best laser projector for conference room

Best laser projector for conference room

best laser projector for conference room

Do you want to know which laser projectors are the best for meeting rooms in 2021? Here is a roundup of what a projector can do to help you and your office adjust to the pandemic upheaval.

We have all experienced a fundamental change in our working lives as a result of 2020. You might have not been at your desk since lockdown was implemented if your business operated in an open-plan office.

You might be wondering: why should I upgrade the projector in my meeting room if we all work from home? Getting a new projector might not be at the top of everyone’s list when their office space hasn’t been used much.

There are also opportunities to be had during this downtime. Considering the current situation, an upgrade could be a great idea. Because the office is empty, if someone comes to make an installation, there will be no awkward disruption to the day’s work. Installing a new system before colleagues return to the office will ensure that your meeting room will be ready when they arrive.

After installing a new projector, meetings and presentations will run smoothly from the first day onwards, preventing gremlins from getting into the gears. Here are some of the best meeting room laser projectors for 2021, plus there are a few bargains to be had!

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Why should I consider investing in laser projectors for my meeting room?

The laser projector market has been experiencing some changes lately. Businesses like yours have benefited from the fall in prices as technology has improved. As opposed to lamp-based projectors, laser-powered models provide images through a laser light source, which lasts considerably longer. Since it doesn’t require replacement like a projector bulb, it’s great for keeping maintenance costs and time down. The former produces a solid, crisp image that will last for a long time.

In addition to clarity, laser projectors are more energy-efficient than lamp-based projectors. Attention to detail can make a big difference to the success of your business when you have a lot of detailed information to convey to many colleagues. With laser projectors, you can see every detail without straining your eyes because they offer superb contrast in high ambient light. To find out which laser projectors are the best for your meeting rooms in 2021, let’s take a look at which ones are budget-friendly and prove to be reliable. Read more on  JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

How to Choose the Conference Room Projector?


Buying a projector requires consideration of the resolution, of course. In other words, it specifies how many pixels will be projected. Image clarity and detail will improve as the pixels become denser.

It is for this reason that I recommend that you choose models with the highest possible resolution you can afford. The minimum resolution of a projector for use in a professional setting should be HD 1080p. You will be able to display your data correctly if you do this.

4K projectors are also available from the market today, with resolutions of up to 4000 pixels. Despite their high recommendation as they ensure the best image detail, these models are not affordable for everyone. High resolution projectors are preferred during sports


When a presentation takes place in a conference room, the light is generally turned on. Remember that the ambient light will affect the quality of the image displayed when choosing the best conference room projector. Very bright projectors are good for day time use

Lumens are used to measure brightness. The technical characteristics of various models can help you find out this spec. The image displayed by a projector that has poor brightness will appear dim, faded, and whitewashed. Presentation quality can be affected drastically by this.

It is recommended that you choose a model with a minimum of 3,000 lumens for clear and vibrant pictures. When you have a large conference room, though, you may benefit from a projector that can produce higher brightness levels. The cost of these devices is also higher.


The majority of projectors today support wireless connections, including Bluetooth, as well as multimedia options. Several models come with DVD players built-in, while others can send content from the phone to an external screen. Make sure the projector has multiple ports and is connected.

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On a screen, a contrast ratio shows how dark one point is and how bright another point is. It is 1,000 times brighter at the brightest point of the screen than at the darkest point of the screen, for instance, according to a 1000:1 ratio.

High contrast ratios make images look deeper and more detailed. A projector doesn’t need to have an extremely high contrast ratio in a conference room. In most cases, values ranging from 2000:1 to 4000:1 will be sufficient for presentations. It is quite expensive to purchase a projector with a high contrast ratio.

Optoma EH412 Projector

The OPTOMA EH412 PROJECTOR is our #1 pick


What makes it so appealing to us

For those who need a projector with multiple functions, this is a great choice. In addition to presenting to groups, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes. A sound system is also installed inside.


The model with multifunctionalityCompact design with an internal sound system


The quality of HDR is poor

Optoma EH412 Projector review

This model is ideal for those looking for high brightness. Featuring 4,500 lumens, you’ll always be able to see imagery. Even ambient lighting should be able to be dealt with. The resolution of this projector was not described as high-definition by a few consumers. As a result, you may not get the high-quality picture that you expect if you compare it to some competitors.

Moreover, you can choose your preferred type of connectivity from a wide range of choices. In addition to two HDMI ports, there are audio-in and audio-out ports, VGA-in and VGA-out ports, and even a USB-A port. This device has an integrated speaker, so you aren’t required to add additional wires or devices. There are 10 watts of power in this speaker, so you can hear the audio throughout the conference room.

