Keyboard Buying Guide

Keyboard Buying Guide

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Keyboard Buying Guide: 7 Tips To Choose the Perfect Computer Keyboard For You

The Keyboard Buying Guide here discusses various keyboards and their most applicable uses in the real world. Keyboards have different uses. In order to choose a keyboard that meets all of your computing requirements, you should consider a few factors below.

1. Work type

In today’s market, there are many different keyboard types, each with specific features suited to specific applications. Your first consideration should be what types of work you will be performing with your keyboard.

Gaming keyboards are specifically designed for that purpose. A serious gamer should get one of these. Playing computer games is made easier with gaming keyboards that have special keys for gaming. Getting a great, comfortable ergonomic keyboard is a must if you are going to be typing for extended periods on your computer.

Getting a keyboard with a numeric keypad is a must if you work with numbers. You should choose your keyboard based on your work to avoid spending your money on unnecessary keyboards.

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2. Keystrokes (Switches)

Whenever you are buying a computer keyboard, make sure you check the keystrokes first. If you aren’t careful, you could end up with a typewriter-like keyboard. The keys should feel good when you press them. It is true that there are keyboards that are sensitive, soft, and feather-like touch, but others require you to exert more pressure when typing.

Keys respond to touch through a mechanism called a switch. The most common types of switches used by manufacturers are rubber dome switches, scissor switches, and mechanical switches. In terms of sensitivity, noise level, and comfort, the switches make all the difference. Choose one based on what you learn about them. Read more on Best Keyboards for Streaming Games

3. Compatibility

USB ports are used to connect keyboards to computers these days. We are almost at the end of the PS/2 era. In comparison to plug-and-play USB cord keyboards, wireless keyboards connect via Bluetooth. In most cases, using the function keys requires you to install software on your computer. Check your system’s compatibility before buying the keyboard.

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4. Design

Your computing experience is greatly influenced by the design and architecture of your keyboard. Standard, gaming, and ergonomic keyboards can be categorized by design. The most common type of keyboard is the standard keyboard. In addition to the standard 104 keys, today’s keyboards have multimedia keys. There are keyboards that are specifically designed for gaming that have multimedia keys and other gaming-specific keys.

With ergonomic keyboards, your hands are placed naturally, and a wrist rest provides maximum comfort by reducing strain. Despite their high cost, they are worth every penny. In order to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, opt for a keyboard that is ergonomically designed. It may be more convenient to use the keyboard with illumination in the dark if you use your computer at night. Portability-oriented users might prefer a keyboard that folds up and doesn’t take up much room in their bags. There are keyboards available in the market that are resistant to liquids, making them perfect for those who are prone to accidents.

If you’re concerned about comfort, you might want to consider a keyboard that has a split design or comes with a wrist rest pad. There are advantages to using DVORAK keyboard layout for programmers rather than traditional QWERTY keyboard layout. If you’re obsessed with cleanliness, you can get a washable keyboard. There have been many clever designs put into keyboards by manufacturers. Your requirements should be met by the one you choose. Read more on Best Keyboards For Productivity

5. Wired vs wireless

Using a wired or wireless configuration has its advantages and disadvantages. You don’t have to worry about clutter on your desk with a cordless configuration, but you may experience interference with other wireless devices.

I recommend using wired keyboards when it comes to gaming, as wireless keyboards seem to lag a lot, preventing the user from being able to play efficiently. In order to use a wireless keyboard, batteries need to be recharged or replaced periodically, because wireless keyboards are battery-powered. In addition to that, there is also a cost associated with that. As a result, many people who are interested in combining the benefits of both wired and wireless keyboards prefer a keyboard that has both wired and wireless configuration options. Read more on  best budget keyboards for gaming

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6. Extra function keys

Most keyboards nowadays come with extra function keys to launch apps, control volume, and control music players. Moreover, they have the option of configuring key configurations, creating special character layouts, and configuring shortcut keys, which can be very convenient in certain situations. Keyboards can be equipped with touchpads or mini joysticks in place of mice. Read more on Best  Keyboards for office use

  1. Price

Depending on the features they offer, keyboards vary in price. A good example is there are mechanical keyboards going for $50. You will also find other keyboard brands going for $100.  It’s obvious that a more expensive product offers more features. When buying a keyboard, keep your budget and requirements in mind. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary purchases and invest it wisely.


Keyboard Variables

Backlit Keyboards

In addition to being identical to any other keyboard, backlit keyboards emit light behind each key. Besides looking cool, they also serve a useful purpose. You can color-code different areas of a keyboard using custom light settings, and backlit keyboards make keys easier to see. Also related: Best keyboards for home offices 2023

Dvorak keyboards

Compared to the QWERTY layout of your everyday keyboard (named after the order of the keys), the Dvorak keyboard layout is quite different. The design of an ordinary keyboard lends itself to a simpler, more straightforward motion, which increases typing speed and reduces wrist strain.

Flexible Keyboards

Flexible keyboards are perfect for carrying around, since they can easily be rolled up (yes, rolled). A wobbly keyboard is typically made from silicone, making it very easy to clean, durable, and portable, as well as easy to mop up minor spills without a problem.

Magic Keyboards

In terms of mechanical and aesthetic compatibility, Magic Keyboards are Apple’s special branded hardware products. It is not only very sleek in appearance, but it is also wireless and able to be recharged, but there is also the option for a physical connection between the Magic Keyboard and the USB-C.

