wolf Warrior is also known for its safety. Electric scooters come with hydraulic braking systems and an electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS), so stopping this legendary device is a breeze.

The elegant and innovative LCD display and controllers of the MiniMotors Wolf Warrior 11 make driving it a breeze. Aside from the strong forward-facing headlights, the scooter has bright taillights and side-deck lights so other motorists can see what you’re doing.

The scooter has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, so it can be driven even when it’s raining. Its only disadvantage is that it weighs 101 pounds and thus is not very portable. 

Performance Overview

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior has two big, brushless 1200W motors and a 40A controller that produce 5400W of peak power. It can cruise at speeds up to 50 mph and is perfect for hilly terrains. Also, the scooter’s 60V battery provides an incredible 70 miles of range. As the best off-road e-scooter in the world, it boasts the perfect combination of battery power and dual-engine torque.

In addition to the solid aluminum-alloy frame, the hydraulic shock absorbers and the powerful braking system make this mini-vehicle a great performer. A sturdy frame provides a solid base for all the other accessories, allowing 330 pounds to be carried with no problem. Even when riders hit the mother of all potholes, they remain stable thanks to the robust hydraulic suspension system! With such excellent braking power, you can enjoy any thrill while feeling secure knowing you will be able to stop at any moment.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior has lighting from front to rear, so riders can safely get home even after sunset. When it starts raining, you don’t have to stop riding due to the water-resistance rating.


Dualtron Thunder motors made by MiniMotors provide 2,400 watts of continuous power and a total of 5,400 watts of peak power.

The Wolf Warrior 11 is extremely powerful, but unless you’ve ridden a really powerful scooter like the Apollo Pro Ludicrous, it’s difficult to explain its power.

Simply put: the Wolf Warrior 11 accelerates incredibly fast. When the scooter is riding in turbo plus dual motor mode, its throttle pounces as soon as it is touched.

When you launch the scooter under maximum power, both tires will spin side to side, tearing up the tarmac, but allowing you to gain some momentary traction as you propel forward.

Our team tested the Wolf Warriors 11 for acceleration. A Wolf accelerates from 0 to 24 kph in 1.9 seconds, to 32 kph in 2.8 seconds, to 40 kph in 3.9 seconds, to 48 kph in 5.2 seconds, to 56 kph in 7.2 seconds, and 64 kph in 9.4 seconds.

A noteworthy aspect is the lack of acceleration lag. The throttle is extremely responsive. If you are not used to riding superpowerful electric scooters, you might want to choose a single motor mode to get a feel for how powerful this thing is. You are strongly advised to wear a motorcycle helmet for extreme speeds.

Electronic anti-lock braking system (eABS)

Additionally, the Wolf has what is known as an “electronic antilock brake system” or eABS, although it’s not a true ABS-like on a car. We found that this came enabled by default in our test model. Whenever you start braking, this system activates, rapidly engaging an electronic brake (by using the motor). It is a little unnerving, but quite effective.

It’s best to turn it off and use only the solid hydraulic disc brakes because this feature offers no benefits.


Weighing in at 45 kg, the Wolf Warrior is an enormous scooter that is one of the heaviest available. It’s heavier than most other models, except the Dualtron X.

Thankfully, the Wolf Warrior’s stem folds down so it can be transported in an SUV or truck (and possibly a hatchback), but it isn’t the kind of electric scooter you fold up and carry on the bus.

This is one of the longest scooters available when folded, measuring 152 centimeters, 25 centimeters longer than when unfolded. Due to its size, it won’t fit into most car trunks.

A folded Wolf Warrior 11 measures 152 centimeters long by 66 centimeters wide by 48 centimeters high.

In addition to this, the Wolf Warrior 11 has no lockable folding mechanism, like many other monster scooters. Although this is possible with additional modifications, it is not included as part of the standard design.

Wolf Warrior 11 has one of the best folding mechanisms we’ve reviewed but is protected by a relatively cheap chain (broken in image) which you shouldn’t lose.

As soon as the folding mechanism is locked into its place, it is 100% solid and does not wobble.

You can fold and unfold the scooter relatively easily.

To unfold the scooter, lock down the giant anodized handle (which is extremely secure in place) and insert a giant metal safety pin for additional safety.