2  CiBest Home Theater Projector



The reasons we like it

There is no need to worry about setting up this model, as it supports multiple connections. In addition, the projector is small and very maneuverable. The light-emitting diodes will also be appreciated by you.


Light emitting diodes Provide high maneuverability, accept multiple connections, and have multiple connections


There may be a problem with the brightness of the image

CiBest Home Theater Projector Review

In this model of projector, you will be able to enjoy an immersive visual experience. The image quality of this product is superior to those of competing models in the same class. With 1080P, you’ll experience high-definition video. In comparison with competing models in the same class, the brightness is not quite as impressive. Especially if the room has a lot of ambient light, this might be a dealbreaker.

You will always have crisp, clear presentations thanks to the 2000:1 contrast ratio. This technology provides a softening to images by using diffuse reflections. By doing so, you can protect your eyes from strain. With this projector, you can connect multiple devices, including Amazon Firesticks, PS4s, USB flash drives, TF cards, laptops, and more. There are similar connectivity options available with most smartphone projectors. Regardless of the presentation, you’re giving, you’ll have precise control over its setup.

   Bundled LH720 Projector

BUNDLED LH720 PROJECTOR is our #3 pick


Our favorite things about it

Short throw ratios on this model make projection space much less of an issue. No matter how small the meeting room is, you can use this projector. The luminance of this lamp exceeds 4,000 lumens.


Speaker power of 10 watts

The brightness is 4,000 lumens

Relative short throw ratio


Could be too bulky

Undled Lh720 Projector Review

Presentations will not be affected by ambient light with this high-brightness model. In comparison with many competing models, this projector delivers 4,000 lumens of brightness. You have a fantastic picture every time you use this camera since it has a 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD resolution. Be aware that this model is bulkier than many of its counterparts. This means that if you need high portability, you might need to choose another model.

Additionally, the projector can also be controlled remotely, so you can control it wherever you are. There is also a very low throw ratio. Therefore, your screen doesn’t need a lot of space to project images. In addition, there is a 10-watt speaker built into the unit. The sound system does not need to be external unless you want it to be. Loudness should be adequate for this speaker.

4  ViewSonic PA503S Projector

We recommend VIEWSONIC PA503S PROJECTOR as our #4 pick

The award for best low latency is presented

Our reasons for liking it:

The low latency design of this powerful model will be appreciated by you. Furthermore, it produces vivid, detailed images every time. The Blu-ray-ready model is equipped with multiple input options.


Provides accurate colors with reduced input latency


Throwing distances that are longer

Viewsonic Pa503s Projector Review

Regardless of the use, you plan to make of this multifunctional model, it has a lot to offer. You can easily use this for presentations if you place it in a conference room. It is also capable of displaying high-resolution movies and information content of any type. There is a problem with this model in that it throws further. As a result, you will need a good amount of space for image projection. Some consumers may find this unacceptable.

As well as projecting a large image, it also has a large screen.  Keeping it around 16 inches away from the projector screen will give you 120 inches of space to work with. A few minutes should be enough time for consumers to set up the system. Essentially, you just plug in the unit, plug in any equipment you choose, and you are ready to go. It is possible to reach 15000 hours of lamp life without replacing the lamp with the SuperEco mode.

BenQ TK850

High Dynamic Range

1920 x 1080 pixels

There is a contrast ratio of 30000:1 in the picture

It has a brightness of 300 lumens

The screen size ranges from 30″ to 300″

✚ A brighter picture

✚ A great HDR image

— Apps for streaming are not available


BenQ tk850 review

BenQ TK850 is the best conference room projector if you are looking for one that fits your budget and meets your needs. Picture quality and sound quality are both crystal-clear with this projector.

Furthermore, you can get very high-quality images with this advanced technology that is both easy to use and easy to operate. Small rooms can benefit from this projector’s excellent sound and picture quality.

TK speakers feature dual speakers, which is one of their greatest advantages. Therefore, you don’t have to use as many speakers if you’re using the projector to display images on a large screen.

  TMY Projector

Our reasons for liking it:

In addition to the projection screen, this model has all the features you need to get started right away. In addition, it features Keystone Correction, which makes it easy to adjust the imagery. A greater contrast ratio between colors will be appreciated by you.


An enhanced color contrast ratio and keystone correction are included in the projection screen


Generally, there is not enough brightness

  TMY Projector review

Projector users who travel frequently will appreciate this highly portable model. The model transports well due to its small size. Furthermore, it comes with the latest 3LCD color, and it adjusts and calibrates automatically to ensure an accurate picture at all times. While this projector does a great job in dark rooms, ambient lighting might make it difficult to use. It has not been as bright as consumers had hoped when they purchased it.