Membrane Keyboards

In addition to their lower cost and relative quietness, membrane keyboards are typically less expensive than other types. There is no space between the keys, and the keys are pressure-sensitive.

Mechanical Keyboards

A mechanical keyboard usually looks like, or feels like, a vintage typewriter. When you type on them, you often hear and feel a click,

Numeric Keyboard

A keyboard like this is a tiny addition to your computer that looks like a calculator but doesn’t have a display. In case your keyboard does not already have a numeric pad, these accessories will add one to your setup.

Who Should Buy a Keyboard: Keyboard Buying Guide ?

There are different ways in which people use keyboards. Office workers don’t need or want advanced features like those found in video games. Your keyboard choices will be narrowed down faster if you know why you need one.


For the gaming experience to be enhanced, gamers commonly require LCD screens, keypads with programmable buttons, backlighting, and changeable numbers.

Gaming keyboards are designed for gamers. In exchange for these features, you should be prepared to pay a higher price. However, most serious gamers will agree that they are worth it.

The 8 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2022

Media User

Your computer stores all your music and movies, or you stream them from the internet. If you choose a keyboard, make sure it has media-keys, such as track skipping, a volume knob, and a play/pause button.

It will be more comfortable to use a wireless keyboard if you want to store movies on your laptop and watch them on your TV.From the comfort of your couch, you will be able to fast-forward and rewind the show as you like.

Office Worker or Home Office User

It is common for you to spend hours hunched over your computer, whether you are doing data entry or desktop publishing. A good ergonomic keyboard can do you and your wrists a world of good.

There is no such thing as an ergonomic keyboard, and some keyboard models claim to be ergonomic when they are not. Before buying an ergonomic keyboard, try it out on a friend. The initial learning curve should be relatively short, and you will be able to judge whether it is comfortable for you pretty quickly.

A curved keyboard and elevated wrist rest are also good options if this isn’t an option.


Your carry-on usually contains a keyboard for whatever reason you have. Macros become so ingrained in some people’s routines that they cannot imagine working without them. If you need truncated key counts, there are keyboards that can be made just for you.

iClever Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


The right-hand number pad is usually omitted from portable keyboards that advertise lighter weight or can even be folded to save space. Media keys aren’t common on them, but some have customizable F keys and built-in touchpads. The size of the device does not translate into a lower price, however. It is not uncommon for portable keyboards to cost more than regular wired keyboards.

The best keyboards 2022: Keyboard Buying Guide


Logitech MX Mechanical

Check Amazon

Overall, this is the best keyboard available


Interface: USB wireless receiver, BluetoothKeyboard

backlighting: Yes

Switches: Blue, red or brown mechanical switches



With its app, you can customize it to your liking

The typing experience is pleasant

Three sources can be switched seamlessly


Wired mode is not supported

There is a limited amount of remapping possible

There are plenty of features and design choices on the Logitech MX Mechanical that make working non-stop and productive just a little easier. Despite its lack of gaming credentials, this keyboard does not need to meet the same standards as gaming keyboards in terms of performance.

First of all, there is a switch on the keyboard that allows the backlighting to adjust based on the lighting conditions so that you can save some battery life. Furthermore, switching seamlessly between the different sources is incredibly easy. In addition, there are plenty of options for customization. In addition to having a low-profile design, the Logitech MX Mechanical offers a sleeker appearance. The Cherry MX switches are as quick to actuate as their mechanical counterparts, so it’s also not bad when it comes to performance. With three different switches to choose from, quiet brown, linear red, and clicky blue, it’s no sneeze at performance.

One of the best keyboards one can find is the Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard against a white background.

 Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard: Keyboard Buying Guide

Performance without compromising on budget


Interface: USB wireless receiver

Keyboard backlighting: No

Switches: Cherry SX scissor


+Setup is incredibly easy and straightforward

I enjoy typing on these keys because they are very comfortable


Office peripherals that look like they were designed in the 1990s

In spite of its lack of aesthetic appeal and compact size, the Cherry Stream Desktop keyboard is consistently regarded as one of the best keyboards of 2022. There are a few modern luxuries mixed in with this straightforward Cherry scissor-switch keyboard, which brings things back to basics but includes some essential modern features. Despite our expectations of underwhelming performance, we were blown away by its comfort and performance.

This Cherry SX scissor-switch keyboard comes not only with a great price point, but it also offers decent performance and increased comfort, allowing you to enjoy using the keyboard even if it isn’t exactly what you would call eye candy. As well as being incredibly easy to set up, the navigation is also astoundingly simple, making it perfect for casual users as well. It must be connected to your computer or laptop using a dongle in order to take advantage of its full functionality, and also be used with the matching mouse, which will free up other ports on your computer. A great thing does not need to be packaged in a fancy, attractive package to be great.

Final thoughts on keyboard buying guide

As a way of seeing keys in the dark, LED lights were first used on keyboards. The primary purpose of gaming keyboards still remains their ability to light up the keys with RGB lighting, and many now offer patterns and effects that respond differently to music and to different programs.  There are a number of uses for RGB lighting, but the most common of them are to highlight the keys you are using in a special way so that they are easier to locate at night.

It is common for some brands, such as Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries & Cooler Master, to include excellent software packages which highlight keys you can use when a game is running and even allow the keyboard LED to respond to game events, such as being chased by police, when playing GTA V.