On a high-performance scooter, we haven’t seen a better folding mechanism. We simply cannot recommend it enough. It ought to become the standard for scooters of extreme performance.

Tires and suspension

You can choose the type of tire that fits your scooter when you buy it. Both street and off-road tires are available. It should be relatively easy for you to switch between them later no matter which ones you choose initially. For now, I recommend going with the regular street tires unless you already know you intend to ride the scooter primarily off-road.

Tires measure 11 inches in diameter and are about 3.5 inches wide. The explosion-proof pneumatic tubeless tires will be available with any type of tire, and flats are almost certain to never be an issue with them. We recommend 50 PSI for tires.

This scooter will offer amazing ride comfort, and it’s not just because of its huge tires. Its suspension system features hydraulic dual shock absorbers at the front, and spring dual shock absorbers at the rear, making it well known in the scooter world. You can ride through city streets without a problem since this scooter is designed for off-road use primarily.

Battery Life & Charging

The Kaabo wolf warrior 11  review wont be complete with looking at the battery and charging time.

. Its superb build quality is further confirmed by the fact that the device uses lithium-ion cells from LG, a leading manufacturer. Using this 60V 35Ah battery, riders will be able to ride as far as 70 miles and achieve incredible top speeds. Furthermore, this monster battery is equipped with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS); safeguarding against voltage, current, overcharging, overheating, and other faults.

Using a single charger, this outrageously large capacity comes with a charge time of 14-17 hours. Even though it comes with dual chargers, the charge time is relatively long at 8-10 hours compared to other models. While the Wolf Warrior 11 isn’t like other models in that it provides an astounding range and performance, it’s also a bit more expensive. By using an additional fast charger, you can also cut this charge time down to a much more manageable 6 hours if you ride 70km a day or more.


There’s a certain elegance to the cockpit. The wide aluminum handlebars are adorned only by an EY3 LCD throttle, decent ergonomic grips, and brake levers and buttons.

The control cables/wires are routed properly and tucked nicely into the strain-relieving housing to ensure that everything stays in place and is reliable for as long as possible.

This scooter essentially has downhill mountain bike handlebars, which are super strong and wide enough to give the rider a comfortable seated position to ride off-road and aggressively.

It is possible to adjust the handlebar height, but even when we maxed it out, a rider of 2 meters still found the handlebars low.

Unbeknownst to us, an unsuspecting metal disc mounted just under the headlights is actually a horn that is louder than any we’ve ever heard. An activation button is located on the left side of the handlebars and it functions as a small car horn. This horn doesn’t have quite the decibel level as this one, but it is a menacing horn that is appropriate for such a menacing scooter.

Motors and power

Another of the strongest sides of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior is its motors. The two motors makes it be classified as one of the best dual motor e-scooters.

BLDC motors are mounted in the hubs of the scooter’s wheels, with each motor rated at 1200 Watts of real power and 2700 Watts of peak power. Both are controlled by a 40A controller. Together, they provide a maximum output of 5400 watts!

Motor Configuration

Kaaba Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter features dual 1200W brushless motors that offer exceptional power. Together, these two engines generate 2400W of total power and 5400W of peak power. It is therefore easy to achieve top speeds of 50 mph and to ascend hills with 30-degree inclines. The rider has the option of activating single, dual, Eco, or Turbo modes to enjoy various speeds.


Is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior right for you?


There are some people who will not enjoy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. However, when the scooter is the right choice, it’s the best there is.

It’s an off-road scooter that has an overpowering performance. Due to its powerful motors, huge battery, solid build quality, and unrivaled durability, it holds a revered place among the world’s power scooters.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is the perfect scooter if you are looking for an extreme power scooter, which excels on both off-road terrain and rough terrain in particular.

you can buy the Kaabo Wolf worrior from amazon. You can also buy it from the  wolf worrior website.

Deck and frame


There will be no problem fitting the feet of even the largest adults on the scooter’s deck because it is spacious. Additionally, one of the feet can be resting on the uppermost part of the deck, which is perfect while riding.

This aluminum scooter’s frame is made of aerospace-grade T6061 aluminum, which makes it light and strong. The handlebars and stem of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior are instantly recognizable. The dual sidebars create an extremely stable ride during all parts of the ride, without compromising control.