You will experience 1080P HD clarity when you choose this projector. The image quality of this mini projector is much better than competitors. Projectors can project up to 220 inches of screen space, depending on their distance from the screen. A distance of 1.5- to 6-meters can be projected correctly with this projector. The projection size and screen proximity can be controlled precisely in this way.

Most Silent: Optoma ZW400

Optoma ZW400

The Optoma ZW400 is one of the best laser projectors for meeting rooms with its outstanding resolution and contrast ratio. Your business can also benefit from the laser light of the Optoma ZW400UST.Featuring laser-phosphor illumination, it lasts longer without needing to be replaced in the future due to problems with bulbs. Daytime images are bright enough to be enjoyed!

Advantages of Optoma ZW400:

Brightness during the daytime is achieved by high laser output.

Video equipment is not required to use this with any device with USB input.

Suitable for business meetings with limited time, compatible with laptops and tablets, among others!

Because it does not require replacement parts in the future, the laser feature makes it durable.  Furthermore, it can be connected directly to the display via HDMI cable, so you can get started with a high-quality presentation in seconds.

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BenQ MW632ST


1280×800 pixels

There is a contrast ratio of 13000 to 1 in this image

The brightness of the lamp is 3200 lumens

The screen size ranges from 30″ to 300″


The lightest possible

Using a short throw


— Displayed rainbow-related artifacts



BenQ MW632ST review

This BenQ WMI632ST conference room projector might just be just what you are looking for, whether for professional or personal use.

Its swivel design and ease of height adjustment make the WMI-632ST one of the best swivel projectors on the market. Furthermore, it has plenty of memory, making it possible to show attendees slideshows, films, and anything else they need. This one is among the few quality projectors under 1000.

BenQ MH760

Its outstanding features set it apart from other laser projector models on this list. The BenQ MH760 is also another model on this list.

This type of illumination uses laser phosphors, which result in longer laser life without the need to replace bulbs or parts over time. In addition, it has a high contrast ratio and excellent resolution, allowing its laser light to be seen even during the daytime! In addition, the brightness and sharpness produced by the device are excellent.

BenQ MH760 Advantages:

An excellent laser projector for bright environments such as during the day.

High color accuracy results in amazing image quality.

Almost all video formats are compatible with it.

During business trips, it’s easy to carry around a lightweight and compact laser projector.

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6  FANGOR F506 Projector


Our reasons for liking it

A full accessory kit is included with this projector, so you’ll enjoy using it for a long time. The model also features wireless connectivity, so you can easily connect your phone to it. There is also the possibility of accepting multiple inputs.


A full accessory kit is included wireless connectivity is available multiple inputs are supported


There may be a loud fan

Fangor F506 Projector review

When you purchase this projector, you’ll receive a variety of accessories. It comes with a carrying case for extra portability, as well as a tripod for easy setup. Due to its small size, this miniature version can easily be moved around as needed. The fan is, however, noisy, according to reports. Giving presentations will require you to deal with it, which may be a deal breaker.

With this model, you can connect a variety of devices. In addition to HDMI, AV, SD cards, and VGA, you will also be able to use alternate displays. The set-up is made even more straightforward by giving you precise control over the connection type. Furthermore, it can be used with external speakers via Bluetooth, which allows you to listen to audio from an external speaker. The device also has a built-in speaker if you prefer not to use an external speaker. High refraction 6-layer glass is used in the lens.

What Are Conference Room Projectors?

Conference room projectors are video projectors that can display high-quality pictures, videos, and audio directly from a computer or a media drive. A projector reproduces and enlarges the source media onto a projection surface using a light source and lenses or glass panels, allowing it to be viewed even from a considerable distance.

Designed to create large images for viewing in conference rooms, conference room projectors are built to produce large images. In a controlled environment, these devices are very useful for sharing important information with coworkers, stakeholders, or clients.

Conference Room Projectors vs Traditional Projectors

Regardless of the type of projector you own, conference room projectors and traditional video projectors work similarly. Regardless of the type, both styles of projectors connect to sources such as computers, tablets, or media drives through HDMI, USB, or VGA ports. Wireless connection options are also available on some models. Your projection screen or wall will be projected once the projector is connected.

You’ll get the same basic components regardless of whether you have a conference room projector or a standard projector. There are usually three components: a light source, a color wheel, and a lens. Conference room projectors, however, perform differently than office projectors as a result of certain key differences in how they function:


Your conference room projector is more likely to need a higher brightness level than your theater projector because conference rooms are often brightly lit. You should generally only consider projectors that have between 3,000 and 6,000 lumens of brightness for your conference room.