It comes with a sturdy kickstand that’s thick and stable.

Such power is beyond comprehension. Consequently, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior has higher performance than most motorcycles, and even has power comparable to some cars!

Hill climbing

The Wolf Warrior is also exceptional at hill climbing. Despite the scooter’s official climbing angle of 30% or 16.70°, user tests have repeatedly shown that the scooter can climb hills that are far steeper than that. Yes, this is one of e-scooters that can climb hills.

Honestly, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The scooter has two monster motors that generate insane torque and are able to easily take on any slope.

However, there is one issue that is in dispute. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior climb angle was previously reported as 30° when it should have been 30%. In spite of the fact that that’s probably close to what the scooter can really climb, it’s not exactly the case and there have been some user tests that prove it’s not the case. Despite the amazing climb angle of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, it’s most certainly not 30° / 57.74 percent.


Water Resistance

With an IPX4 rating, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is water-resistant. You will not be stopped by puddles or rain on the way home or on your way to school or work. Nonetheless, you should not plop your scooter in a puddle when it starts to rain. Keep a low speed and avoid riding through pools of water when riding in wet conditions. If riding in wet conditions is inevitable, then ride at a low speed.

 Battery and charging

It is impossible to imagine a better battery for the Kaabo Wolf Warrior.

Generally, it comes from LG or Samsung, as those are the two leading manufacturers of electric scooter batteries.

The lithium-ion battery’s voltage is 60 volts, and its capacity is 35 amp-hours, or 2100 watt-hours, which makes it one of the largest batteries ever found in a scooter. Smart battery management prevents your battery from displaying common charging or discharging errors.

Dual charging ports are available on the scooter. In normal charging, it takes 20 hours, and fast charging takes 12 hours; this is brilliant, as scooters with batteries 5 times smaller require 8 hours to charge. Check how to maintain your e-scooter battery from our e-scooter battery guide.


Because the Kaabo Wolf Warrior has a huge battery, it can obviously travel a great distance on a single charge. Although you won’t get the exact range unless you are going fast, you’re still going to get a range of about 30-50 miles.

You can expect to get around 70 miles / 112 km on a full charge. Some users have reported the scooter going 40 miles / 64 km on just a half charge, which in theory means you can expect it to go 80 miles / 128 km.

In any event, you might get ranges of 40 to 50 miles / 64 to 80 kilometers if you ride faster.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior’s range has been tested numerous times, and the results support its claims.


Off-roading and terrains

There have been several years in a row that Kaabo’s Wolf Warrior has been rated the best off-road electric scooter in the world, and that’s still the case today.

This is true of course if you buy the off-road tires, but even more important than the tires is the suspension, as well as the extremely tough build and high quality of the scooter, which allows it to withstand all kinds of abuse.

Scooters are often purchased with the primary purpose of riding off-road, so they have proven themselves time and again in a wide range of terrains and environments. There is no obstacle that can stop the Kaabo Wolf Warrior – dirt, grass, dust, pebbles, rocky roads, cobblestones, sand, it handles it all.


Here are a few noteworthy construction features. In front of the scooter are dual hydraulic shock absorbers like those on most motorcycles. In other words, even when you drive over rough terrain, you still feel smooth. Dual-spring suspensions are key to off-roading as well. These features ensure that the scooter is stable even when you’re moving very fast.

There is no doubt that the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 tires are impressive. The electric scooter has a ground clearance of about 8 inches. They measure 11 inches wide. You can easily ride over bumps and hills. Depending on your preference, you can have more rugged off-road tires or softer on-road tires. You’ll need those on-road tires if you’re going to stick to paved roads. If you’re going off-road, you’ll need those off-road tires.

Electric scooters are made from strong materials and can support up to 330 pounds. This model weighs a massive 101 pounds, so it is not portable. You can fold it up, but if you plan on transporting it you will need a large trunk since it is not designed to be carried.

Safety and usability on the road

In our 2021 Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review, we turn to one of the most important sections; safety & usability on the road. As a result of its on-road and off-road capabilities, this model gives you a great deal more freedom. Moreover, it is also claimed to offer 360-degree lighting, with dual LED headlights, along with side, rear, and ground lighting.