Resolution and Image Quality

It is rarely necessary to have the highest resolution projector on the market for conference room projectors. Having clear graphics and text is essential, but you won’t need exact colors and the sharpest details to understand your presentations. A typical 1080p, Full HD, or 720p resolution will be included in the best of these projectors. Even SVGA resolution, which is 800*600 pixels, can be used on a business projector.

Throw Distance

Long-throw projectors are typically used in conference rooms, with a throw distance of six feet or more. Without causing problems or getting in the way of meeting attendees, these projectors can produce images of up to 100 inches.


Conference projectors need to be able to connect to the majority, if not all, of the devices that are available in the modern office setting. There are a variety of connection options available with these devices, including both wireless and network connections.

How Conference Room Projectors Work

A video projector projects light and images to a flat surface, but they function in the same way. You’ll need to determine exactly how the projector works depending on what type you’ve purchased. In a conference room, three types of projectors are most likely to be found:


In LCD projectors, polarized mirrors and LCD panels are used to display your source media. These projectors use lamps to power them. It uses the lamps to create color by shining a light through the red, green, and blue LCD panels and combining them into one image. The color accuracy and vividness of LCD projectors are better as well as the price is more affordable.


DLP projectors are equipped with a lamp for the light source and a multitude of pivoting microscopic mirrors for displaying your source media. Using the mirrors and a digital chip, the lamp processes and displays the image of the color wheel by shining light through it. The images produced by DLP projectors are typically sharper than those produced by other types of projectors, and they are more portable.


Three lasers are used as a light source in laser projectors, and mirrors are used to enlarge and project images. However, laser projectors are much more expensive and bulky than other types of projectors, and are more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Do You Need the Best Laser Projector for the Conference Room?

The ability to present useful and important information to your audience with a conference room projector is one of the most important skills for any business owner, manager, or salesperson who travels. When you open a new office, replace an old device, or simply want to improve your workflow, you might be in the market for a new projector. It is for all of these reasons that conference room projectors should be considered.

Is a Conference Room Projector Worth Buying?

A Team Leader or Manager:

Managers, executive teams, and team leaders often hold meetings with presentations. You can use a conference room projector to enhance your presentations if you have difficulty communicating your points during these meetings. Your colleagues and teams will appreciate the ease with which you can display figures, numbers, and growth trajectories with a projector.

It’s your job to travel for business

Presenting presentations in unfamiliar settings is a common task for traveling sales teams. To ensure you’re always able to get up and running, you’ll need a conference room projector that is portable and offers plenty of connection options. Your presentation will always be visible thanks to its high brightness levels.

For any office application, you need a bright projector

It can also be an excellent general-use projector to have in your office for those specific use-case scenarios listed above. You’d be wise to get the best conference room projector if you have ever needed one at work.

Why the best laser projector for conference Room May Not Be For You

You can’t project images on flat, blank walls in your office if you don’t have conference rooms with projector screens. Computer screens and televisions are better options.

Your meetings rely on handouts, whether they are physical or online.  The projector would not be very useful if your meetings consisted of physical handouts or online slides, which people could view on their computers.

Your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a projector.  Compared to traditional alternatives, conference room projectors are usually more expensive. Use the resources you already have in your meeting room if your team or business does not have the budget for a new device.

How Long Will the Best Laser Projector for the conference Room  Last?

Projector experts, like CDW, say that the light source or bulb is the most important component when determining a projector’s lifespan. It is recommended that you replace the bulk of an LCD projector a few times before it needs to be replaced as it typically lasts for around 2,000 hours. The good news is that high-end LED bulbs and laser projectors can last a lot longer before they need to be replaced, as they can last for as much as 15,000 hours.

It is ultimately up to you to determine how often you use the projector so the bulb lasts as long as possible. In a few short years, you’ll get a few years of life out of it if you keep it running all day, all week. You could even use it for 20 or more years if you only use it a few hours a week.

A projector’s lifespan also depends on several other factors. If you install your device incorrectly, you might experience long-term problems that are detrimental to its lifespan. It is also possible for your projector’s lifespan to be reduced if it is kept in a dusty and dirty environment.

Final thoughts on the best laser projector for conference room

When you’re looking to give your conference room the perfect touch, consider installing a projector. A projector can transform your room into a powerful information center, making it the perfect place for group meetings and presentations.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a projector for your conference room. First, make sure the projector is the right size for the space. Second, consider the type of projector. There are three main types of projectors: desktop, portable, and wall mount. Desktop projectors are the easiest to use and are usually the most affordable. Portable projectors are great for small spaces but can be less durable.




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