In that way, riders can always see where they’re going, while also remaining visible to others. You can also easily and quickly alert pedantic pedestrians to your presence with the electric horn located within the handlebars.

It has been said previously that automotive shock absorbers & pneumatic tires can withstand even the heaviest of impacts. By doing this, you will be able to drive more safely, because otherwise jarring hits won’t knock you off balance. Tires further improve rider control and grip, which contributes to greater stopping power. Considering stopping power, the rear spring brake offers amazing responsiveness, allowing for sudden stops at a moment’s notice.

It becomes especially important when riding on the road, especially at a speed of approximately 60 miles per hour. Despite traveling at 50 mph, riders should be able to keep up with traffic. Last but not least, we always suggest riders wear adequate safety gear when riding at night or at speed, such as gloves, helmets, or high-visibility jackets.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

As a reliable electric scooter, the Wolf Warrior is unbeatable because of its rugged and sturdy body, strong and reliable engine, and powerful braking system. With a warranty of 6-12 months (depending on the supplier), the rider can cruise with confidence in this machine.

Also, Kaabo has a highly competent customer service team that will work closely with clients to address any possible issue. Additionally, most people find the support team to be courteous and polite, and they have a decent turnaround time.



You can do a few things to make the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 more efficient and longer-lasting after you purchase it. If you let it drain to zero, you will have to wait over 14 hours for it to charge again. So, plug it into the charger when it’s not in use. Then, you should clean off all the accessories and parts, and check for loose screws.

Additionally, you should avoid riding at maximum speed, since this can drain your scooter’s battery and increase the likelihood of damage or injury.

 Known Issues

Like any electronic device, the Wolf Warrior 11 has some minor problems despite its reputation and excellent performance. There is a loose screw holding the mudguards and central headlight in place, which is the main cause of the problem. Additionally, there have been reports of hydraulic fluid spillage and the stem of the scooter often reverts to its original position after the T-bar is adjusted.

 Design and Ergonomics

The focus of our 2022 Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review will now shift to design and ergonomics. The deck was wide and comfortable, as expected. All controls were positioned comfortably and all levers were easy to reach. With just a push of a button, one could check the battery life or switch from Eco to Turbo mode.

As is common for most models, the frame is fully foldable; making it simple for riders to pack their scooter & store it. The scooter is one of the heavier ones available due to its heavyweight of 101 lb (45.8 kg), one of the heaviest scooters on the market. They have clearly substituted lightweight maneuverability for explosive performance & strength.

You can easily see where you are going with dual LED headlights that shine brightly. This is one of the few e-scooters with lights. Also, staying visible helps you stay seen by others, discussing this in more detail in our section on roadside suitability. On a related note, the pneumatic tires on the 11′′ wheels of the scooter provide great grip and make riding more enjoyable.

Due to the extremely effective hydraulic shock absorption, even somewhat harsh impacts & big bumps barely affect the ride. We always recommend you know your course at high speeds and take active safety precautions. The long charge time associated with bigger batteries should be expected for those without an additional fast charger. The downside is that not many people need daily ranges of 70 km, so riders could easily adapt to this.

Who should buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11?

You will most likely love the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter if you are looking for speed, range, and power. With its on-road and off-road capability, this electric scooter is a real beast. If you’re not an experienced rider, this type of scooter is best.

It’s also important to know if your area has any laws regarding electric scooters, and you should always wear a good helmet and follow all safety rules. Despite its range, the e-scooter is heavy and bulky, so it isn’t easy to take on public transportation, and it requires a substantial amount of trunk space. This e-scooter is ideal for adventurers.

Final thoughts on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review

Wolf Warrior 11 is one of the most powerful e-scooters on the market. It is fast, powerful, and range-optimized. This is the e-scooter you’ll need if you want a vehicle for going off-road. It is not surprising that the e-scooter is heavy, but this is one of its biggest downsides. The scooter’s beefy construction, on the other hand, makes it ideal for heavier riders.

As a rider, you ultimately are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those around you. To that end, bright lights and anti-lock braking systems are important. A rugged, high-end electric vehicle, Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a vehicle fit for a king. Ride safely.


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